When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


AWA: Animals Weep Aroundus

The 'welfare advocate' crowd is even worse than the 'rights activist' crowd...

I have written before on the problems with animal rights activists and their methods. I stand by it. But there is another side, who hates the ARA's and says they are also animal lovers. They call themselves animal welfare advocates (AWA). They believe in keeping and caging any animals you want, supposedly as long as you take proper care of them. This invariably includes exotic and other wild animals. While I wrote on that issue once as well, making it clear I do not agree with the idea of keeping wild animals for any reason, they have of late tried to turn me to their views. We have a common enemy so to speak, but nothing else to work with. They are generally cordial and cooperative, listening and being open as well, much more so than the ARA crowd. The pleasantries mask their darker side though, and I thought it only balanced to post my view of this side as well.

It is telling that their alleged love for animals requires caging them into small enclosures. While tigers roam up to 200 miles per day in the wild, their lives as pets can never be happy in any size pens. Cheetahs roam a lot as well, and run down prey at 75mph. How is this accommodated for when they are chained like dogs in people's yards? Virtually no exotic animal owner has facilities that properly emulate the conditions that wild animals crave and need. Improper enclosures are a given, and neglect and abuse are usually close behind. No matter the intentions, it is simply impossible to properly take care of wild animals as they need too much space, eat expensive and hard to get foods, and are inherently dangerous. Just like the pit bull crowd (you know: ARA's and their 'BSL' cause {rolling eyes}), the AWA's have their own ideas about how 'harmless' large, wild carnivorous animals are. Of course, they would never turn on their owners. Just like the sweet pit bulls that keep attacking babies (at least weekly I see a new news story about this happening...). While pits attack people much more often than tigers or lions, it is the same risk. The end problem is the two-pronged attitude of a.control, and, b.covetousness.

Owners of fighting dogs and owners of wild animals are all insecure people on power trips that want to show the world, incl. themselves, that they can control such an exotic or dangerous creature. They also are envious and covet the animal's beauty and fur. Cats and regular dogs are not enough for them. This is where ARA's and AWA's are similar, for starters. Dissimilarities fade even more if you examine the tactics and thinking processes of both sides. They both use the internet extensively to promote their ideas. Both sides also use numerous aliases, and they both block out information that contradicts their points. They are all closed minded. Various key figures of both sides play the hero role and are followed closely by their minions. When the leaders lie, use aliases, and scam people, no one on their respective sides call them out. It gives the other side fodder for accusations but as both sides do these things, it is hypocrisy on a large scale.

For example, one well known person that plays the folk hero role for one of these sides has been shown with undercover videos to have done the following to animals, either directly or under his responsibility: starved many to death, refused medical care to others until they died, not separated kinds that do not get along allowing them to attack one another, fed carrion to them, fed live animals to them, and other awful things. They also have highly improper financial records and constantly beg for donations for emergencies while buying non-essential items at the same time. They further have numerous aliases and business names. Which side am I talking about? These allegations fly both ways. So this or that group kills animals, abuses animals, misfeeds them, lies, uses fake names, has X amount of animals die per year, and so on and so on. And round and round they go.

A few relevant questions would be:
-What facility really kills animals to feed their big cats?
-What facility has the most serious and numerous USDA violations?
-What facility has improper paperwork for its finances?
-What facility has the most animals die?
-What facility uses aliases and front groups?

The AWAs think they already know the answers to those questions. They are sure that a place called BCR is the answer to all of them. It is not. If not, then who do I mean? They should open their eyes and look into it. They will find that some info was found out by PeTA, which will make them say it is all lies. But just because PeTA mismanaged a stray dog and cat shelter for awhile and some of them died like they would have anywhere else, it does not negate everything else that group does. Further, the videos, pictures, etc. taken by their undercover investigators are provable facts. These facts are worth some thought (see links at end).

The AWA's at some point decided to make up their own accreditation to approve their facilities and give it out to their friends, while they claimed that the well known accreditation already existent was phony, as it was only was given to 'one sanctuary in the country'. A very cursory investigation reveals that the original, official organization actually accredited 255 zoos, aquariums, and 15 other places. There is a fine line between a good zoo and a good sanctuary, so perhaps this is a hair-splitting point they hope won't be realized by most. This deception continues to gain steam among the AWA's. See this paste from one of their Facebook walls:
...There is only one accredited sanctuary in the entire country. (www.bigcat.org) However, ALDF slings accreditation around like it means something. WHAT A JOKE!!! [redacted] Is Reputable. [redacted] is accredited by the United States Zoological Associaton...” 
This link shows otherwise: http://www.aza.org/current-accreditation-list/ .The list of "related" facilities that are not zoos or aquariums is here. There are 15 of them. The AWA ad-hoc group, which promotes breeding and selling mainly, is the U.S. Zoological Ass. The original group that certifies facilities is the Assoc. of Zoos and Aquariums.

One wave of excitement amongst the AWA's was a new petition type page one of them made, which openly claimed that two major animal rights groups, one big cat sanctuary, and one well known insane internet troll are all in collusion to steal a tiger from a truck stop owner. After posting this, they may very well add me to their blacklist as well. (had link, but site is down now..)

This blogger has no desire to join any cause, and would prefer the tiger referenced remains where it is living now. The place it is going to be sent to, absent a last minute legal action, is a worse place for it if you ask me. This does not mean I support either the ARA or the AWA side. It means there are three sides to every story, and three views, and three options, if not more. Compromise, examination of options, weighing of facts, rejection of hyperbole and rumors, verification of claims, and dialogue could have resolved this five years ago in a way to everyone's liking. Unfortunately neither side engaged in any one of the aforementioned dispute resolution tactics. They both chose mud slinging instead.

So now the ARA's think they won, and they think the lawsuit proved the tiger is mistreated and abused. The AWA's think their imagined “rights” to own dangerous animals without regulations were violated, and they want to fight it out with conspiratorical rants. They are both wrong. The lawsuit was begun, surely as a PR- op., by a major ARA group and it was won based upon a technicality regarding what name was on the tiger owner's permit. The state filled it out wrong. No abuse or neglect was proven at trial.The AWA's, in the meantime, like a possessed child, spout off wide-eyed accusations of some unproven collusions between PeTA, the ALDF, BCR, and the net troll. The ALDF is solely responsible for this lawsuit, as well as the ARA's that wrote to them to start with. I could list them, but do their names matter now? The behind the scenes instigators got off scot-free. Until their next cause of the day...

It seems to me that PeTA just chimed in a couple times and nothing more. Their claim to have proof of the old USDA violations has never been presented. The ALDF saw an opportunity to gain publicity and sued the state while trying very hard to omit the person in question from defending himself. Then they used a pointless technicality to legally bully a judge into a decision. They have no verified info, that they have released at least, which shows animal harm. BCR was willing to take in said tiger, but dropped it when the owner refused. They do not take in donations for this issue to resolve in their favor somehow, and have become a lightening rod for idiotic accusations by the AWA's. The AWA's themselves need to realize, or admit, that all ARA groups and activists as well as others they dislike are not having backalley meetings to ruin them. Different groups do their own things- that is why they are different groups. Their supposed rights to own exotic pets are as laughable as the 'rights' of smokers.

The ARA's simultaneously need to stop spreading lies and exaggerating everything they read.The alleged admiration for animals from both sides needs to be reevaluated and the players need to act accordingly. Many ARA people mean well but are misguided, but the worst examples of alleged animal lovers are not only the ARA slacktivists. They also include the hunters, trappers, cullers, fishermen, vivisectors, carnivores, fur wearers, many alleged advocacy groups, as well as the enslavers better known as entertainment users and exotic owners (AWA's).

All in all, many people, including myself, are sick of the feuds/ lies/ campaigns/ petitions/ stories/ etc., etc... Animals are special creatures, much more special than us humans, and they deserve respect and admiration. They should never be used as an excuse to argue and powertrip. I am done with it. Good riddance, politician-wannabes.

Suggested Links:

Well known AWA with many supporters: link1 link2 link3

Their view (note the rambling and irrelevant allegations, and the glossing over of their answers to accusations against them). (Person/facility above is but one of many examples of an AWA. Also look up exotic animal breeders/ sellers/ buyers, animal acts, private zoos, etc. Compare to links and examples in ARA post- eerily similar!)

Site about dispute mentioned above between AWA's and ARA's.

Relevant documentaries and series to watch- all inarguable--
also watch Animal Planet series "Fatal Attractions"

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Why Thanksgiving is Ignorant

Thanksgiving is the most disgusting excuse for a holiday in America.

Did you know that the pilgrims treated the Native Americans worse than vermin? As a matter of fact, white men invented the concept of scalping, and liked to use it on the natives- especially their women. What if some Chinese got mad at their govt. and decided to come here, and  then start killing us and scalping our women? Would we dine with them? The original English settlers and Pilgrims were genocidal murdering bastards, as were Pizarro, Cortez, and Columbus before them. 90 % of the original natives in North America were eventually killed by the Europeans.

Thanksgiving was originally a celebration of a massacre of Indians. In 1636 English and Dutch mercenaries slaughtered 700 Pequot Indians at their village. This was commemorated yearly afterwards by the white men to thank their god for the 'victory'. (See Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian Hating and Empire Building, by R. Drinnon, 1990.)

Besides the original human cruelty of this holiday, it is steeped in animal cruelty as well. The tradition of killing and eating a turkey on this day has reached epidemic proportions, having become a hallmark of American indifference towards animals. Turkeys are treated horribly from the day they are born until the day they are inhumanely slaughtered. Despite the fact that they are intelligent and emotional animals that make fulfilling pets for those that give them a chance, they are nothing more than a carnivorous tradition to the vast majority of heartless Americans.

You would think the hog-trough of pies, cranberries, yams, rolls, stuffing, fruits, salads, pastas, and other dishes would be enough to fill the stomachs of even an extended family gathering. But no, they always have to throw in a gigantic bird carcass. Some people get rebellious and use a duck or two instead, especially richer folks since ducks cost a lot more. And a few have hams instead of or usually in addition to the turkey, which is no better. But the lust for killing and consuming large birds carries on unabated without any thought at all to the many millions of emotional animals that were raised in horrible conditions and had their beaks and toes cut off with hot wires, then were killed by throat cutting- all for this happy meal once per year of the robotic masses.

And while these masses cannot fathom that a large meal can be complete without a large dead animal on the table, despite the widespread knowledge of tofurkeys, casseroles, pastas, salads, and other possible large main courses, they also lack in their reasoning of why the meal itself is even happening.

They always say that it is a time for the family to gather and give thanks, ad nauseum. Can't families gather at other times of the year- why just this day? Why does a family get-together require bird killing? Why does no one care about the historically evil past of it all, nor the present evils of it? Further, how many people really enjoy feeling obligated to commingle with their extended families that they do not like? What a sick charade it all is.

So many of these gatherings also involve praying as well. That's funny: the bible does not approve of this behavior. God angrily rejects appointed feasts, sacrifices, and prayers from those with blood on their hands. That is an exact description of what Thanksgiving is.
See Isaiah 1:11 - 1:17. ( No link: I want you to look it up in your own bibles).

It is also telling how Americans ignore the homeless and undernourished all year long, that is, until Thanksgiving. They wouldn't want anyone- not even the homeless- to miss out on the scarfing down of turkeys. So they donate tons of money and food to charities and shelters. Then the homeless get a good meal for once, and once more on Christmas. How nice. Then the other 363 days of the year, who cares about them? To most people, that is their attitude. The homeless should eat whenever and whatever they can for survival, so the issue of eating animals is moot for them. But if you have a place to live, you should seriously reconsider your reasons for this behavior.

What am I suggesting then? 

Help the homeless all year long! Do not go to family gatherings if you are not comfortable doing so! Do not eat the turkey, duck, or ham (unless you are homeless and literally starving)! Make large alternative dishes such as casseroles and share them with all! Look up the real story of the real origins of this holiday and share it with your family! Pay homage to the Native Americans and repudiate the actions of the Pilgrims! If you want to pray, pray for forgiveness of past ignorance! And check the links below! Don't forget the embedded video as well!

Excellent Native American site. Note how many treaties are listed and consider that every one has been broken by the European invaders.
They want justice. Read what it will take to make it right with them.
Overview of historical basis of thanksgiving and mayday.
Why not eating turkeys is such a good idea. Not graphic, just common sense stuff.
Video about Native Americans that will surprise most. Part two here.
How turkeys are bred for your habit. Weird but not gross vid.
How they are killed for you. Disturbing but true vid. Don't be a wimp, just watch it.

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Cowboy Bible Glorifies Cruelty

I found a very interesting item on top of some dog food at the store. It was a bible that somebody had set down and left- obviously used and not a new one for sale. Whether this was an accident or deliberate in some attempt to spread the word, I can only guess. But it was an unusual bible, so I took it home to peruse.

This bible says "The Way for Cowboys" on its front cover, and on the back cover says Cowboys for Christ, then a local number and web address. It is a New Testament with six eight-page glossy inserts throughout, and a ten page regular paper addition in the front as well as a four page regular addition at the end. What the extra 64 pages say is quite the eye opener.

Unfortunately, its publisher- the Intl. Bible Society, as well as the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and several other named individuals, have placed copyright notices on virtually every single page they added to this new testament. Then they copyrighted the version itself- NIV. They obviously do not want to be quoted-- at least, not by someone like myself.

So I will make some generalizations, and if you do not believe me, feel free to order one of your own cowboy bibles from the link below.

It is so very interesting how hypocritical religious people can be. While most Christians are good, well-meaning people, a sizable percentage of them are simply pick-and-choose hypocrites.

What do cowboys do anyway, that makes them 'cowboys'? They work with cattle and horses, and go to rodeos, right? So what is involved in cattle work, and what goes on at rodeos? In a nutshell, extreme animal cruelty. At cattle farms and ranches, cows get their horns chopped off with things like bolt cutters with no anesthetic, and then the hole with the sensitive tissue in it is plugged with a cottonball dipped in hot tar, or simply seared with a hot spike. They are also branded with red hot metal. And they have plastic tags punched into their ears with no anesthetics. Female cows are hooked to machines that milk them and they are impregnated with steel rods. Then their babies are taken from them when days old, and deliberately confined so they cannot move and kept anemic. They are then slaughtered in view of their mothers. (This is veal). Cows are kept in small stalls for so long their hooves deform. The ones the cowboys chase on the prairies are few and far between these days, so they depend upon rodeos to harass cows for fun. They jump off of horses and grab their necks, twisting them until they fall. They also lasso horses and cows with choking nooses. Calves and goats are tackled and wound in rope, then drug away.

Rodeos also depend upon the riding of wild horses when bareback, to see how long it takes to get bucked off. Same for bulls. Since these strong animals do not mind human weight, they have to be goaded into bucking by using a zapper type device, usually on the animals' testicles right before releasing it from the stall.These zappers are very similar to human stun guns, and cause extreme pain and fear in animals. Sometimes longer prods are used, but usually hand held ones are used so people with cameras do not see their use as easily. At other times, animals' tails are twisted instead, breaking them up. Anything to make it jump around madly- just so they get a show out of it.

What would Jesus do? Any of the above? Despite the denial of animal abusers, the christian bible actually does condemn animal cruelty. Here are two quick examples:

- Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 : Men are no better than animals:
" I also thought: 'As for men, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so does the other. All have the same spirit; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?' "
-Proverbs 12:10  “The righteous care for the needs of their animals,”

Considering these passages, one has to wonder how a specific church could have been made out of being a cowboy. Cowboys like to romanticize the wandering of wastelands at night- and to each his own- but riding a horse and appreciating nature are only a small part of what this church is about. It is much more so about rodeos. See the inserted pages I summarized below...highlights have been placed in bold for easy skimming.

On each of their added pages, they have printed the following, in part:

slick section 1:
1. cowboys stand for honesty, freedom, and independence, and this includes conquering a ton of bucking bull. picture shows someone twisting a young cow's neck.
2. it says this includes you if you get on a bronco in a chute, etc.
3. you have felt the cowboy spirit if you go to a rodeo.
4. kids dream of this.
5. all they need is a good horse and space. pic on these two pages show kids dressed as cowboys.
6. cowboys have a mindset and attitude.
7. lament of simpler times
8. they are looking for a way. (last slick page in front).

9. title page including pic of lasso rope, used to choke horses and cows in rodeos.
10. spiel about new testament, and how they inserted some old testament material.
11. how to read the book
12. study methods.
13. how to look things up in the bible
14. 28 suggested chapters to read
15. suggested reading for various negative emotional states
16. continuation of last page.
17.,18.,19. how the NIV was translated
20. publishers page of credits, etc.
21. table of contents. last of front regular pages.

slick section 2:
22. -  says a man's dream came true of riding nine bulls in one day. picture of a bull trying to buck off a guy.
23. describes the story of one of the bulls he rode. it stepped on his head and broke 3 ribs, collapsed a lung and he had a concussion. he went home and read the bible.
24. continued story- since rodeos are dangerous, god will save you. only eternity with jesus matters .
25. he is saved by god's grace. pic of guy reading book.
26. pic of guy riding horse in rodeo.
27. story of guy who did not believe in god, but when bible verses were recited he was influenced anyway.
28. story continued- he got mad that he was influenced by verses. he couldn't stop thinking about it so he asked for more. he accepted jesus and stopped liking his friends.
29. continued story- it is okay with god to spur a bad bronco as it is impossible for god to build upon it.  so just avoid satan and do whatever it takes to get right with jesus.

slick section 3:
30. a picture of an old cowboy type, with a quote from matthew 10:37. anyone who loves his parents more than me is not worthy of me, to paraphrase their summary. does this imply that the 'cowboy' lifestyle is akin to the jesus persona??
31. pic of same cowboy on a horse, and a story about how the preceding verse affected him. he was wrong to put his family before jesus. he had spoken in churches, 'and rodeos', and made a cowboy gospel poetry album.(?).
32. pic of two horses. it broke his heart to learn he had to count on jesus. another matthew verse is semi-quoted.
33. pictures a guy riding a horse on a mountain. there is a poem about how the god is his 'saddle partner'. this includes his 'catch rope' that cowboys use to strangle animals with.
34. this page is just a guy on a horse, and his name.
35. story about how he became a cowboy. terrain was too rough for pickups, so he rode horses from the age of 1. the person he killed animals with talked him into accepting jesus.
36. accompanied by a picture of a rodeo scene, the story continues. he preached everywhere, including at rodeos. once an old man got out of his wheelchair and asked for jesus to run his life. he wanted to be a christian because he "reckons" it's the right thing to do.
35. same guy holding microphone, as if he is speaking at a rodeo. this page is a real doozy. and as luck would have it, they forgot to copyright this page, so here is what is actually says:
"God has done so much for the rodeo world drawing cowboys to the Lord. It's not unusual now for half of the world champions to be Christians. Many of them have come to know the Lord through cowboy church services...." another paragraph rambles about how cowboys used to be wild before studying bibles. [from slick section between pages 208 and 209. presumed to be credited to Grant Adkisson, who gets credit for two preceding pictures.]

slick section 4:
37. a pic of a woman on a horse in a rodeo, and a quote of psalm 27:13 to 14. 38. a smiling woman,  and a tale of how another rodeo person's injury got her husband more money in his rodeo career. it was a blessing from god that the other guy got hurt.
39. a younger pic of the gal, and the tale continues. now her hubby got hurt, but it was also a blessing. their son went to jesus.
40. a horse drinking from a lake. and a paragraph on how their rodeo victories were the lord's work. it's a good life.
41. a picture of five people. the words "paul and susie luchsinger' are on top of the page. the story talks about mcentires, smiths, and others. confusing...
42. a story entails growing up on a rich ranch, (anyone that buys a hundred cattle at a time is rich IMO).
43. story continues. goes to next part, where the dad says he preaches, and two verses are quoted.
44. a section written by the wife it appears, where she says her marriage was dark and sinister sometimes. how is not detailed.
45. (start of slick section 5). a guy on a horse with cows behind them.
46. he says he always wanted to be a cowboy. he began singing gospel at age 3, and accepted jesus at age 7, though he wasn't sure what it meant.
47. spiel about his preaching career, and how he still wanted to be a cowboy so he fit it in.
48. ends story by saying he has financial problems and is ridiculed for preaching to cowboys. he doesn't care though because of a couple verses he quotes.
49. pic of an old guy whittling a stick.
50. he was abandoned as a child, and when he got a drink of water one day jesus was there. christian work is like a cowboy's work, needing commitment.
51. he works at various ranches, and feels that you can "witness more" by "the way you treat others".
52. hypocrisy reigns on this last page of his story. quoting proverbs 17:22, he notes that a crushed spirit dries up the bones. further, by studying and spreading god's word, a day will come when we are all guided by his wisdom. how this applies to cowboys is laughably obvious. (end slick section).

start of 4 page regular paper section:
54. "a cowboy's prayer". a laughable prayer asking in part for god to "be with us at the rodeo" and ends with a request that when they die their "entry fees will be paid". unsure if this is meant as a joke or not.
54. a two page poem called "watch him".
55. part two of the poem. about god's grace, etc. while a cowboy traverses a desert.
56. "thank you for my life"- a freestyle poem about being thankful. the end asks for the lord to make him holy in his eyes. (end this section).
57. (start of 6th slick section- final one). pic of cowboy looking at horses. short essay entitled "finding the way". about how the only way to be is god's way!
58. pic across this and next page is of a guy twisting a cow's neck.  there is a tale of how god can help you, peppered with bible verses.
59. continuing, it says you must repent and truly follow the lord to be saved. ironically for these people, matthew 7:21 is quoted.
60. a scenic pic of a mountain, with a telling of why you must say it verbally as well. then, a prayer is offered. part of it says to say you have changed your mind on living your own way. (so if the cowboy way and the bible way conflict????)
61. pic of a cowboy on a horse lassoing another horse. it's a beginning, life is full of choices, etc. choice shown here is whether he should choke a horse or not.
62. several tips on what to do. one says to "read and obey" the bible.
63. talk to god, ask for help, etc.
64. tell others and find a church. their first criteria for finding a church is to ask if their message was focused on what the bible says and christ-honoring. it also says not to give up, and to 'hang on to' god's word. (end).

In conclusion, this writer openly questions how people can be so cruel to animals and say it is okay as long as they spout off bible verses. Especially when that bible condemns animal cruelty. Just like with vegetarianism, also strongly supported by the bible, people like to pore through the book and try to find conflictual verses to justify their deeds. Any time the bible is unclear, all one has to do is ask- WWJD? Would Jesus shock animals' privates? Would Jesus twist calves necks? Would Jesus choke horses? Would Jesus harass, scare, and harm any animals for amusement? Answer that.

SHARK Online - rodeo truths
origin of cowboys (must read)
buy your own copy here
my view of rednecks/cowboys

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Never Forget ?

Every year around this time, but much more so this year, people say to "never forget". Of course people who personally knew the victims of 9/11 will not forget their loved ones that died. So do they need to be reminded yearly to not forget? Do you need yearly reminders to never forget your deceased loved ones? I don't; I remember my passed relatives quite easily without being reminded. So if this is obvious, then what are we supposed to not forget? The govt. fairy tale that flies in the face of modern physics? Ever heard of the Big Lie?

More importantly, why is this one catastrophe any more important than the multitudes of other catastrophes? Because three thousand people died? That is indeed a big deal, since all human life is sacred, right? Therefore the Bhopal disaster was even worse with 4,000 killed and 40,000 maimed. What- you never heard of that incident where an American company leaked a bunch of cyanide gas into a city in India? Oh that's right- people in India are not important. Four thousand of them are less important than three thousand Americans, so we have no massive effort each year to remember that.

Then I wonder, are 500,000 German civilians as important as three thousand Americans? I guess not, as the genocidal fire-bombing of Dresden on Valentine's Day is rarely mentioned as something to remember. Local authorities of the time compiled a list of the names of every one killed there, and that is a lot of names! But history is always written by the winners, so after Germany became an ally of "the Allies", they 'recalculated' the statistic and now say that 'only' 2,500 were killed. Let's forget that too I guess...

How about honoring the country that turned around that war for us, and defeated the Nazis. If it weren't for their sacrifice of 13.3 million troops and 7.5 million civilians, the Nazis may very well have won. Should we remember them? 20.8 million people surely are as worthy of remembering as 3,000 people, right?? Not if they are Russians. Americans just do not care about their sacrifice for the Allied cause in World War Two.

One has to wonder what, if any, disasters are of any concern to Americans. It seems that any amount of thousands or even millions of dead are ignored and forgotten as long as they occur outside US borders. This is why the dates of August 6 and 9 of 1945 mean nothing to most Westerners. A pair of needless bombings to test a new weapon that was not needed in a war that was nearly over anyway killed at least 200,000 people. Remember that anyone?

There have been so many disasters and wars, pandemics and genocides, that it would be quite a task to attempt to list them. What makes 9/11 so special? We all know the human deaths from it are awful, but why more awful than the 3,000 that died in the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire? Because if it is only Americans that have valuable lives, then pick through this list to remember. If not, then let us all question what the real motive is here.

The modern myth of the evil Muslims is a convenience for the ongoing imperialism of the corporatist nation America has become. Just like our forefathers were told to be scared of the Cherokees, the British, the French, the Austrians, the Nazis, the Japs, the Commies, and finally the Muslims, Arabs, and Iranians (those last three are not the same peoples, but most Americans do not know the difference anyway)....What evil scapegoat, what enemy-of-the-day, will be next?

Whomever it is, its victims will never be remembered as well as the ones on 9/11. Because their lives will not be as important.Therefore let's never forget the true reason for all the yearly hype: the govt. has not found a suitable replacement for its current scapegoat yet, so its fairy tale of how 9/11 happened must continue to be perpetuated in the meantime- while the 4 million Muslims killed in the Middle East from 9/11 until now are of no concern. 

See how many died in WWII
American Wars- List
9/11- a primer of info

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World Wildlife Fund Deceptively Named

It is sad how so many people judge books by their covers. People that think they are concerned about the environment and animals seem to be especially prone to this. Must be their bleeding-heart syndrome...

One of several groups with a misleading name is the WWF. The World Wildlife Fund, aka the World Wide Fund for Nature, has a name that leads people to believe it is about helping nature and wildlife. And, it has a cute panda logo! So it must be a good organization, most people assume. Besides, if you look through their main website (one of many sites they have), it is very extensive, pretty, colorful, and features animal and nature pics. It looks like it is all about helping endangered species and fighting environmental destruction. Pretty impressive, but what have other people uncovered by searching beyond their pretty site?

First let us ponder a weird question--
What do the following all have in common:
hunting- incl. trophy hunting and seal hunts, trapping incl. with steel jaw leghold traps, whaling, rainforest destruction, forced displacement of native tribes, vivisection (animal testing), chemicals for farming, and genetic crops?
Answer: they are all avidly supported and practiced by the WWF.

I know - you don't want to believe it because they have a panda logo. To get an idea of the breadth of their practices, check this Facebook page devoted to exposing them: Wicked Wildife Fund on FB. Then, read through this site made by PeTA2, and make sure you peruse all of their supporting documents so it really sinks in. By this time, you should be anxious to watch the video below. It mainly details the jungle destruction, native displacement, tiger harassment, and history. And of course their association with that wonderful company Monsanto.

WWF - Silence of the Pandas by pandasilence

Now every time you see one of those cute pandas on someone's car, you will cringe at their ignorance.

The Windsors (the British Royal family) are known both for big game hunting, incl. many large  tiger hunts in old India like pictured above, and for heading the WWF. Prince Charles recently took the reigns from Prince Philip.

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Bottled Water? Read the Labels

Have you ever heard the saying, Can't see the forest for the trees? It means something is so obvious you do not realize it, even when right in front of your face. This is certainly the case with our water.

There are the majority of people, who feel that drinking tap water is fine. They trust the government to purify it and they are sure no agency would mix poisons into it. After all, everyone uses it and they are 'fine'. Just 'fine'.

Then there are the bottled water people. They think the tap water is unsafe and prefer commercially purified stuff. Unfortunately many of them well-meaning people do not read labels and drink tap water anyway. For example, Pepsi's brand Aquafina is simply tap water with no further treatments.

Numerous supposed environmental groups, which I suspect are actually front groups funded by the aluminum and uranium industries, attack bottled water endlessly. They claim the plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare and that virtually all bottled water is a scam of selling tap water. They further claim that plastic leaches dangerous chemicals, mainly BPA, into the water it contains. This is no longer true. It only applied to the kind of plastic that is hard, such as baby bottles- not water bottles. It also has been phased out and is no longer being manufactured or sold. Even though many latched onto this and continue to make a big deal out of it, even if it were still being made with those particular toxins, you would have to drink more water than humanly possible to ingest enough leeched chemicals to harm you. 

It is also puzzling how people can claim that plastic bottles fill up landfills. Adding a couple square inches of mass to a landfill is preferable to reusing a glass, which has to be rewashed all the time, thereby wasting lots of water. But they say otherwise. Is water more precious, or a miniscule amount of space in a landfill? As if you don't have the option to recycle the bottle anyway. If you do recycle it, this argument becomes pointless. If not, the lesser of two evils seems to be to add to a landfill to save water and improve your health.

Not all commercial waters are unprocessed tap water. Usually the kinds that say "drinking water" are just that, and are meant for people with disconnected water service due to outstanding bills or plumbing problems, or for areas with a boil order or other problems. Buying it all the time would indeed be pointless though. Read the labels. There are a few brands that make it less obvious and fool people into thinking their water is special when it is not. (Too numerous to list; many in regional grocery store chains. Read the labels.)

Drinking "spring water" also seems pointless to me. Where is the spring, and why is it purer? It usually says it comes from some certain county in some state. Look up that county. Is it right next to a metropolis? Usually, so their toxic runoffs are likely in the groundwater the spring comes from. Further purification of spring water is rare. Drinking spring water is like water-roulette.

The only brands I trust to be pure besides locally branded distilled water in gallon jugs, are Smart Water, Glaceau, and Fiji. Smart Water is distilled, Glaceau is from glacier melt in Iceland, and Fiji is from a well in Fiji, which I am assuming are both pretty clean. 

Also worth a quick mention is the scandalous and immoral "infant water", which is water with extra fluoride added for babies. This is a barbaric ploy to poison babies for profit. All scientific studies about fluoride have warned that people under two should not drink or otherwise ingest fluoride. Hence, children's fluoride free toothpaste.

The folks who want everyone to drink toxic tap water (which it is, and you can prove it to yourself by reading your city's next water quality report), also decry distilled water. They falsely claim that distilled water is devoid of minerals and therefore leeches minerals from your body. This is absurd and unproven. Water is used by your body for many functions. It does not suck out your minerals. Distilled water is pure water, with nothing in it but chemically combined hydrogen and oxygen. Claiming pure water is bad for you is lunacy. But they do not want you to buy it instead of using tap water, so the myth continues. If it really worries you, then buy Smart Water brand, which is distilled water with added electrolytes.

I used to buy Great Value brand 'distilled water' from Walmart. I already knew about their Sam's water in the small bottles with blue lids. It turned out to not be purified as claimed when laboratory tested. Now, I began to wonder about the labels on their one gallon jugs. It is called "Distilled Water" but its ingredients list was confusing. It says, "Water purified by Ozonation, Reverse Osmosis, or Steam Distillation" . Or??? I asked them about it on their site- see " Customer Q & A Exchange". My question was simple: "The labels list three ways it might be purified- distillation, ozonation, OR reverse osmosis. Do you not know how it is purified; why not?". It took them weeks to answer, which first came as an email stating in part : "Your question has been answered!...You had a problem. It was answered. Problem solved." It then directed me to a link to see my answer. The link goes to this page. Click it and see. I tried to look it up manually through their site. Their Great Value brand distilled water was not there, and had been apparently removed from the site entirely. I wrote to their customer service email address. They said a local store manager would answer my question soon. Weeks later, he has not yet. The water in question has been reposted on their site though, with an interesting answer: "Yes, it is absolutely distilled. We have several suppliers across the country who may use a different process." Think about that- yes, but different suppliers use different processes. And the different processes seem to be the three different purification methods mentioned, two of which are simply NOT distillation. Right. Therefore, in the Midwest at least- and probably anywhere there is a Walmart selling this product, you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting truly distilled water when you buy their "Distilled Water". Always read labels...

I have found another grocer in town that sells water which is distilled- and only distilled (same price too). In the meantime, I have stopped buying water anywhere else and am planning on making a solar distiller. When finished, I will post a how to article here so others can utilize it. For now, just read the labels!

Water is human lifeblood, and should be simply water. It should taste like nothing and just feel like moisture. Don't let anyone tell you different.

I contacted the area supplier for bottled waters for the walmarts in this region. After a very long delay, they finally sent me a water quality report on the "distilled" water, which was all zeroes. Very unbelievable. Email me, and I will forward relevant emails if you would like. In my opinion they are labeling everything with various labels, and nothing is distilled. In the end, is it worth the risk to you? I buy distilled elsewhere. At least it is likely to be distilled when I buy it from Dollar General, Hy-Vee, or Fareway.

(c) james platt 2011


Tony the Tiger – symbol of the dark side of activism

It is amazing how much b.s. is spread around by people of 'impeccable credentials'. Going beyond the rumors and hype is an art. Unfortunately most people believe the first thing they hear- evidence or not- and any proof otherwise presented later is brushed off as lies. This is how most people think, and the liars know it. So they repeat their lies over and over in order to spread the lie as well as drive in the old untruth. It is an evil game, and there are always minions of the gullible to eat it up, repeating the lie because it was what they wanted to hear anyway. They parrot it, and birds of a feather flock together. The opposing flocks of parrots squawk of their unfounded truths, while inventing more lies about the other flock. Preaching to the choir sets in and the two groups soon devolve into deluded robotic parrots. And so it is with any issue.

I have had a unique opportunity to see both sides of a conflict for awhile now. I am placed in the middle of the Tony the tiger conflict. A truck stop in Louisiana has a pet tiger on display (the TTS, or Tiger Truck Stop). Animal activists want it confiscated and sent to a sanctuary; most want it sent to BCR or Big Cat Rescue in Florida. BCR said they will take it, but it will be up to the tiger's current owner where it goes if ordered removed. The park and zoo I mention below are the same place in Oklahoma, a large facility with thousands of animals. The ALDF is the Animal Legal Defense Fund and they are the ones suing.

A read of their lies below will give a nice overview of all of their claims.

Both sides think I am or at least was on their side. Some are not sure. It has become clear that the holier-than-thou animal rights activists have created many lies about this, and while the truck stop supporters have embellished some points, they are definitely on the higher ground when it comes to fact checking. Unfortunately the people who support the cause of promoting private ownership of exotic animals have flocked to this and taken it over with their propaganda. Those people have no more interest in facts than the animal rights ones. Their obsessive hell-bent campaign against the owner of BCR is a sidetrack to the truck stop case. So first, let's examine the ARA lie-list:

Top 10 lies of the animal rights activists regarding Tony the tiger:

1. Diesel fuel and/or exhaust fumes are dowsing and/or choking and/or poisoning the tiger all the time.
I had to put and/or because they can't decide on the details of this accusation. It is a rumor someone started and has no scientific basis whatsoever. It is simply repeated over and over with no thought to how nonsensical it is. Vapors and fumes are lighter than air and float upwards. Exhaust from semis is emitted about 15' high to begin with, then floats up and away. And have you ever smelled diesel fuel fumes at a truck stop? I have not, ever, anywhere or in any weather. What about two blocks away from the pumps and truck parking area? That's how far the tiger is from the alleged fumes. Has anyone taken an air sample from near the cage? Didn't think so. Hogwash...

2. The tiger is confined to an area with a concrete floor.
Then why is he seen constantly walking in the grass? It is illegal to keep him in the concrete only area, except when cleaning the grassy area. Videos taken all the time disprove this.

3. Lights are on him all night so he can't sleep.
There are not. Period. And his concrete block den is always dark day and night. Prove this with a current video.

4. He is suffering from the heat.
Southern Louisiana is pretty hot for us humans. But tigers are adapted to live in much hotter places like India. He will be fine. Especially since he has a law-mandated air conditioner in his den and a pool of water to bathe in.

5. He is neglected and ignored.
He gets constant attention and is checked on at least daily by his handlers that work at the truck stop. Being a cat he surely enjoys watching all the people and vehicles moving around. And sleeping, as cats do a lot.

6. He is sick somehow, his legs are atrophied, his paws may be cracked, and he is emaciated.
The illness is unclarified and never seems to manifest itself. What bystander has photographed the underside of his paws and proven they are cracked? And who has ever taken one single picture of him appearing skinny? No one that I know of. Ever. And his legs atrophied? Right. He is frequently checked by a veterinarian and treated as needed. No one has ever proven any of these things with so much as a single picture either.

7. He is stressed and paces constantly.
Then how come his legs are atrophied? Oops- conflicting lies there! Stress is unknown as we can't read an animal's mind. But he does not seem like it. He does not act violent. Pacing though he does sometimes- because he is a tiger. All big cats pace. They wander up to a hundred miles a day in the wild, so of course he will pace. It is normal and giving him exercise.

8. The environment is too noisy for him.
It is true the truck stop is near an interstate. And interstates are loud. But after 22 years I bet he is used to it. He has surely found a way to sleep through it by now, because he would have been dead of exhaustion otherwise by the first month. He can live with it just like wild ones live with the cacophony of a jungle with all its birds and monkeys screaming constantly.

9. The cage is filthy and the water is green all the time.
The cage has never been photographed with more than one pile in it. The handlers cannot rush out instantaneously every time he relieves himself. And the water was pictured one time with green moss stuff in it like birdbaths get. That is it. Maybe less before, but now that the authorities monitor it more frequently, the cage is cleaned daily.

10. The USDA has been citing this truck stop for over 20 years for animal welfare violations.
This is a gross exaggeration. The owner's father got into some trouble in Texas, and that should not be included and held against his son, but always is which is unfair. This truck stop in this state has been cited on 8 occasions from July of '01 to July of '07 (that's six years). Most were minor infractions. And this is even IF that is true, because it is certain no one can prove it. This info is ultimately based upon a list from PeTA and they will not prove it with USDA documents. The USDA will not release their records. So how do we know if even this is not exaggerated? We don't, and sure enough it has been expanded by activists to become an alleged “20 years of egregious violations!”. Get a grip.

One more honorable mention:
He is harassed by a hundred visitors per hour all day and all night.
This was started by a parish councilman who counted people one day and said there were a hundred one hour. But does that mean always, every day, and all night too? Doubtful at best. One hundred people per hour is actually less than two per minute anyway. Have you ever seen a video of a huge crowd of a hundred people gawking at him at the same time? I haven't. In any case, he can go into his den anytime and escape the people.

These accusations are the crux of the activists' arguments, and all are baseless. They are parroted hype with no evidence at all. But dramatic words abound: despicable, filthy, horrible, torture, hellhole...How about this word: Lies.

Now let's examine a few claims and counterclaims by the truck stop and its supporters:

1. Activists bang on the cage all the time to get Tony to look at their cameras.
This is impossible because the cage is not accessible to the public. It is surrounded by a fence a few feet out. If people bang on the fence, Tony can go into his den, or to the other side of the large enclosure he enjoys. And the area is monitored by staff to stop just such activities. Two instances of adults banging on the outer fence are mentioned by the truck stop owner, and those two people were assumed to be ARA's. The other instances are said to have been kids. 

2. The activists flash strobe lights in his face to see him roar.
This probably has been done, but it does not mean that animal activists are doing it. It means a lot of people are inconsiderate of animals and many people would do that to see a tiger roar. Blaming the activists is unfounded.

3. Activists have been trying to poison him with cigarettes and other items so he will become sick for their own ends.
More nonsense. As above, anyone could do that for any sadistic reason, and many probably would for a sick laugh. But only the activists? And how do you throw a pack of cigarettes through a chain link fence, then three feet over, then another layer of fence, and then the bars? Sounds difficult, though anyone could poison an animal kept outdoors in a public place, and the last suspects should be animal lovers. One knowledgeable person informed me of this incident : "...About two years ago I was talking to a young man at a bar when he said he was from a city past the TTS. I asked if he ever stopped there. He went on a tirade about the treatment of the tiger - which he knew nothing about in truth. He then commented that he and his friends had thrown cigarettes and stuff into the cage to see if the tiger would eat them 'and get sick so they'd have to give him up'. To be fair, he was drunk, but who makes crap like that up?...". While this blogger believes that statement, it is doubtful that random ARA's try stunts like this all the time.

4. The sanctuary they were going to send him to in Texas has refused them due to activist harassment, so options are nil. 
While partly true, it is still just one out of many sanctuaries in this country. Many other good ones are around, including three that said they will take Tony in if needed. One of these has an open acreage where he could run freely with other tigers. A refusal by one place in one state is not the end of all options. 

5. Tony's claws can't be removed, therefore he can't be re-homed.
Why is claw removal essential to moving a tiger to another home? Tony is already caged alone and will be no more lonely if housed separately somewhere else.

6. Lions are solitary animals, so tigers are too. They can't be put with more of their kind or they will kill each other.
Lions are social, tigers are not. But numerous sanctuaries place numerous tigers together, and sometimes even tigers and lions in the same cages. They can get along and do at many facilities. The place where this tiger's owner intends to send Tony has several multiple cat cages. Check his site linked below to view them.This becomes circular, as the argument is he will be placed alone in a cage anyway.

7. Tony will have to physically fight for food scraps and compete for vet care anywhere else.
They portray other places like Chinese zoos. At Chinese zoos, they dump live oxen into tiger pits so the public can have fun watching the fight. This is not China, and no sanctuary in America does that. All animals are fed daily individually at any facility here. If fighting ensues, the animals are permanently separated into different cages. This is how sanctuaries and zoos really work. Vet care is also not a contest; it is given to all animals in any facility. This argument is a scare tactic and a delusion.

8. Tony was not trained in the wild to hunt, so he can't obtain food at any other place.
Sanctuaries never feed their animals live game. They get vet prescribed meats and vitamins. They do not need to know how to hunt live animals down to keep from starving. They will be fed, just like he is now. The recent bruhaha about BCR having fed their lions three rabbits last summer is reaching fever pitch by the pro-exotic pet people, but it is entirely irrelevant. Even if they did, it is not unnatural and could be considered simply  a distasteful aspect of keeping wild carnivores. Regardless, it is not standard practice anywhere and Tony starving because he never was trained to hunt is paranoia.

9. BCR's cages are inadequate- rusty wire, small, not buried into ground, etc.
Irrelevant if Tony is not going there anyway. So why harp on it? A distraction is all this is. BCR has not yet had any cages blow away, to my knowledge.And their cages are much roomier than some people have portrayed by video cropping. As if it matters. Tony is not going there, so who cares?

10. If the activists want Tony's habitat improved, then they have to pay for it.
It may be true that the truck stop property includes 40 acres of unused land behind it, but why should that mean that anyone else has to pay for its development? The tiger's owner should pay for its care, no one else. Online activism is not a for-profit venture, and activists are not a gang of millionaires sending stacks of checks to BCR as portrayed. And even if they were, it is not the truck stop's business what other people do with their money. They are responsible for Tony, and claim ownership of him. If they want the back 40 made into something for Tony, his owner should have to pay for it.

And an honorable mention for this side as well:
Everyone who bothers the truck stop is conspiring together and of the same mindset.
Activists find this at once frustrating and laughable it is so wrong. The truck stop supporters constantly use free exchange of the activists' names, PeTA, ALDF, and other groups as if they are one entity. None of the real activists or animal rights groups have anything to do with the one so-called activist that they hate so much. Some people need to get their story straight and figure out exactly who they hate and why.

Six more problems, from BOTH sides:

1. Lies and exaggerations abound about the owners of both sides.
The past of BCR's owner or of TTS's owner are completely irrelevant as to how they treat animals now. And their current personal lifestyles are irrelevant. And speculations about them are irrelevant. These distractions are childish and fly from both sides constantly.

2. Claims of more money involvement than is true.
The truck stop likely does not take in a million a year in donations via its little wooden box on the fence, nor does BCR take in millions to build an impending cage for Tony. Okay, I am guessing here, but willing to bet these stories are highly exaggerated.

3. No one has measured anything to disprove the other side.
It would be so easy to disgrace the other side by taking a few simple measurements and recording it.
Air quality, distance in feet to the gas pumps or truck parking : none have been measured and posted. I asked both sides repeatedly to do so, and neither will. Which side is afraid of the results?
At least the tiger's owner has informed me of the cage size, which the activists claim is too small: " The entire enclosure is 3200 square feet, the play area is 1600 square feet and the shelter areas are 20'X20' or 400 square feet each."

4. Veterinary and other records remain hidden.
Why not release the tiger's vet records to prove his health? What about the city animal control officer charged with checking on compliance with the revised ordinance- public records there. No one will open nor release these records. No one has subpoenaed them. Is Tony microchipped as required by law? Is there a rifle on site with a trained user on the premises 24 hrs. a day? What are the city's records saying? And the vet records? It is all a mystery. Neither side is opening nor pursuing these nuggets of info. Why the activists have not properly pursued these facts makes one wonder what they are afraid of learning. At least the tiger owner has had a physical done, filmed it, and posted it online. See it here

5. Both sides are closed minded and love to argue.
This is illustrated by their sites and pages. They hate each other, and do not listen to one another. Unreasonable demands are made. It is a big brawl. No one acts more mature or tries to explain stuff or share info. It is a fight, and both sides revel in it. Most arguing is irrelevant talk about the owners of TTS and BCR.

6. The issue is used for grandstanding on bigger issues that are barely relevant.
The exotic animal trade has latched onto the truck stop side, while the animal rights crowd has glued itself onto the 'free him' argument. The issue of exotic pet ownership and breeding has overshadowed and obscured the real facts in this particular case.

There are three locations involved in this: the Tiger Truck Stop of Grosse Tete, LA; Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, FL; GW Memorial Animal Park of Oklahoma. The truck stop has the tiger in question. The place in Florida is a big cat sanctuary that has been willing to take the tiger if confiscated. The park in OK is a private zoo that the tiger will go to if confiscated. This is because of the friendship of the owners of the truck stop and the OK zoo. So let us now examine a few points about these three places...

Top 3 interesting points about each of the 3 places involved:

Tiger Truck Stop:
1. They constantly brag that lots of tigers were bred there, but do not mention that all but one (Tony) was ordered removed in 9/03 by the USDA for lack of care. One was in such bad shape, a pit had to be dug into the ground for the wheels to make the trailer floor even with the ground so it could hobble out of the transport trailer.(see this page, sections “Toby”, “Rainbow”, “Khan”, and “Tiger Truck stop Trio”. this page used to detail that story of their arrival, but does not now). 
Mr. Sandlin provided this statement about it: "As far as Toby, Rainbow, and Shere Khan: I agreed to relocate 2 tigers not 3, The decision was mine and not the USDAs, I included Shere Khan because I had 3 males in the exhibit and it was creating problems with males not getting along. So I decided to retire Toby and Rainbow, both over 19 years old (very old) and Shere Khan because he was another male. Shere Khan had nothing to do USDA accusations. I kept Tony because he was the youngest."

They also raffled a tiger off once to the public, and likely do have at least a few USDA violations from the past.

2. They did not bother to emplace a pool or make other improvements until required by law. The tiger was usually confined to its small cell without access to grass and had no pool at all until the parish council mandated it in 2010. Its current state is barely two years old, and before that the enclosure was more dilapidated, unclean, and confined for about 20 years.

3. The pool is a small pig trough. It is barely big enough for a tiger to swim in. A few dollars more would have bought a horse trough that is much larger. Miserly. Or, an in-ground pool like for gardens would be even better at little more expense. Never done, despite the owner's thank you on video to the activists for 'a million dollars worth of free advertising'. Tigers love to swim so why be so cheap on a pool?

Big Cat Rescue:
1. Tony would have less room to walk around. This is pretty important. They are landlocked in the middle of a city.
2. It is not between two interstates, as the zoo owner claimed in a video to negate the interstate noise argument. A simple use of Google Maps can confirm this.
3. Their hundreds of videos show clearly that they make ongoing attempts to enrich their animals lives with toys, companions, and special treats. This direct involvement is not seen at most places.

GW Park:
1. Their 'streetview' type page on their site reveals that they do have multiple cat cages together, including a tiger with a lion. The claim of Tony's impending isolation is nonsensical.
2. The ongoing gripes about BCR planning on charging people to look at Tony are laughable compared to this park's fees of 10. to 2,000. Check their site for details of their fees. (BCR charges 29.-550.).
3. In a video interview, their owner stated they only lost about 5 cats last year.Their owner demonizes BCR for having lost 119 cats. But BCR was founded in '92, which makes it 19 years old. This means they lost about 6 cats a year. Not a big difference. Their owner makes many other hypocritical claims as well.


This tiger's owner was already being watched by the USDA and PeTA years before any other activists started this ruckus. It is the parish and local sheriff that allowed this exhibit to go on for years without discerning what level of permit(s) were needed. When the Revised Ordinance was finally issued along with major stipulations for the animal's welfare, the activists should have celebrated- but instead they flipped out and redoubled their efforts to have it taken to a much smaller cage in Florida. Lies were dreamed up and parroted on dozens of sites until a large animal rights group saw what looks to me like a P.R. op., and sued. Now, a legal technicality is being used to have the tiger removed from the state. The activists are still not satisfied and want it removed even sooner. What they are not considering is that the place the tiger goes to will be smaller and less good in several ways than where it is now. In the end, the activists in general will have caused this animal major undue stress and confinement for no factual reason other than their own hype. And, their tolerance of one particular so-called activist has delayed the process for years.

Meanwhile, the truck stop's owner is a nice guy who thinks prayer will resolve this in his favor. No matter how nice he is, bad things can happen to anyone- even if they are religious. Prayers and slogans are not enough. Exotic pet owners have rallied around him, but their numbers are few and they have no more evidence than the other side to defend their noise. Neither this businessman nor anyone else in the world should have been possessing a wild animal to start with, but unfortunately he did. As long as it was treated well, it should have been let be.There are several thousand other tigers privately owned in America alone, most of which are not treated well at all.

Mr. Sandlin had this to say about his tiger's treatment: " He has an air conditioner/heater in his den. Rubber mats to lie [on]. Steps to higher levels to climb up on. He has a pool, water sprinklers, a fan, bolo balls, logs, swinging tire, pumpkins, christmas trees, watermelons, blood-cicles, spices for scents, and he likes to play hide and seek. He likes to be petted. "
It is this writer's opinion that once the revised ordinance was enacted, the whole thing should have been dropped, or minimized to simply keep an eye on its enforcement.The way the cause was brought about was based upon lies and harassment, and that is wrong. Many were suckered into the false sob story and few have ever opened their eyes to the simple lack of evidence for any of the wild claims. Animal rights activists openly tolerated one person's lies/libel/harassment which hurt their credibility very badly. Everyone turned out the fool here, and if the lawsuit is successful, no one wins. The tiger will lose as well: losing space, personal attention, and familiar territory. It would then be moved to a smaller place and the activists will then surely start attacking that place and its owner. The tiger will likely die sad. Both sides can take credit for it, but most importantly animal activism has showed its true nature.

Poor Tony.

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(c) james platt 2011


Exotic Pet Ownership - dangerous and immoral

If you know anyone who is considering getting a wild animal for a "pet", or already has one, then make them think very hard about their choices. Only a rare few people have proper space and funds to provide proper care for their animals. The proponents of exotic pet ownership all claim that mistreatment is rare, and it is not their fault that a few are inadequately caring for their pets. Actually, the "few" are the many- the majority. Considering the inherent cruelty in how these animals are treated, as well as the looming danger of keeping such animals, it is only logical that this crazy hobby be outlawed. But a few people can make a lot of noise, and with any special interest -no matter how immoral- it has lobbyists and activists to help insure the truth is obfuscated.

There are estimated to be around 20,000 wild cats being kept as "pets" in this country. There are mainly tigers (7,000) and lions and hybrids (10,000), but also include leopards, jaguars, cougars, cheetahs, servals, lynx, ocelots, and others. Estimates are probably very much on the low side, since many people do not license or register their animals with authorities, nor do they put them on public display.

Most are neglected, abused, or just not contained securely. Even a mountain lion can jump straight up 18 feet, and make horizontal leaps of 40 feet. Many people also place their 600 pound tigers or 1,000 pound tigon hybrids in common dog kennels. Some don't even bother to put tops on these cages. These cats are rarely caged securely, and their treatment is almost never adequate. See this video of two tigers that are kept in an unlocked cage in Missouri. I contacted the local sheriff about the public danger of this, and was curtly informed that no laws are being broken. Quote from his email: " We have been in contact with the Conservation Department on this issue and researched the law. The only law we could find on the books is they have to report that they have those kind of animals in the county to the Sheriffs Office. They have complied with that law."  Perhaps after they escape and kill some people or cattle, then public safety will be addressed.

See this aggregative site listing exotic cat attacks. You will see how common they really are, contrary to what the abuse hobbyists will tell you. Their videos of playful tiger cubs and so on are intentionally deceptive. These animals get older, and eventually attack their owners at random times, with rare exceptions. Remember Siegfried and Roy? One of their lifelong highly trained pet tigers tore into one of their throats onstage without warning one night. (One of so many possible examples.) But can you blame them?[another good example here.]

It is common to hear complaints about super-max prisons that place humans in 5X8 foot cells 23 hours a day for years on end. Imagine doing this to animals 3 to 10 times our size: how do they like it? Especially when it is instinctive for them to roam hundreds of miles per day. These animals go insane from the confinement and as soon as a chance occurs, they will explode into what they always were: WILD animals!

This blogger firmly believes that it is immoral and unnatural to confine or control any wild animal. Unless a pet is a species that is already domesticated completely and therefore dependent upon human care, then there is no valid excuse to possess any other kind of animal. Dominion, as mentioned in Genesis, means responsibility for and stewardship, according to bible scholars; it does not mean dominate just because it is a similar word. Please consult a dictionary if you don't understand this. Since this is mainly an American fad, and most Americans claim to be Christians, this bore mentioning. They seem to put on their blinders when it comes to Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 "man hath no pre-eminence over a beast" in a nutshell. More completely and in modern English it says:  " I also thought: 'As for men, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so does the other. All have the same spirit; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return. Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?' "

Further, the argument of preserving a species via confinement and breeding is fallacious at best. Taking them form the wild to establish a captive sample population is absurd. It is unnatural and removes the final barrier to the environment wreckers to get what they want. The environment will surely be destroyed more and more in direct proportion to these captive breeders operating capacities. It is a simpler and better idea to preserve the environment so the animals can live in it safely in the wild. This logic escapes the animal breeders.

While a few operations of this sort may be spacious, healthy, and respectful to their animals, they are few. And the few , while fighting for the legal continuation of their exotic hobby, are paving a path for the majority who do not properly care for these animals. It is a sad, vicious cycle, with the animals and the environment coming out as losers. 

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