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What is Really Going on In Ukraine?

Though this blogger has written before about the Ukraine, it was concentrated on how dangerous it is to meddle in their conflict. However there is extremely little, if any, truthful information available to the average Westerner - especially Americans- about what is really going on there. The mainstream media's "world news" is extremely one sided and outright biased. The other media in the West parrots itself in a nonsensical loop, similar to the media balderdash leading up to the pointless, genocidal lie now known as the Iraq war. While I may not have every detail correct, you will get the gist of it that there is another side to this- never before mentioned on Western news.

As far as most Americans "know", Russia has invaded a defenseless country and is taking territory at whim, oppressing the poor Ukrainian people. So Obama started economic sanctions on them, and their economy is now "in tatters". The evil Russians persist though, so the West continues to punish the mean Russians. Trying not to laugh as I write this, it is actually the fairy tale the news here presents to us- and most believe it. And that is not funny.

Here is what really happened- less all the endless dates, hard to pronounce names, and a minimum of intrusive links that make political pieces so boring to most. In the piece four posts down, many links and maps are provided which will lead to the verification of all points here. Please look it all up yourselves if you wish..

Ukraine has historically always been its own culture and state, and was part of the USSR. After the Soviet Union broke up, it became an independent nation.

That country was good friends with Russia for a long time. Possibly since it owed the vast majority of its territorial existence to Russians, including Kiev.

Its president was suddenly ousted in a coup that came out of nowhere. State mental hospitals and an inpatient drug rehab facility suddenly freed many of their inmates, who conveniently turned up in Kiev protests with ski masks and handguns. Then mystery snipers started shooting people on both sides- protesters and cops. Predictably, mayhem ensued. The Maidan party took over and ran off their president and other officials. This party fought alongside the Nazis in World War Two against the Russians. They, and their support group the Right Sector,  still have swastika-like insignia and salute brownshirt-style. There are a multitude of videos on the net of third reich flags, and racial slurs against Russians all over Western and central Ukraine (even goose-stepping parades by their children--while bystanders don't bat an eye...). The Kiev Parliament recently legalized these fascist brigades and declared them to be heroes, promising pensions and so on.

A sizable portion of Ukraine is inhabited by ethnic Russians. This includes Donetsk and Luhansk, two sizable Eastern districts; they make up most of the Donbass region, a large industrial area. Several smaller areas throughout the republic; especially a large swath of the East and South known as Novorossiya(New Russia), are also ethnically Russian.  The Russians, who won the war for us all and lost more troops and civilians than all other nations combined in the war against the nazis, were having none of this. Even if the rest of the people did not like the president, that did not mean the fascists could take over without a fight.

The head of the CIA admits they visited the newly installed president for a day long visit soon after. The Russians smelled a rat. After all, America had attempted regime change by similar insurrections in Georgia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yugoslavia...Later an audio recording was revealed of US Asst. Secretary of State planning the coup and who they would install as the new puppet leader.

Next, Blackwater troops start showing up. They are a private army of American mercenaries. So the former army units of the Russian ethnic regions, combined with the local militias of these areas, formed into new armies to fight the Kiev regime. The two largest ones created names and are now considered "self- proclaimed republics". They are the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR). In response, mercenaries from around the world swarmed there to fight for the West's Kiev regime. Also regular government troops from a few countries showed up, "unofficially". Most notable was the damning find of 1,500 dead NATO troops after the great battle for the Donbass airport- as well as "lots and lots" of American weapons. Two questions must be asked here: 1. mercenaries fight for money; who is paying them when Ukraine's economy is down the tubes?? ; 2. are NATO troops so unorganized, unprofessional, and uncontrolled that so many of them could go on this jaunt as some kind of moonlighting excursion- in uniform no less??  Notably, a similar scenario unfolded later when the DPR surrounded 3,500 Kiev troops. Suspiciously, Germany and France suddenly became very upset, and locals claimed there were many NATO and separate Polish troops in the encircled area. Eventually, Kiev abandoned the impending battle to free them, left the area, and their doomed troops were left to their fate- probably to avoid exposing their nationalities. In the end, over 3,000 dead and enormous amounts of American weapons were found in the battle zone.

At one point several nations from NATO sent troops to Ukraine to hold exercises and war games there. The American congress then passed a law saying any president now or in the future can provide as much military aid as they want to Ukraine at any time. Funny how all this is going on, while the Western media barely mentions it- then screams incessantly about how Russia might be putting troops near its own border! Russia might be supporting the militias! Russia might be doing so many things...

Enter the OSCE. Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: a mini- UN, for Europe only. They were called in and sent observers to Ukraine. They watch the borders with Russia, even using drones. They investigate battles and stuff. They say there have been no Russian military supplies enter Ukraine or the breakaway republics since at least the middle of last year. That's something, since Western media claims the "porous border" has bus loads of Russian troops and convoys of Russian heavy weaponry crossing all the time. Though they are Europeans which ignored the NATO troops incident at the airport, they are indeed watching the border and have had nothing to report there.

The OSCE also has ignored the discoveries of several mass graves of civilians found in areas the Kiev regime had occupied. War crimes and genocides are okay according to them, apparently.

Further, UK based Amnesty International (whose credibility has tanked after its false reports about Syria were exposed) issued a report lambasting Russia for a slew of vague and minor "human rights violations", saying nothing of the Kiev regime's mass graves, nor the ongoing shelling of civilian neighborhoods, schools, bus stops and hospitals. At least someone is keeping records of the Kiev regime's ongoing tortures, as can be viewed here and here. Not to mention the report on their sniper escapades here.

Whenever any issues related to Ukraine are brought up at the UN, several Western nations parrot the American fairy tale of "Russian meddling" in Ukraine. Last time, they even whined about the alleged Russian takeover of South Ossetia, Georgia, and Abkhazia.

Digressing somewhat, since the West brings up those subjects loggorheacilly, let us go over them briefly:

Georgia's (note to Americans: it is a country in Asia. Not the state in the US South), leader was overthrown by an instigated coup with apparent American meddling.This new president decided to murder the civilians in a breakaway-zone called South Ossetia. This area was under watch by Russian peacekeepers, who witnessed the slaughter, and were being killed as well. Russia invaded Ossetia to save them. Long story short, Georgia had a brief war with Russia. They fell quickly, in about 5 days. Russian troops found warehouses full of American weapons, like a base was being set up to invade them later. Russia as victor of a war, had every right to absorb Georgia, or whatever else it wished. But it chose to withdraw. Two of Georgia's former autonomous districts- South Ossetia and Abkhazia, declared independence. Russia chose to recognize them as independent nations. Georgia is fortunate it exists at all, so its continued complaints about Russia's "takeover" of these two areas is absurd. Maybe they shouldn't have attempted a genocide against the Ossetians to begin with. Now that South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as independent nations, have asked for Russian military presence and open borders with them, the West claims they are "occupied" zones belonging to Georgia. Then, they claim this is an example of Russian "land grabs" in Southwest Asia. If they wanted to expand land area, they would have absorbed Georgia, a much larger area.

So now there is the Minsk2 accords. What happened to Minsk1? Kiev refused to show up on several occasions. Now with the Minsk2 agreement, implementation of its stipulations has been like pulling teeth for the Kiev side. They refuse, wait for the last second, violate all they can, then pull back. It took them weeks to move their heavy guns back from the battle line, despite the DPR and LPR having done so long ago. They even shot at OSCE inspectors at the Donetsk airport just the other day with grenade launchers. Actually, Kiev has done the opposite of every aspect of the agreement, as detailed here.Now, they shell residential neighborhoods daily just as they did before. The DPR says the Minsk accords were never begun, and are now meaningless. And recently, the LPR leader was assassinated. Now, the IMF is about to drop them while "Minsk 4" is being planned.

Kiev has been begging to join NATO, obviously so Europe will fight its battles for them. They have refused so far, knowing it could start WWIII. Kiev has publicly said that it wants to build the strongest army "in Europe", so they can regain all of their "lost" territories. They said this includes Crimea.

Crimea is an area almost entirely consisting of ethnic Russians which was an autonomous republic of Ukraine when this trouble began. They declared their independence, then held a referendum in which a vast majority of their citizens voted to become part of Russia again, as they used to be. Russia accepted, in accordance with international laws. Precedents were recognized before in Kosovo as well. Now, Crimea is again part of Russia, as it has been historically since 1783. So the Western media continues to parrot the claim that Russia "annexed" and "illegally took over" Crimea. So if Ukraine thinks it is going to take back Crimea from Russia, it will have a war on its hands. Starting a war with Russia is not wise, even if America backs you.

Needling Russia for over a year now, Kiev has threatened to erect an actual wall along their 2,000 plus mile border, and has engaged in a genocidal campaign against the ethnic Russians living there. If it were not for Russia sending almost monthly convoys of 2,000 or so tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk and Luhansk, those people would have starved and frozen to death a long time ago. The 16th convoy is being loaded now. They give them food, generators, blankets, clothes, schoolbooks, and so on. They have invited Kiev and the Intl. Red Cross to inspect the cargoes, but none have cared to as yet. Kiev has shut off natural gas supplies to these areas as well, intending to freeze them apparently. Then they refused to pay for their own gas supply, which originates in Russia, and whine to European councils when they are threatened with cutoffs.

All Ukraine has managed to do is murder thousands of civilians so far. This includes their cowardly shoot down of MH17, which is rumored to have been mistaken for Pres. Putin's aircraft. That, however, is the subject of another article.

While America screams about Russia putting its own troops "near" its own border, and complains incessantly that they are "aiding" the DPR an LPR, they never mention that they have 126 military bases in 26 foreign countries. Compare this to Russia having 9 military bases in 7 other countries, all on or very close to their own borders. The hypocrisy is simply unreal. Not to mention the West's military exercises in countries that border Russia- at times even feet from the border; shipments of lethal weapons to Kiev to murder more Donbass civilians with; and, American 'advisors' embedding themselves in the front line areas.

Now as the Ukrainian populace spirals into poverty, their newly appointed president has so far tripled his wealth.

All of this has led to slews of accusations, which are not verified but parroted as truths. Then, the accusations- which even if were true, would be irrelevant compared to American Imperialistic jaunts and hubris laden meddlings, are held up as an excuse to impose economic sanctions against Russia. Despite
Obama's claim that the sanctions have left Russia's economy "in tatters", they have actually forced them to find other, more stable trade partners which will benefit them long term. They are now setting up trade agreements with several nations which will utilize their own currencies, bypassing the standard US dollar as a trade medium. This makes their transactions more economically secure and devalues the US dollar as a whole...Not to mention the fact that Russia has two "rainy day funds" which have absorbed this nicely. Their economy as a whole is fine. Selling their foreign bonds and buying gold with them has resulted, and was very wise for long term security. They have suffered inflation, and a reduced valuation of the ruble, but certainly not the economic disaster the West hoped for. What harmed them most was the Saudi price fixing of oil values, surely because of American goading- knowing oil is Russia's main export. Now that Sa'udi Arabia has a new king (the last one died), the oil market is normalizing again and recovery is already begun for all affected.

France decided to jump on the bandwagon as well, refusing to give Russia two large naval vessels they were contracted to build and are already paid for. These are large ships known as "Mistral" helicopter carriers (like aircraft carriers for attack choppers..). They are also made for amphibious assaults, hospital ships, and command and control centers for naval operations. There is a contract which France clearly violated, and Russia can sue them for it at any time. They have stated many times that they want their ships or their money back, either way. Since the ships are specially designed for Russian weapons systems and computers, they are useless to other navies, so resale is not an option. France has shown its ass on this one- childishly breaching a contract inked long before the Ukraine mess even began. In the meantime, Russia has begun building its own version of the same ships in its own shipyards. French implication that Russia somehow controls the events in Ukraine is a ploy which in the end stuck them with a 1.1 billion Euro bill they had to pay and two useless metal boxes. In the meantime, they pay 5 million Euros a month to maintain the two ships...some are saying it would be cheaper to scuttle the ships- that is, sink them. Now that the deal is settled with Russia, they claim that they hope Vietnam, China, or India will buy them. They hope....Way to go, Hollande!
[Update: France had to pay back the money to Russia, and considering the different exchange rates, Russia made a large profit. The ships were sold to Egypt, who will likely repurchase the equipment off of them. France admitted it was pressured by the USA, Poland, and the Baltic states with diplomatic and economic problems if they gave Russia their ships.] 
top-dom say no!

....In order to counter the oft-mentioned "uni-polar world" that the East detests so much, Putin assembled and formulated an alternative to the World Bank. BRICS- Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa- have formed their own international bank. This is still in its infancy but surely scares the hell out of the American run World Bank, a clear threat to its monopoly on state loans and foreign debts. This bank will also aid Russia when it is up and running more, making its economy even less affectable by foreign sanctions. China has also created an alternative to the IMF called the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). To the chagrin of America, several of its allies have already joined. Now China is setting up an alternative to SWIFT (the banking systems of the world rely on it to make electronic intl. transactions) called CHIPS- China Intl. Payment System. It seems with their friends, especially the economic powerhouse China, Russia is finding ways to bypass American control of their economy.

Meanwhile, Russian military upgrades and expansion have continued unabated. They are updating everything from their uniforms and rifles to their subs, bombers, and nukes; as well as expanding their bases and radars in the Arctic.  Greatly increased economic, cultural, and military cooperation has resulted with India, Iran, and China. Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Brazil have also made it known they want to be friends with Russia- not enemies. So much for the Ukraine excursion- another debacle for American imperialism.

Addendum: Poland's scheme...

Since Poland has been an avid cheerleader of American saber-rattling against Russia lately, one has to wonder why they are chomping at the bit to become a battlefield for WWIII? Maybe they have a long term, ulterior motive:
-Their Member of European Parliament Korwin-Mikke states that the Maidan snipers were trained in Poland and sent there to cause riots and 'do America a favor'. Read more here, with sources.
-A look at a map of Poland's former borders shows that Ukraine's current remaining territory is entirely former-Polish lands. If Ukraine self-destructs, or should I say when, then guess who will be swooping in to retain order and then annex their historical lands? 

See map below, and compare to map above...

  (C) james platt 2015.
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