When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.

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I, Carnivore
why i started eating meat again after a 20 year hiatus.

Bases Around Russia- surrounded or not? 
no need to worry, comrades- we don't have you covered!

Want Russian News? Go to the Source!
what's wrong with the Russian cheerleader sites, and where you can find more accurate info

Hubris Quelled: american Bully Soon to be in Hospice 
american troops are in for some very big surprises

Strategic Air Defense and Nuclear Deterrence: Is America Doomed? 
what if our air defense is a joke, and theirs is not?

Who Killed Kennedy? New Insights to Prevent a 911 Redux
simplified  yet disturbing, someone had to sum it all up

Chemtrails Re-examined...
the sky is falling- literally

Cats, Vets, and Finality
my observations after decades of cat ownership

Who Would Win a Nuclear War?
realist take on the bottom line...

Exaggerated Evil
the most up to date list on the net of american bases

What is Really Going on in Ukraine?
the other side of the story...

What is Bigfoot?
what bigfoot is and is not

Farmers are Rich Whiners
dispelling myths about these arrogant profit mongers

HAARP Locations and Non-Locations
calming down the conspiratorical wackos once again...

Ukraine Spells Doom for USA
has the US finally bitten off more than it can chew?

Recalculating the Intelligence Quotient
thinking outside the box is what makes a person smart

all you need to know to find the prize

Coming Undone
how familial meddling can wreck your life

Lack of Thinking - Greatest Mystery of All ~
Does 'mystery' mean lack of common sense?

Bundys and the Good Life 
why this comedy should be looked up to

Scared of Pit Bulls?
how to save your face- literally

AWA: Animals Weep Aroundus
the people the ARA's fight with: two pots calling the same kettle black

Why Thanksgiving is Ignorant
why this holiday is ignorant, cruel, and ridiculous

Cowboy Bible Glorifies Cruelty
rednecks have twisted Jesus' words

Never Forget ?
if this post angers you, then it means you know I am right...

World Wildlife Fund Deceptively Named
want to stop global warming? oppose the WWF now!

Bottled Water? Read the Labels
the quest for pure water

Tony the Tiger - symbol of the dark side of human nature ~
analysis of the lies from both sides of this overblown cause

Exotic Pet Ownership - dangerous and immoral
the bottom line of this cruel, out of control fad

How to Get Smarter, and Stay That Way
increasing I.Q. isn't that complex 

Democrats are Idiots
blindly following either party is anti-American these days.

Ron Paul - Menace to America~
why do young WASP's worship this guy? must be the drugs.

How to Control Your Dreams
it's so simple...

Beware Woodlands/ Regency Rehab Center
check nursing homes before using them!!!

Murder Hobby ~
my view of hunters

Should Dogs Exist?
just asking...

Why Were American Industries Exported?
a harsh telling of the facts no one wants to admit

The Last Exorcism Movie I Will Ever Watch...
animal cruelty makes this genre worse all the time

The Doors: Enter Profits, Exit Truth
analysis of the doors mess

Feds Ruin TV once and for All
why tv ain't worth watching anymore

Grow Up, Warmongers
got thorazine? i wish some people did...

How to Really Help the Homeless
i had some better ideas

Beware Doctors and Their Pills
always second guess your doc

The Sallie House Hoax
a massive crock- atchisonians should decry this

Japan: Role Models, or the Face of Evil?
why are we looking up to them?

"I AM OZZY": a biased analysis
more than just a fucking book review

The Felix-Liliger Cemetery: Haunted or Hyped?
myths of the midwest- challenged

Haunted Hospital
my old home

ANTIBIOTICS PRESCRIPTIONS: something fishy this way comes...
fish have more rights than humans

Jury Duty: Involuntary Servitude, aka Slavery
illegal, immoral, un-american: civil duty?

Who is Responsible for Unemployment?~
why it is so hard to get a job

Walmart: House of Pain ~
working for the big box: a realist view

Overview of a Witch-Hunt: OJ's Frameup
the nonsense behind the framing

Let's Burn the Holy Bible on 9/11 ~
calling out the hypocrites and hate mongers

How to (Not) Sell a Jeep
is it worth it to sell a car?

What I Do
my day job described

Rambo Redux
a rewrite of the original

VILLISCA IOWA: A Case Study in Ghoulish Callousness
small town weirdos at their finest

how to prevent it, how to cure it, how to end it

Why Mow?
time to stop and think about this silly pastime

Are Scriptwriters Sane?
movies are stupid, because of who writes them

Write Me in for Arizona Governor
i offer myself to do what needs to be done

ARA: Animal Ridiculous Activist ~
lazy minions hurt animals more than they help them...

Justice Redefined ~
railroaded- american style

Of Fatsos and Toothpicks ~
stop worrying about what others weigh

How's the Weather? Who Cares.
and in your state it's worse, right?

Hugo Chavez: Intl. Hero
why the american govt. hates him so much

Fox "news"???
watch and learn, sheeple...

Got Air? ~
environmental warning

How Long Can Traitors Hide Behind the Race Card? ~
anti-americans find a comfy home with the pro-illegals

Environmentalists: Way Off Base ~
yet another movement that has gone astray

Cinco de Mayo: Day of Bullshit
this holiday should be illegal here

Republicans: One Rotten Brood of Bastards... ~
true history of the party of evil

Wal-mart: More Bad News
be aware of this company

Animals Need Rights ~
mother of all laws to help animals-if only a politician cared...

college ain't worth it

McDonald's: Discrimination and Unsafe Food
work/ eat there at your own risk

Toys From Torture
learn the truth

Read Slowly so You Can Understand ~
fluoride points

Parts Stores: Bonanzas of Idiocy
beware the green shirts

How to Fix Dually Brakes
for commercial chevy trucks

FEMA Coffins ~
how conspiracy theories are born

Politics Reconsidered
republicrats explained

peta is a joke

Carry Hammers
what to do about rednecks

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