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Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Ron Paul – Menace to America

Just like right before 2004 and 2008, once again the Ron Paul supporters are making a lot of noise again. Like most, if not all, extremist movements- they are really just a few people making a lot of noise. The yard signs and bumper stickers you see make it appear that there are many more people supporting Paul than there really is. With the Democrats and Republicans, a small percentage of them choose to litter their yards and cars with signage declaring who they will vote for. With third party candidates, however, you can be sure that virtually all of their supporters are using the signage ploy to 'get the word out'. So if the ones advertising their affiliation are actually nearly 100% of the ones who intend to vote for him, then that is not really too many.

Some signs and stickers for Paul even have the word “revolution” with the -evol- part of the word highlighted and the O made into a heart shape. This implies love. Actually it is love backwards, so it is indeed accurate. What does Paul's platform have to do with love? Let's examine that, shall we?

Paul is an avowed Libertarian, and the Libertarian Party has their political platform laid out on their site. From it, we can gain many insights into their nefarious plans for America:

1.1: For starters, they support deregulation of the media. What will cable and internet cost once the reg.s are gone?

1.2: Next, they want to legalize all drugs of all kinds, and claim currently illegal drugs have no victims. Tell this to the millions of victims of drug related crimes. And consider how much easier it will be for kids to get ahold of drugs if they are legal. Portugal legalized drugs, and there was a 50% increase in use and a significant increase in drug-related deaths soon after. They now spend more on treatment than they used to on enforcement.

1.4: They also want to 'be kept out of the matter' of abortions. Such a major political party avoiding an issue is odd, isn't it? And does this mean they do not even care to chime in on late-term abortions?

1.5: They claim juries can and should re-interpret laws to their liking. This negates the need for judges and lawyers, and invites mob-rule and vigilante-minded emotion based decisions. Rules of evidence, preponderance of evidence, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, innocent until proven guilty- all of these concepts would go out the window in nearly all cases if the juries were allowed to reinterpret laws at their whim.

1.6: They oppose all firearm regulations, period. Current laws prohibit convicted felons from owning firearms, as well as minors from buying them. The laws also prohibit owning military assault rifles and larger ordnance without a special permit. These and many other laws would be thrown out by their party.

2.0: They oppose fair trade, and support free trade. This means that there will be no tariffs so cheap labor nations can flood America with cheapy imports and ruin domestic manufacturers. Already in progress, their plan to open the floodgates on imports would be the death knell for American industry and cost millions of jobs.

2.1: They oppose minimum wage and interest rate controls. Minimum wage is already far below a livable wage, and it cannot be used to live on. This is a step away from indentured service, and the parties with big business friends want to lower it even more to save a few bucks. Also, deregulating interest rates will give the banks and Wall Street traders a heyday of gouging the public in numerous areas.

2.9: They wish to “restore and revive” the old health care system which they term 'free market'. They then imply that the republican lie-list about the new health care law is real, and that they want to stop it. They even have the gall to mention returning the right to choose end of life decisions. This alludes to the flagrant lie that Palin made about so-called “death panels”. All of this shows lack of knowledge about health care and/or a lockstep pandering to GOP lies.

2.10: They want to get rid of social security and welfare, claiming the poor are best helped by charities. Tell this to your grandmother. Their wording of this point barely conceals the acrimony towards the less fortunate and elderly.

3.4: Their stance on immigration is quite unclear, seeming to say two opposite things. Why not make it clear- are they afraid of angering certain voter blocks?

3.6: They oppose all regulation of campaign finance laws. This means they support PACs, lobbyists, and the like- which are nothing more than quasi-legal, barely concealed bribery of politicians. Of course they want the big corporations with all the money to continue to buy off congresspeople, more than ever before.

3.7: Their last edict-style statement seems to encourage insurrection by anyone who doesn't like the rules. This stance could easily incite melees and riots nationwide, while their party smiles in admiration of this 'liberty'.

See it for yourself here.

Do Ron Paul supporters actually know all of this stuff, and support it? Or are they mesmerized by his talking points? He does want to end the Fed and return to the gold standard, which understandably appeals to a lot of people. Many Americans are sick of private banks sapping this country dry. And he wants to end “foreign entanglements”, bringing all troops home and closing all foreign bases immediately. This also has broad appeal.

Many of his (former) supporters hoped he was so rebellious toward the entrenched establishment that he would have 9/11 investigated. He then made a public statement saying he would not. That is when his campaign withered. He also refused, and continues to refuse, to run as an independent or third party candidate. If he cannot run as a Republican, he will not go all the way. He knows that third parties have the odds against them in this system, but he should also know that Ross Perot and Ralph Nader nearly broke that rule of thumb before. It would seem he does not want to stray too far from his Republican roots. When he does vote for something, which is rare (hence his nickname of Dr. No), he usually votes with the Republicans. This includes his vote for impeachment of Pres. Clinton for having fun. Paul's claims of sticking to the Constitution seem questionable when you ponder how getting a blowjob in the oval office is a threat to the Founders' intentions. Paul voted for- never forget that. He sided with the witch hunt and the Starr Commission and the public airing of a president's personal sex life and the entire charade that stifled all official business and cost the taxpayers $85,000,000.- and the GOP horse and pony show that was the impeachment charade. And this was strictly constitutional, how exactly? Oh yes- because the GOP said so....so Paul voted yes.

Now he refuses to leave the party to gain the presidency. He refuses to investigate 9/11. But he is about love, his supporters say. I suspect love of money is more likely.

His persistent stance on the reversion to the gold standard sounds like a good idea, but sounds fishy to me when you consider his extensive personal investments in gold and silver mines. Smacks of bush and Carlyle; cheney and Halliburton. Now, Paul and gold & silver mines??? Below is a partial listing of his personal investments:
Agnico Eagle Mines
Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
Alumina Common
Anglo Gold Ashanti Ltd.
BrigusGold Corp. Com MPV
Barrick Gold Corp.
Claude Research Inc
Coeur D'Alene Mines Corp.
Gold Corp Inc
Hecla Mining Co.
El Dorado Gold Corp.
IAM Gold Corp.
Lexam Explorations Inc.
Mag Silver Corp.
Metalline Mining Co.
Newmont Mining Corp.
Pan American Silver
Silver Wheaton Corp
Virginia Mines Inc.
Vista Gold Corp.
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.

For verification, use this link or view this one.

In conclusion, this blogger has doubts about Paul's true intentions and ambitions. If he cares about America, why does he promote libertarianism? And why do his supporters hate it so much when you bring up his investments?

One has to wonder if the entire subculture of dopers isn't supporting him since he wants to legalize all drugs, or what other groups also like him for apparent yet unspoken reasons. Such as the people who hate the poor- he wants to end welfare after all. (And if old ladies lose their social security in the process- oh well! ).

Now that there are demonstrations on Wall Street, some Paul supporters are trying to horn in and imply that Paul would fix this. While he is opposed to the Fed, he is also for deregulation and corporate empowerment. This would include big banking. Do not let them fool you into thinking he will somehow take care of the stranglehold billionaires have on this country. If anything, he would help them out through his avowed stripping of most laws. While this country needs an American Spring of sorts, it is not wise to replace one broken system with another. The party described above is not the way...

Libertarians: republicans unleashed? Or just rebels without a clue? Perhaps, a little of both...

(c) james platt 

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