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Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Cowboy Bible Glorifies Cruelty

I found a very interesting item on top of some dog food at the store. It was a bible that somebody had set down and left- obviously used and not a new one for sale. Whether this was an accident or deliberate in some attempt to spread the word, I can only guess. But it was an unusual bible, so I took it home to peruse.

This bible says "The Way for Cowboys" on its front cover, and on the back cover says Cowboys for Christ, then a local number and web address. It is a New Testament with six eight-page glossy inserts throughout, and a ten page regular paper addition in the front as well as a four page regular addition at the end. What the extra 64 pages say is quite the eye opener.

Unfortunately, its publisher- the Intl. Bible Society, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and several other named individuals, have placed copyright notices on virtually every single page they added to this new testament. Then they copyrighted the version itself- NIV. They obviously do not want to be quoted-- at least, not by someone like myself.

So I will make some generalizations, and if you do not believe me, feel free to order one of your own cowboy bibles from the link below.

It is so very interesting how hypocritical religious people can be. While most Christians are good, well-meaning people, a sizable percentage of them are simply pick-and-choose hypocrites.

What do cowboys do anyway, that makes them 'cowboys'? They work with cattle and horses, and go to rodeos, right? So what is involved in cattle work, and what goes on at rodeos? In a nutshell, extreme animal cruelty. At cattle farms and ranches, cows get their horns chopped off with things like bolt cutters with no anesthetic, and then the hole with the sensitive tissue in it is plugged with a cottonball dipped in hot tar, or simply seared with a hot spike. They are also branded with red hot metal. And they have plastic tags punched into their ears with no anesthetics. Female cows are hooked to machines that milk them and they are impregnated with steel rods. Then their babies are taken from them when days old, and deliberately confined so they cannot move and kept anemic. They are then slaughtered in view of their mothers. (This is veal). Cows are kept in small stalls for so long their hooves deform. The ones the cowboys chase on the prairies are few and far between these days, so they depend upon rodeos to harass cows for fun. They jump off of horses and grab their necks, twisting them until they fall. They also lasso horses and cows with choking nooses. Calves and goats are tackled and wound in rope, then drug away.

Rodeos also depend upon the riding of wild horses when bareback, to see how long it takes to get bucked off. Same for bulls. Since these strong animals do not mind human weight, they have to be goaded into bucking by using a zapper type device, usually on the animals' testicles right before releasing it from the stall.These zappers are very similar to human stun guns, and cause extreme pain and fear in animals. Sometimes longer prods are used, but usually hand held ones are used so people with cameras do not see their use as easily. At other times, animals' tails are twisted instead, breaking them up. Anything to make it jump around madly- just so they get a show out of it.

What would Jesus do? Any of the above? Despite the denial of animal abusers, the christian bible actually does condemn animal cruelty. Here are two quick examples:

- Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 : Men are no better than animals:
" I also thought: 'As for men, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so does the other. All have the same spirit; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?' "
-Proverbs 12:10  “The righteous care for the needs of their animals,”

Considering these passages, one has to wonder how a specific church could have been made out of being a cowboy. Cowboys like to romanticize the wandering of wastelands at night- and to each his own- but riding a horse and appreciating nature are only a small part of what this church is about. It is much more so about rodeos. See the inserted pages I summarized below...highlights have been placed in bold for easy skimming.

On each of their added pages, they have printed the following, in part:

slick section 1:
1. cowboys stand for honesty, freedom, and independence, and this includes conquering a ton of bucking bull. picture shows someone twisting a young cow's neck.
2. it says this includes you if you get on a bronco in a chute, etc.
3. you have felt the cowboy spirit if you go to a rodeo.
4. kids dream of this.
5. all they need is a good horse and space. pic on these two pages show kids dressed as cowboys.
6. cowboys have a mindset and attitude.
7. lament of simpler times
8. they are looking for a way. (last slick page in front).

9. title page including pic of lasso rope, used to choke horses and cows in rodeos.
10. spiel about new testament, and how they inserted some old testament material.
11. how to read the book
12. study methods.
13. how to look things up in the bible
14. 28 suggested chapters to read
15. suggested reading for various negative emotional states
16. continuation of last page.
17.,18.,19. how the NIV was translated
20. publishers page of credits, etc.
21. table of contents. last of front regular pages.

slick section 2:
22. -  says a man's dream came true of riding nine bulls in one day. picture of a bull trying to buck off a guy.
23. describes the story of one of the bulls he rode. it stepped on his head and broke 3 ribs, collapsed a lung and he had a concussion. he went home and read the bible.
24. continued story- since rodeos are dangerous, god will save you. only eternity with jesus matters .
25. he is saved by god's grace. pic of guy reading book.
26. pic of guy riding horse in rodeo.
27. story of guy who did not believe in god, but when bible verses were recited he was influenced anyway.
28. story continued- he got mad that he was influenced by verses. he couldn't stop thinking about it so he asked for more. he accepted jesus and stopped liking his friends.
29. continued story- it is okay with god to spur a bad bronco as it is impossible for god to build upon it.  so just avoid satan and do whatever it takes to get right with jesus.

slick section 3:
30. a picture of an old cowboy type, with a quote from matthew 10:37. anyone who loves his parents more than me is not worthy of me, to paraphrase their summary. does this imply that the 'cowboy' lifestyle is akin to the jesus persona??
31. pic of same cowboy on a horse, and a story about how the preceding verse affected him. he was wrong to put his family before jesus. he had spoken in churches, 'and rodeos', and made a cowboy gospel poetry album.(?).
32. pic of two horses. it broke his heart to learn he had to count on jesus. another matthew verse is semi-quoted.
33. pictures a guy riding a horse on a mountain. there is a poem about how the god is his 'saddle partner'. this includes his 'catch rope' that cowboys use to strangle animals with.
34. this page is just a guy on a horse, and his name.
35. story about how he became a cowboy. terrain was too rough for pickups, so he rode horses from the age of 1. the person he killed animals with talked him into accepting jesus.
36. accompanied by a picture of a rodeo scene, the story continues. he preached everywhere, including at rodeos. once an old man got out of his wheelchair and asked for jesus to run his life. he wanted to be a christian because he "reckons" it's the right thing to do.
35. same guy holding microphone, as if he is speaking at a rodeo. this page is a real doozy. and as luck would have it, they forgot to copyright this page, so here is what is actually says:
"God has done so much for the rodeo world drawing cowboys to the Lord. It's not unusual now for half of the world champions to be Christians. Many of them have come to know the Lord through cowboy church services...." another paragraph rambles about how cowboys used to be wild before studying bibles. [from slick section between pages 208 and 209. presumed to be credited to Grant Adkisson, who gets credit for two preceding pictures.]

slick section 4:
37. a pic of a woman on a horse in a rodeo, and a quote of psalm 27:13 to 14. 38. a smiling woman,  and a tale of how another rodeo person's injury got her husband more money in his rodeo career. it was a blessing from god that the other guy got hurt.
39. a younger pic of the gal, and the tale continues. now her hubby got hurt, but it was also a blessing. their son went to jesus.
40. a horse drinking from a lake. and a paragraph on how their rodeo victories were the lord's work. it's a good life.
41. a picture of five people. the words "paul and susie luchsinger' are on top of the page. the story talks about mcentires, smiths, and others. confusing...
42. a story entails growing up on a rich ranch, (anyone that buys a hundred cattle at a time is rich IMO).
43. story continues. goes to next part, where the dad says he preaches, and two verses are quoted.
44. a section written by the wife it appears, where she says her marriage was dark and sinister sometimes. how is not detailed.
45. (start of slick section 5). a guy on a horse with cows behind them.
46. he says he always wanted to be a cowboy. he began singing gospel at age 3, and accepted jesus at age 7, though he wasn't sure what it meant.
47. spiel about his preaching career, and how he still wanted to be a cowboy so he fit it in.
48. ends story by saying he has financial problems and is ridiculed for preaching to cowboys. he doesn't care though because of a couple verses he quotes.
49. pic of an old guy whittling a stick.
50. he was abandoned as a child, and when he got a drink of water one day jesus was there. christian work is like a cowboy's work, needing commitment.
51. he works at various ranches, and feels that you can "witness more" by "the way you treat others".
52. hypocrisy reigns on this last page of his story. quoting proverbs 17:22, he notes that a crushed spirit dries up the bones. further, by studying and spreading god's word, a day will come when we are all guided by his wisdom. how this applies to cowboys is laughably obvious. (end slick section).

start of 4 page regular paper section:
54. "a cowboy's prayer". a laughable prayer asking in part for god to "be with us at the rodeo" and ends with a request that when they die their "entry fees will be paid". unsure if this is meant as a joke or not.
54. a two page poem called "watch him".
55. part two of the poem. about god's grace, etc. while a cowboy traverses a desert.
56. "thank you for my life"- a freestyle poem about being thankful. the end asks for the lord to make him holy in his eyes. (end this section).
57. (start of 6th slick section- final one). pic of cowboy looking at horses. short essay entitled "finding the way". about how the only way to be is god's way!
58. pic across this and next page is of a guy twisting a cow's neck.  there is a tale of how god can help you, peppered with bible verses.
59. continuing, it says you must repent and truly follow the lord to be saved. ironically for these people, matthew 7:21 is quoted.
60. a scenic pic of a mountain, with a telling of why you must say it verbally as well. then, a prayer is offered. part of it says to say you have changed your mind on living your own way. (so if the cowboy way and the bible way conflict????)
61. pic of a cowboy on a horse lassoing another horse. it's a beginning, life is full of choices, etc. choice shown here is whether he should choke a horse or not.
62. several tips on what to do. one says to "read and obey" the bible.
63. talk to god, ask for help, etc.
64. tell others and find a church. their first criteria for finding a church is to ask if their message was focused on what the bible says and christ-honoring. it also says not to give up, and to 'hang on to' god's word. (end).

In conclusion, this writer openly questions how people can be so cruel to animals and say it is okay as long as they spout off bible verses. Especially when that bible condemns animal cruelty. Just like with vegetarianism, also strongly supported by the bible, people like to pore through the book and try to find conflictual verses to justify their deeds. Any time the bible is unclear, all one has to do is ask- WWJD? Would Jesus shock animals' privates? Would Jesus twist calves necks? Would Jesus choke horses? Would Jesus harass, scare, and harm any animals for amusement? Answer that.

SHARK Online - rodeo truths
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(c) james platt 2011

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