When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Cats, Vets, and Finality


It all started when I was about 13. My mom worked as a housekeeper at a motel. One day she brought home a cat that had been abandoned there. It was pregnant. A tabby of small stature, I don't even remember her name. We kept the kittens. My sister liked a female tabby, which she later named Reefer. I kept an orange striped male I named Garfield. The others we managed to give away eventually. But there was also Floppy, who liked to relax and be held upside down, and Chelsea, who we kept as a diminutive female orange cat that was really sweet. Eventually Reefer died from apparent poisoning, possibly eating a poisoned rat- we weren't sure. Chelsea died of Leukemia, or FELV(feline leukemia virus). We discarded the litter boxes and bowls and hoped Garf would not catch it. He didn't. There was also Oreo, sister of Chelsea, a black and white gal.  She eventually died of megacolon.

Another cat of this time frame was an unrelated dude my sis picked up in Arkansas somewhere- Blacky, a very intelligent and unique cat that loved to ride in cars just like a dog. His disappearance was suspected to be linked to a crazy old man across the street. Long story there. (willy hanson- burn in hell!) .

So there was then Mr. Garf. I became extremely attached to him and he meant everything to me. It was mutual, and he followed me around like a dog.

At one point my sister got a barn cat from some farmer and gave it to my mom. Not sure why, but she did. He was named Tigger. My dad, who had always been cold to cats, became fond of him. They were close. Dad died of cancer years later and my mom had him herself. When she came down with meningitis and was hospitalized for months, she told me to just take him. I took him in. 

Backing up a little, Tigger and Oreo decided to have a fling and fathered a new litter. I took them in, as I ended up with prego Oreo and Garf. Oreo had two boys and three girls in 1999. I watched their birth. We gave the two boys to a nursing home that was going to start having community pets for their patients. We kept the three girls. One, the smallest, was a grey striped gal my wife named Dutchess. Another, a gray longhair that was larger than average, was named Lursa by me (i'm a trekkie..). The other was a calico we named Ewok (star wars..). 

Around the same time a cat was placed into our enclosed front porch which was an orange short haired male. When we first seen him, he was sitting next to a pumpkin, and looked kinda like one, so that became his name. Pumpkin was a chubby small statured guy that was extremely nice. 

So we ended up with several cats, and kept Pumpkin separated from the others for years until he was neutered. We also moved into an apt. building and befriended a stray there, whom we named Catt. He was a large tomcat, orange. 


When we moved out of state we just had too many and so left him at a no-kill shelter an hour away- the gf did the same with a cat she'd taken in named Toucat. She already had one of deep attachment she was taking along: Velvet. That is another story. 


So we moved with lots of cats, and once in Georgia Pumpkin died because he needed an operation that would have cost 200. in Missouri or Iowa (I checked), 
but every vet in the Atlanta metro wanted to charge us two grand or more. ( I did call literally every vet in the metro!) . 

Pumpkin's gravestone

City vets are criminals. One clinic there tried to charge us just for walking in- “Pull their file for a non-animal consultation!” we heard someone saying. We walked right back out. Another in that city whisked our cat to the back where we could not watch- to clean his ears?!?!

That was Mikey, a large male black tuxedo cat. We took him in because the owners of the business my wife worked for were going to put him down just because they were tired of him. He was not related but established a standoff-ish acceptance with the others. 


While still married, I lost Garf. He was already 14, and I had his teeth cleaned at a vet near me. After that he developed septicemia and ended up dying a painful death- it was awful. The vet did not administer antibiotics first apparently. 

Once I divorced the wife and had my own place, Ewok developed CRF- chronic renal failure- and it was a long road to her demise. I gave her subcutaneous fluids for months. I gave her antacids. I kept her warm. Eventually, it was time. When I called in to work to tell them I couldn't come in because I had to go euthanize my cat, they said that was not on the acceptable list of excuses, so I would be fired if I didn't come in. So I was fired. 


Years later, after my next long term gf had left me, Mikey went first from liver failure and CRF. He had liver damage before from inhaling yard guard spray. He died painfully, and I had to call a vet in the middle of the night to end it. Barely a month later, Lursa went too. She had mammarian tumors for a long time and I never had the money to get them removed. It spread to her lungs and heart. Her chest cavity filled with fluid and she could hardly breathe. Another midnight euthanasia took place. With no wife or girlfriend with either of these two it was exceedingly difficult for me. 


Now, just me and Dutchess, we forded on. She also got mammarian tumors. A vet said she had 3 to 6 months to live, with treatment. I had no money for treatment. She lived another three years. By then one tumor on the stomach had erupted and become necrotic. A local vet put a diaper around her abdomen and the techs there found it amusing. I guess the 5 vets and 4 techs they had all never learned how to bandage a wound nor knew what vetwrap was. They wanted to operate ASAP, despite any other factors. She had early Crf which lessens the chances of surviving surgery. They did not care. After numerous suggestions that I just euthanize, I went to another clinic. That place said I should operate though it'd be risky. I skipped out, scared. I gave her subQ fluids and antibiotics for awhile. Eventually, the tumors ate her up and infection drug her down. She was just too weak, and I had to end it.



The last cat was gone, and I have never felt so alone. I have dreaded this point in my life for many years, and have no idea what I will do now. But I do know I will never have another pet again. It is just too hard to lose them.

I absolutely do not recommend letting your kids have pets. We have such longer lifespans than any pets, except perhaps parrots or tortoises, that they will surely die first and create an emotional torture for us when they go. It is hard, it really hurts, to put animals to sleep. Doing it over and over is horrible. The movie Marley and Me is a good example of how hard it is.

My pets were my life, and will always be a part of me. However, I now feel I have nothing grounding me to sanity, sense, nor civilized behavior. Now, if I go to jail or even prison, no pet will wonder where I am. No one depends upon me anymore. Anything could happen...

If you already have pets, here are a few tips: 

-Spay females! If you do not the hormones will build up and become cancerous problems. 
-Avoid city vets. Commuting to small town ones even an hour's drive away will save you a fortune. 
-Find vets that specialize in “small animal” care. Avoid ones that also do farm animal work. They do not care about animals; they are just in it for the money.
-Vet clinics with a lot of vets are hiring interns- avoid them. 
-Vet clinics with a throng of assistants are giving out intern type jobs to community college vet tech wannabes for 8. an hour. They care little and know little. Avoid them too. 
-One vet I checked into had a website with the hobbies of the employees listed. The vet liked hunting. Watch for obvious animal killers like this. Look up vets' Facebook pages as well- you may be surprised how many like to hunt. 
-Check all websites and especially reviews. Read all of them! 
-If a time is approaching to end it, call around and ask vets HOW they do it. Old fashioned ones use 'needle stick' procedure, which is cruel. Go to ones that use sleeping drug and then final medicine. 
-Find a vet that seems highly knowledgeable, is not an intern, and takes the time to talk to you and explain things. These qualities are actually becoming rare. 
-Especially if in a small town area, make sure your vet has proper equipment. One I went to was going to keep my cat overnight, then transport her by pickup truck to a town 25 miles away just to take an x-ray, then transport her back the next day. Make sure your vet has an x-ray machine, an ultrasound, and an in house lab. If they are using another clinic or a human hospital for this stuff, do not go there. 
-Verify everything they say by researching on net and elsewhere. One vet had no idea about calcium depletion in CRF cats and ignored my info I sent him. This is how Tigger died. 
-If a vet wants you to leave your pet for the night every whipstitch, they are just interested in charging you for boarding. Consider it a red flag that they are money grubbers. 
-Vets that advertise doing weird things that are cruel or otherwise unnecessary are just out for money as well. These include de-barking(cutting dogs' vocal chords), de-sensitizing (so cats can't smell), tail docking, genetic breed dna testing (not cruel but shows their obsession for cash), declawing, and other weird stuff- beware. One vet I went to even rented her front lawn to people selling vehicles. 

Many vets are smart and do care. Just beware the ones that are money grubbing jerks.

The following is a list of vets I do not like, partly for reasons listed above- not specifying which ones or why. Just my opinion:

southpaws in maryville mo
dunwoody clinic in atlanta metro
beaver crossing clinic in atlanta
pine hills in st. joseph mo
southern hills vets red oak iowa
southern hills creston iowa
...and an honorable mention goes to kelly services temp agency for firing me for calling in to put Ewok to sleep...

Use online reviews on yahoo and google! Do your own research! Be careful!

Cats are like gods, they are extremely special and loving companions. There are also so many that need help and homes. Please help out wonderful charities such as North Shore Animal League and Alley Cat Allies, as well as any TNR programs in your areas. Catch any loose cats in your neighborhood with humane box traps and have a vet spay or neuter them, if their owners (if any) like it or not. (Avoid local shelters - they are holocaustic camps, churning out millions of dead animals which they sell for human food additives- look it up. The survivors mostly go to labs where they are tortured for big companies. Research is paramount!)

{The sorry excuses for girlfriends i have had over the years that were jealous of my cats or felt like they were in the way- can all go to hell. Your attitudes are not forgotten. Now that I have no more cats, I will not forget your insensitive, heartless, cold, rude, uncaring comments. Sorry but you ain't worth it. }

...Concluding, I do not recommend getting pets to start with, but if you already have them, please do use my tips above.

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