When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Shut Up, Fags

Am I the last person in America who is stubborn enough to remain politically incorrect regarding faggots? I do not think they are funny, cute, witty, sensitive, entertaining, or otherwise acceptable. They may be all that on sitcoms, which all seem to universally have a token gay couple, but does this mean that all people should have to accept them?

I even seen a winner on Wheel of Fortune introduce his “partner of seven years” one day. There was no shame, to say the least. It seems like the media is awash with p.c. snippets about wonderful gaywads- the cogs of society. They are introduced as successful, usually white collar and rich. Most own their own businesses or at least work in offices where they coyly banter with their fellow employees. A remark here and there about fashion or homo-sex then makes it so allegedly comedic. 

On a few shows there are even gaybo-pairs with adopted kids. After all, gay people are so normal that they can raise kids perfectly well. That point has been driven in ad nauseum in so many places. The worst show is Modern Family, which co-stars a male pole-pair that has a “daughter” they are raising together. The illiterate fat brat would indeed in real life be an illiterate, fat brat due to having two queers counseling her emotions. The show was controversial for awhile though: it wasn't obvious enough to satisfy the fudge-rights folks:  "Modern Family drew criticism from the LGBT community for its portrayal of Cameron and Mitchell as not being physically affectionate with each other. The criticism spawned a Facebook campaign to demand Mitchell and Cameron be allowed to kiss. In response to the controversy, producers released a statement that a season two episode would address Mitchell's discomfort with public displays of affection. Executive producer Levitan has said that it was unfortunate that the issue had arisen, since the show's writers had always planned on such a scene "as part of the natural development of the show."[39] The episode, "The Kiss" eventually aired with the kiss scene in the background which drew praise from multiple critics.[40][41](source: wikipedia).

The above quote illustrates how the homo-rights campaigners want to make sure everyone knows who they are, what they do, and that we all see examples of it. And look out if you object to their pda's. Their advocates are vicious and like to portray the Straights as evil cretins- no better than demonic racists or serial killers. Because we are “homophobes”, 'scared' of their sexual relations.

The word homophobe is actually a misnomer anyway. Why would a straight person be scared of a fag? We are not. As long as some leather gloves are handy to prevent tooth cuts on my knuckles, I would happily punch the hell out of any one of them that threatens me. They do not scare me at all. Most are sissies and all are mental throwbacks, highly unlikely to mentally coordinate a defense. 

The real issue is supposedly rights: right to choose, to be happy; to privacy. I have no problem with any of those rights. All American citizens deserve equal rights no matter what. Period. But when 'special interest groups' get together and start demanding special rights and special treatment because they think they are special, then that is also known as favoritism. Favoritism is wrong and un-American. America is supposed to be about equality and equal rights. When groups of certain types of people expect special rights, they are arrogant whiners. They usually say they want “equal” rights, but the fact is they already have equal rights. If they want more rights then they are crossing the line. Gaywads can work and live and drive and shop and entertain and socialize etc. just like Straights do. No one can legally stop them on the grounds that they are fudge packers. If they break a law they can be arrested just like a straight person. If they obey the laws, they can live just like we do without incident. If their American rights are violated, they can sue for that just like we can. So what is the problem?

Oh yes- they want to be married too. This is a whole 'nother can of worms. But let us delve into it briefly. Marriage is a legal status for couples, and/or, a religious blessing by the couples' religious leader. The religious okay is their business. (There really are churches entirely composed of gay members, including the preachers. This despite the numerous bible entries condemning homosexuality- they flaunt and celebrate it. Maybe there are also churches of people that disrespect their parents, that like to steal, lie, cheat on their mates, kill people...wait- that is a typical church! I guess the gay churches aren't so shocking after all.) But the legal status is society's business. It is not working well with the laws because the laws were not written to reflect millions of fags pairing up. The constitution was written in the colonial days by 118 wise thinkers of the time now known as the Founding Fathers. While most were not Christians, despite what a Christian will incorrectly tell you (look it up), they still seen no reason to give homos special rights. Since back then no one had thought of a couple closet queers flaunting their weirdness and trying to shock the rest of society by attempting to get a preacher to marry them, then the Founders also seen no need to include a special clause for same-sex legal statuses. There was no such thing as a queersome duo flaunting their bedroom habits and playing house and throwing it in everyone's faces. They still did what they do, to be sure, but there was no need to advertise it. Nowadays, they can still do what they want to do in the privacy of their homes, but they just have to do it publicly anyway: well you can get married, so we want to as well! Because, well, they want the economic equality of married couples, or so they say.

True, a spouse can be added on to a working person's insurance at work. But here's a few options they are not mentioning: the other half can get their own job and their own insurance/ they can do without insurance as millions of straight people do/ they can go to discount and free clinics like others who can't afford regular healthcare/ they can list themselves as female and claim it was a typo when they see the doc for the first time....in short- they can do whatever they have to in order to receive medical care- just like straight people do! Marriage or not, insurance is of no relevance here, except as a tool for their whining campaign. 

Now that the US Supreme Court has effectively legalized gay marriage, what will they complain about next? I don't really want to know.  

Even worse is their insistence on infiltrating the military. They have demonized the old “don't ask, don't tell” policy as some kind of discriminatory rule that is akin to a Jim Crow law. But what is “don't ask, don't tell”? It means they won't ask if you are gay, and as long as you don't tell that you are gay, all is well. You can do everything else a normal soldier does with no special treatment or bad treatment. You will stand on your own skills and merits, or lack thereof. It is fair. But if you “tell” by announcing it, that becomes a problem. Because the all male barracks require sleeping near each other, showering together, exercising together in your underwear or even nude, standing in line for food “butt-to-nut”, ad nauseum. And if one of the soldiers has made it known he is gay, what straight soldier will want to stand “butt-to-nut” with him? Or sleep next to him? Or shower with him? Suddenly, it is not platonic- it becomes an uncomfortable situation where people become fearful of being ogled or even touched by the one who finds them attractive against their wishes. This is more commonly known as sexual harassment in the workplace. In the military, it is okay and protecting the vast majority of troops from it is being called 'discrimination' against gays. Every worker in America- from secretaries to factory workers- is adamantly protected from sexual harassment by federal laws; however, the US Soldier- the Hero, the macho protector of our freedoms- is expected to just deal with it. Talk about messed up...

If queerbait faggets want to be treated equally they need to stop announcing their proclivities. We don't want to see them dressed in pumps and dresses and makeup while they deliberately try to squeek their voices like little girls and flop their hands around and giggle and act sickeningly jubilant all the time. Their hand-flopping and prancing are just mannerisms they consciously do all the time so everyone will know that they like dicks up their asses. It also announces that they are eying every guy they see like some female hooker would. They just want dick, they want attention, they want to shock people, they want to rub it in that they are fudge packers and somehow proud of it. It is all a giant dare to say anything, because they have a chip on their shoulder like a black man did in the 60's. If they like that kind of sex, they need to keep it in their homes as it is their own business- not everyone else's. I do not go around announcing that I like 'm/f/m w. dp' vids- because it is no one else's concern or business and it may disturb some people.

Now that they can get married legally, they are trying to take over, wanting more and more special rights. It has become a fad to post politically correct pro-gay stuff on Facebook and other social sites. Worse, they even want to ignore bathroom signs now. If a gay guy "feels like a woman in his mind that day," then he wants to walk into the women's restroom and use it, dammit, then he is going to! And if anyone says anything about it then they're discriminating jerks! Because a fag wouldn't molest anyone anyway, so they say. But by their reasoning, all women and all men should use common bathrooms in public places, because we have to assume- or hope- that no one is a creep and no one is going to grab video or pics with their phones. Or are they saying that only they are moral, and the straight folk are the creepers? I know this: if I catch a fagget looking at me in a bathroom, he will lose some teeth really quick.

Now that someone killed a bunch of them in a gay nightclub, they are really upset. I understand- it is wrong to kill any kind of people, period. But did you hear why the killer got upset with gays to begin with? Because he seen two guys kissing in public. Maybe if they were not publicly flaunting it, this never would have happened. Now here comes the parades to flaunt it even more...

So why can't the fags just mature a little and grow up? Because they are too busy making excuses- we want special rights; we need insurance; we have a genetic problem; ad nauseum. Nauseum, indeed:

(c) james platt