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Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Hubris Quelled: american Bully Soon to be in Hospice

It is easy to wonder if Russia could win a war with america. After all, they are surrounded by american/NATO bases and flotillas. All of these have tens of thousands of troops with all the equipment needed to swarm in from all sides and overrun Russia, taking its cities before they could mount a defense. Some things have been so thoroughly shoved into our minds through constant brainwashing, that it is hard to comprehend the Russian military as anything but a disorganized, low-tech, bunch of bumbling fools that will cower in fear as american techno-hulks stomp in. After all, that is what happened in Iraq, remember? Never mind the fact that they had antiquated tanks and sabotaged antiaircraft guns- the Iraqis still surrendered in droves and lost miserably. Virtually every movie made in america portrays the Russian army as a keystone-cops operation, trying to look important but shrieking in fear as their junk weapons malfunction. Could any of this be true? What would really happen?

Every army has its strengths, and all of them are proud and determined, and all that stuff. The thing is, the american military thinks it is the ONLY one that is strong, proud, high tech, wily, or prepared. It is arrogant and over-confident in the extreme. This attitude goes all the way from the privates to the admirals. It is taught from the time they were kids growing up in the Land of Brainwashing, to their basic training where it is hammered in the rest of the way. This is the greatest weakness of the american military: arrogance. They will be shocked to the core when they see what the Russian military is really like, and finding out the hard way will be an unnerving experience for them all. 

The first thing they will learn is that Russia is decades ahead of them in electronic warfare technologies. Their EW systems can literally turn off the guidance systems and/or fry the circuit boards of any incoming missiles, jets, trucks, radars- whatever. All of their aircraft have a system called Khibiny on them, which can turn off american Aegis ship defenses, and they have a ground and ship based system as well which shuts off everything within a 200 mile radius- including satellites. They also are at this moment shielding their command centers, radar units, and other key areas with giant electromagnetic absorption boxes which will blind any spying aircraft or satellites. This is to say nothing of their other ten electronic warfare systems.

Russia already knows that america has placed 4 geostationary spy satellites over its country, and rest assured they will be the first to go if a shooting war starts. The S-400s and S-500s will knock them out immediately. An interesting side note here is that america depends upon GPS for many targeting and tracking features of almost all of its weapons systems and flight controls. Russia has a similar dependency- but they have their own system of worldwide satellites which are a lot like GPS but said to be more accurate and, unlike GPS, able to work over the poles. It is called Glonass. The good part is that they have been designing all their systems to work with either Glonass or GPS. While both systems utilize 31 satellites, Russia has begun encoding the signals from theirs. They also have another backup: it will not matter if their Glonass satellites are shot down; they will use GPS. America won't touch those because they need them too. So Russia will have global positioning data either way, and if someone knocks out a GPS unit, america is in trouble. While Russia can shoot down american satellites for sure, can america? Perhaps, with their experimental Falcon space glider, which they just had one of- but wait- oh yes, that crashed in 2012. 

While american electronics fry and shut off, their troops will next notice that everything they send in never returns. Drones, jets, choppers, missiles- all shot down. As previously detailed, Russia has excellent air defenses on every level and range. 

The tank battles will be disheartening as well. American tanks are very big, but German Leopards are even better, and Russian T-72s are even better yet. The next two generations of Russian tanks- the T-90s and Armatas- are worlds different yet. There is a video of an american made modern Abrams tank getting shot by an old Soviet Kornet missile (1970s) from about a mile away (in Yemen). It destroys it completely.

There is also a video of a T-90 getting hit by a modern american anti-tank missile (in Syria). It is not damaged significantly, and the crew jumps out unharmed.

While Russia only has 200 Armata tanks for now out of the planned 2,300, they are high tech wonders that can shoot down land and air targets, and coordinate battlefield operations. Dispersing these to strategic areas will make certain there is at least one in every battle zone. The 550 T-90s will take care of the rest, crushing all in their paths with sheer numbers and sturdiness. They can shoot farther, faster, and with more types of ammo than any other tanks. Backing them up will be the 5,000+ T72s. There are also at least 2,000 old but usable T-64s in storage that could in theory be used in time of war, probably as local defense for cities/villages.  

Perhaps most horrifying of all for Western troops will be when they realize they have nowhere to retreat to. One day of Russian bomber strikes will eradicate all american and NATO air force bases while simultaneous mid-range missile attacks will decimate all land bases. You see, america has 44 air force bases in 13 countries, besides its own domestic ones. There are also 18 NATO bases. Add in the essential first targets of the two long range radar stations(PAVE-PAWS) on the american East and West coasts, Whiteman air force base in the american Midwest- which houses the stealth bombers as well as nuclear silos, the 'electronic fence' array which stretches across the US South to monitor the atmosphere and near space for NORAD, and Cheyenne Mountain which houses NORAD itself-- you have a total of 82 imperative first strike targets. With a grand total of 128 foreign military bases, plus the 18 NATO bases, as well as Whiteman, PAVE-PAWS(2), the 'fence', and NORAD- you get 151 targets. So even if you also add in the rest of the bases- army, naval, and marine- there are still more than enough Russian long range bombers to take them all out in one operation if you assign two targets per mission per aircraft, as there are 124 long range Russian bombers (Tu-95 Bears: 41  Tu-160 Swans: 13  Tu-22s: 70 --although the Su-35 is multi-role, and several other types of their military jets could bomb, let us assume they stay home to bomb targets near their borders...). With this much overlap they could also add in a few more strategic targets, such as White Sands, HAARP, Alaskan bases, and D.C.

Destroying air force bases will remove any possibilities of scrambled jets from landing, so one mission is all any of them will get to fly as they will run out of fuel and crash. Even the refueling planes have to land somewhere, and few jets of any type will survive the initial onslaught. The remaining air force will be on the american mainland, and unable to travel across the world, especially on short notice. Besides, they would be preoccupied with trying to patrol the lengthy american borders and vast airspace with heavy patrols, since a state of war would be at hand.

Will their air force have to do all the work though? One word: Iskander. The Russians have extensive, overlapping missile defense systems, but they also have some heavy duty offensive missiles that can pulverize land bases in short order. Watch the video below and ponder how long the 18 NATO bases will exist if war breaks out- not to mention the military bases of France, Germany, and other allied countries.

In the meantime, the us navy has been estimated to last about 2-3 days by most experts if war broke out. This is because of several huge weaknesses it has. It is large and widespread, which works great for bullying small nations with no navies or air forces, but the huge ships are very slow and large: targets. The 10 american aircraft carriers will become massive coffins for the 6,000 sailors on each of them. Both Russia and China have designed weapons specifically to destroy aircraft carriers. Russia has Moskit (mosquito) missiles, launchable from ships, subs, and jets, as well as the Bastion coastal defense systems. China has their Dong Feng (East wind) missiles. Iran, Venezuela, China, and other friends of theirs have already purchased numerous Moskit missiles, by the way. Keep in mind that anything that can destroy an aircraft carrier will easily destroy any smaller naval vessel as well. The sheer size and speed of these missiles is widely believed to be able to literally capsize a large naval vessel just from the kinetic energy it would have- even if its warhead didn't go off for some reason. Since the us navy has a grand total of 430 ships, the question is: does Russia have at least 430 Moskit missiles? Indonesia has 50, Vietnam has 40, Syria has 72, China has 500, and Russia has an unknown number of them. Why it is not listed on any site is mysterious, but we can assume that as the manufacturer and seller of these weapons, they have more than they've sold. China alone has bought more than enough of them to sink the entire US navy. This is all aside from the submarines. Lots of countries have subs, but can the american flotillas detect attack subs when they sneak up on them? It would seem not, as a Chinese sub surfaced in the middle of an american flotilla awhile back, shocking the seamen to the core.. So between the Moskit supersonic radar-evading anti-ship missiles, the Dong Fengs dropping straight down from miles up at mach 10, the lack of adequate sub detection capabilities, and the warships of the Russian and probably numerous other navies hunting them down- how long would it be before they become artificial reefs?

The bulk of america's army and marine troops are in bases in South Korea, Japan, and Germany. If North Korea were to invade the south simultaneously- which they no doubt would be happy to- this would tie up 28,500 troops pretty well. Fifty thousand more troops would be bogged down in nearby Japan, especially if China harassed Taiwan militarily at the same time. Troop estimates in the Middle East vary wildly, but most tallies for Europe end up at around 400-500K. Even if China did not enter such a war, it could move large amounts of its troops and lure/preoccupy american forces in the Middle East. For example, it could mass troops near its southwestern border making the West think it is about to invade Pakistan. Iran could pull a similar maneuver, feigning invasion designs upon Saudi Arabia or Turkey (or they may actually do it!). Anything going on militarily will bait foreign imperialist brigades away from their home land, even as it is being invaded. The only troops Russia would have to worry much about would be ones in Europe. The TOS will whittle their numbers down very quickly, evening the odds fast.

Considering all of this, what would actually happen is anyone's guess- there are too many factors to predict accurately. It is also fairly certain that neither Russia nor any other nation will come out unscathed: war is never pretty. The way america's neocon controlled government has been needling Russia and China both for decades now, at some point something is going to give. Here is my prediction, largely based upon what could happen.

Though many actions could lead to a war, it is most likely that america will start it by attacking Russian territory that they officially do not accept. Sevastopol, an autonomous city in Russia's Crimean Peninsula, has a large naval base. They will possibly attack it, claiming a Russian naval vessel fired at them or something- a la Gulf of Tonkin. Fast escalation will result since one side is trying to actually start a war. After their vessels are sunk, there will be a 'retaliatory' action involving perhaps a tactical nuclear weapon being used, such as a field nuke fired at St. Petersburg. This city actually is now within range of american artillery from the new base in Poland. Despite the likelihood that Russian air defenses will intercept it, a nuclear attack would not go unanswered. They would want to make sure that the attack is answered in spades, and also make sure that it is understood: we can and will bring this war to your mainland. Therefore a military base in america would be nuked with a submarine launched cruise missile. Possibly the San Diego naval base, perhaps Whiteman air base- right in the middle of the country. Of course the neocons will with great glee order a major nuclear attack instead of taking the big hint. Then the Russian air defenses will be put to use, and in reply america will end up with no navy, air force, or foreign bases, in a matter of days. After or even preceding this scenario, Russia could make things very nasty for america in very short order.

For example:
-large swathes of forests could be napalmed, starting unquenchable fires that couldn't be put out,
-a nuke could be dropped into the Yellowstone caldera, likely to cause the supervolcano to erupt covering half the country in ash,
-an earthquake bomb dropped onto the Salton Sea  would cause a massive earthquake in California;
-a single, large EMP bomb over central US- 200MT nuke would suffice. all electronics would fry...

These are in addition to what special forces teams on the ground could do, which I will not list here but you can use your imagination. The point is that america is extremely vulnerable, especially in its home turf.

This is to say nothing of what Russia could do geo-strategically in order to make its positions stronger. If they see war as inevitable, there are many measures they could take:
-reopen the spying base in Cuba
-set up an air force base in Venezuela
-invade Turkey, or at least take the Bosprous area, and close the Black Sea off
-remove all silo based Topol ICBMs and place them onto train cars to randomly traverse the country
-set up air force base in Iran, and naval base in Malaysia
-invade and hold Georgia and Ukraine to prevent them from being used as bases against them
-showers of hundreds of kinetic bombardment rods onto american ICBM fields. these are telephone pole sized tungsten rods launched from space, which act as extreme bunker busters. theoretically possible but not known to have been built yet by either side, these could be used in shotgun type blows to the 3 large areas where active silos are known to be, or other targets.

Longer term, there are numerous things they could do to strengthen their home defenses as well, and probably will. Besides continuing all of their current programs and projects, they should and very likely will also:
-speed up implementation of the five Barguzin (rural) 'nuclear trains', which transport ICBMs hidden in boxcars, and can be launched from them at any time or place. each train will have six of the new Yars missiles with 6-10 warheads apiece, making 180-300 nukes unfindable and untargetable.
-speed up the production of their own slightly smaller version of the Mistral type helicopter carriers, and make more-ideally 6 of them: one each for the baltic and norwegian seas; the kara and barents seas; the east siberian, chukchi, and laptev area; the okhotsk and japan seas;  the bering sea; and the black and mediterranean seas. Since their coastlines are so extensive and difficult to watch at all times, an enemy could sneak a landing in easier. With these assault landing type ships they could go in after them, coming up from behind and trapping them. -see map below-
-make more Zubr type hovercraft, to patrol the major river deltas and deep into the interior as needed. although there is only two now, these are already being reproduced with modern equipment. 10 would cover all major river systems. see this map and chart below it.
-double production at all military hardware factories, from jets to bullets. more factories should be built now.
-save defunct ordnance and equipment. instead of disassembling or scrapping it, it could be used as backup supply in time of war, and at least given to local units. this also applies to decommissioned nuclear warheads, which should be placed onto new missiles. if america violates all of the treaties and prepares to invade, then why should Russia have to follow them?
-they should abandon their plans to make new aircraft carriers. they have one now and a new one is being designed, but they are very expensive and of little use in wartime. the same money could be used for several helicopter carriers or hovercraft, or other systems.
>start a public campaign to recycle old cars etc. across country, shred, sort, and stockpile it for imminent use by tank factories etc. besides steel this could be done with brass, lead, and copper as well for increased production of bullets and shell casings.
-their recent consideration of restarting the four old army trains used during the Chechen war should be done and expanded, with at least a dozen criss-crossing the country at any given time. the old version should be expanded to include an engine on each end, a track repair car with materials and a crane, a fuel car with armor plating, a storage car, two sleep cars, a dining and rec car, a radar/radio/EW car, a flatbed car with a TOR anti-aircraft system installed onto it, another flatbed car with a BUK unit on it, and a car with an ICBM in it. these small 12 car trains could pose as a mobile rail repair crew and sapper transport, antiaircraft, and mobile ICBM units all in one.

...America is extremely weak: most of its armed forces are on the other side of the world, while most of its domestic bases are either small local national guard units or training bases, there are no fortifications whatsoever on either of its lengthy land borders, its air defenses are completely inadequate (see last post), its navy is a sitting duck, its air force is just too far away, and its arrogance will allow for complete surprise by the enemy.

It is sad that the vast majority of the american public has no clue that any of this not only could happen, but is actually about to happen. They will have no idea why. While the politicians have champagne in their bunkers, the populace will be vaporized, or worse starve to death after Russia and/or China retaliates. Simultaneously, Europeans will see a repeat of the destruction of both world wars yet again. Their cities will be rubble, their citizens will be mostly dead. As american colonies they will act as battlefields for the next major war, and at best will be collateral damage/at worst cannon fodder.

(C) james platt . do not repost, even with link.

map of seas around Russia and main rivers 

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