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How to Control Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming is not as hard as most people think.

It is a common fantasy in this culture to be able to control one's dreams. Many people envision being able to fly, and some even imagine they would be like Jim Carrey's character was in his movie "the Mask"--turning into a cartoonish character with superhuman abilities. What fun that would be!

Several novelty catalogs have sold gizmos to induce lucid dreaming. One, which sells for 249. dollars, consists of an eye mask with flashing red LED lights sewed into it. If you do not care to invest that much money into a flashing mask, not to worry; there is a better way! I do it all the time. How do I lucid dream? 

It is a matter of psychology, not blinky gizmos. Here is a technique that is easy and really does work before long. Guaranteed...

1. First you must make a habit of something. Habits carry over into your actions when in a dream. So whenever you read something- anything- look away from it and then back to it. Re-read it. Do this many times a day until you are in the habit of it. See that pop bottle by you? Mountain Dew. Look away from it. Look back. What does it say now? Mountain Dew. Good. So simple. Just do that off and on all day, for like a week. Soon you will be at the next step.

2. Once this is a second-nature habit, you will begin to do it when dreaming as well. This is the neato part: for some psychological reason, when in a dream state, the words will never read the same twice. Absolutely never. Now the Mountain Dew bottle might say Made Doilie. Or Mshegf Dokjlll. Or anything but 'Mountain Dew'. You will go,"wait a minute- that ain't right...".

At this time, since you already know what you have just read here about this, you will realize you are in a dream! And once you realize you are dreaming, you have open license to do whatever you want!!! It really is that easy.

The only drawback is that sometimes, when having a really good dream (like finally hooking up with your hot coworker, for example), then you will realize it is just a dream, and that kind of throws water on the fun you were already enjoying. As a matter of fact, I have had so many dreams ruined by this ability that I try not read things and not become aware. But it usually creeps in anyway, and a feeling of exasperation- or sometimes relief sets in. Generally though, it is good to do some aware-exploring on the other side of consciousness.

This ability is also useful for quashing bad dreams. Nightmares are not so scary once you realize they are not real.

If you take melatonin, it does not help induce lucid dreaming, but it does make your dreams more vivid and easy to remember. Keep in mind that everyone has their own limits, and if you take too much it will induce nightmares. Just find the right amount for you, and in combination with the above techniques makes it all more intense.

Try this. Be persistent with your self-training and it will work. Don't just read pop bottles either- utilize books, signs, box labels- anything written.

Sweet dreams!

This is a good place to mention one of my pet peeves- cultural myths. One is that if you die in your dream, you die for real in your sleep. Nonsense. I have, including when little way before I knew how to dream lucidly, died in my dreams several times. Falling off skyscrapers a couple times, and more recently getting crushed by a pile of rebar (mighty scary), I obviously woke up- alive. The movie Dreamscape may have either played upon this myth or started it, but it is not how it really works.
How does anyone think they know what someone was dreaming when they died, if they died in their sleep? Give me a break.

(c) james platt

P.S. : this is a repost from a site I used to write on. Below are the comments it received there:

"Pedro Diaz": 
I can very easily go back to any point in a dream I just woke up from at any time of the day. If I didn't like the last part I remember, I just go back to an earlier part to change the end result.When single, I use to tell my girlfriends to meet somewhere in our dreams. They always had a different dream or did not remember what they dreamed. In the other hand, I had a good time with them. The last girl I tried it with in my home town, dream with me but was not sure of the whole dream. I dream I got to 3rd base with her in a place near by my own. The next night I had a Daja Vu of the dream with her - or was I dreaming of the future.

"magic in my head":
i kinda get what u are sayin, can you help me control my dreams, ive wanted to know how lyk forever, can u help me pls, ive always had a feeling that my dreams were going to help me make a discovery in myself, and i think you are the anwser to dis, my dreams have always told me somethin but i cud never tell what it ment , and if i new wat i was dreaming i could reach new heights and change the world, ive always been different, like a lot of the times im daydreamin and wat i dream hapens,or wen i am barely thinkinand am listenin to the radio and i just barely think of a song i wanna listen to the song i thought of comes on help me. if any1 here can help me with what i am lookin for contact me at sjordan101@aim.com

Very interesting that this technique can help eliminate nightmares.

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