When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Chemtrails Re-examined...

'Chemtrails' are not contrails, but chemically laden trails of metals, biological agents, and other elements sprayed from the rear of jets for clandestine purposes. 

When jets leave visible trails of vapor from their exhaust, they are called 'contrails'. These dissipate within one minute or so. They are vapors from the jet engine exhaust which freeze- similar to our breath being visible when it is cold out. After this brief time, it disappears, as our breath does (normal). With 'chemtrails', as they have been dubbed, the trails behind jets are not dissipated and remain all day long, while spreading out to cover large areas- such as the entire visible sky. It can occasionally have weird oil-slick style rainbow hues as well (not normal).

It is obvious to any who have the cognizance to simply look up. Unfortunately, most people do not, and when asked to will not. This is due to the decades of fluoride poisoning of municipal water supplies, commingled with government scripted media propaganda and brainwashing all of our lives...but let's not go there right now..So if someone tells you something horrible is going on and all you have to do to verify it is look at the sky, and the government tells you not to- then will you become an aware individual or a mindless robot? Go outside right now and look at the sky....Did you see unusual 'clouds' like described above? (If not, check the sampling of pictures below- or in link [1].)

over clarinda iowa 

over red oak iowa

US 34 near Glenwood IA, looking West toward Offut AFB on 01/28/16

The documentaries make it seem like this phenomena is everywhere/all the time. It is not. It happens more in the South and Southwest, and mainly in front of weather fronts. It also has been reported mainly in the Western nations, especially NATO states. You can look at the blue sky now and then, maybe frequently depending upon where you live, but chemtrails are real and in recent years have become nearly omnipresent in the West, especially the USA.

Lots of scientists have been studying this on their own. Some went up in airplanes and took samples of the sprayed stuff. Some took air and water samples; some have been tracking the soil's pH. Others track disease vectors and trends. All have properly researched and documented data to prove that not only is there something wrong- but many things are wrong!

The forests' trees are being coated in layers of very fine aluminum particles. Since aluminum is an accelerant (commonly used in fireworks), when forest fires occur, they are much more extreme. The micro-arthropods that make the soil biologically useful are dying out fast. The soil itself is changing its pH and becoming neutral. This makes it harder for plants to live in it.Trees are dying on a large scale as well from aluminum buildup in their bark. Trees cannot live without healthy bark. 

The immediate effects include soaring respiratory and sinus infections and other ailments such as asthma. Increased mold and fungi in the air are blamed. Longer term, cancers have risen dramatically. Morgellons disease[2] has suddenly appeared. Arterial occlusions and Alzheimer's disease have become epidemic. This is likely due to the fact that aluminum is considered to be highly carcinogenic when ingested into the body, not to mention its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and cause Alzheimer's. When an aluminum ion combines with a magnesium ion, and are breathed in, they clog arteries pretty badly. Barium in the body causes potassium depletion, which can cause muscle problems including heart palpitations.

How does all this tie in? Chemtrails have been found to contain aluminum, barium, magnesium, titanium, and strontium. Sprayed areas have enormously unnatural levels of all of these- especially the aluminum and barium- in their water, soil, and air.

If you don't want to believe the scientists for some reason, check for yourself. First look up what the natural levels are of these elements. Then note what the 'unsafe' levels are. If you want to test the air, use a HEPA filter; for the water use sterile jars such as brand new mason jars to catch rainwater. Get some pH test strips to test your soil. Have your local university examine these samples and let people know what they say.

It is really so obvious and provable, that there needn't be any debate. Besides the data, can anyone explain why certain planes leave trails that do not go away? What about the fact that these planes like to make patterns with their everlasting trails? Tic-tac-toes, X's, pinwheels, grids, dashes, really?? Just look up. Unless the govt. decides to tell you that airline pilots get confused and turn around six times, so the pinwheels are a coincidence. All over the world, every day. Or--did some group of pilots make the design on purpose??? Then when they tell us it did not happen, despite it being in front of our eyes, we know there is something evil going on. And what is going on?

That is the big question: not if, but why? It is happening, but WHY?

Theories abound. The main ones are:
1. environmental modification for benevolent reasons,
2. geophysical change for profit by corporations,
3. military operations, including HAARP, VTRPE, and 'scalar weapons',
4. electromagnetic operations, and,
5. biological operations for population control.
Any of these are possible, quite possibly combinations thereof, or perhaps even all of them at once. Some are more likely than others though, as several important factors are rarely considered by people already talking about this subject:

1. Environmental modification?
This assumes that the government is carrying out a massive secret operation to help us. Yeah, right. If they cared about global warming, legal actions would have been initiated decades ago, but instead America drags its feet on everything from EPA enforcement to international clean air treaties. They even set off a nuclear bomb recently in the desert to test a new missile- that's clean air for ya...Inundating the atmosphere with aluminum particles makes the greenhouse effect much worse, and is actually causing droughts. This is not to mention the killing of trees and decimation of the soil. There is no helpful effect with this- only a plethora of harm. Reflection of the sun's heat or radiation is a pipe dream.

The most extreme of the paranoid-conspiracist crowd has latched onto this phenomena and come up with their own explanation. They claim that NASA is making the chemtrails to deliberately induce global warming since natural global warming is 'not real', but yet another conspiracy. (These are the same people that perpetuate the "FEMA coffins" malarkey.) Many excellent videos exist of chemtrail spraying, most of which are unfortunately narrated with audio rants from these types (incl. first one embedded below). Just turn down the volume and watch the action.

2. Geophysical change?
It is a fact that many corporations have been excited in recent years about the profit potential of "geo-engineering", which includes controlling the weather, the atmosphere, the climate, and the soil. Regular symposiums are held on this subject, which are not secret. Several documentaries show lectures on this subject at these meetings of corporate bigwigs. Aggressive corporations such as monsanto have been accused of trying to make it impossible to grow anything besides their GMO seeds with the chemtrail programs, but this would be a stretch even for them. Why kill the trees then? Why spray the desert areas? Why spray tiny Hawaii? Their virtual monopoly in the West is already in place, and killing trees just seems like overkill. Other corporations could be running spray programs as tests so they can write up scientific study-like reports for their investors. This is highly likely. The American government would of course allow this despite its human and environmental harm, because they let corporations do whatever they want. That is no secret. Whatever else may be going on, this is probably at least one factor.

3. Military operations?
A disturbing fact is that HAARP seems to be tied into all this. The military admits it has a facility in Alaska which heats the ionosphere for "research". Besides disrupting radar and radio communications, it is supposed that their arrays can cause the ionosphere to raise in a bubble of sorts, which if done at the right time when the jet stream is passing over, could easily tamper with the weather. The original patent for an ionospheric heater describes using barium particles to facilitate this. Since barium is extensively used in chemtrailing, one can only speculate as to what the heck they are doing: controlling the weather?

Although the military implications of being able to control the weather are enormous, and the US department of defense released a document stating they want to be able to do so by 2025, to their chagrin the Russians have their own HAARP-like facility which can possibly offset this tampering- or at least dish out some revenge as warranted.

The commonly assumed military purpose of creating radar blocks with the aluminum is actually absurd. Blocking what? Thanks to spy satellites, the Russians and Chinese both know where all of our bases are, and they do not need to constantly bombard our main landmass with radar for any reason, as if even the infamous OTH (over the horizon) radar could reach that far. Not to mention the Treaty on Open Skies, which allows open surveillance of military activities by other countries. There is just no point in trying to 'block' any radar from anyone unless it is in an active war zone.

Just the same, there is really no point in America constantly bombarding its own landmass with real-time 3D ground mapping radar (VTRPE)[3]. This system is designed for battlefield use, so why use it on your own country when not at war? Claims that chemtrails act as a conduit for this system are meritless speculation.

Just as the corporations could have a secondary beneficial role in this, so does the military. The main purpose is much more nefarious though- even for them.

4. Electromagnetic operations?
This frightening aspect of what could be going on is actually quite disturbing. One of the main ingredients in chemtrail sprays is barium. Barium particles are ionized by ultraviolet rays, prevalent at high altitudes, which causes the atmosphere to become conductive. This by definition creates a plasma. Why would anyone want to make the air into plasma?? Humans are electrical beings[4], and this planet is charged[5]. We cannot survive without a certain voltage and amperage to run our neurons and cellular processes. If that was tampered with in the least, could our minds be controlled? Could we be turned off like a switch? It is likely this is at least being looked into by some agency somewhere...

5. Biological operations?
Considering the laundry list of deleterious health effects of these elements being ingested by us, one has to wonder: could anyone actually gain from the masses getting more cancer, more Alzheimer's, more arterial blockages, more respiratory ailments???Actually- yes. The medical establishment would have a heyday with it. More illness, more chronic conditions, more profits: win-win for them. The health care industry and its evil twin the pharmaceutical industry with its chemical corporate backers makes for a very diabolical mix of people that want the masses sick, sick, sick! Throw in magnesium and you have a smoking gun, as the only possible reason to add it is the fact that conjoining it with the aluminum causes arterial occlusions. And aluminum itself makes a good distraction for people tying it in with radar chaff, while few realize its carcinogenic effects.

Worse, these metallic elements work well as piggybacks for biological agents such as molds, fungi, and Morgellons fibers. The molds and fungi serve to keep the short term illnesses and constant office calls going, and the Morgellons is likely an experimental project straight from Plum Island[6].

The persistent barium in the trails is also interesting. Many assume it is harmless due to the medical practice of drinking barium solution for X-rays, but who said X-rays were healthy either? Barium is used as a rodenticide and causes a multitude of serious ailments including multiple sclerosis[7].

The cancer aspect alone is a cash cow beyond comprehension. The 'average' bills to a cancer patient exceed $25,000. per episode, not considering recurrences. Chemotherapy alone can run from 40-100,000.[8] Current statistics show a 50% chance of men developing cancer at some point, and 33% for women [9]. Changing these odds for the worse will only make the medical industry much richer.

As far as the government conspiring to "depopulate" us, remember that the rich puppet masters need us common folk. We fix their roads, build their mansions, run their oil rigs, grow their food, buy their chemicals- er, medicines- when they make us sick, ad nauseum. Killing most of their wage slaves would be like a plantation owner killing his slaves so he could pick the cotton himself- unheard of then, unlikely now.

So what is going on then? 

The most likely scenario is that corporations buy airliners and have them equipped with spray systems. Some airlines have secretly contracted to have their planes retrofitted with spraying equipment as well. This surely wins them favor with the government for aiding military research as well as earning them much needed profits. The military likely has a fleet of its own converted airliners, which would explain the fact that many planes seen spraying have their transponders off (who else could get away with that? it is a common practice of USAF spy planes). The chemical tanks could be hidden in the rear cargo holds. The formulae of the sprays probably change with each campaign or series of passes over a region, with specific ingredients.They utilize this equipment and info in concerted campaigns, writing them up as experiments which are likely numbered and filed with accompanying medical and environmental statistics. It is a gigantic study to them. Wrecking human health and the environment are surely duly noted. The government allows this as long as the military is allowed access to all studies for its own insights. Correlating this with their HAARP is educational for them as well.

Whatever the connections or motives, it is indeed happening.

{see 2nd paragraph under section #1 above regarding narration of this video}

What can you do? 

As we all know, our votes do not count and our "representatives" ignore us. We have to look out for ourselves. To mitigate the health detriments, do any or all of the following:

-Wear a mask when outdoors, at least on spray-days. Basic dust masks for woodworking (those white papery masks you can buy really cheap) are nearly as good as medical grade masks.
-Keep your windows closed and use A/C to aerate your house. Also get HEPA air filters for your furnace system. They are more expensive but worth it.
-Take colloidal silver for respiratory/sinus problems, or garlic and mushrooms.
-Utilize flaxseed oil, potassium, and ginger root to offset blood clotting and heavy metal poisoning. 
-If you live in a frequently sprayed area, use a product called Bentonite[10], which absorbs poisonous metals from your body.
-Check links below[esp. 11] and learn all you can. Spread the word, and tell people to look up!
-Consider moving to China, Russia, or Africa to avoid the spraying altogether! Look up keywords such as 'ex-pats' and 'emigrate' for lots of helpful info. Russia is considered to be an organic food lover's dream, BTW! Organic food products are heavily encouraged by their government and GMO crops are banned!
-Think! Look! Act!


1 images of chemtrails 

2 morgellons disease
{note: the wikipedia article on this is a professionally written hit-piece making it seem like all who 'claim' to have it are insane. they offer no pictures nor alternative views. checking sites like one linked here will show this ailment is by no means fake.}

3 VTRPE explained

4 human electrical charge

5 Earth's electrical charge

6 Plum Island 

7 barium hazards (check their links 4,5, and 6 esp.) 

8 how much cancer costs

9 lifetime probability of developing cancer 

10 Bentonite

11 best site on chemtrails

reports and pics/videos of chemtrails in Eastern nations esp. China and Russia are very rare- to the point of not being reliable. if you have evidence of any in these areas, please email me at address on bottom of site. 

(C) james platt 2016. do not repost article or pics

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