When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Never Forget ?

Every year around this time, but much more so this year, people say to "never forget". Of course people who personally knew the victims of 9/11 will not forget their loved ones that died. So do they need to be reminded yearly to not forget? Do you need yearly reminders to never forget your deceased loved ones? I don't; I remember my passed relatives quite easily without being reminded. So if this is obvious, then what are we supposed to not forget? The govt. fairy tale that flies in the face of modern physics? Ever heard of the Big Lie?

More importantly, why is this one catastrophe any more important than the multitudes of other catastrophes? Because three thousand people died? That is indeed a big deal, since all human life is sacred, right? Therefore the Bhopal disaster was even worse with 4,000 killed and 40,000 maimed. What- you never heard of that incident where an American company leaked a bunch of cyanide gas into a city in India? Oh that's right- people in India are not important. Four thousand of them are less important than three thousand Americans, so we have no massive effort each year to remember that.

Then I wonder, are 500,000 German civilians as important as three thousand Americans? I guess not, as the genocidal fire-bombing of Dresden on Valentine's Day is rarely mentioned as something to remember. Local authorities of the time compiled a list of the names of every one killed there, and that is a lot of names! But history is always written by the winners, so after Germany became an ally of "the Allies", they 'recalculated' the statistic and now say that 'only' 2,500 were killed. Let's forget that too I guess...

How about honoring the country that turned around that war for us, and defeated the Nazis. If it weren't for their sacrifice of 13.3 million troops and 7.5 million civilians, the Nazis may very well have won. Should we remember them? 20.8 million people surely are as worthy of remembering as 3,000 people, right?? Not if they are Russians. Americans just do not care about their sacrifice for the Allied cause in World War Two.

One has to wonder what, if any, disasters are of any concern to Americans. It seems that any amount of thousands or even millions of dead are ignored and forgotten as long as they occur outside US borders. This is why the dates of August 6 and 9 of 1945 mean nothing to most Westerners. A pair of needless bombings to test a new weapon that was not needed in a war that was nearly over anyway killed at least 200,000 people. Remember that anyone?

There have been so many disasters and wars, pandemics and genocides, that it would be quite a task to attempt to list them. What makes 9/11 so special? We all know the human deaths from it are awful, but why more awful than the 3,000 that died in the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire? Because if it is only Americans that have valuable lives, then pick through this list to remember. If not, then let us all question what the real motive is here.

The modern myth of the evil Muslims is a convenience for the ongoing imperialism of the corporatist nation America has become. Just like our forefathers were told to be scared of the Cherokees, the British, the French, the Austrians, the Nazis, the Japs, the Commies, and finally the Muslims, Arabs, and Iranians (those last three are not the same peoples, but most Americans do not know the difference anyway)....What evil scapegoat, what enemy-of-the-day, will be next?

Whomever it is, its victims will never be remembered as well as the ones on 9/11. Because their lives will not be as important.Therefore let's never forget the true reason for all the yearly hype: the govt. has not found a suitable replacement for its current scapegoat yet, so its fairy tale of how 9/11 happened must continue to be perpetuated in the meantime- while the 4 million Muslims killed in the Middle East from 9/11 until now are of no concern. 

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(C) james platt  2011


World Wildlife Fund Deceptively Named

It is sad how so many people judge books by their covers. People that think they are concerned about the environment and animals seem to be especially prone to this. Must be their bleeding-heart syndrome...

One of several groups with a misleading name is the WWF. The World Wildlife Fund, aka the World Wide Fund for Nature, has a name that leads people to believe it is about helping nature and wildlife. And, it has a cute panda logo! So it must be a good organization, most people assume. Besides, if you look through their main website (one of many sites they have), it is very extensive, pretty, colorful, and features animal and nature pics. It looks like it is all about helping endangered species and fighting environmental destruction. Pretty impressive, but what have other people uncovered by searching beyond their pretty site?

First let us ponder a weird question--
What do the following all have in common:
hunting- incl. trophy hunting and seal hunts, trapping incl. with steel jaw leghold traps, whaling, rainforest destruction, forced displacement of native tribes, vivisection (animal testing), chemicals for farming, and genetic crops?
Answer: they are all avidly supported and practiced by the WWF.

I know - you don't want to believe it because they have a panda logo. To get an idea of the breadth of their practices, check this Facebook page devoted to exposing them: Wicked Wildife Fund on FB. Then, read through this site made by PeTA2, and make sure you peruse all of their supporting documents so it really sinks in. By this time, you should be anxious to watch the video below. It mainly details the jungle destruction, native displacement, tiger harassment, and history. And of course their association with that wonderful company Monsanto.

WWF - Silence of the Pandas by pandasilence

Now every time you see one of those cute pandas on someone's car, you will cringe at their ignorance.

The Windsors (the British Royal family) are known both for big game hunting, incl. many large  tiger hunts in old India like pictured above, and for heading the WWF. Prince Charles recently took the reigns from Prince Philip.

(c) james platt 2011


Bottled Water? Read the Labels

Have you ever heard the saying, Can't see the forest for the trees? It means something is so obvious you do not realize it, even when right in front of your face. This is certainly the case with our water.

There are the majority of people, who feel that drinking tap water is fine. They trust the government to purify it and they are sure no agency would mix poisons into it. After all, everyone uses it and they are 'fine'. Just 'fine'.

Then there are the bottled water people. They think the tap water is unsafe and prefer commercially purified stuff. Unfortunately many of them well-meaning people do not read labels and drink tap water anyway. For example, Pepsi's brand Aquafina is simply tap water with no further treatments.

Numerous supposed environmental groups, which I suspect are actually front groups funded by the aluminum and uranium industries, attack bottled water endlessly. They claim the plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare and that virtually all bottled water is a scam of selling tap water. They further claim that plastic leaches dangerous chemicals, mainly BPA, into the water it contains. This is no longer true. It only applied to the kind of plastic that is hard, such as baby bottles- not water bottles. It also has been phased out and is no longer being manufactured or sold. Even though many latched onto this and continue to make a big deal out of it, even if it were still being made with those particular toxins, you would have to drink more water than humanly possible to ingest enough leeched chemicals to harm you. 

It is also puzzling how people can claim that plastic bottles fill up landfills. Adding a couple square inches of mass to a landfill is preferable to reusing a glass, which has to be rewashed all the time, thereby wasting lots of water. But they say otherwise. Is water more precious, or a miniscule amount of space in a landfill? As if you don't have the option to recycle the bottle anyway. If you do recycle it, this argument becomes pointless. If not, the lesser of two evils seems to be to add to a landfill to save water and improve your health.

Not all commercial waters are unprocessed tap water. Usually the kinds that say "drinking water" are just that, and are meant for people with disconnected water service due to outstanding bills or plumbing problems, or for areas with a boil order or other problems. Buying it all the time would indeed be pointless though. Read the labels. There are a few brands that make it less obvious and fool people into thinking their water is special when it is not. (Too numerous to list; many in regional grocery store chains. Read the labels.)

Drinking "spring water" also seems pointless to me. Where is the spring, and why is it purer? It usually says it comes from some certain county in some state. Look up that county. Is it right next to a metropolis? Usually, so their toxic runoffs are likely in the groundwater the spring comes from. Further purification of spring water is rare. Drinking spring water is like water-roulette.

The only brands I trust to be pure besides locally branded distilled water in gallon jugs, are Smart Water, Glaceau, and Fiji. Smart Water is distilled, Glaceau is from glacier melt in Iceland, and Fiji is from a well in Fiji, which I am assuming are both pretty clean. 

Also worth a quick mention is the scandalous and immoral "infant water", which is water with extra fluoride added for babies. This is a barbaric ploy to poison babies for profit. All scientific studies about fluoride have warned that people under two should not drink or otherwise ingest fluoride. Hence, children's fluoride free toothpaste.

The folks who want everyone to drink toxic tap water (which it is, and you can prove it to yourself by reading your city's next water quality report), also decry distilled water. They falsely claim that distilled water is devoid of minerals and therefore leeches minerals from your body. This is absurd and unproven. Water is used by your body for many functions. It does not suck out your minerals. Distilled water is pure water, with nothing in it but chemically combined hydrogen and oxygen. Claiming pure water is bad for you is lunacy. But they do not want you to buy it instead of using tap water, so the myth continues. If it really worries you, then buy Smart Water brand, which is distilled water with added electrolytes.

I used to buy Great Value brand 'distilled water' from Walmart. I already knew about their Sam's water in the small bottles with blue lids. It turned out to not be purified as claimed when laboratory tested. Now, I began to wonder about the labels on their one gallon jugs. It is called "Distilled Water" but its ingredients list was confusing. It says, "Water purified by Ozonation, Reverse Osmosis, or Steam Distillation" . Or??? I asked them about it on their site- see " Customer Q & A Exchange". My question was simple: "The labels list three ways it might be purified- distillation, ozonation, OR reverse osmosis. Do you not know how it is purified; why not?". It took them weeks to answer, which first came as an email stating in part : "Your question has been answered!...You had a problem. It was answered. Problem solved." It then directed me to a link to see my answer. The link goes to this page. Click it and see. I tried to look it up manually through their site. Their Great Value brand distilled water was not there, and had been apparently removed from the site entirely. I wrote to their customer service email address. They said a local store manager would answer my question soon. Weeks later, he has not yet. The water in question has been reposted on their site though, with an interesting answer: "Yes, it is absolutely distilled. We have several suppliers across the country who may use a different process." Think about that- yes, but different suppliers use different processes. And the different processes seem to be the three different purification methods mentioned, two of which are simply NOT distillation. Right. Therefore, in the Midwest at least- and probably anywhere there is a Walmart selling this product, you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting truly distilled water when you buy their "Distilled Water". Always read labels...

I have found another grocer in town that sells water which is distilled- and only distilled (same price too). In the meantime, I have stopped buying water anywhere else and am planning on making a solar distiller. When finished, I will post a how to article here so others can utilize it. For now, just read the labels!

Water is human lifeblood, and should be simply water. It should taste like nothing and just feel like moisture. Don't let anyone tell you different.

I contacted the area supplier for bottled waters for the walmarts in this region. After a very long delay, they finally sent me a water quality report on the "distilled" water, which was all zeroes. Very unbelievable. Email me, and I will forward relevant emails if you would like. In my opinion they are labeling everything with various labels, and nothing is distilled. In the end, is it worth the risk to you? I buy distilled elsewhere. At least it is likely to be distilled when I buy it from Dollar General, Hy-Vee, or Fareway.

(c) james platt 2011