When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Want Russian News? Go to the Source!

Am I the only one who can see that the pro-Russia crowd in america is being hoodwinked? 

Many americans and other Westerners are thoroughly disgusted with their governments' warmongering and lies, understandably so. They seek alternative news and views- which is good. All of these folks are drawn towards Russia and its polar opposite policies, myself included. I have been following Russian news for about 30 years, and can state that all these new sites are more of a fad than anything serious. Sure, the people who read them are serious, but they are still americans by and large. This means they are used to being lied to and tricked, and are easily fooled by false stories. The spooks at Langley are having a heyday with it. Virtually every comment thread on every one of these sites under every article has a dedicated troll sitting on it, spewing out anti-Russian propaganda, lies, and badgering. A lot of people take the bait and argue with them, pointlessly.

What is worse though is that the progenitors of this army of trolls have their own entire sites churning out disinfo and lies as well. They have become so persistent that most of the pro-Russian americans do not bother to check these sites' sources at all. This opens the door for disinfo pieces. They will write a very anti-american piece here and there, and then intersperse them with articles that are out and out lies. These fictional essays are then parroted amongst the pro-Russian sites and everyone buys the tales without checking any info or sources out themselves.

I have decided not to name names of other sites; it is not necessary. Almost all of them to some degree are doing the same things:

1. They have more and more ads all the time, and ask for donations more and more often. One of the earliest donation campaigns of these sites stated that they raised 70 grand in one month, while claiming it was needed since they have no ads. Very soon after this, they started posting ads anyway and continued the gofundme campaigns. It's become all about money for them, and the other sites are on a parallel track.

2. All of them repost other sites' articles, apparently without permission in most cases. Copying and pasting other peoples' writing is illegal and can be taken down by DMCA complaints. I have done it 14 times, including to one person who posted a long 'fair use' disclaimer. Disclaimers and the words 'fair use' do not negate the laws. It irks me that so many ignore this, because they are not only breaking the laws, they are also too lazy to write their own material. Plus they have no concern over posting other peoples' work while they make money off of their sites' ads and donation funds. It is wrong; stealing; lazy. And all these sites I am discussing do it.

3. Hype is always more important than fact. Very dubious sources are regularly cited on these pages and even copy/pasted with no regard to their verity. One site even admits it is owned by voice of america- a us govt. agency- and people still take their word for stuff. Another one's owner and main writer has admitted on record before that he makes up stuff when it will get more hits, and his fictional hysterics are regularly cited as truth. One Russian site exaggerates so much it is like the national enquirer of Russian news, regularly citing themselves as sources with links to their own articles- the whole site looking like a crazed op-ed section. They are more and more often being used as source info when it serves to embellish a story. Worst of all, certain obvious CIA operatives are planting stories under ridiculous usernames with no backing evidence whatsoever, and then Reuters reposts them, and everyone reposts Reuters, and it becomes “fact” in the Western media. The sites I am speaking of here buy into this as well, frequently parroting these same phony sources. Unfortunately, even the pro-Russian sites continue to cite these buffoons/stooges.

4. All of these sites have gone off on irrelevant and conspiratorical tangents. Some stupidly obsess over Obama being an alleged Kenyan and/or Muslim. Some make it sound like WW3 will happen tomorrow. Lately, most have been going on about Putin having Hillary's emails, and he will release them soon...Yeah, right. There is a quote from Putin going around, where he says how minorities have to basically suck it up. He never said it though. There is even a facebook group about the “Russia, China, North Korea military alliance”. There is no such alliance...Hype and hits are top priority for all of these groups- not truth.

5. They post a lot of junk. Many articles are obviously not edited by anybody, and written by people with a second grade education. Both spelling and grammatical errors are rife. One frequent contributor to these sites comes up with lots of run-on sentences, some even being as long as a lengthy paragraph. In one piece he wrote, I counted the word Russian 35 times, and the word Russian was written 13 times in one sentence even! Other articles are lengthy but have no conclusion, while some are as little as one small paragraph. Almost all have shocking titles that do not match the content of the pieces. It is tabloid quality filler...

6. They are authored by mystery people. Who are they? One or many is also unclear on most, and it never says specifically. One that does say is written by one person who is posting more and more copy/paste pieces as well as guest articles, and even the main person's articles are obviously in two very different writing styles. I could out a very popular site as government run, but am not that devoted to risking my safety. Trust me. All of the news and analysis sites should be suspect.

If you look for them, there are many interesting pages on Facebook and other websites about Russia. President Putin has his own website, as well as a fb page called “World”. P.M. Medvedev has a fb page as well. So does their Ministry of Defense, and their army. So does the country itself: Russia-Official Country Page: the Real Russia. It details mostly cultural items and tourism related subjects. There are also numerous excellent sites about Russian culture. Beware fake Russian sites such as the Moscow Times, Russia!, and others, which are funded and written by reuters, Voice of America, and other dubious sources (all funded by the american govt.). Some so called mainstream news sites are not only biased, they seem to be obsessed with rabid, blathering anti-Russian bias that is so obvious it is laughable. These include business insider, huffington post, n.p.r., and reuters, to name a few.

You do not need the tabloid style american 'news' sites about Russia to know about what that country is doing. Check their official sites first. Russia has a govt. news page called Tass. Sputnik is not govt. owned and has a little hype here and there, but is a pretty good source. Also see RT, they are a very good site for all kinds of info. For more information, it is best to learn Russian and peruse the Russian only sites.

Russian is not as hard to learn as people think. Once you learn the cyrillic alphabet, it is no more difficult than learning any other language. Of course, you can try Google translate but it is woefully inept, especially with grammatical phrasing. Learn Russian, and then use Yandex to find their sites. What is Yandex? Look it up! Just do not depend upon the tabloid sites to translate for you; a lot of it is pretty rough.

Everyone needs to see the other point of view, and in the West- america especially- that is very rare. When they do try, it usually involves these money grubbing tabloid style hype-fest sites. Look up your own info, and start with foreign sites. Please.

Americans have forgotten who they are, what america stands for, and why it was founded to begin with. Shifting back and forth into periods of professed patriotism, while forgetting their rights and values when convenient, their robotic actions reflect some sort of mass dissociative fugue. The government uses this to lead the citizens into a contrived war that will only serve the neocons' goals while they go along blindly, knowing nothing of the war's causes or dangers. Information is essential to those who want to survive the coming war.

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