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World Wildlife Fund Deceptively Named

It is sad how so many people judge books by their covers. People that think they are concerned about the environment and animals seem to be especially prone to this. Must be their bleeding-heart syndrome...

One of several groups with a misleading name is the WWF. The World Wildlife Fund, aka the World Wide Fund for Nature, has a name that leads people to believe it is about helping nature and wildlife. And, it has a cute panda logo! So it must be a good organization, most people assume. Besides, if you look through their main website (one of many sites they have), it is very extensive, pretty, colorful, and features animal and nature pics. It looks like it is all about helping endangered species and fighting environmental destruction. Pretty impressive, but what have other people uncovered by searching beyond their pretty site?

First let us ponder a weird question--
What do the following all have in common:
hunting incl. for trophies and seals, trapping incl. with steel jaw leghold traps, whaling, rainforest destruction, forced displacement of native tribes, vivisection (animal testing), chemicals for farming, and genetic crops?
Answer: they are all avidly supported and practiced by the WWF.

I know - you don't want to believe it because they have a panda logo. To get an idea of the breadth of their practices, check this Facebook page devoted to exposing them: Wicked WIldife Fund on FB. Then, read through this site made by PeTA2, and make sure you peruse all of their supporting documents so it really sinks in. By this time, you should be anxious to watch the videos below. They mainly detail the jungle destruction, native displacement, tiger harassment, and history. And of course their association with that wonderful company Monsanto.

Now every time you see one of those cute pandas on someone's car, you will cringe at their ignorance. Spread the word.

The Windsors (the British Royal family) are known both for big game hunting, incl. many large  tiger hunts in old India like pictured above, and for heading the WWF. Prince Charles recently took the reigns from Prince Philip.

(c) james platt 2011

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  1. And these are the fucks who took the World Wrestling Federation to court because they didn't want to be associated with violence. Bastards.


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