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Bases Around Russia- surrounded or not?

It is unfortunate that so many nonsensical rumors incessantly make the rounds on the internet, while no one reposting them bothers to check if they are true or not. In recent years, many people, even some Russian politicians, have been repeating the statement that Russia is now 'surrounded' by 'hundreds of' american bases. How true is it though?

Any foreign bases beyond a friendly country with a common land border are simply malicious imperialistic ventures. America has no moral right to place military bases in any nation except Canada or Mexico, and that would be if they gave permission. However, they have 144 bases in 16 countries- none of which are Canada or Mexico either! Did they "surround" Russia? Let us take a look...

-The Gambia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, and Liberia all allow america to use their military facilities and have other close military ties.

-Germany, Greece, and Turkey allow america to store free-fall atomic bombs on their territories. Germany, Turkey, Belgium, and the Netherlands allow america to store both free-fall and guided nuclear bombs and missiles on their territories.

-Poland and Romania are housing ground launched cruise missiles, likely nuclear Tomahawks, in their so-called radar facilities that america operates.

-Georgia hosts an american bioweapons laboratory. {funny how america is frantically working on anthrax spores, and even shipped some to South Korea last year, and now there is an outbreak of it in Siberia...}[related]

-Australia is about to host a new long range bomber base designed specifically for B-52s, and they already have a joint military oriented space tracking and spying facility there as well.

-Israel has an american radar facility and two large military depots. This is besides the massive mystery buildings at the Chamish facility that are speculated to house an american version of the "deadman switch" nuke launching system, hidden nuclear silos, and/or a supercomputer complex complete with underground tunnels. All aside from their own arsenal of nuclear weapons, which may be under their control or american control- no one knows since they will not admit they exist. (The tunnels could also be hiding battalions of tanks for a regional invasion, just like the ones being warehoused in Poland.)

A few of the above nations are close to Russia, especially Georgia, Pakistan, and the European states, but the only ones that actually border Russia are Norway and Georgia- and we all know what happened to them last time they tangled with The Bear. All others have a buffer area of at least one other nation to cross if they wanted to attack Russia. But then, what about the actual bases?

The following 19 countries have actual american bases in them (this includes NATO bases): Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Antigua, Denmark, Netherlands Antilles, Oman, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, France, and Norway. Only one country with an american base- Norway - borders Russia directly (196 km long).

Of course missiles and supersonic jets can close the gaps quickly and fly over other nations' airspaces if they so choose. If there would be resistance depends upon whose airspaces they cross. Keep in mind that Russia very wisely has set up common airspace defense zones with several of its neighbors.

How is Russia really surrounded then? Maps must be consulted.

This meme has been circulating on the net for a long time, though it is very inaccurate in many areas:
well meaning- correct in spirit at least...

This one is more accurate: 

The rest of the story drawn up by Der Spiegel:
sorry map is wrong- Crimea is Russia

Add to that the "aspirations" not on that map- Sweden and Finland want to join as well and have been acting like NATO states in every way except on paper, with joint military exercises and a large dose of russophobia to boot. Ireland allows NATO cargo planes to land and refuel there, as its govt. supports them. All three of these countries, along with "neutral" Switzerland and Austria have sent troops to Afghanistan at NATO's behest at various times. Also keep in mind that NATO has been actively pressuring Serbia and Cyprus to join up as well. How long they can hold out before they happen to have a (CIA) color revolution? Hard telling...

This blogger made up his own maps, edited from wikimedia commons templates:

Black- hostile / Yellow- friendly or neutral

situation grave...
As one can see, the holdout countries include at least 3 that would side with america in event of war, leaving 6 friends. Kosovo, too small for this map, would be considered an american ally. It is also a known daesh hotbed complete with several training camps.

Asian areas are not so grim:

The method used to color-code them is as follows: Russia is red; nations that are either friendly toward Russia or neutral are yellow; nations hostile to Russia are black.

A few such as Iraq, are not openly hostile to Russia, but allow america to use them as a base which is just as dangerous. They could set up an invasion point from their territory anytime. Pakistan has lots of trade including military sales with Russia, but allows america to run rampant there and is not overall trustworthy. The same goes for Malaysia and Indonesia- both hosting american naval vessels regularly a little beyond common port calls. As far as Turkey- they may be attempting to mend ties right now, but still are in NATO and hosting american nukes, AWACS planes, and fighter jets. Some yellow ones are of interest as well, including India- of dubious intent but highly unlikely to mount an invasion of Russia, nor allow america to use them as a base.

A number of countries try to be friends with both america and Russia, and should be watched carefully. These include Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Belarus may sound surprising, but consider that they would not allow the planned CSTO air force base to be built there, without explanation. They also have been selling lots of military vehicles and arms to ukraine.

No one can doubt the close ties between Russia and Serbia, Belarus, Armenia, or India- but their governments' actions sometimes give pause...

The only countries that would have a snowball's chance in hell of successfully invading Russia may be america, China, India, or Iran. China and Iran are too close of friends, and India tries to stay out of Russian-american discords (though they've been absurdly taking america's side against China in the Spratly dispute). The root cause of all of Russia's security issues are obvious- those countries that bow down to the imperialists become proxy states and are endangering themselves as future battlegrounds.

In the end, the 144 american bases are not spread around Russia evenly as imagined- in some giant ring, but mainly concentrated in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. If there is a global war, the South Korean bases will have their hands full with North Korea, and Japan based troops will have a lot of water to cross. Now that Russia is fortifying the Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Island, and the Kurils- and have also emplaced S400s in the far northeast to keep Alaska in check- the main concern is the European border.

Considering Russia's excellent multi-layered air defense systems, it seems highly unlikely anything will sneak in. Rest assured, Shoigu and Putin have you covered.

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