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Who Killed Kennedy? New Insights to Prevent a 911 Redux

The array of media on JFK's murder is mind boggling. A couple thousand books and many, many self-proclaimed documentaries are available to satisfy the populace's fascination with the public daytime murder of a president during a parade in a large city. Even more interesting is not only the government's inability to protect the president, but more notably their unwillingness to solve the crime nor even explain how it happened.

This blogger has not read nor watched all of the available materials, of course, but has come to a few conclusions about the crime that seem to have gone unnoticed by other researchers even to this day and feels they should be mentioned. Besides this, it is also simply a good idea to nobly put it all together for the average person. If you have not looked into it before, or have and just don't know who to believe, you will find some clarification here.

The many sites on the subject are a myriad of confusing and conflicting theories of various citizens- which is good for freedom of expression and all, but bad for truth seekers who stop looking out of sheer exasperation. One site, for example, is very extensive, has lots of links/ testimonies/ documents, etc., and even offers a reward for some info. Their star witness claims to be the assassin. However, several of the site's claims have been completely disproven, and you must wonder about someone who simultaneously is trying to sell a book and also writes stuff like “Two Kennedy's”. (People over ten years old who still cannot understand when to use and not use apostrophes should not be writing books).

It will be simplest to run down what happened, how, and why- with a minimum of names to remember and other semi-essential information. Keeping all the names straight and those people's affiliations tied together like some power point presentation is not fun for most.

                ~   Comparative of typical JFK conspiracy complexity:    ~

When JFK ran for president, he chose a running mate with considerable political clout, not one he got along with. Lyndon Johnson had a long, seedy, corrupt history in Texas politics and is suspected of having killed 8 people besides (and previous to) JFK. He and two of his corrupt business friends hatched the idea to kill Kennedy, and Johnson made it happen. The two friends were oil barons that stood to lose tens of millions from one of Kennedy's policies.

JFK's brother RFK, whom he had appointed Attorney General, had formulated an extensive plan to assassinate Castro and make sure all tracks were covered in order to prevent problems with the Russians, as John had promised Kruschev not to interfere in Cuba. So the sneaky plan was made. It involved the CIA acting as manager, the FBI was to be the mop-up crew to hide evidence etc., and foreign mafia hit men were to be hired to actually do the deed. Even though Kennedy was actively terrorizing Cuba with crop burnings and similar random acts of mayhem, and also had tried numerous times to assassinate Castro already, he was labelled as a communist sympathizer due to the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The CIA went far beyond its mandate of coalescing information from foreign sources to present to the white house by forming its own small army and training it in the swamps of Florida. It then used this Praetorian mercenary crew to try an invasion of Cuba in a bay actually called “the Bay of Pigs”. When JFK was told of this after the fact, and at the last moment was asked to provide air force cover, he refused. The invasion failed, and the CIA was livid. His plan to quietly kill Castro in order to avoid a potential war with Russia was not good enough for the anti-commie war hawks.

Kennedy's reversion of American money to the gold standard, as mandated by the US Constitution, also angered the international bankers who run the “Federal Reserve Bank”, which was so-named to fool people into thinking it is government-run, though it is actually private. The way that bank was allowed to contra-constitutionally take over the American monetary system is another subject entirely, though quite a conspiracy indeed...

Perhaps most significantly, Kennedy had begun the process of ending the Vietnam war by issuing an executive order beginning troop pullouts. The corporations that manufacture military hardware- such as the helicopters, bullets, and machine guns- seen a booming business being pulled out from under them. They were incensed by the spectre of lost profits from Kennedy's desire to end the war.

The president also issued an executive order curtailing the runaway Central Intelligence Agency, and firing its head, Allen Dulles. After his murder, Mr. Dulles was appointed by LBJ to head the inquiry which wrote the Warren Commission Report fairy tale.

So with the international bankers, the oil barons, the military-industrial complex, and the CIA all mad at him, it was not long before someone said, 'let's take him out'. The plan to kill Castro was initiated, though the target became Kennedy instead. (It is widely assumed that RFK did nothing to prosecute the people responsible for his brother's murder because he felt indirectly responsible. After all, his scheme to kill Castro was utilized to kill his own brother, and the guilt of involving the wrong people and/or agencies ate away at him. Fearing his own demise both legally and politically, not to mention the anticipated backlash from not only the Russians but also his own family, he did nothing).With foreign mafia shooters the hit was no problem- they were paid in heroin which was laundered into cash in the amount of about ten million apiece. Three Corsican mob hit men were contacted through a series of mob contacts in America first and reaching into Italy. As one documentary pointed out, most world class hit men back then were from Hong Kong and non-white people in the '60s would have been noticed in the south. White Corsican mafiosos were the perfect solution.

There were 3 teams of shooters, in three locations with three members apiece. Each team had one shooter, one security man to watch the shooter's back, and one lookout/getaway assistant. One was in the Dal-Tex building on the second floor, using a tripod. This building is right next to the Texas School Book Depository building where Oswald was. Another shooter was in a manhole in front of the oncoming presidential motorcade, firing out of the street gutter into the front of the limo. The third was on the so-called grassy knoll, a small hill to the right of the street the limo was on when Kennedy was killed. It was triangulation crossfire. First the manhole shooter fired, making a hole in the windshield and hitting Kennedy in the throat. He can be seen in the films wildly throwing his hands to his throat. A subsequent shot from this shooter hit the small roof section above the convertible's windshield. The shooter in the Dal-Tex building next hit Kennedy in the back of his head near the crown, causing his head to tip forward for a split second. Nearly simultaneously the grassy knoll shooter shot him in the right temple, which threw his head back and to the left, blowing the back of his skull and brains out. The motorcycle policemen behind the limo were sprayed with blood and brains. When Jackie was seen climbing onto the trunk, she was actually retrieving her husband's skull fragment in a crazed panic. Other shots fired, in unknown sequence and from all three shooters, also hit Kennedy in the back, Texas Governor Connally in the back, wrist, and leg; and, a bystander near the overpass was nicked on the cheek by a bullet that ricocheted off of a curb. People claiming to know exactly how many bullets were fired, and in which order, are speculating. Most likely, each of the three shooters squeezed off at least three shots. The manhole shooter and the Dal-Tex shooter had silencers on their guns, and the knoll shooter did not. This is due to the likelihood that the knoll shooter had a new type of gun which was not practical to fit a silencer onto (a “Fireball” XP-100 gun, widely available as a prototype model a year before its official production began). The common belief that the main kill shot to his head was the result of an exploding bullet is wildly theoretical. A high powered bullet at close range really can do that to a skull- whether it is explosive or not. The missing bullet fragments were likely lost in the street, yards behind the car. It is my opinion that if a true 'exploding' bullet were used, his head would have actually exploded akin to a scene from the movie Scanners.

as gory as it was, the JFK murder was nothing like this

Just the same, a so-called “dum-dum” bullet, which is a bullet that is quartered so it will splay apart and go into four different flight paths inside the victim, would have also done a lot more damage than the one large exit hole that the actual bullet made.

It is sometimes assumed that Connally helped the conspirators lure Kennedy to Texas as part of the overall plan. Why was he shot then, if he was in on it? Surely without his knowledge, someone instructed one of the shooters to hit him as well with non-lethal show wounds. This was to make it look good and relieve the governor of culpability. His surprised look and reactions when it began indicate he did not realize it would be here, and now! One can surmise he was expecting a shot to ring out at the airport, he intended to act surprised, and probably hoped to even have the chance to act like he was in charge for a few minutes.

The Secret Service was also in on it up to their eyeballs. Though some insist the agents merely had hangovers, this writer can assure all who have never consumed alcohol that hangovers of any degree never cause one to hit the brakes when being shot at. Nor does it explain the fact that all Secret Service security protocols were deliberately not implemented before, during, and after the event. The head of the S.S. even told the army, who offered to augment security for the parade with troops on the streets- to not bother. Open high rise windows, unusual slow-downs and turns on the parade route, and a plethora of other insane derelictions of their duties clearly show that someone in charge of their agency was deliberately deconstructing security for this particular parade. There is even a film of one agent being ordered to get off of the limo's running board and walk behind the car, and that agent appears to be arguing with his boss about it on the street. They further told the local police to keep their motorcycle cops from riding next to the presidential car. If all this weren't so gruesome, it would make for a laughable Keystone Cops episode. Part of this sick comedy is the hangover excuse.

Once the deed was done, the manhole shooter left the area via underground street sewer tunnels. The knoll shooter left in a station wagon that was waiting in the lot behind him. The Dal-Tex shooter was actually arrested briefly but snook away in the mayhem once the school book depository next door was swarmed upon. They met in a safehouse provided by the mafia, and laid low for ten days. Then they went to Canada, and flew home to Italy. The so-called “3 Tramps” that were arrested in a boxcar in the area were most likely just hobos after all.

Oswald's role in all this is a story unto itself. Basically he was a US Marine who was a double agent that also worked for the CIA. His phony defection to the Soviet Union, brief life there, marriage to a native Russian, and return back to America without any debriefing nor sedition charges in an era of anti-communist paranoia are telling. With naive token wife in tow, they had a kid together and this family made a good cover for him off and on. Many of the names regurgitated on all of the films and other media are tie-ins to Oswald mostly. He, as a CIA spy, was associating with the CIA (via Guy Bannister), the FBI, and the Cuban mercenaries in Florida. Oswald had an affair with a young scientist and they, together with the infamous David Ferry, were working on the CIA plan to make a cancer-causing injectable virus. They were going to use this to kill Castro with. The mistress, now is on a tell-all spree in order to clear Oswald's reputation, and is a gold mine of verifiable information.

Oswald was dutifully playing his double agent roles as ordered by his agency, believing he was aiding in the removal of Castro. When the cancer scheme fell through for the agency, and the decision was made to adapt the plot to kill America's president instead of Cuba's, Oswald was pegged to become the unwitting scapegoat for the murder (or “patsy”). He realized this when he was at work one day in his cover assignment, and Kennedy was not only killed, but very close to his location. He probably found the sniper's nest that had been arranged on the floor he was working on before lunch, and put it all together. The only fingerprint found in the entire sniper's nest area was one of the original conspirators- one of the oil barons! He personally went there and stacked the boxes to make it look good, and then laid out the shell casings as well. This antique, bolt action, heavy and slow rifle was never even fired that day. The story about the curtain rods has been over thought, and probably was just curtain rods. If it was related, it was surely an assigned act, falsely explained to Oswald as being a sign to some other agent for something else. This would not only distract him and keep him busy with an irrelevant task, but also be useful later in the prepared yarn of him carrying a disguised gun around. His actual gun that he had supposedly ordered, sat in his garage unused the whole time. There can be little doubt he had it due to orders from above to get one for a future mission. 

When he realized that he was being set up, he fled and went home. Two men were sent to his home to kill him, and were interrupted by Dallas police officer Tippet. They shot him and fled. This unintentionally bought Oswald time to flee and go to a pre-planned meeting place for his CIA contact- the Texas Theater. They made a call to the police ratting him out, which is why 40 cops who were supposed to be dragging the city for the presidential assassin were redirected to a theater to arrest a man who didn't pay for his entrance ticket. Since the original assassination of their 'patsy' failed, the conspirators freaked out, fearing that Oswald would spill what he knew. Pressure was put onto lower, local mafia figures to finish the mess. This is where Ruby comes in. He was a city-level mafia member that was chosen and ordered to do in Oswald and by doing so, sacrifice his own freedom forever. How he was convinced to carry it out can only be guessed. Ruby's sudden death in jail from an aggressive cancer was almost surely from a dose of repurposed Castro-cancer-concoction. This deadly injectable was tested before on Angola prisoners transferred to a mental hospital in Jackson, Louisiana- with deadly results- by Oswald's mistress, Shaw, and Ferry.

Destruction of evidence was rampant. Hoover himself ordered the FBI to accumulate all the physical evidence the Dallas police had and ship it to Washington for disappearing. The man who took and processed the autopsy film and pictures of Kennedy was murdered. Oswald's body was disinterred and swapped out with a lookalike (why?? still grappling with that one myself...). Fake autopsy pictures were released to make it look like JFK's head was not blown apart nor shot from the front. A closer film than Zapruder took was made by a parade watcher, and was promptly confiscated. The presidential limo was flown to Detroit and completely refurbished with a new windshield and seats. The security logs of the Secret Service for that day were destroyed.

Kennedy's remaining brain tissue has been flushed down the toilet (literally) at the national archives where it was being stored, and all of the pictures and autopsy files have disappeared. A 75 year seal was placed on any remaining information so that all conspirators would be dead before they were ever viewed by the public- as if any records will be left by then anyway. The list of outrageous, illegal, suspicious evidence tampering and coverup could go on and on. 

The witnesses were another factor entirely. All who were actually there, especially the ones near the president when he was killed, said the same thing: that the shots came from the knoll. Many witnesses who volunteered their information to the FBI were told to kick rocks. The ones that did testify to the Warren Commission, or at least make statements to the police, all said that the final report is an untruthful misrepresentation of what they testified. Meanwhile the witnesses were disappearing left and right, dying in one suspicious car wreck after another, not to mention highly questionable 'suicides', and outright murders. At last count, 42 witnesses have died mysterious deaths. One notable “suicide” was from 5 shots with a bolt action rifle after his truck overturned. That one was creative- of the suicidal man or the investigating police department, one or the other. The few that remain alive to this day have been discredited by the governmental campaign to portray all who question them as “conspiracy theorists”. The term itself implies that any conspiracy can not be more than just some theory. Since the Western media is largely scripted by, and heavily censored and edited by, the CIA, this dismissive attitude toward the “theorists” is prevalent to this day. Their media control makes it unnecessary to continue murdering people- discrediting and marginilization is easier.

People who blindly believe what the government tells them are pitifully stupid, and badly need to stop being scared to admit that they could be wrong, or that they had been fooled. Closed mindedness is not a virtue, it is a mental illness.

To be fair instead of politically correct, Kennedy was not a saint to begin with. He was actively supportive of assassinating foreign heads of state. He was an anti-communist war hawk. He may have been a great orator, but he was also a global troublemaker just like other american politicians. Oswald was not a saint either. Though he did not kill Kennedy, he was still a spy who was gleefully participating in a plot to kill Castro. Both he and his mistress were vivisectors as well, and Oswald used and beat his wife to boot. Throwing these types of people into a mix with the likes of Hoover and LBJ was a recipe for mayhem. None were innocent.

If you would like to know more about this, start with the following sources:

A 9 part, 7+ hour miniseries made by the History Channel, though the last two episodes were not aired on American TV. Link is to a playlist of all episodes; the last three are of so-so quality but can be easily looked up on Youtube separately by other posters for improved quality.
It is absolutely the most thorough and easily understandable documentary on this subject. Note as you watch it how the backing evidence for each subject they discuss would easily convict someone in a court of law.

This book was written by Jim Garrison, the prosecutor who tried to convict Clay Shaw of conspiring to kill JFK. Fascinating and detailed.

This book was written by Jim Marrs, a well known conspiracy writer and established researcher. Extremely detailed. This and the previous book combined were the basis for the movie JFK.

Well known movie by Oliver Stone. Very accurate for a movie, illustrates well what happened and why, to an extent. It is a movie with time constraints though, and compared to the documentary above, should be considered nearly non-fiction but the tip of the iceberg. The one big mistake in the movie that bears mentioning is why Ferry was experimenting on mice, but perhaps Stone did not want to open up the whole cancer-mistress-Castro subject for time reasons.

See this book as well, about Dulles...


In conclusion, JFK was killed because he was pissing off lots of powerful people, and his VP was a diabolical criminal. Lyndon Johnson mastermined the whole thing and coordinated its implementation and subsequent coverup. The CIA cooperated and enlisted mafia help. The FBI was also involved, and bullied the Dallas P.D. into going along. With the help of the Secret Service, everything fell into place and america became no better than any other banana republic with political infighting and overthrows.

If the government's version of this incident were true, then the entire executive branch should have been purged for extreme malfeesance, corruption, and incompetence. The people in charge at the Dallas Police Department, the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, the attorney general (RFK), the vice president/president(LBJ), the army generals, the ONI, several oil barons and perhaps other corporate bigshots, and everyone on the Warren Commission should all have been at least fired, if not thrown in prison. Other well known people were likely involved as well, including Richard Nixon, Allen Dulles, and Bush Sr...

What did happen was that the scapegoat was killed, as was his killer along with several dozen other witnesses. Evidence was systematically hidden and destroyed. Lies were told and those involved were protected. The murdered president got a fancy grave with an eternal flame, and no one was ever convicted nor punished.

Ever since, no american president has had the guts to stand up to the CIA, the corporations, the banks, or other powerful entities. Due to this grip on power, having used JFK as an example, and offing his brother soon after to really drive the point home (yet another subject..), the cabal of the powerful non-elected in america were able to not only perpetrate 9/11, but get away with it as well. And why does any of it matter now? Because 9/11 Redux could happen anytime. Be vigilant.

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