When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Cats, Vets, and Finality


It all started when I was about 13. My mom worked as a housekeeper at a motel. One day she brought home a cat that had been abandoned there. It was pregnant. A tabby of small stature, I don't even remember her name. We kept the kittens. My sister liked a female tabby, which she later named Reefer. I kept an orange striped male I named Garfield. The others we managed to give away eventually. But there was also Floppy, who liked to relax and be held upside down, and Chelsea, who we kept as a diminutive female orange cat that was really sweet. Eventually Reefer died from apparent poisoning, possibly eating a poisoned rat- we weren't sure. Chelsea died of Leukemia, or FELV(feline leukemia virus). We discarded the litter boxes and bowls and hoped Garf would not catch it. He didn't. There was also Oreo, sister of Chelsea, a black and white gal.  She eventually died of megacolon.

Another cat of this time frame was an unrelated dude my sis picked up in Arkansas somewhere- Blacky, a very intelligent and unique cat that loved to ride in cars just like a dog. His disappearance was suspected to be linked to a crazy old man across the street. Long story there. (willy hanson- burn in hell!) .

So there was then Mr. Garf. I became extremely attached to him and he meant everything to me. It was mutual, and he followed me around like a dog.

At one point my sister got a barn cat from some farmer and gave it to my mom. Not sure why, but she did. He was named Tigger. My dad, who had always been cold to cats, became fond of him. They were close. Dad died of cancer years later and my mom had him herself. When she came down with meningitis and was hospitalized for months, she told me to just take him. I took him in. 

Backing up a little, Tigger and Oreo decided to have a fling and fathered a new litter. I took them in, as I ended up with prego Oreo and Garf. Oreo had two boys and three girls in 1999. I watched their birth. We gave the two boys to a nursing home that was going to start having community pets for their patients. We kept the three girls. One, the smallest, was a grey striped gal my wife named Dutchess. Another, a gray longhair that was larger than average, was named Lursa by me (i'm a trekkie..). The other was a calico we named Ewok (star wars..). 

Around the same time a cat was placed into our enclosed front porch which was an orange short haired male. When we first seen him, he was sitting next to a pumpkin, and looked kinda like one, so that became his name. Pumpkin was a chubby small statured guy that was extremely nice. 

So we ended up with several cats, and kept Pumpkin separated from the others for years until he was neutered. We also moved into an apt. building and befriended a stray there, whom we named Catt. He was a large tomcat, orange. 


When we moved out of state we just had too many and so left him at a no-kill shelter an hour away- the gf did the same with a cat she'd taken in named Toucat. She already had one of deep attachment she was taking along: Velvet. That is another story. 


So we moved with lots of cats, and once in Georgia Pumpkin died because he needed an operation that would have cost 200. in Missouri or Iowa (I checked), 
but every vet in the Atlanta metro wanted to charge us two grand or more. ( I did call literally every vet in the metro!) . 

Pumpkin's gravestone

City vets are criminals. One clinic there tried to charge us just for walking in- “Pull their file for a non-animal consultation!” we heard someone saying. We walked right back out. Another in that city whisked our cat to the back where we could not watch- to clean his ears?!?!

That was Mikey, a large male black tuxedo cat. We took him in because the owners of the business my wife worked for were going to put him down just because they were tired of him. He was not related but established a standoff-ish acceptance with the others. 


While still married, I lost Garf. He was already 14, and I had his teeth cleaned at a vet near me. After that he developed septicemia and ended up dying a painful death- it was awful. The vet did not administer antibiotics first apparently. 

Once I divorced the wife and had my own place, Ewok developed CRF- chronic renal failure- and it was a long road to her demise. I gave her subcutaneous fluids for months. I gave her antacids. I kept her warm. Eventually, it was time. When I called in to work to tell them I couldn't come in because I had to go euthanize my cat, they said that was not on the acceptable list of excuses, so I would be fired if I didn't come in. So I was fired. 


Years later, after my next long term gf had left me, Mikey went first from liver failure and CRF. He had liver damage before from inhaling yard guard spray. He died painfully, and I had to call a vet in the middle of the night to end it. Barely a month later, Lursa went too. She had mammarian tumors for a long time and I never had the money to get them removed. It spread to her lungs and heart. Her chest cavity filled with fluid and she could hardly breathe. Another midnight euthanasia took place. With no wife or girlfriend with either of these two it was exceedingly difficult for me. 


Now, just me and Dutchess, we forded on. She also got mammarian tumors. A vet said she had 3 to 6 months to live, with treatment. I had no money for treatment. She lived another three years. By then one tumor on the stomach had erupted and become necrotic. A local vet put a diaper around her abdomen and the techs there found it amusing. I guess the 5 vets and 4 techs they had all never learned how to bandage a wound nor knew what vetwrap was. They wanted to operate ASAP, despite any other factors. She had early Crf which lessens the chances of surviving surgery. They did not care. After numerous suggestions that I just euthanize, I went to another clinic. That place said I should operate though it'd be risky. I skipped out, scared. I gave her subQ fluids and antibiotics for awhile. Eventually, the tumors ate her up and infection drug her down. She was just too weak, and I had to end it.



The last cat was gone, and I have never felt so alone. I have dreaded this point in my life for many years, and have no idea what I will do now. But I do know I will never have another pet again. It is just too hard to lose them.

I absolutely do not recommend letting your kids have pets. We have such longer lifespans than any pets, except perhaps parrots or tortoises, that they will surely die first and create an emotional torture for us when they go. It is hard, it really hurts, to put animals to sleep. Doing it over and over is horrible. The movie Marley and Me is a good example of how hard it is.

My pets were my life, and will always be a part of me. However, I now feel I have nothing grounding me to sanity, sense, nor civilized behavior. Now, if I go to jail or even prison, no pet will wonder where I am. No one depends upon me anymore. Anything could happen...

If you already have pets, here are a few tips: 

-Spay females! If you do not the hormones will build up and become cancerous problems. 
-Avoid city vets. Commuting to small town ones even an hour's drive away will save you a fortune. 
-Find vets that specialize in “small animal” care. Avoid ones that also do farm animal work. They do not care about animals; they are just in it for the money.
-Vet clinics with a lot of vets are hiring interns- avoid them. 
-Vet clinics with a throng of assistants are giving out intern type jobs to community college vet tech wannabes for 8. an hour. They care little and know little. Avoid them too. 
-One vet I checked into had a website with the hobbies of the employees listed. The vet liked hunting. Watch for obvious animal killers like this. Look up vets' Facebook pages as well- you may be surprised how many like to hunt. 
-Check all websites and especially reviews. Read all of them! 
-If a time is approaching to end it, call around and ask vets HOW they do it. Old fashioned ones use 'needle stick' procedure, which is cruel. Go to ones that use sleeping drug and then final medicine. 
-Find a vet that seems highly knowledgeable, is not an intern, and takes the time to talk to you and explain things. These qualities are actually becoming rare. 
-Especially if in a small town area, make sure your vet has proper equipment. One I went to was going to keep my cat overnight, then transport her by pickup truck to a town 25 miles away just to take an x-ray, then transport her back the next day. Make sure your vet has an x-ray machine, an ultrasound, and an in house lab. If they are using another clinic or a human hospital for this stuff, do not go there. 
-Verify everything they say by researching on net and elsewhere. One vet had no idea about calcium depletion in CRF cats and ignored my info I sent him. This is how Tigger died. 
-If a vet wants you to leave your pet for the night every whipstitch, they are just interested in charging you for boarding. Consider it a red flag that they are money grubbers. 
-Vets that advertise doing weird things that are cruel or otherwise unnecessary are just out for money as well. These include de-barking(cutting dogs' vocal chords), de-sensitizing (so cats can't smell), tail docking, genetic breed dna testing (not cruel but shows their obsession for cash), declawing, and other weird stuff- beware. One vet I went to even rented her front lawn to people selling vehicles. 

Many vets are smart and do care. Just beware the ones that are money grubbing jerks.

The following is a list of vets I do not like, partly for reasons listed above- not specifying which ones or why. Just my opinion:

southpaws in maryville mo
dunwoody clinic in atlanta metro
beaver crossing clinic in atlanta
pine hills in st. joseph mo
southern hills vets red oak iowa
southern hills creston iowa
...and an honorable mention goes to kelly services temp agency for firing me for calling in to put Ewok to sleep...

Use online reviews on yahoo and google! Do your own research! Be careful!

Cats are like gods, they are extremely special and loving companions. There are also so many that need help and homes. Please help out wonderful charities such as North Shore Animal League and Alley Cat Allies, as well as any TNR programs in your areas. Catch any loose cats in your neighborhood with humane box traps and have a vet spay or neuter them, if their owners (if any) like it or not. (Avoid local shelters - they are holocaustic camps, churning out millions of dead animals which they sell for human food additives- look it up. The survivors mostly go to labs where they are tortured for big companies. Research is paramount!)

{The sorry excuses for girlfriends i have had over the years that were jealous of my cats or felt like they were in the way- can all go to hell. Your attitudes are not forgotten. Now that I have no more cats, I will not forget your insensitive, heartless, cold, rude, uncaring comments. Sorry but you ain't worth it. }

...Concluding, I do not recommend getting pets to start with, but if you already have them, please do use my tips above.

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Who Would Win a Nuclear War?

Virtually all people who ask this question answer it the same way: “No one would win! It would mean human extinction! Mutually assured destruction! Nuclear winter! Ad nauseum!
But I was never one for political correctness. Who would really win? Is it inevitable that the whole planet would die? Why, says who; based upon what?
What first jumps out at me is the huge discrepancy (to put it mildly) in what Western and Eastern scientists have to say about a nuclear war's after effects. America and its ilk all are taken with this “nuclear winter” concept. They think the fallout will blot out the sun for so long that the whole planet will delve into a cold and sunless winter for decades, in which all life will perish. Few if any Westerners ever heard of the fact that Eastern scientists had a completely opposite conclusion. They think there will be a “nuclear summer”! They feel that after the nuclear winter abates, which may be brief, decaying organic matter that froze would thaw and release enough CO2 and methane that a greenhouse effect would occur and bake us. Though I link to them infrequently, wikipedia has a nice listing of theories about both. You will see that there are many ideas, back and forth, but nothing has been proven. So, there would likely be a winter scenario but for how long no one is sure. Then there may be a summer scenario next. Either way unprepared people will at least starve, and probably die of other causes as well. This includes heat, freezing, blast effects, debris, radiation poisoning, lack of water, no medical care (imagine no prescription pills for anyone- how long would most live?), and starvation. So no one knows for sure what may happen.
It is assured though that there will be no transportation, grocery stores or food supplies for extended periods, perhaps decades. Most all survivalists assume there will be armed groups out to steal their supplies, so they stockpile weaponry to kill one another with. We can only hope that the few remaining survivors will reach out to one another and be happy to find other living souls. Strife will not be needed.
Survivalists claim all you need are “the three B's”: bibles, band aids, and bullets. They fail to mention food, clothes, Geiger counters, and so many other things. Virtually all of them are so busy saving up hundreds of guns and millions of bullets that they forget to obtain a foot powered treadle sewing machine to darn clothes as they wear out- no food, no medicine, no clothes factories operating either! The problem with the few concerned citizens being left to their own devices and planning everything themselves is that they never think of important stuff like this. Paranoid people are rarely practical. Clothes wear out, all the wildlife is supposed to die-- what are people supposed to make new clothes from? I guess the leather from the other survivalists they skin??? Too bad the feds wouldn't stock some supplies for us in shelters that we could ride out the worst of it in.
Sadly, the american government decided to abandon its civil defense program and shelters in the '60's because of nuclear war protesters, who said shelters made it too easy to ignore the dangers of having these weapons. So the govt. said, 'it costs us too much anyway'. And that was that- it was dropped. The old shelters haven't been maintained nor resupplied in several decades. Everyone is on their own.{For interesting analysis and proof that nuclear war is survivable, and exactly how to do it, see this site and this video series.}
Of course I was talking about the situation in america. Switzerland has enough shelters for their entire population. So do Russia and China, or at least they are working on it. America only has shelters for its top politicians and the few survivalists that can afford to, and have bothered to, build their own. It is rumored that Beijing has an underground city of sorts built underneath it for a nuclear shelter. Plus China has made its subways nuclear and chemical attack safe. So any citizens out in the city can run to the subways for a massive shelter in case of attack (or natural disaster). Meanwhile, Russia has a supposed underground city as well, underneath Moscow. A multitude of articles on the net link to an RT piece (http://www.rt.com/news/prime-time/moscow-bomb-shelters-outskirts/) about new shelters being built for suburban Moscow, but the article was taken down with no explanation. Surviving alleged quotes from it say this:
Nearly 5,000 new emergency bomb shelters will be built in Moscow by 2012 to save people in case of potential attacks.Moscow authorities say the measure is urgent as the shelters currently available in the city can house no more that half of its population.In the last 20 years, the area of air-raid defense has been developed little, and the existing shelters have become outdated. Moreover, they are located mostly in the city center, which makes densely populated Moscow outskirts especially vulnerable in the event of a nuclear attack.In order to resolve the issue, the city has given architects a task to construct a typical model of an easy-to-build shelter that will be located all over the city 10 to 15 meters underneath apartment blocks, shopping centers, sport complexes and parks, as in case of attack people will need to reach the shelters within a minute.
The original article had an embedded video, which has also been removed. But thanks to someone re-uploading it, we know it was a real news story:

So, despite Western propaganda, Russia does not censor news, at least not nearly as much as the westerners do. How interesting that this article was taken down. Though owned by the private media company of Russia Today, and not an official govt. news site such as Tass, it is still telling that a seemingly innocuous piece would be removed.
So if both Russia and China have shelters emplaced for their populations, what does this mean? That they may know nuclear war would be terrible, but they also intend to try and survive it. In america, the politicians intend to survive and emerge to a dead constituency while the populace simply plans to die without a whimper. The exception will be the survivalist freaks whose plan is- banally- to shoot everyone they encounter and increase the death tolls. This is apparent from their obsessive hoarding of guns and ammunition. (Most american households have at least one gun, and the average survivalist generally has around 200. The standard rule of theirs is to keep at least 1,000 rounds on hand for every gun.)
Assuming that Russia and China have some kind of shelters, we can predict that in the event of a nuclear war they will have people to emerge and try to forge on. America will have nothing really- nothing but a few scattered paranoid republicans armed to the teeth...
The submarines seem to be the wild card in all this, as they can pop up anywhere to shoot off some SLBMs. It is far less known what anti-submarine measures there are- neither side likes to talk about it. Though it is known that Russia and China both have more attack subs- smaller ones designed to hunt down the big ones with nukes in them. They also both have more mine laying ships and patrol boats. Worst of all for america, Russia has special helicopters to destroy subs with called the Mi-14. These massive choppers can drop small nuclear bombs into an area suspected of having an enemy sub lurking in it. The blast can destroy any sub within a large radius. That, plus sea mines, submarine nets, and the new Sea Wolf contraptions will create a death knell for subs worldwide, on both sides. So they can be defended against, though it's more complicated.
While america has been criticized for years for letting its nuclear arsenal become so outdated that it can no longer afford to modernize- much less replace- its 1960s era missiles, Russia and China have both been modernizing theirs on a large scale.
An even better question is, who will get nuked at all? Because guess what- america has no real defense against nuclear warheads screaming in from the edges of the atmosphere at incredible speeds. By the time they are detected, and the air raid sirens go off, there would be little time to do anything, even go into a basement. Most would assume the sirens were yet another test or drill like they do monthly for tornadoes. Few would even bat an eye. The radars and electronic fence of NORAD would see them alright, but how soon, and more importantly what could they do about it?? There are no effective anti-missile defense systems operated by the West. All they have is the joke they call the Patriot, which has a very low success rate. It is junk, and it is all they got. (Various estimates rate the Patriot missile systems' performance at 70%, 40%, 10%, and even 0! As opposed to the old S-300s with a rating of 93%..) It barely bears mentioning, though in fairness will do so briefly, that the USA has two other air defense systems. One is the older AEGIS, which is more of a combined control system for all of the various defense weapons on their naval ships. While it has a ballistic missile defense version, it is designed at best for intermediate range- not intercontinental- missiles, and is thereby good for defense of flotillas, not land targets, and not from ICBMs. The newer THAAD system has similar capabilities while being mainly land based, and is basically a revamped Patriot system with a dismal test history. They have lately been trumpeting their "Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system", which was recently adapted to intercept the fictional "threat" of non-existent Iranian and North Korean mid-range nukes. Despite all the funding and posturing, the govt. announced recently that it does not work anyway. Besides the official 53% hit rate in tests, there are only 30 of these interceptor missiles. Since Russia has well over 1,650 actively deployed warheads, a full onslaught would permit at least 1,520 nukes to get to their targets. (Overview in this article, actual govt. report here). In reality it would be a much larger number, as none of these could defend America from a south-originated SLBM attack, the new hypersonic ICBM warheads (faster than mach 5- cannot be shot down), missiles with circumterrestrial targeting (have sufficient range to be launched in any direction- even going over the south pole. this would nullify north-facing anti-missile defenses based almost entirely in Alaska), nor from cruise missiles dropped from bombers already over the mainland. Meanwhile, the pentagon continues to waste billions ($9.9 billion so far) on useless ideas that end up not working (including the 'airborne laser', 'multiple kill vehicle', 'kinetic energy interceptor', and 'sea based X-band radar').  
So how many Russian nuclear warheads would get to their targets? Pretty close to 100%.
As opposed to an attack on the Russian territory: they have three things that america does not have-
1. Non-targetable nukes. Russia has nuclear missiles mounted on mobile launchers (giant trucks) which can be anywhere anytime. Usually the Siberian forests. How do you target a mobile missile that can go anywhere at a moment's notice? You don't. So retaliation is a guarantee. This is not to mention the missiles they are placing into train cars. Any train on any rail line anywhere could have one or more nukes on it. There is also no way to target these.
2. An impenetrable air defense. Russian armed forces recently reshuffled their departments and came up with an aerospace command. It comprises land SAM units, air force, and ICBM capabilities to protect them from any air assaults including drones, jets, missiles, nukes, and satellites. This includes the much vaunted S-300, S-350, S-400, and S-500 systems which are considered to be excellent air defense systems by any measure. Add on the low altitude defense systems called TOR and the coastal systems called Bastion, not to mention the all around BUK- and you have extreme defense from air assault. {See this article to get an idea of their array of air defenses}. Russian land based ICBM silos will be safe regardless, as they are protected by the Mozyr systems. These comprise 100 synchronized artillery units which literally create a wall of ordnance against any incoming objects. 
3. Different tactics. The Topol and Yars type missiles have evasion programs, decoys, and low orbit launching, which will make them exceedingly hard to detect- much less destroy. While america boasts of a “triad” of air, sea, and land silo launched missiles, Russia has a "pentagon" of sorts: land silo, sea, air, truck, and train launchers.
So how many american nukes would really get through? And, if they did- the Russian population would be relatively safe in their shelters anyway.

It is similar for China though they have a different military situation. China has land, sea, and air launchers as well, plus extensive underground railroad tunnels throughout their country to move around missiles in secret. They have less impressive air defenses, though they are about to buy S-400 systems from Russia, which at least will protect their major cities. And they have fewer nukes, but the ones they do have are more powerful than either Russian or american nukes.

This all means that a large portion of their populations would survive- or at least try to. Americans will all die because they simply would not even try. It speaks of their characters: Russia and China consider themselves each to be unique civilizations; america thinks of itself as a new Roman empire- and we all know what happened to them. 

See Also: Strategic Air Defense and Nuclear Deterrence: Is America Doomed? 

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Red Oak Iowa

Red Oak Iowa. 'A shade better'. Boyhood home of Johnny Carson, and frequent stop of presidential candidates. This community stands for small town values, and Joni Earnst! (Not from here but a nearby town actually, but hey- who cares?).

Unfortunately- ominously- all small towns have their secrets, or perhaps I should say skeletons. I am ashamed to say I was born in this town- through no fault of my own, mind you. I lived there from the time I was born until I was four, then again from age 9-17, and from age 20 to 22, then from age 44 to 46. This totals 16 years of hell. Why exactly was it hell? I thought you'd never ask...

Red Oak is a Victorian-era town with a lot of cool architecture and old houses. The courthouse is an awesome architectural specimen. The library and a few houses in town are English Tudor, and, well, that was the good part.

It is, and always has been, a depressed and poor community just like so many other small towns in the Midwest. It prides itself on its pathetic high school football team, which is quite possibly the losing-est team ever. I have never heard of them winning a game- much less a homecoming. They always have been a joke, and are considered an easy win to area teams from other towns. The town of RED oak has an orange water tower, and one can only assume that it is somehow related to the football team's orange color (tigers). So this massive 85 foot tower atop the tallest hill in the town is a beacon of losing for all to see for miles and miles. This is fitting, as most Red Oakians are losers. 

orange oak?

About half are on welfare, and about 2/3 are drug addicts (crank is the big thing here- known on tv as “meth”). The rest are mostly retired folk, low or middle income. A small handful are extremely wealthy. This includes the family of slumlords that break every law in the book on landlord - tenant law in Iowa, and own most rentals in town...Many, many single mothers on welfare riddle this town. They mostly live in Red Oak Manor- a property owned by the more notorious state subsidized Oak Creek Apartments. A lot of them also occupy the apartments above the many downtown businesses (or former businesses). Not that anything is wrong with being a single mom nor of being on welfare. Shit happens. But the inordinate number of them show what an island of non-opportunity this place is. Jobs are scarce, and they are mostly service crap like fast food.

There is no Walmart here, only Kmart operating with a skeleton crew since it gets so little business. Their treatment of customers and deceptive pricing and refund policies have earned them a scathing editorial in the local newspaper at least once, and their actions surely repel buyers- who invariably choose to drive 20 miles to the next town to shop. Digressing, two small dollar stores and two grocery stores dominate the town. Most businesses survive no more than a few months in Ded Oak. Few businesses that open in the so-called business district- “the square”- last more than a month. No one shops here- not even locals, except for immediate needs like a little food etc. I considered taking pictures of all the empty businesses downtown to insert into this piece, but decided not to bore the readers with scores of boring pics, so I only took pictures of the empty lots. Ah yes- the lots...More and more empty lots are popping up in Ded Oak as businesses close and no one maintains the old Victorian buildings, which start to crumble for lack of tuckpointing and other basic masonry. The city smartly plants most of them with pretty grass and flowers, but huge areas that were once rows of two story buildings lie agape. The remaining buildings are largely empty; very few have businesses in them- I would guess about 10%. 

(all lot pics above are within one block radius of square)

A very rich man named Wilson who was in the concrete business, died and left his money to the town's improvement. So they bought nearly all properties on Broadway, tore them down, and planted grass. Then they built the Wilson Performing Arts Center. This is a place for concerts, plays and other rich shindigs. Every event is so expensive to get into, it should be called the Country Club Redux. Meanwhile 99% of citizens see no life improvements at all.

So the town drivels on, functioning but not really doing too much. Most employed residents work in other towns. The few that do work here are caught up in the minimum wage traps known as McDonalds and Burger King, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, Subway, the grocery stores and dollar stores, and the two nursing homes. The hospital pays decent for high level nurse credentials, and there are a couple factories that pay enough to barely get by on. One I worked at is teetering on closing and offers no benefits whatsoever- not even health insurance. Another makes car batteries and offers the spectre of lead poisoning as an added benefit. Yet another is losing business to China and reducing lines. Several large factories and hundreds of other businesses have quit this town for a better work force. (D and L, Murphy's, Traco, CDS, Eveready...). My last employer there, who does pre-employment drug testing, had to change their own rules. So many people failed the tests, they simply could not operate any longer unless they hired drug addicts. So they continued to test, but hired positive applicants. If these people got hurt, it was used against them; if not, oh well. The largest employer in town does not pre-test-  but if you get hurt they test! Then, failure means no worker's comp for you! I personally know a former employee who got her teeth knocked out by slipping on wet floors while working there. She tested positive for pot and was fired – no workers comp! This is how they stay in operation. Most drugees in town work there because they know there is no pre-test. I have worked there and personally witnessed groups of employees using drugs on the clock. No one cared. This is the backbone of the local economy.

While some live in houses here, a lot live in apartments or trailers. There is nothing wrong with that, but it shows that affluence is miniscule. The Red Oak Manor, Oak Creek Apts. (both owned by the veterinarian, and state subsidized), 4H Manor (federal subsidized projects of sorts), City View Apts. (subsidized housing with lots of drug raids), Acorn Acres (apt.s for the elderly and disabled, extensive complex), and many miscellaneous buildings with apartments, plus the trailer court with 400 or so lots, make for the majority of residents in this godawful town.

More interesting is the little known fact that if you want to participate in the local flea markets on the square in the summer, you must be a homeowner to sell anything there. That's right- renters are not allowed to sell in a public place. The city insures this by checking your homeowner insurance policy before allowing you to register. I personally know people who have been both allowed in because they own a house and who have been denied a space permit because they rent. 

Though I have personally lived in the trailer court, and have relatives in Acorn Acres, and have had girlfriends and other friends in both 4H and Oak Creek, I am just saying that the few well off here in their nice homes do not represent the majority. The town is mostly low income people and it is not a wonderful place to be, to raise a family, to work, nor to expect a future with any meaning.

What is offered here? Very few choices in retail; most items you need require going to the neighbor town of Shenandoah 20 miles away or to the Omaha metro about an hour away. But it is a peaceful small town at least, right? Well, you can't ride a bike without getting a ticket for speeding, not wearing a helmet, not having a taillight or headlight...I was once read the riot act by local cops for walking atop the dike.

about here...

There is real crime here though. While they watch their precious dike like a hawk, drug dealers thrive, and drug labs abound. There is a high speed chase about once a month- which is a lot for a town of 5,000 (this is not a suburb either- it is an hour away from the nearest city). There are also an inordinate number of car break ins, vandalism, and assaults. But how long has it been like this, just recently, you may wonder?

Let us go over a few facts.

The city of red oak, via its city maintenance shop, decided to kill all the cats it could. Numerous dead cats turned up in a nearby field. A few teenagers broke into their office and found a 5 gallon bucket of rat poison and 2 cases of canned cat food, not to mention a .22 rifle. All of these items were removed and thrown into the river. Statute of limitations prevents prosecution of this act, so don't worry about who it was now. Trust me- it really happened. 

city shop with its wonderful signage

office of cat-doom
field of death- cat sematary

This is why the next week in the local paper it said that the city voted to pay for a fence around the city shop and its adjoining sewer plant, and alarm system- no explanation given. People involved are proud of this. City employees are worm manure. This occurred in about 1989. 

the new fence

Years later, a letter to the editor of the local paper was printed about someone's neighbor trapping his kitten in a garage and starving it to death in a cage. The neighbor- a city employee- claimed the cat had made footprints on his vehicle, which he said made it justified. Eventually, he was considered for termination, but insisted the city council hearing on it would be made public. They withdrew, and to this day the prick drives around a city owned pickup with a large animal cage in back. What was the problem? The city traps loose cats in all the public parks here and kills them. He threatened to expose that. The prick now acts as code enforcement, which means he makes a salary by driving around daily taking notes on infractions. This began about 1990 and continues to this day.

In 1986 two teens shimmied up the gas pipe on the side of a department store- then called Pamida, now Shopko. 

gas pipe that was climbed

They entered through an AC unit on the roof and then one fell through the false ceiling. He found the exit doors illegally chained shut, and so had to find a ladder to get back out. By this time, the police had arrived. Both were charged with trespassing only, as nothing was stolen. Then in a juvenile court proceeding, they announced that the charges were upped to first degree burglary- meaning a weapon was used while stealing stuff out of a building. One kid said he would plead guilty to trespassing only. The other pled to it all, scared I guess. So the one who took the frameup was fined 9,000. for “damage to the front door” where “a torch was used to break in”. How impressive that this town frames juveniles to help businesses scam some money.

Well known for corruption, Red Oak has always had a wealth of tales about what the cops, the city council, and the county attorney's offices were up to. Many were true. A few years ago they tore down the old jail and built a brand new "law enforcement center", which is a jail, the local police dept., and the sheriff's dept. all in one place. The funny thing is the lobby. When you walk in you will see two windows. One says "Police" and the one next to it says "Sheriff". You walk up to one and a dispatcher will ask you "Do you need local police or the sheriff?". If you are at the sheriff window and say 'local', she will step over to the police window- or vice versa. It's like a Monty Python skit.

The school board is just as bad: always making bellicose decisions. I will never forget when two bullies cornered my cousin in the junior high shop once, and lit a torch- threatening to burn his face with it. When he told on them, he was suspended for being a distraction and causing trouble. The bullies were never punished. Of course, the most violent people I remember in the schools were the teachers. Who else remembers Mr. E. throwing a chair out the third floor window of his math class? Or the time Mr. H. roughed up David S. in the stairwell? Don't forget when Mr. B. threw Charlie R. through the classroom door either, breaking it off its hinges.

The best school story of all is a recent one. The junior high custodian (let's call him “Oddy”), a drug dealer and drug addict, deliberately broke a water line in the basement while texting his girlfriend (gf, not his wife). He told her he wanted a new school built so he'd have less work to do. Several emails and texts from him admit it, and were forwarded to me, which I have. She also sent them to the local radio station and newspaper, the school superintendent, and the police. No one did anything, so I contacted an Omaha news station's investigative reporter, Mike McKnight. I asked him why the school wants a drug addict/dealer working around teens. He wrote back several times, asking me to keep it on the down-low so no one would be tipped off- and then he suddenly dropped it. Most people in Red Oak know absolutely nothing of this. The school was closed for a year and its students took classes in the high school gym. Now, they are back at the old jr. high, which means the pipe is fixed. But the city plans to build a new one. If they can use it now, why can't they use it next year? And the police did nothing- why?? Apparently drugees always get their way in small towns. Good job “Oddy”! 

I must mention the flood as well. It was 1985 or so, there were a few big storms, and the creek that runs through town rose to its maximum. It was a raging torrent. Since all the street sewers in town are drained into it, they backed up. Where did the water go then? Up every basement drain in town. So every house with a basement got flooded in almost up to the first floor joists. Sump pumps were sold out for miles, including Omaha. Most streets flooded as well to about a foot deep. People began to wonder: why isn't this draining into the river instead? Rumors began about the dike being closed off. It was printed in the next paper that the creek was unimpeded and nothing was closed; it was just a 'ridiculous rumor'. So a friend and I went there ourselves to see. Walking atop the dike, the place where the creek goes through it is controlled by big gates that go up or down. They were closed. Why? Only the city workers know. But the town flooded because they closed the gates, and they lied about it. I seen it myself. 

city workers gave 'flood gates' new meaning

Not one to be outdone, a local youth we will call “Carrie” decided to get some attention next time the creek was full to its top banks. Year I am not sure of, but it was about 1990 or so. She was about 20. She called 911 and said she was walking over the bridge on fourth street, and dropped her baby in the torrent. Rescue divers rushed in from Omaha, and firemen somehow dove into the fast current of the 20' deep creek all day looking for the baby. Then, she admitted she made it all up and her sister was watching her baby. She was arrested and charged with making a false report, fined a paltry amount (100. I think?), and served no jail time. Though she did not have to pay compensation to all the firemen for their time, the city did at least do one thing: they emplaced a sign on the railing. See picture. I see on Facebook she now lives happily with numerous kids. Hopefully none of them fall into any creeks. 

No Dumping Allowed- not even babies

Solving real crimes is usually of little interest in this town though. Such as the vandals who tipped over numerous headstones in the cemetery, several nights in a row. The youth of the town knew who did it, and I watched someone call in about it. They asked if there was a crime stoppers reward as stated in the newspaper. Long story short, after much runaround, no. So did they want to know who it was or not? No. My acquaintance hung up and they never found out. A similar incident occurred when someone was setting trash dumpsters on fire in the downtown area every night for a couple weeks. Crime stoppers was called, the arsonist was named, and every detail of his acts was described by a close friend and witness. A secret number was given, no one was arrested, and no reward turned up in the secret account. They just did not want to bother with it.

But then if you cuss in public- boy are you in trouble! I know someone who was walking one night and two guys assaulted him. During the fight, he yelled some curse words apparently, and so was ticketed. He did not understand the charge until he went to court and the magistrate explained it to him. Apparently in this town, if you cuss in a public place, like on a sidewalk, an old lady could possibly hear you and be offended. So, it is illegal. The judge said it's the same concept as yelling fire in a theater. Though causing public panic is not the same as cussing at someone who is assaulting you, the laws here do not necessarily adhere to the constitution's claim that we have freedom of speech. You can say most all cuss words on tv and radio now, except a couple, without the FCC fining you. But you can't say them in Prude Oak. 

I could go on. The time I was stabbed in the arm with a switchblade in a dispute over a girl. I was charged with assault. The time two people kicked my door in and beat me up in my own house, and went to court and lied- and walked free. (They said I invited them in and there was no assault. My broken door and stitched up face were irrelevant.) The time someone stole my car, and the cops just were not interested. So I sideswiped the car when I seen it parked somewhere in anger- then I was ticketed for reckless driving. The time I paid a traffic fine and was arrested a week later for not paying it. The time a rental house I owned was illegally taken from me by a rich bitch slumlord who was friends with a corrupt magistrate (neal).

I am not the only one. If you want a new garage, or yours burns down perhaps- you cannot rebuild. Code does not allow it. No new garages. One person built a deck without a permit. They were forced to tear it back down before they could buy the remedial permit. Anecdotes are numerous.

The radio station here is also a complete and utter joke. It is owned and operated by a freak that has a penguin voice. He repeats himself over and over and says all kinds of off the wall stuff that simply confirm his idiocy. Unfortunately most businesses in town blare this station, to try and sound like they are proud to be local citizens I guess (as that is the only station here). It is simultaneously nauseating and nerve grating to listen to that freak's constricted AFLAC duck voice droning on about grain prices, obituaries, arrests, and obituaries yet again.

And so we pitiful residents of this disgusting, pathetic town stagnate in a cesspool of idiocy, corruption, and drugs.

 Red Oak Iowa- a shade worse.


Exaggerated Evil

First written on 11/23/2010, this article and its info has been extensively updated, and reverified as of 8/8/15;10/18/15;1/30/16.

US military is widespread, but not nearly as much as many claim:
complete listing of US foreign bases and alliances

A Project Well Overdue...

I always liked to think I was an anti-war activist, but now I am not so sure: just like I used to be an environmentalist, and used to be an animal rights activist. Those movements have good intentions but bad methodologies, while also resorting to wild exaggerations to lure others into their causes. Then these exaggerations- frequently outright lies- get repeated over and over, and become maxims of the slacktivist brigades. The anti-war people seem to be in on it as well, using the same techniques.

While doing research for a novel, I needed to know about the military presence in Japan. Oh what a mess that led me into! I discovered that every source one could look up had different lists, numbers, and other info on troop presences- not only in Japan but everywhere in the world. The sites with extensive references, some even citing Dept. of Defense documents, also had conflicting figures. While it is possible that even the government does not know this information accurately, especially since it moves troops around so much and opens and closes bases sometimes, I smelled a rat and started looking closer...

The key was the maps. Maps of the world showing US bases had some quite telling discrepancies. Nearly all of them were made by anti-war sites who wanted it to look as if the US has a lot more bases in a lot more places than it really does. Since I am no stranger to geography and politics, I know what countries are what. I noticed a few things.

First, many of these maps mark every country with a military "presence". Most mark China and Russia even. Do you really believe the US has military bases inside Russia or China? The maps say so, so it must be true (sound familiar? like some animal rights claims...). I finally figured out that there is indeed an American military presence in those two countries: a dozen or so marines working as embassy guards. So now every country with a embassy can be marked on these "presence" maps. A few marines at the embassy in Moscow gives them an excuse to mark all of Russia red as an Occupied-With-Bases-State, and a large soldier outline stands on the Taiga, gun in hand. Please.

I also noticed that Hong Kong keeps showing up. One map borrows from another, obviously for years on end. Anyone over ten years old should recall the handover of Hong Kong to China in July of 1997. England leased it from them in 1897 for 99 years. The Chinese informed them that they intended to collect, so it was handed over in a big ceremony. Since it is a Chinese city now, I seriously doubt if there is still an American military base there. Just as ridiculous are the maps listing Venezuela on them. I hardly think so, after an American led coup overthrew President Chavez briefly; and now his former vice-president is in charge- putting up with such poppycock as Obama's declaration of Venezuela as a "military threat" to America.

Even more deceitful are the markings for places that are not countries. Listing Johnston Atoll as a location of an American base in another country is a load of bull, since the UK owns that place as a territory. Other atolls in the Pacific are frequently listed as well, including the American owned islands of Guam. How is that a foreign base? Just the same, another frequent listing is an island called St. Helene. That is not a country, it is a territory of the UK. Same as Diego Garcia- also the UK's. But they are listed as two more countries, besides the UK itself. Deceptive...

Several nations are also marked due to the presence of under a hundred trainers or advisors, especially in numerous African states. (Lately the term 'lily pads' has been coined to mean African non-bases with around 20 personnel. These are also made into scary maps polka-dotting the continent with these 'pads', and you have to read their lengthy articles to figure out they are mostly referring to training actions, dirt airstrips used for occasional refueling of cargo planes, or individual missions from years ago and usually involving well under a hundred or even a dozen soldiers...) In 2009 or so African Union nations universally rebuffed American efforts to form an alliance and set up a military headquarters or base/s in one of their countries. America does maintain Africom, a sparse network of offices trying to infiltrate the hearts and minds of African military leaders- aiding in all manner of minor activities. Actual US bases in Africa, however, remain scant. African States' loyalties are generally to whomever is currently giving them weapons for their ongoing wars, which are myriad. (When no one sells them guns, they fight with machetes.) Only China invests real money into their economies though, as they are after the minerals there. Future American bases there are not likely, and are not there now. Handfuls of trainers make the maps scarier though, don't they? It is similar to an antenna tower with dishes and relays on it. A building sits near its foot, with two or three soldiers tending to its maintenance. Is that a “foreign military base”, as commonly thought of- or just an outpost? Several of these scenarios exist in South Korea, and a few other locations. The only actual American bases in Africa are a naval base in Kenya, and another one in Djibouti, which is not too shocking as that nation rents out base space to anyone- and China and Russia have naval facilities there as well. 

I also noticed that none of the maps are current. The US installed a puppet regime in the country of Georgia, and heaped them with weapons. Then the little puppet killed civilians of neighboring countries, invaded a neutral zone, and threatened Russia. So it is marked on all the maps as a base country, but was not removed from the maps after Russia invaded in August 2008 and confiscated the American weapons. Though the Russians now insist American scientists have a bioweapons lab there, this is not a military base. This is the same scenario as Krygyzstan, a large former Soviet republic that is now a country. There was a US air force base there, and in Feb. of 2009 the Krygyzis told them they wanted it closed. The Americans had to leave. The maps do not reflect this either. Another honorable mention of BS goes to the constant labeling of Thailand as a site for American bases. The last US base closed there in June of 1976, as the Thais kicked them out. Now they allow refueling of planes for anti-terror missions and that's all.

Soapbox time...
Besides the maps, it is disturbing how many sites grovel to the politically correct people and make a huge point out of "supporting the troops". What does "support" mean exactly? Spouting off how brave they are every chance you get? I am sure most of them are brave, but what does that have to do with it? No one ever said any of them were cowards did they? So does "Support" mean spouting off broken record lines about blind patriotism? If the politicians sent them to a phony murderous genocidal war to make themselves richer, it does not mean that everyone should reel back in awe of how 'just' the war is, just because that is supposed to be "support". Support should mean telling them to be even braver and refuse to kill civilians, ask what evidence there is for the reasons of the conflict, and quit if necessary to leave the theater if the answers are not sensible. Most soldiers are breaking numerous international laws which America is a signatory to, and they do not question it. 'Just following orders' has led to many genocides throughout history, including the current ones now in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. Supporting the troops also should mean demanding that they come home to defend their own country. That is much more moral and less dangerous.

If they want danger, there is plenty of it in the lawless no-man's land near the Mexican border, where drug cartels, human smugglers, and mafia killers run rampant- frequently escorted by rogue factions of the Mexican Army. Fight them. This country loves to nose into other countries' conflicts, so why not one on our own border? We are fighting the drug cartels in Colombia, so let's give Mexico a direct hand in their drug war, which is spilling over the border anyway. I support fighting them, on US soil or at most a few miles from it, bravely and honorably, not violating the Geneva Accords nor other rules of war (see this guide). Support our troops by bringing them home! We need them here!

But most anti-war sites almost always stop short of saying what I just did. That, besides their deceptive maps and faulty statistics, make them not believable. Anything they say could be a lie, who knows? Something had to be done to find out the truth.

Methodology and Terms

What is a “military base”? It can mean any place the military sets up shop for any reason. But in the common use of the term, it implies a place where an attack could be launched from. These places are the threats to other countries, or I suppose, the defense hubs of host areas. When people refer to “military bases” in a negative light, they generally are implying a base of attack-ready soldiers and equipment, set up in a permanent fashion in an established place.

For this reason, I have chosen to omit many so-called “bases” from my list. Sites that bases use are not 'bases' per se. Ammo storage buildings, firing ranges, outbuildings, etc. are frequently listed by their designated names as “bases”, despite their being attached or in very close proximity to the actual bases that use them. (Is a base with a gun range and a storage shack three bases since it is listed as 3 'assets' by the defense dept.? That's how everyone else is doing the tally..). Just the same, several different companies, regiments, or even branches of the US armed forces may be utilizing a base at the same time and place. So an infantry unit with its own camp name is not a separate base from the marine unit across the street in the same facility. It is the same locale. Listing of separate “camps” like this has led to hundreds of redundant “base” listings.

Worse yet, places such as a post office in Germany, a hospital, housing areas for soldiers families, administrative buildings, and even numerous hotels are owned by the military and listed with the Dept. of Defense's assets- interspersed with the base listings. So many people just look at the final figures and say 'See! There are over 1,000 foreign bases!'. Yes, if you include CIA offices, MP stations, and other indirect or outwardly non-military places such as those just listed.

Another ruse to make it appear the US military has many more bases than it does is to include every place where a soldier stands. There are MOB's- Main Operational Bases. These are bases. Then there are FOB's- these are Forward Operations Bases. These are temporary, mobile encampments. The FOB's are outposts for MOB's, as they are front lookout camps. Though some stay put for awhile, any of them can be taken down and bugged out in less than a day. When counted up these can add hundreds of 'bases' to their lists.

A lot of closed bases are also included in lists all over the net as simply “bases”. Yes they are- but they are closed down! A multitude of bases have also been given to their host countries, especially in Iraq. 

Even more annoying is when people list off how many thousands of buildings the federal govt. owns, on so many millions of acres and worth a trillion dollars or so in real estate...So???? Every square foot of US property that is not in the USA is not necessarily a base.

People have incessantly screeched on comment threads that America has 600, even a thousand foreign bases- in virtually every country in the world. Ridiculous. Here is an updated list, and any of these can be looked up by anyone via the source sites listed below, or elsewhere on the net. A few may have been missed, but it couldn't be too many.

A very common ruse (or at best- parroted mistake), is to include America's domestic bases in the quoted statistic, and then say the word "worldwide"(for example, in this otherwise excellent article on a very good analysis site, even they state: "With more than seven hundred military facilities around the globe..."). As you can see in link below, the USA does have 483 domestic military installations- mostly national guard units. Adding those in to the real amount of foreign bases makes the number jump from 126 to 609 - and that is if you are not exaggerating to begin with!

Also, a joint base with another nation- especially a military organization- is not exclusively funded, commanded, or otherwise controlled by America just because they contribute troops and equipment to it. Therefore NATO and other pact-based multi-national bases have not been included. NATO, with its unrealistic duties and fees, and overt threats to a certain nation that could overrun Europe in mere days, is waning anyway as the EU ponders forming a European Army in its stead. Though American influence is real in NATO, so if you want to add them, there are 18 NATO bases you can tack on if you wish.

Like I said before- one foreign base is bad enough. Over a hundred- unconscionable. Why exaggerate something so bad? Get real so you have verifiable info to back yourself up instead of sounding like Chicken Little....

US Foreign Military Bases
no info older than fiscal year 2014 (at least 9/30/13)

ARMY - 30
[7 countries]

USAG Brussells
USAG Benelux

USAG Ansbach/Katterbach/Shipton Base
USAG Bamberg Airfield
USAG Baumholder/Wetzel
Dexheim Missile Facility
Lucius D. Clay Kaserne
USAG Grafenwoehr
Illesheim Kaserne
USAG Kaiserslautern
USAG Stuttgart- Kelly, Patch, Panzer(marine), Robinson complex
USAG Schweinfurt Training Areas
South Camp Vilseck/East Camp Grafenwoehr
USAG Wiesbaden Army Airfield

Camp Darby
Camp Ederle
Longare Communications Site

Fort Buckner
Camp Zama
Torii Station
Sagami General Depot

USAG Schinnen Emma

Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield

Camp Casey / Castle / Hovey
Camp Humphreys / High Point/ Richmond
USAG Yongsan / Yongsan South / Camp Market / Camp Coiner / Camp Kim
Camp Red Cloud / Bullseye 01 & 02 / Camp Jackson / Camp Stanley(closing 2016)
Seoul (K-16) Air Base
USAG Daegu / Camps Carrol, Walker, George, Henry / Brooklyn Hill / Dartboard Site / Pier 8
Command Post Tango

NAVY - 33
[16 countries]

North Cape- Area A-VLF ; Area C-HFR
Exmouth- NAVCOMMSTA H E Holt

Andros Island- Main Base, Salvador Point,
AUTECs Big Wood Cay ,Golding Cay ,Great Stirrup ,High Point Cay

Sheik Isa
Manama- Nsa-Ii; NSA Bahrain
Al Jufayr- NSA Bahrain - Aviation Unit , Muharraq , NSA Bahrain - Banz Wrhs
Compound , NSA Bahrain - Dependent School , NSA Bahrain - Mina Sulman Pier

Argentia Newfoundland

NS Guantanamo Bay

Camp Lemonier Djibouti

Csl El Salvador

NATO Ordnance Area
NSA Souda Bay , Marathi Pier Area , NAMFI Compound


Augusta Bay- NAS Sigonella, NAS Pensacola Transmitter Site , NATO Ordnance Facility
Naples- NAS 1 Support Area , NAVSUPPACT NAPLES IT

Sasebo- COMFLEACT, Maebata, Sakibe
Okinawa- Kadena Air Base, COMFLEACT
Yokosuka- COMFLEACT, Azuma
Iwo Jima 3181
Kami Seya
Yokohama- Negishi Dh Area, Yokohama No Dock
NAF Atsugi
Tengan Pier-6028
White Beach Naval Inst.

Mombassa- NSA Bahrain

Yechon- Camp Carrol
Chinhae- Fleet Activities Chinhae, ROK Navy Base
Yongsan- Yongsan Garrison

NS Rota

NSA Bahrain - Fujairah Aviation Unit
NSA Bahrain - Jebel Ali

Diego Garcia

[13 countries]

Antigua AS

Kleine Brogel AB
Chievre AB

Karup AB
Thule AB (Greenland)

Bann Communications Stations 1 & 2
Buechel AB
Geilenkirchen AB
Husterhoeh Communication Site
Ramstein AB
Spangdahlem AB

Aviano AB
Ghedi AB

Camp Zama Communications Station
Kadena AB
Misawa AB
Owada Communications Station
Tokorozawa Transmitter Site
Yokota AB

Davis-Monthan AFB (Curacao)


Lajes Field

Camp Red Cloud Communications Site
Kunsan AB
Kwang-Ju AB
Osan AFB
Suwon AB
Taegu AB
Wonju AS

Moron AB

Batman AB
Incirlik AB
Mus AB
Izmir- Izmir As, Cigli AB

(US leases existing UK bases and they are co-used, hence the US bases being designated RAF)
Blenheim Crescent
Cambridge- RAF Molesworth, RAF Alconbury
RAF Bicester
RAF Croughton
RAF Fairford
RAF Feltwell
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Menwith Hill
RAF Mildenhall
RAF Barford St John Transmitter Annex
Ascension Auxiliary Airfield (St. Helena)

[2 countries]

Tengan- Camp McTureous, Camp Courtney
Camp Foster
Camp Fuji
MCAS Iwakuni
MCB Camp S D Butler ASP
Okinawa- Camp Gonsalves , Camp Hansen , Camp Kinser , Camp Lester , Camp Schwab , Ie Jima Aux
Airfield , Kin Blue Beach – 6020 , MCAS Futenma

Camp Mu Juk

--excludes forward operating bases, firebases, combat outposts--
(note: recent govt. statements have referred to keeping troops in this country 'for decades'...)

KAIA- Kabul Intl. Airport
Camp Black Horse
Camp Phoenix
Camp Clark
Camp Blessing
Camp Wright
Bagram Airfield
Camp Marmal
Camp Pratt
Camp Spann
Kandahar Airfield
Camp Arena

currently all bases there have been closed and/or given to Iraq. There are a 'small number' of troops there now as 'advisors'. There are plans to increase troops there to at least 3,500 in the near future, and possibly a new network of small bases, despite Iraqi government (with sole exception of its president) and its army saying they do not want them there. 

Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Antigua, Denmark, Netherlands Antilles, Oman, Portugal, Turkey.
NATO- 18 :
Greece, France, Norway {these 3 are the only additional nations not in above list}, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom] 


US/Foreign Military Pacts:
--7 pacts with 27 nations, excl. OAS--
-Ogdensburg Agreement: Canada, USA
-NORAD (North American Defense treaty): Canada, USA
-NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization): Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, USA. (28 nations) 
-ANZUS: New Zealand, Australia, USA
-Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan: Japan, USA
-Mutual Defense Treaty between the Republic of South Korea and the United States of America: South Korea, USA
-Mutual Defense Treaty Between the Republic of the Philippines and the United States of America: Philippines, USA
-OAS (Organization of American States)- USA and 34 other nations of the Western Hemisphere (Non-functional, conflicting, and never implemented.)

Countries with other military ties, besides bases or treaties:
-Allows US use of their military facilities or otherwise has close military ties:
the Gambia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Liberia
-Plays both sides:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Serbia
-Stores stockpiles of US free-fall atomic bombs at their bases:
Germany, Greece, Turkey
-Stores stockpiles of US nuclear free-fall/guided bombs: 
Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey
Australia -joint US/Australian military space and spying facility, soon to base B-52's as well. 
Israel -radar facility; 2 military depots

American Colonies-  
Current non-sovereign outposts of the US military empire:

considered to be 'insular islands':
-Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico- {all inhabited}; 
considered to be 'outlying islands':
Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef,  Midway Atoll/islands, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Island, Seranilla  Bank(also claimed by Honduras), Baja Nuevo Bank(also claimed by Jamaica and Nicaragua)- {all uninhabited};

Associated states-
sovereign' but US has a 'high degree of control over':
   -Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau;
Quasi-States- former nations retained as military colonies:
   -Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq

Autonomous Vassal States- domestically independent with foreign and military policies controlled by USA:
   -European Union as a whole and its member states independently;

Questionably obtained territories
   -Hawaii- sovereign nation illegally seized, see this video or any of these books,
[the US govt. websites have removed the following document, though the Australian national online library has it here: "Acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the January 17, 1893 overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and to offer an apology to native Hawaiians on behalf ... S.J. Res. 19) (SuDoc Y 1.1/5:103-126)"...]
   -Guantanamo Bay- bay made into naval base in sovereign nation of Cuba without Cuba's consent. Illegally occupied territory.   


For Comparison:
Russian Foreign Military Bases:
Armenia- 1 army, 1 air force
Belarus- 1 radar/ air force
Abkhazia- 1 army
South Ossetia- 2 army
Kazakhstan- 1 radar
Kyrgyzstan- 1 air
Tajikistan- 1 army
Syria- 1 air force; 1 naval 
Vietnam and Cyprus- use of naval ports
(11 bases in 8 countries)
{noteworthy: many maps that try to make Russia look bad add on a "Russian military presence" in Transdniestra, which is merely a very small peacekeeping force that has been there since 1994}

Russian Military Pacts: One- CSTO, which is Russia and 5 of their border states
Other nations with foreign bases:
China- 1 (naval, in Djibouti- used only for anti-piracy operations)
France- 14
United Kingdom- 10
Italy- 3
Germany, India, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey- 1 apiece 

ImperialCrimes : detailed listing of all US military interventions
wikimediacommons : map of all US domestic military facilities/bases (483)
Nuclear proliferation- disturbing details of nukes everywhere

The end result of my research has given me the answers I sought to begin with and then some. The oft repeated claims of 250-1,500 bases in 150 or more countries turned out to be a load of bull. It is more like 126 bases in 16 countries (note: there are about 195 countries, plus several more with contested status). That leaves 169 countries (and several near-nations) without US bases, and 158 with no official military ties at all. There are arms sales and economic alliances, but these change frequently and are not military collusions or pacts by any means.

That is still a lot- too many if you ask me. I wish all the foreign bases would be closed and all the troops would be sent home and stationed on American borders. If North Korea wants to invade South Korea, or China wants to take back Taiwan, or the Iraqis want to shoot each other- I don't care. Their problem- let's worry about our country- only. Regardless, the info listed above is the closest to the truth you will find, probably with errors or a few omissions, but much closer than the other outdated, biased hype. 


---also numerous pages on wikipedia, wikimedia, and other sites, as well as numerous organic google searches- all painstakingly cross-referenced and verified.

© james platt 2015,2016. jamesplatt88@gmail.com  ask to repost all or part