When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Coming Undone

Cold, alone, I hang in ruins...

Loneliness is a terrible state and leads to several unsavory maladies such as depression, sorrow, and suicidal tendencies. That's alright though, as long as the person who hurled someone into this state is having a good time. That's how it works when a woman leaves a man these days: the woman is strong, she is brave and independent, she is moving on with her life that the man just must be ruining somehow. So she deserves all the emotional and logistical support she can get in order to do what she wants to- right or wrong she is the female and will always be favored no matter the circumstances. Was she abused somehow, was she cheated on, was she ignored too much, what was wrong? It must have been all those things; that's what men do to women right? And asking the man will only net you lies it is assumed. So to hell with him.

On the other hand, when a man wants to leave a woman he is an evil bastard, leaving her to the dogs with nothing. Her finances will be disrupted, she will have to struggle to find lodging or to pay bills. She might even get upset! So the man is always wrong when he wants to break up with someone; you know men- those cheating abusive dickheads that just use women and then discard them at random times.

Unfortunate in the extreme is the fact that these attitudes are highly prevalent in society at large, and men always become scapegoats for all relationship problems. It matters not if the woman is the one cheating, abusing, blowing the money, or whatever. Male always wrong. 

Case in point: me.

I had been with a girlfriend for close to 6 years. We were close, inseperable, and akin to married. Common-law married even, according to some states. Like all relationships, we got into a rut and became bored with our life. Realizing this, we both tried to revamp things and improve our relationship. It was working. We talked more, we went to more places together (places besides the store, etc.). We seemed happier and things were fine for quite a while.

So, so you think you can tell 
Heaven from Hell, 
Blue skies from pain. 
Can you tell a green field 
From a cold steel rail? 
A smile from a veil? 
Do you think you can tell? 
Did they get you to trade 
Your heroes for your ghosts? 
Hot ashes for trees? 
Hot air for a cool breeze? 
Cold comfort for change? 
And did you exchange 
A walk on part in a war, 
For a lead role in a cage? 

How I wish, how I wish you were here. 
We’re just two lost souls 
Swimming in a fish bowl, 
Year after year, 
Running over the same old ground. 
What have we found? 
The same old fears. Wish you were here.+ 

One day we were planning to go to see my mom who lives 100 miles from us. At the last minute, she said she had a backache and a headache so she did not want to go. I did not believe her and was annoyed she didn't want to see my mom again. I told her I didn't believe it. I then said jokingly, "for all I know you might move out and be gone when I get back,". She said, "You're right, and it's happening right now." I looked at her in shock as she was so serious. A few seconds later, there was a knock at the door. Surprise! Over a dozen of her relatives had swarmed to town to help her move out. Only a few of the females came into the house, as the men were apparently too afraid I would attack them. (Perhaps I should have). I tried to talk to her, I tried to reason, I begged for an explanation. Her words were bullshit; nonsense. She had no reason, she was just doing this and that was that. The sheer cowardliness of the plan to move out when I went to my mom's for the day was telling. She sure did not want this confrontation with me. She was unprepared and had no explanation in mind. She said she planned to leave me an email. What would she have written? I never found out- as a matter of fact I had to bother her via texts and facebook messages for two weeks straight before I even got a letter from her. Her response was little more than garbled hand-wringing excuses and cherry picked incidents of where I hurt her feelings a few times over the years. It was not really a reply to my queries of why. A more recent talk with her netted the info that she was stressed and we "argued without words". Not kidding...

So what did I do to deserve this walkout? I racked my brain with this question for a long time. I never abused her at all, nor any woman ever. I didn't cheat on her. I am not some alcoholic nor a drug addict. I had been bending over backwards to pay her lots of attention and improve our life. She was in charge, and I was the servant of all her whims. I worshiped her and she knew it. So can she really make me out to be some typical bum/loafer type that lives off his old lady in some tv style stereotypical way? I don't see how. So what was the real reason she left me?

When I'm all alone 
And no one else is there 
Waiting by the phone 
To remind me I'm still here 
When shadows paint the scenes 
Where spotlights used to fall 
And I'm left wondering 
Is it really worth it all?*

Her relatives had a lot to do with it. Her dad did not like me because I was out of work off and on- never mind the fact that when I did have work it paid well and I caught us up on everything, sharing my money freely with her. Her step-mom didn't like me because she thought I wasn't religious enough. A bible thumper herself, she was very concerned about the brooms hung over my doorways. This old tradition is equivalent to hanging up a horseshoe and has nothing to do with her Satan complex. She never had the guts to ask though and just let her imagination run wild. Meanwhile the gf's little sis recently broke up with her fiance and egged her on about how great single life is. The little sis is a sweet gal but not exactly good for advising others on social issues, as she is young, inexperienced, and immature. Her cousin, whom she was so close to, also encouraged the breakup, as she hadn't had a boyfriend in about 10 years. 41 year-olds living with mom are known to give out great advice after all- especially ones who revel in phony hypochondriacal mental issues to get attention. The whole lot of them sucked up the attitudes mentioned at the beginning of this diatribe, and since they are a fractured family they jump on any chance to prove they are actually a close family. I've seen it before: divorces, steps and halves, adopted and sort of relation, the great step-grandpa by marriage and the sort-of-sister that isn't really related at all, and so on, ad nauseum. Fractured families cling to pseudo-relatives and sort-of affiliations to feel like they are really close after all. In the end it's all a pitiful farce. So the unit of 'relatives' banded together to help out the pitiful female relative who needed help leaving her evil male figure.

Despite all the family hype, I was never accepted by them due to my lack of bible waving. Not one had the decency or respect for me, or respect for all I had done for her- to let me know something was amiss. No one said, 'hey, she is unhappy- you need to talk to her,' or anything like that. They all talked and schemed behind my back and planned out the great escape from Evil Broom Guy. Most of all though it was due to one other person.

Enter the gorgon...

pic by dark reaper 12

What if you did? 
What if you lied? 
What if I avenge? 
What if eye for an eye?* 

That thing that was born of an illicit affair in this fractured family, lived in different households than its sisters for most of its life and was pretty much little known and less liked by the rest of the clan. She was a name; not in the loop of relatives who play the close knit family game. During the time she did live with my ex, her half sister, she abused her sister so bad it bordered on abuse and child mental problems- according to others who told me about their upbringings with her. In later years she accused her step-dad, my ex's dad, of molesting her. No one in the family believed it at all and there was no evidence, and no one was ever charged. I don't believe it either. My ex hated her for this. Later on, she became an alcoholic and went overboard wrecking cars and so on, having extreme mood swings and driving all around her batty. Then she found the bible and stopped drinking, only to enroll in college and develop an extreme arrogance. She was so stuck up it wasn't even funny. After all- she lived in Dunwoody- a posh part of Atlanta, and she was in college too. She got a credit card and bought some fancy furniture with it, and also zipped around the city in a little Honda with ghetto accessories on it. So when we stayed with their mom for a few months in another area of the Atlanta metro, she couldn't resist nosing in. She took us out to a restaurant one day to tell us how we were messing up their mom's house too much and needed to clean it. How we were responsible for 20 years of smoking residue in a closed up house is beyond me. Once we moved from there, my ex was glad to be out of there and away from her half sister.

Then when their mom was dying later she went down there to see her. She stayed a couple weeks and allegedly did a lot of talking with the halfsis. She also could have been seeing her ex that lived down there and is a brother of her best friend, but hey I'm not accusing anything here. When she returned all was well and I never mentioned her ex.

A couple years later her halfsis had a crisis. She was drinking again and driving everyone nuts again. She quit her job and was 'suicidal'. She lied about where she was calling from and seemed to be playing games with us. But the family code kicked in, you know- that mafioso type crap that says to help everyone remotely blood related no matter how bad they've fucked you in the past. So they hatched a plan to have my ex go get her and transport her up to an aunt's house in our state. (She incessantly bitched about her hosts, hating her cousin and dissing her aunt and uncle, and also blaming them for her dog getting run over. Her free room and board just wasn't enough to satisfy her apparently.) She was going to start over. Fine, we all deserve second chances right? We borrowed a trailer from the man she had accused of molesting her, which I put my tires onto at my expense and also rewired. I then adapted it to fit my truck and got the rig ready. I aided the plan without complaint and she really could not have come up here without all my help that no one ever thanked me for. (Coulda, woulda, shoulda: I will kick myself forever for that one...). This time the ex stayed a week. Why it took a week to load a trailer I am still unclear on, but hey I'm just an evil male so who am I to question how long it takes two people to load a freaking pickup box trailer? Regardless, after it was all done with, the halfsis started dropping in on the weekends. This was also thanks to me giving permission for her to sleep in my recliner next to our bed, as this was asked of me and seemed to be an impediment to the planned visits until I assured them it would be okay. Yet another mistake I made...

The ungrateful bitch used the time to go to great pains to break us up. She had to be chaufferred around town to look at every house they ever lived in since they were 2 years old, to reminisce and so on- allegedly. The short time they lived together when kids and few houses they shared should have made this task an hour long max, but it somehow took all weekend- for three weekends in a row. The bitch wouldn't speak to me, she just wanted to get my ex out of the house/away from me- asap, and keep her gone as long as she could. The 'but this is my SISTER' argument wore thin very quickly. I wanted to know where they were going, I wanted to know when she was returning, I wanted to talk to her too. A few times I also wanted something to eat, as she conveniently stopped buying groceries and I had nothing at home at all while she sat on her entire check. Asking for supper made me an interfering asshole, according to them. This, while they went out to eat at restaurants. Funny how she refused to go anywhere at all with me after her halfsis moved to our state, trashing our successful ongoing plan to go out more; and then, she would only go places with miss gorgon: the mall, lakes, restaurants, road trips, country drives, etc. etc. While I sat at home alone and hungry. And I was painted as the bad guy.

What if your words could be judged like a crime?*

Suddenly she announced one day that the halfsis was not coming up the next weekend. I was elated. We went to the park, hung out, got along excellent. We talked about her and agreed to compromise on some issues. It was all good. Saturday night she bought me a 12 pack of a new expensive kind of beer (so much for her later complaints that I was an alkie). We got drunk and I will spare ye the details. Suffice it to say we got along great. Next morning, she bails on the mom trip and is moving out. So the whole thing was a deception. She tricked me into thinking we were alright. The plan to sneak out was foiled at least: she was forced to see how upset I was as she screwed me over.

I was left with 2 weeks to find a job, make enough money to pay the rent, put all the utilities in my name, buy some food, and everything else. She did give me a hundred dollars for my and the cat's prescriptions, I will admit. But the remaining eleven dollars I had in my pocket was not going to cut it. It was a recipe for homelessness and she had to know it. She cared so little about me and the cats that she chose to leave us high and dry, knowing full well we would end up living in the cab of my pickup. I was so screwed, it boggles the mind. I am not an idiot though, and used the only thing I had to keep my pets in a house: my mind.

(update: 4 1/2 years later, on 10/22/16, the halfsis committed suicide)

Surviving the Sorrow...

I barely managed to keep the place and its utilities. Surely a disappointment to her and the gorgon, but I did what I had to do and made it work. Now, four months later, I am not loaded but making it, living alone. I got occasional texts from her reminding me she was alive; little more. Then she blocked me on facebook and completely ignored me on texts and calls. I was not harassing her at all- maybe one communication per week was attempted. But my last letter to her must have struck a nerve; there must be something she just cannot answer without admitting she was wrong or feeling the guilt. She has been instructed to move on by Gorgon, and so she is... And so the woman won her struggle for freedom from Evil Broom Man. I hope they are all proud of themselves. It's not every day you get to play a role in wrecking a long term relationship which was at its peak no less.

Every Rose has its thorn, that thorn being a weakness for familial meddling. So I do not fight for her, as the old saying applies: if you love something set it free- if it returns it has always loved you, if it doesn't its family has brainwashed it and zombification has ocurred.

I can't find the rhyme in all my reason 
I've lost sense of time and all seasons 
I feel I've been beaten down 
By the words of women who have no grounds 
I can't sleep beneath the trees of wisdom 
When your ax has cut the roots that feed them 
Forked tongues in bitter mouths 
Can drive a man to bleed from inside out* 

Interlude credits: 
Pink Floyd + 

 © james platt 2012


Lack of Thinking- Greatest Mystery of All

Mysteries titillate the masses. Virtually everything about the so-called paranormal, the ancient times, and modern day happenings involving rudimentary physics seems to be a mystery.

Unsolved, unsolvable, fascinating, astounding, fantastic; whatever.

Several of these mysteries are actually tied together and have one explanation. Allow me to burst the bubble of wonder regarding that. The pyramids, obelisks, stonehenge, Easter Island, coral castle, Tiahuanaco, and similar sites worldwide were all built by the same techniques.

First one must ponder why it is so hard for most to grasp how they were built. Indeed, it is true that many of the stones comprising these monuments weigh up to 30 tons apiece. And we all assume that people thousands of years ago did not have access to cranes, electricity, or any other equipment we would use now to construct similar structures. Therefore it was impossible. And, an ongoing stream of puffy talking head so-called scientists are constantly making appearances on documentaries in which they act completely befuddled by these marvels. They constantly claim they just cannot understand how they were built, and certainly could not build them now- even with modern equipment, math, and science. This so convinces the general public that they find themselves trying to figure out some other way it could have been done. After all, the structures are really there.

Enter the explainers. On one hand, there are pseudo-science self-appointed pearls of wisdom with their own degrees and titles. These buffoons pass down their unprovable and illogical crackpot theories and call themselves 'branches of science'. They include 'egyptologists', 'astronomers', 'theoretical physicists', and 'astrologers', to name a few. Their theories and even their alleged facts are consistently disproven as inherently illogical, unprovable, and at best  constitute inverse physics. Then on the other hand, are the anti-science aggrandizement seekers who offer explanations that tap into peoples' general distrust of 'modern' science. They say religious entities assisted in the construction, or aliens, or ancient giants- and a lot of people buy it. Since none of these subjects are provable they are also not unprovable really- just fodder for the imagination.

Never mind the obvious....all past theories of pseudo-scientists have been consistently proven to be impossible, aliens have better things to do than fly to other planets and construct giant rock decorations, and fabled giants are not physically possible as human anatomy cannot function beyond a certain size. Besides ignoring these inconvenient facts, why then do people buy into non-mysteries?

Arrogance. Since virtually all modern day humans assume that ancient humans were inherently stupid, then it never occurs to anyone that the ancients could have figured out how to build something big. This is why aliens must have helped, they steadfastly insist.

Fortunately for the open-minded, other sciences have also been shown to be consistently wrong. No one really knows how old anything is, or how long any species has been wandering this planet. It is all guesswork. So when a human skull was found embedded in between two coal layers once, it was consternating for geologists: This meant a human was in existence 280 million years ago! So are geologists wrong about how long it takes to form coal, or are anthropologists wrong about how long humans have existed? One of them sure is, or perhaps both. (Or of course, a hoax is afoot and everyone takes it at face value for their own amusement.)

How this all relates to pyramids et al, is that the proclaimers of wisdom about ancient structures are frequently disproven, which opens the door for more wild speculations. In the meantime, human arrogance and ignorance reign.

Just how stupid were our ancestors? Can you even come close to passing this 8th grade rural school exam from 1895? Schools teach less all the time and people depend more and more upon technology to think for them. If all of the IT professionals and engineers were to retire in mass and move to an island, civilization as we know it would collapse in short order. Our ancestors did a lot more thinking and problem solving than we ever will, and if a time machine were to bring some of them here, they would be the smartest gang of engineers ever seen. Take that premise back hundreds and then even thousands of years. They obviously did not have cranes, but there is some evidence they discovered electricity and knew how to harness it. Electricity or not, perhaps they used their advanced thinking intellect to solve real world problems that were important to them.

Instead, everyone assumes they were wandering around in animal skins, dragging clubs and grunting. More likely is a vision of them inventing simple but useful tools like compasses, astrolabes, sextons, rulers, and trigonometric equations. Little to no technology, steel, or factories are needed for these things- just a lot of human brainage, which was available to the ancients as well.

So how did they build these giant, heavy structures then? The Greeks, the supposed pre-geniuses of our era, routinely credited the Egyptians in their writings for their knowledge and math skills. So maybe the Egyptians used intellect. How absurd in the extreme that people today assume they enslaved hundreds of thousands of people to pull rocks on ropes up giant circular ramps. The equipment they used, as evidenced by actual physical artifacts found as well as hieroglyphs and drawings, included: boats, roads, ropes, water levels, sleds, rollers, pulleys and tripods, and; competing, named teams of specialty workers. Realistic calculations of human horsepower with ropes and pulleys estimate that only a thousand workers could have built one of the great pyramids in 25 years. So ten thousand could have done it in 2 1/2 years. If it is true there were 100,000 slaves, then that would mean 3 months...

Also noteworthy is that the main component of the Egyptian structures- limestone, and the main component of the Easter Island statues- porous volcanic rock, is easily cut and formed. It is also possible to pulverize limestone and reconstitute it with water, creating concrete. Concrete can be poured into forms- hence the seams that a piece of paper or razor will not fit in between- maybe they are not seams at all but lines scratched in like modern masons do to sidewalks and driveways. Poured or not, cutting and moving large stones is by no means impossible. Video below is about the doings of a common man with a logical mind. See his site linked below.

Another interesting achievement was in Florida: the coral castle construct. That man may have used Egyptian style stone moving techniques only, and placed magnets and wire coils around to throw people off of his secret construction techniques. He may also have used Tesla based methods to move the stones. If so, it is unlikely he actually floated them like balloons with a ley-line associated field as postulated in the video below. It is more likely he would have attached large magnets to the stones and to the ground, and then flipped them over. The opposing magnets would float them enough to maneuver them around. Either way, the place is impressive and proves that modern man can build big things too if he does a little thinking.

The greatest mystery seems to be why so many people prefer to be awestruck than to try and solve unknowns. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?

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Bundys and the Good Life

I love the old show Married With Children. It was on for a long time and should never have been canceled. They had moments in comedy no one else will ever have.

I seen an interview with its creators once- Michael G. Moye and Ron Leavitt- and they were very nice, entertaining, and comedic guys. But over the years, I have continually wondered: what world are they from? The show is supposed to be about a dysfunctional middle class American family, and an example of how not to be and what not to do. They said in a written interview I read once that despite all the shenanigans on the show, they would never write into it that the two main characters- Al and Peg- would ever cheat on one another. That is very nice. But this to me only adds to the non-reality of it.

The main character, Al Bundy, is a shoe salesman. Ongoing jokes are had about it, and he is frequently likened to being lower than a garbage man. Then his wife, Peggy, is a stay at home housewife that does no housework. Their kids are a teen daughter that is a slut, and a younger son that is a nerd and buffoon. On a few shows they have another kid they adopted from relatives which is a terror-tike. Then there is the lazy dog, the neurotic neighbors, and a few other off and on characters such as Al's friend the crooked cop. Despite all the hilarity, I have some questions for Moye and Leavitt...

First, with all of the ongoing jokes about Al's job and income, do you really think it is that bad? Al is the manager of a store with an absent owner. He does what he wants when he wants, hires whomever he wants when he wants, or usually works alone. He also toys with customers for his amusement with no consequences. All this inside a mall with climate control and a food court, where he is friends with most of the other shop keepers. Sounds like a dream job to most people.

Then, how much does he make with his commissions from shoe sales? They never say, but on one show it was mentioned that their savings of a few thou would be wiped out to get a new washer and dryer. On another it was said that a months pay was gone, and I calculated it to mean about 12. an hour- and this was in an 80's show. They also always seem to have money. When they needed any service help like an exterminator or an electrician, they called one. When they had a garage sale they had shirts printed up for it and they frequently had large poster signs made for other projects. Meanwhile the kids took wads of cash from his pockets daily, and he bought them a lot of coats and clothes and stuff whenever they wanted it. Peggy had credit cards and ordered junk off of the tv a lot. They all ate out constantly, which is simply very expensive. When Kelly begged for a thou or two on a few shows for modeling classes, she got it. Their utilities never were off, except for one time with a disputed phone bill. Plus, all of them always had good, new looking clothes.

All of that combined with Al's strip-bar habit, and his constant hiding of stashes of money, makes one wonder how much he really made. Seemingly, a lot more than most people.

Their house is maligned incessantly as a laughable structure that defines their poverty. Actually it looks to me like a nice, large, 3 bedroom split-level home with a full partially finished basement and attached two car garage, and a fenced in yard in a suburb of a major city. (Chicago. 9764 Jeopardy Lane, BTW...) Mortgages have been mentioned, but while unfortunate they are not uncommon. At least they own the place and do not have to deal with landlords.

Peggy's laziness as a housewife is hammered in like crazy, but what is wrong with their house? It is always clean, and I mean spic-and-span. There is never a stray item out of place or a single dirty dish in the kitchen. You do not see dust, dirty clothes, junk, disarray, or trash anywhere, ever. She may not cook much, but they are always eating out anyway.

The hated Dodge also gets a bad rap. Not a fan of Chrysler products myself, due to their notorious transmission problems, I still think it is cool they have such an old car that runs at all. It has no dent or scratch anywhere on it, and is all one color with all lenses and windows intact. It not only gets Al to work and back daily, but also was driven without incident to Arizona in one show and Florida in another, from Chicago. Once it passed the million mile mark and Dodge was going to make a promo out of it. Al messed it up and so went on a road trip to get another million miles started. Must be a good car.

The woe and misery also defies belief in a major way. On one show they won a brand new convertible. They also won a couple game shows they got on. And they ended up with a free week long vacation to England. The kids won a personal concert from a major band at their house (Anthrax). Bud ends up getting one good job after another, and all of the family lands every job they apply for. When Al gets into legal trouble, he always seems to get out of jail time. He also had a football field named after him. This is to say nothing of the time Vanna White played a billionaire who tried to buy him as a globe hopping boy toy for herself.

It also must be mentioned how incredibly lucky he is physically. Just off the top of my head, Al has been blown up in a fiery car crash, dropped from a second floor window onto his head to the concrete (several times), fallen off the roof (several times), been electrocuted, blew up his entire block with dynamite near a gas line, been run over by a car a few times, was attacked by a moose, and other freak accidents. He always comes out unscathed or at least alive with just bandages.

Even more strange is the show's disparagement of its characters. None of them are overweight, handicapped, chronically ill, or odd looking. Al's horror of having sex with Peg is outlandish to myself and probably most men watching the show. She is a babe! Slim, heavy on top, pretty, and a nympho. A dream to most men. Meanwhile Kelly's alleged hotness is true but not anywhere near the other gals they put on the show such as her model friends. And despite Bud's weirdness he seems to land numerous babes anyway. All Al has to do is put on a suit and women throng to him, as evidenced on a couple shows. Their neighbor Marcy is portrayed as a chicken lookalike with no chest and a likeness to a young man, but actually she is a cute, petite lady who is also a complete sex fiend. Many men would do anything for a woman like her.

Al's alleged stupidity also is a messed up concept on this show. He is clearly a total whiz at sports trivia. Plus he is an excellent player of football, bowling, softball, and baseball. He also restored a Mustang once so he knows how to work on cars well. Once he remodeled his garage into a lavish man cave. He rewired his basement once and installed a fancy hidden trapdoor and tunnel out of it. He seems to manage his store good enough to keep it open without the owner meddling, and his own finances enough to keep his stashes and keep the house with utilities on. It always all works out for him and his family.

Yes, the Bundys, if real, would be a very fortunate family that is atypical of most American households.

I know it is fictional and just meant to be funny, which it sure is. But if they were going to joke about how awful sex is, then why not get an ugly old fat woman to play Peggy? And if they were going to do all the no-money jokes, then why not portray Al as a fast food pion? And the house, try a single room shack in the ghetto. For a car they should have had a moped or crunched up station wagon.

But what do I know, right? I am just a poor midwestern dude and have no idea how rich-raised Hollywood writers fantasize about what poverty is. Anyway, it is still funny and I enjoy watching it regularly.

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Scared of Pit Bulls?


As if any dog attack is not bad enough, attacks by pit bull type dogs are much worse. They are very unpredictable and are known to snap and attack without warning. They are also strong enough to escape their owners' grasp, break leashes, and plow through fences/ plate glass windows/ screen doors/ etc. More importantly, they attack more viciously than average dogs. Pitbulls do not just bite and leave. They go for the face or throat, and latch on. They then pull while scissoring their jaws which can actually cut bones. Many people have lost fingers and even arms and legs to them. They frequently tear off peoples' faces and scalps, and large chunks of arm or leg tissues. They also just do not stop, and usually have to be killed by a cop or someone else with a gun. To top this off, lots of pitbull owners let their dogs run loose, and they have been known to run in packs. Lots of them have even attacked horses, cows, and cars. Pretty scary stuff, isn't it? So what should a person do to be safe?

There are many articles about how to defend yourself from pit bull attacks, all inadequate. A reading of a multitude of them along with some common sense has culminated in this brief but no-nonsense post. Although they do attack cars sometimes, this is for pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists mainly. Only use these techniques to defend yourself or loved ones, including your pets, from an actively attacking dog/s. Before anyone tries to accuse me of cruelty, keep in mind this is only to defend yourself from an attacking pitbull or similar dog that is about to maim or kill you. Self defense isn't always pretty, but it is never cruelty...

Obviously, try to avoid it to start with. Walk or bike way around any of these dogs, crossing the street when possible. Never assume a leashed pit can be held back by its human owner. Do not make eye contact with the dog. If it chases you when on a bike, slow down and then when it gets near, speed up- this will cause it to miss. Many dogs can be outrun on foot, and most all can be on a bike. It is also a good idea to sprint for the nearest parked car and climb it. Dogs do not climb well. Climb a tree if necessary.

If these methods fail and you are certain you are going to be attacked, here is what you can do to save your life or prevent your arm, scalp, or face from literally being ripped off:

1. Some dogs are trained, so yell at them as loud as you can- “NO!”, “STOP!”, or even “GO HOME!”. If this makes it pause, you have the advantage. Lunge towards it and yell again, waving your arms. Most dogs will run at this point. But not all. If not, your arms are creating a shield in front of your face so this is still advantageous.

2. Next, if necessary to go further, kick it in the snout as hard as you can. It should run, but if not kick it again in the throat with all your weight behind it. Pits are not very large overall and it is possible to send one flying end over end this way. While trying to deal with its crushed windpipe you will have time to flee. They can also be kicked in the gut with the same flying effect.

If things are past kicking, too close in, or they just happen too fast and it is upon you, it becomes time to 'fight or flight'- and flight is impossible with a dog clamped onto you. Fight for your life, for your face, for your arm, for your scalp. It becomes kill or be killed at this point and nothing is gory or mean- it is self defense.

3. So at this point, you can try to choke it. Place thumb into its throat and squeeze as hard as you can until it lets go or goes limp. Use both hands if you can. If it has a collar on, grab it and twist to choke it.

4. Besides choking, you can also gouge its eyes. Remove them.

5. Lastly, and most seriously, you can hand it some justice. 'Hand it' means to form your hand into a cone shape with your fingers pointing straight out. Then thrust your coned hand into its throat, hard, all the way. It will cut off the dogs breathing and incapacitate its biting ability. Then if you remove your hand at that point, it will be even madder, so do not remove hand until dog is incapacitated. Accomplish this by spreading out your hand and fingers as wide as possible. If needed, re-close your hand and grab anything you can in there. Pull out forcefully. Hand-eviscerating a dog will indeed distract it long enough to get away. Do not worry- it is nicer than what the dog was going to do to you.(And if it makes anyone feel any better, I did not think this up myself- seen it in several places on the net before...)

6. You can also grab a dogs legs and yank them really hard, which will dislocate or even break them. Forcing them into right angle directions the opposite way the knee works is also effective.

7. Alternatively, if you are fairly young or strong, you can try to throw your weight on it, and use your forearm to hold it down by its throat. This is riskier but has been done successfully on occasion. This entails waiting for help to come though, which is a gamble in some cities.

All of these methods of self defense are if you do not have a weapon with you. It is better to have a weapon handy whenever you go for a walk or bike ride.

Guns are preferable, but do not carry one unless you have a state permit! You can get in really serious trouble if you do not have a permit. But if you get a permit, carry a large caliber gun such as a 9mm at least, preferably a .38, .40, .44, or .45. Gun shops sell special bullets that some cops use which have maximum knockdown energy and do maximum internal organ damage. Get some of those, or at least hollow points, which are available most anywhere bullets are sold. When shooting a dog, after the yelling, climbing, and kicking attempts fail- aim for its chest and shoot repeatedly until the dog stops moving. Head shots at very close range will do the job, but bullets can actually ricochet off of a pitbull's thick skull if the angle is too great.

If no gun permit is available to you for whatever reason, knives work as well. All states have different laws on how big and what types of knives you can carry. Check the link below to get an idea and then ask your sheriff to make sure! Some very wicked knives can be purchased which are also short enough to be legal in length, so check your local pawn shops and martial arts stores. When stabbing a dog, go for its neck first. You want to get its jugulars, its windpipe, and the muscles controlling its head and jaw. Another good target area is its rib cage, aiming for its heart and lungs. And of course, its underbelly can be slit to eviscerate it on the spot. Stabbing its eyes is also as good as gouging, and a straight-in stab to its ear can lead to its brain, but that is kind of a precise move that takes lots of force. Remember knives, especially cheap ones, can break. Buy a knife that is double edged- if legal in your state- and serrated if possible. It must be a fixed blade (if legal) or at least an easy open type. Some have thumb tabs so one-hand opening is facilitated. Serrated blades are also very good for ripping. The best combo of these features is possibly the Spyderco brand knives. Lots of cops carry them, which is kinda scary, but telling.

People frequently recommend baseball bats, but of course it is impractical to tote a bat around with you. They are also ineffective at close-in range. Several videos are on the net of people breaking a 2X4 over an attacking pitbull, which never even phases it. So would a bat do much? Questionable...

Some tools could be used as weapons as well, but their carrying may or may not be legal. This could include ice picks, ball peen hammers, fist mauls(mini sledgehammers), carpet knives or box cutters, and phillips screwdrivers.

All articles and posts about pepper spray and mace are conflicting. They frequently work, but apparently do not in every case. It wouldn't be worth the risk. The wind can also blow their chemicals back your way. If you do have some spray and wish to carry it, shoot it straight up its nose first and get its eyes at point blank range second.  Stun guns also work in theory but are a close in weapon that may or may not affect a dog that can shut off its pain receptors. Tasers and stun batons give you more distance, but also may not always work.

For the average person who does not have weapons to use and does not care to buy one, they could simply tote a carving knife with them on walks, or even a phillips screwdriver. These could very well turn around an attack encounter and literally save your face.

Finally, if you are not too scared to think clearly and act quickly, follow the advice of this guy:


check with your sheriff as well

also check this with your sheriff

a few like it in every metro

just one of many

if you ignore this article

Note to pro-pit people: Keep your dogs muzzled and chained at all times. Neuter and spay them. Stop blaming the victims.Take responsibility for your dogs' damages including medical bills. Then none of the above would ever be necessary.

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