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Imperial Crimes

American Military Actions: 1776-2016

-totaling 173 foreign actions, and well over 100 domestic actions in 239 years. 
-asterisks indicate threats of nuclear force; with plus sign is in addition to other forces used.

Foreign Wars- 48

1801-1805 Ottoman Empire and Morocco (First Barbary War)
1812-1815 United Kingdom, Spain (War of 1812)
1815 Ottoman Empire (Second Barbary War)
1832 Sumatra (First Sumatran Expedition)
1838-1842 Fiji, Samoa, Tabiteuea (United States Exploring Expedition)
1838 Sumatra (Second Sumatran Expedition)
1846-1848 Mexico (Mexican-American War)
1856 New Granada (Watermelon War)
1858-1862 China (Cochinchina Campaign)
1859-1861 Mexico (First and Second Cortina Wars)
1860 Mexico (Reform War)
1863-1864 Japan (Shimonoseki War)
1865-1867 France, Mexico, Austria, Egypt, Poland, Belgium (Second Franco-American War)
1871 Korea (United States Expedition to Korea)
1875 Mexico (Las Cuevas War)
1891-1893 Mexico (Garza Revolution)
1893 Hawaii (Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii)
1896 Mexico (Yaqui Uprising)
1898-1899 Samoa, Germany (Second Samoan Civil War)
1898 Spain (Spanish-American War)
1899-1902 Philippines, Moro, Sulu Sultanate, Zamboanga, Pulajanes, Negros (Phillipine-American War)
1899-1913 Moro, Sulu Sultanate (Moro Rebellion)
1899-1901 China (Boxer Rebellion)
1910-1919 Mexico, Germany (Border War)
1912-1933 Nicaragua, Germany (Occupation of Nicaragua)
1915-1934 Haiti, Germany (Occupation of Haiti)
1916-1924 Dominican Republic, Germany (Occupation of the Dominican Republic)
1917-1918 Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria (World War 1)
1918-1920 5 Soviet republics and Mongolia (Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War)
1941-1945 Germany, Vichy France, Albania, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Thailand, Hungary, Italy, Japan (World War 2 or the Great War)**
1950-1953+* North Korea, China, Soviet Union (Korean War)
1958 Lebanon (Intervention in Lebanon)
1961 Cuba (Bay of Pigs Invasion)
1965-1966 Dominican Republic (Dominican Civil War)
1965-1973+* North Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia (Vietnam War)
1982-1984 Lebanon (Islamic Jihad and PLO) (Multinational Force in Lebanon)
1983 Grenada, Cuba (Invasion of Grenada)
1989-1990 Panama (Invasion of Panama)
1990-1991 Iraq (Gulf War)**
1991-2003 Iraq (Iraqi No-Fly Zones Conflict)
1992-1995 Somalia (Somali Civil War)
1994-1995 Haiti (Intervention in Haiti)
1994-1995 Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Serbia (Bosnian War)**
1998-1999 Former Yugoslavia (Kosovo War)
2001-2014 Afghanistan (War in Afghanistan)
2003-2011 Iraq (Iraq War)
2004-present Pakistan (War in Northwest Pakistan)
2009-present Yemen (Insurgency in Yemen)
2011 Libya (2011 Military Intervention in Libya)

Other Foreign Military Actions: Landings, Interventions, and Occupations- 100

1890 Argentina
1891 Chile
1891 Haiti
1894 Nicaragua
1894-1895 China
1894-1896 Korea
1895 Colombia
1896 Nicaragua
1898-1910 Philippines
1898-1902 Cuba
1898-present Puerto Rico
1898-present Guam
1898 Nicaragua
1899 Samoa
1901-1914 Panama
1903 Honduras
1903-1904 Dominican Republic
1904-1905 Korea
1906-1909 Cuba
1907 Nicaragua
1907 Honduras
1908 Panama
1910 Nicaragua
1911 Honduras
1911-1941 China
1912 Cuba
1912 Panama
1912 Honduras
1913 Mexico
1914 Dominican Republic
1914-1918 Mexico
1917-1933 Cuba
1918-1920 Panama
1919 Honduras
1919 Yugoslavia
1920 Guatemala
1922 Turkey
1922-1927 China
1932 Mexico
1924-1925 Honduras
1925 Panama
1927-1934 China
1932 El Salvador
1946 Iran*
1946 Yugoslavia+*
1947 Uruguay*
1947-1949 Greece
1948 Germany*
1948-1949 China
1948-1954 Philippines
1950 Puerto Rico
1953 Iran
1954 Vietnam
1954 Guatemala+*
1956 Egypt+*
1958 Lebanon
1958 Iraq
1958 China*
1958 Panama
1961 Germany*
1962 Laos
1962 Cuba+*
1963 Iraq
1964 Panama
1965 Indonesia
1965-1966 Dominican Republic
1966-1967 Guatemala
1969-1975 Cambodia
1970 Oman
1973 Middle East*
1973 Chile
1975 Cambodia
1976-1992 Angola
1980 Iran+*
1981 Libya
1981-1992 El Salvador
1981-1990 Nicaragua
1983-1989 Honduras
1984 Iran
1986 Libya
1986 Bolivia
1987-1988 Iran
1989 Libya
1989 Virgin Islands
1989 Philippines
1992-1994 Yugoslavia
1996-1997 Zaire
1997 Liberia
1997 Albania
1998 Sudan
1998 Afghanistan
1998 Iraq
2001 Macedonia
2002-present Philippines
2003-present Colombia
2003 Liberia
2004-2005 Haiti
2006-present Somalia
2008 Syria
2014-present Iraq
2014-present Syria

Domestic Military Actions
resulting in civilian deaths:
(this section in progress- much more to come)

1786-1787 Shay's Rebellion (4 killed)
1857-1858 Utah War (150 killed)
1861-1865 American Civil War (625,000 killed)
1892 Idaho silver miners' strike (about a dozen killed)
1894 Chicago rail strike (18+ killed)
1899-1901 Coeur D'Alene mining region occupation (a few killed)
1914 The Ludlow Massacre (19 killed)
1915 'Plan of San Diego' uprising (Texas) (300-5,000 killed)
1921 West Virginia mine wars (16 killed)
1943 Detroit Black rebellion (34 killed)
1967 Detroit race riots (43 killed)
1968 MLK riots nationwide (39 killed)
1970 Kent State protests (4 killed)
2001 9/11 (4,399 killed)

Wars and Skirmishes with Native Americans: 97

Covert Regime Changes- completed, assisted, ongoing, or attempted: 46
tilda ~ indicates unsuccessful attempt
-present  indicates current operation

1913 USA (federal reserve act gives private bank control of US economy)
1949 Syria
1953 Iran
1954 Guatemala
1955-1970s Tibet~
1958 Indonesia
1960-1963 Iraq
1960-1965 Democratic Republic of the Congo
1961 Cuba
1961 Dominican Republic
1963 North Vietnam~
1963 Guatemala
1963 USA (consortium of federal agencies assassinates president)
1964 Brazil
1966 Ghana
1970-1973 Chile
1976 Argentina
1979-1989 Afghanistan
1980 Turkey
1980-1989 Poland
1981-1990 Nicaragua
1983 Grenada
1991 Haiti
1992-1996 Iraq
2002 Venezuela~
2003 Georgia
2004 Haiti
2005 Kazakhstan~
2005 Kyrgyzstan ("tulip")~
2005-present Iran
2009 Honduras
2012-present Syria (via al-Qaeda/Nusra, daesh, kurds, and other groups)
2013 Ukraine ("maidan")
2014 Cuba~
2014 Venezuela~
2014 China~ ("umbrella uprising"- Hong Kong)
2015 Armenia~ ("electro-maidan")
2015-Lebanon~ ("you stink")
2015-present South Africa 
2015-present Malaysia
2015-present China (Uyguhr insurrection-Xinjiang: "e. turkestan indep. movement")
2016-Turkey~ (gulenists)
2016-Brazil ("car wash")
2016-present Venezuela
2016-present Ecuador
2016-present USA ("purple revolution") soros and neocons paying people to protest and riot in hope of instigating popular uprising against Trump in order to install hillary.

-Planned (admitted by US Govt.): - Venezuela
-Likely planned or already in works: Russia
-Likely meddlings too soon to prove yet: Moldova, Belarus, Bolivia, China(Hong Kong)
-Rumored to be planned soon: Ecuador, Uruguay, Krygyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cuba...
-In addition: america funds and operates (via NATO and Turkey) the Grey Wolves, World Uyghur Congress, Tatar Mejlis, and other terrorist groups directly via their front groups National Endowment for Democracy, USAid, OSF, and others- which are trying to take over parts of China, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Russia, and other areas. 
-Lastly, america has made it clear recently that they openly support Al-qaeda, Al-nusra, and other smaller terrorist groups, and want ISIS contained but not defeated. As of 06/04/15 america has formally asked Russia to stop bombing them. They also have stated that they prefer ISIS rule Syria rather than its elected president.This is culminating in a WW3 showdown in Syria with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, USA, and other Arab states against Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Russia, as well as Hezbollah. 

-This listing is compiled from several sources, some of which are listed below. All entries were cross referenced and verified. 
-A few dates vary by a year or two by different sources for same events.
-Foreign wars lists official enemies, not necessarily what land area was invaded- e.g., Germany backed/aided Haiti in 1915 but the US did not enroach upon Germany too, only Haiti.
-Official name of conflict is in parentheses so they can be looked up easily.
-Asterisks indicate threats of use of nuclear force. With a plus sign it is in addition to other military action. Double asterisk indicates actual use of nuclear weaponry; see note below.
-Atomic bombs were dropped on civilian targets by america twice in WW2 on Japan, killing about 1/4 million people, by far mostly civilians, with increased cancer rates lingering to this day. Depleted uranium weapons, which leave a radioactive dust in the area of use, were used extensively in Iraq and Serbia, causing the populaces of large areas of the Middle East and the Balkans to suffer to this day from extensive birth defects, increased cancers, as well as the so-called 'gulf war syndrome' among their troops. 
-A few actions- esp. the domestic ones- had 'few' casualties, or 'only' civilian deaths, such as the WV miners' war - but people did die nonetheless and deserve to be counted. Some articles do not think civilian lives matter or say “only” a few hundred lives etc...Not this author.
-Domestic deaths are possibly but not necessarily wholly due to American military intervention.
-Links to good articles on each will be added in due time; it will be a long process. 

(C) james platt 2015,2016- do not copy without permission.

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