When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


What is Bigfoot?

There are creatures around the world similar to what is called "bigfoot". They all have one thing in common- they are reclusive, unknown primates. But there is no real proof is there? Just a few blurry pictures and some anecdotal stories of drunken campers, right? That's what most people believe.

Let's start by going over some of the evidence...

DNA and blood/hair/other biological samples

One open-minded group of scientists undertook "The Sasquatch Genome Project", which over five years accumulated "approximately one hundred and thirteen separate samples of hair, mucus, toenail, bark scrapings, saliva, and skin with hair and subcutaneous tissue attached."
Their samples were sent to various universities for DNA sequencing. Results indicated a hybrid species: human female with unknown primate male combinants. Hard to refute, so several universities that unwittingly verified the results later denied having studied the samples, although their lab results were already on record.
Another group is currently undertaking a similar project, called the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project. Hopefully they will find similarly amazing results. 

And that's just for the North American bigfoots. 

Footprints and dermal ridge patterns

Thousands of footprints have been found and preserved by plaster casting over the decades. Though some were surely hoaxes, many hundreds are considered authentic and are preserved in many museums and scientists' labs and offices.
Of these, there a few that came out so well the creatures' toe-prints showed up. These fine, intricate lines that make our fingerprints, toe prints, palm and foot markings are considered impossible to forge- at least well enough to fool a fingerprint expert. Enter Jimmy Chilcutt, a forensics detective and fingerprint expert who also has a catalog of fingerprints of all known primates. When he was asked to examine these footprints with dermal ridge patterns, he determined they are authentic, but not human nor from a known primate- more of a hybrid.

See this show up to 7:21, and more here ending at 37:04.

Body parts

A few body parts are available for study, for those who bother to track them down. An Almas type (Mongolian) bigfoot was once killed in China, and its hands and feet were cut off and preserved in jars of preservative fluid. A biology teacher named Zhou Shousong in Bihu, China now has them.

Nepalese Sherpas have over the years obtained a Yeti scalp and other smaller samples of hair, plus a hand. The scalp is kept in a monastery. It was tested once many years ago, and since the scientists at that time could not match it to anything, they said it must be from a goat. A goat with a head that large would be pretty amazing in itself. The sample has never been retested.

An entire body frozen in a block of ice is currently being tested. Though it is largely considered to have been a hoax when it was well known in the 60's, there is a little more to it than this. The so-called "Minnesota Iceman" had been on tour when the government became interested in obtaining it. The Smithsonian has a way of "losing" fascinating artifacts that have anything to do with subjects out of the ordinary, so the owner placed the body into hiding for decades. Now someone has purchased it, and it has been transported for study. Just maybe this will turn out to be real...

Audio recordings 

There are numerous recordings of bigfoot noises, usually howls and grunts; sometimes whistles and strange vocalizations that seem to be their speech. A few samples:

Scariest screams and howls here
Conversational analysis by military crypto-linguist
Site with a wide collection
Kentucky bigfoot sounds

Excellent videos you probably never heard of

The very best footage is in a documentary by Paula Lebrot called The Legend of Bigfoot. It is usually sold as a combo-dvd packaged with a corny movie called Escape from Angola. This is because Digiview Entertainment put them together to sell as one of those one dollar movies in stores. It is on youtube which is embedded below, but can also be bought on Amazon and Ebay. It is the story of Ivan Marx. This career tracker found, tracked, and filmed several bigfoots from Colorado to Alaska. See crippled one up to 26:50; eye reflections at dusk up to 53:40; juvenile in Alaskan river up to 1:01:12; and, two foraging in marsh up to 1:13:00. Professional debunkers and skeptics laugh off this film as an obvious fake, but never can explain why that is so. They simply do not know how to refute such good footage.

There is also the Patterson-Gimlin footage, usually just called the Patterson film. It is an excellent video of a bigfoot walking along a dry riverbed in the  California mountains. It was taken by two men on horseback in 1967. It has never been disproven and professional analysis shows bulging muscles and other interesting events negating the costumed hoaxer theory.

A documentary about bigfoot in Oklahoma called Bigfootville is also very fascinating. Other videos abound- many fake or unclear, but a few seem authentic.

Close Encounters

Numerous attacks by bigfeet have been reported sporadically over the years, most by campers in deep woods cabins. The creatures seem to like throwing rocks, and sometimes wield sticks or even chase people. Injuries are almost unheard of- they just want to scare us away it seems.

There are two unprovable, but very believable, accounts of abductions by bigfoots. One was a Canadian trapper named Albert Ostman in 1924. He knew many anatomical details not known until decades later. It was implied he was expected to or possibly even forced to mate with an adolescent female. Read more here.

Another alleged abduction took place in 1928. Muchalat Harry, a Nutka Indian, was taken to a bigfoot camp in Vancouver. He was scrutinized by around 20 of them before he made a break for it and ran for his life. Read more of that incident here.

So with all of this evidence, what are they then?

That is the question; that is the problem. Most assume all of the creatures are one phenomena- related somehow...one mystery to be solved as a whole. But these are obviously several very types of animals, which are distributed across the world. It is like comparing European stags to American whitetail deer. A wapiti (North American elk) is not a moose (European elk). So how can we explain them all as one species with one origin? We can't; they are different animals that look similar. So let us break it down then- which large unknown primates are related to what- or whom?

-The Yeti, or "abominable snowman":
A large furry white humanoid-looking creature seen in the Himalayas. Although it has always been assumed to be primate, it may not be. Genetic testing of its hair has yielded bear DNA. Its match to a 90,000 year old prehistoric polar bear indicates that it is a bear that has evolved and now frequently walks upright, which would make sense in steep rocky areas such as the Himalayas.
see this video

-The Nittaewo of Sri Lanka:
A small fierce humanoid creature that fought with the natives for centuries on this island was thought to have been killed off, but may still be lurking in the shadows. Its description clearly indicates the Australopithecus. As recently as 1963 evidence of its presence was found on the island.

-The Yowie of Australia:
A smaller creature that has been at odds with the Aborigines for eons, frequently compared to Homo Erectus.  

-The Almas Wild Men of Central Asia:
caveman-looking people with super human abilities, alleged to be surviving Neanderthals.

-The Chuchunaa of far Northeastern Siberia:
similar to the Almas men but with different adaptations- and tastes. Alleged to be "cannibals" of human villagers, these apparently neanderthal offshoots have adapted to the climate of the Arctic circle while lacking a steady food supply. 

-The Urayuli:
An enormous ape like creature in Alaska's Southwest, this animal is obviously the Gigantopithecus. It seems to be scarce and frequents only one small geographical area. This enormous creature is also clearly not the North American bigfoot.

-The Sasquatch or american bigfoot: This animal has been DNA typed and is  proven to be a human/unknown primate hybrid- not a gigantopithecus as many claim. 

Other large primates seem to exist as well, such as the Orang-Pendek, the Yeren, the Nguoi Rung, and the Migyhur, among others. Most can probably be classified as some sort of known primate that was previously considered to be extinct, though several are sure to be as-yet undiscovered- or un-registered - species.

The concept of animals larger than us, especially fellow primates, existing without our prior approval seems to deeply disturb many. Since many humans feel they are on top of the food chain and have elevated themselves to god-like status among the animal kingdom, then they simply cannot accept that large primates may be coexisting with us on Earth. What if they are as smart as us, or are on top of the proverbial food chain over us? Beyond belief; unthinkable to most arrogant people. If the Academy of Sciences does not rubber stamp it, it is not real. This closed-minded blanket denial of evidence is the hallmark of our era. Don't forget, many animals we all know to be real were once thought to be mythical and were scoffed at by scientists. This includes gorillas, pandas, giraffes, tigers, and others. See this piece for more detail.

It is also possible that the claims of conspiracists may have some degree of truth in them. They say that the government is suppressing info on bigfoot just like they do with UFOs. This is plausible, since the wide acceptance of bigfoot (which would be seen by many as proof of evolution) would wreak havoc on religious institutions and upset the status quo of society: something they fear greatly. Not to mention the impact on loggers, miners, and land developers who would suffer from the impact of endangered species protections if the humanoid creatures were officially recognized.

Either way, it is too bad that they have chosen to do our thinking for us on the bigfoot subject as well.The only reason bigfoot type creatures are denied is because the officialdom says so, and so peoples' fear factors set in. Evidence and common sense are ignored.

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