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Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Exaggerated Evil

First written on 11/23/2010, this article and its info has been extensively updated, and reverified as of 8/8/15;10/18/15;1/30/16.

US military is widespread, but not nearly as much as many claim:
complete listing of US foreign bases and alliances

A Project Well Overdue...

I always liked to think I was an anti-war activist, but now I am not so sure: just like I used to be an environmentalist, and used to be an animal rights activist. Those movements have good intentions but bad methodologies, while also resorting to wild exaggerations to lure others into their causes. Then these exaggerations- frequently outright lies- get repeated over and over, and become maxims of the slacktivist brigades. The anti-war people seem to be in on it as well, using the same techniques.

While doing research for a novel, I needed to know about the military presence in Japan. Oh what a mess that led me into! I discovered that every source one could look up had different lists, numbers, and other info on troop presences- not only in Japan but everywhere in the world. The sites with extensive references, some even citing Dept. of Defense documents, also had conflicting figures. While it is possible that even the government does not know this information accurately, especially since it moves troops around so much and opens and closes bases sometimes, I smelled a rat and started looking closer...

The key was the maps. Maps of the world showing US bases had some quite telling discrepancies. Nearly all of them were made by anti-war sites who wanted it to look as if the US has a lot more bases in a lot more places than it really does. Since I am no stranger to geography and politics, I know what countries are what. I noticed a few things.

First, many of these maps mark every country with a military "presence". Most mark China and Russia even. Do you really believe the US has military bases inside Russia or China? The maps say so, so it must be true (sound familiar? like some animal rights claims...). I finally figured out that there is indeed an American military presence in those two countries: a dozen or so marines working as embassy guards. So now every country with a embassy can be marked on these "presence" maps. A few marines at the embassy in Moscow gives them an excuse to mark all of Russia red as an Occupied-With-Bases-State, and a large soldier outline stands on the Taiga, gun in hand. Please.

I also noticed that Hong Kong keeps showing up. One map borrows from another, obviously for years on end. Anyone over ten years old should recall the handover of Hong Kong to China in July of 1997. England leased it from them in 1897 for 99 years. The Chinese informed them that they intended to collect, so it was handed over in a big ceremony. Since it is a Chinese city now, I seriously doubt if there is still an American military base there. Just as ridiculous are the maps listing Venezuela on them. I hardly think so, after an American led coup overthrew President Chavez briefly; and now his former vice-president is in charge- putting up with such poppycock as Obama's declaration of Venezuela as a "military threat" to America.

Even more deceitful are the markings for places that are not countries. Listing Johnston Atoll as a location of an American base in another country is a load of bull, since the UK owns that place as a territory. Other atolls in the Pacific are frequently listed as well, including the American owned islands of Guam. How is that a foreign base? Just the same, another frequent listing is an island called St. Helene. That is not a country, it is a territory of the UK. Same as Diego Garcia- also the UK's. But they are listed as two more countries, besides the UK itself. Deceptive...

Several nations are also marked due to the presence of under a hundred trainers or advisors, especially in numerous African states. (Lately the term 'lily pads' has been coined to mean African non-bases with around 20 personnel. These are also made into scary maps polka-dotting the continent with these 'pads', and you have to read their lengthy articles to figure out they are mostly referring to training actions, dirt airstrips used for occasional refueling of cargo planes, or individual missions from years ago and usually involving well under a hundred or even a dozen soldiers...) In 2009 or so African Union nations universally rebuffed American efforts to form an alliance and set up a military headquarters or base/s in one of their countries. America does maintain Africom, a sparse network of offices trying to infiltrate the hearts and minds of African military leaders- aiding in all manner of minor activities. Actual US bases in Africa, however, remain scant. African States' loyalties are generally to whomever is currently giving them weapons for their ongoing wars, which are myriad. (When no one sells them guns, they fight with machetes.) Only China invests real money into their economies though, as they are after the minerals there. Future American bases there are not likely, and are not there now. Handfuls of trainers make the maps scarier though, don't they? It is similar to an antenna tower with dishes and relays on it. A building sits near its foot, with two or three soldiers tending to its maintenance. Is that a “foreign military base”, as commonly thought of- or just an outpost? Several of these scenarios exist in South Korea, and a few other locations. The only actual American bases in Africa are a naval base in Kenya, and another one in Djibouti, which is not too shocking as that nation rents out base space to anyone- and China and Russia have naval facilities there as well. 

I also noticed that none of the maps are current. The US installed a puppet regime in the country of Georgia, and heaped them with weapons. Then the little puppet killed civilians of neighboring countries, invaded a neutral zone, and threatened Russia. So it is marked on all the maps as a base country, but was not removed from the maps after Russia invaded in August 2008 and confiscated the American weapons. Though the Russians now insist American scientists have a bioweapons lab there, this is not a military base. This is the same scenario as Krygyzstan, a large former Soviet republic that is now a country. There was a US air force base there, and in Feb. of 2009 the Krygyzis told them they wanted it closed. The Americans had to leave. The maps do not reflect this either. Another honorable mention of BS goes to the constant labeling of Thailand as a site for American bases. The last US base closed there in June of 1976, as the Thais kicked them out. Now they allow refueling of planes for anti-terror missions and that's all.

Soapbox time...
Besides the maps, it is disturbing how many sites grovel to the politically correct people and make a huge point out of "supporting the troops". What does "support" mean exactly? Spouting off how brave they are every chance you get? I am sure most of them are brave, but what does that have to do with it? No one ever said any of them were cowards did they? So does "Support" mean spouting off broken record lines about blind patriotism? If the politicians sent them to a phony murderous genocidal war to make themselves richer, it does not mean that everyone should reel back in awe of how 'just' the war is, just because that is supposed to be "support". Support should mean telling them to be even braver and refuse to kill civilians, ask what evidence there is for the reasons of the conflict, and quit if necessary to leave the theater if the answers are not sensible. Most soldiers are breaking numerous international laws which America is a signatory to, and they do not question it. 'Just following orders' has led to many genocides throughout history, including the current ones now in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. Supporting the troops also should mean demanding that they come home to defend their own country. That is much more moral and less dangerous.

If they want danger, there is plenty of it in the lawless no-man's land near the Mexican border, where drug cartels, human smugglers, and mafia killers run rampant- frequently escorted by rogue factions of the Mexican Army. Fight them. This country loves to nose into other countries' conflicts, so why not one on our own border? We are fighting the drug cartels in Colombia, so let's give Mexico a direct hand in their drug war, which is spilling over the border anyway. I support fighting them, on US soil or at most a few miles from it, bravely and honorably, not violating the Geneva Accords nor other rules of war (see this guide). Support our troops by bringing them home! We need them here!

But most anti-war sites almost always stop short of saying what I just did. That, besides their deceptive maps and faulty statistics, make them not believable. Anything they say could be a lie, who knows? Something had to be done to find out the truth.

Methodology and Terms

What is a “military base”? It can mean any place the military sets up shop for any reason. But in the common use of the term, it implies a place where an attack could be launched from. These places are the threats to other countries, or I suppose, the defense hubs of host areas. When people refer to “military bases” in a negative light, they generally are implying a base of attack-ready soldiers and equipment, set up in a permanent fashion in an established place.

For this reason, I have chosen to omit many so-called “bases” from my list. Sites that bases use are not 'bases' per se. Ammo storage buildings, firing ranges, outbuildings, etc. are frequently listed by their designated names as “bases”, despite their being attached or in very close proximity to the actual bases that use them. (Is a base with a gun range and a storage shack three bases since it is listed as 3 'assets' by the defense dept.? That's how everyone else is doing the tally..). Just the same, several different companies, regiments, or even branches of the US armed forces may be utilizing a base at the same time and place. So an infantry unit with its own camp name is not a separate base from the marine unit across the street in the same facility. It is the same locale. Listing of separate “camps” like this has led to hundreds of redundant “base” listings.

Worse yet, places such as a post office in Germany, a hospital, housing areas for soldiers families, administrative buildings, and even numerous hotels are owned by the military and listed with the Dept. of Defense's assets- interspersed with the base listings. So many people just look at the final figures and say 'See! There are over 1,000 foreign bases!'. Yes, if you include CIA offices, MP stations, and other indirect or outwardly non-military places such as those just listed.

Another ruse to make it appear the US military has many more bases than it does is to include every place where a soldier stands. There are MOB's- Main Operational Bases. These are bases. Then there are FOB's- these are Forward Operations Bases. These are temporary, mobile encampments. The FOB's are outposts for MOB's, as they are front lookout camps. Though some stay put for awhile, any of them can be taken down and bugged out in less than a day. When counted up these can add hundreds of 'bases' to their lists.

A lot of closed bases are also included in lists all over the net as simply “bases”. Yes they are- but they are closed down! A multitude of bases have also been given to their host countries, especially in Iraq. 

Even more annoying is when people list off how many thousands of buildings the federal govt. owns, on so many millions of acres and worth a trillion dollars or so in real estate...So???? Every square foot of US property that is not in the USA is not necessarily a base.

People have incessantly screeched on comment threads that America has 600, even a thousand foreign bases- in virtually every country in the world. Ridiculous. Here is an updated list, and any of these can be looked up by anyone via the source sites listed below, or elsewhere on the net. A few may have been missed, but it couldn't be too many.

A very common ruse (or at best- parroted mistake), is to include America's domestic bases in the quoted statistic, and then say the word "worldwide"(for example, in this otherwise excellent article on a very good analysis site, even they state: "With more than seven hundred military facilities around the globe..."). As you can see in link below, the USA does have 483 domestic military installations- mostly national guard units. Adding those in to the real amount of foreign bases makes the number jump from 126 to 609 - and that is if you are not exaggerating to begin with!

Also, a joint base with another nation- especially a military organization- is not exclusively funded, commanded, or otherwise controlled by America just because they contribute troops and equipment to it. Therefore NATO and other pact-based multi-national bases have not been included. NATO, with its unrealistic duties and fees, and overt threats to a certain nation that could overrun Europe in mere days, is waning anyway as the EU ponders forming a European Army in its stead. Though American influence is real in NATO, so if you want to add them, there are 18 NATO bases you can tack on if you wish.

Like I said before- one foreign base is bad enough. Over a hundred- unconscionable. Why exaggerate something so bad? Get real so you have verifiable info to back yourself up instead of sounding like Chicken Little....

US Foreign Military Bases
no info older than fiscal year 2014 (at least 9/30/13)

ARMY - 30
[7 countries]

USAG Brussells
USAG Benelux

USAG Ansbach/Katterbach/Shipton Base
USAG Bamberg Airfield
USAG Baumholder/Wetzel
Dexheim Missile Facility
Lucius D. Clay Kaserne
USAG Grafenwoehr
Illesheim Kaserne
USAG Kaiserslautern
USAG Stuttgart- Kelly, Patch, Panzer(marine), Robinson complex
USAG Schweinfurt Training Areas
South Camp Vilseck/East Camp Grafenwoehr
USAG Wiesbaden Army Airfield

Camp Darby
Camp Ederle
Longare Communications Site

Fort Buckner
Camp Zama
Torii Station
Sagami General Depot

USAG Schinnen Emma

Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield

Camp Casey / Castle / Hovey
Camp Humphreys / High Point/ Richmond
USAG Yongsan / Yongsan South / Camp Market / Camp Coiner / Camp Kim
Camp Red Cloud / Bullseye 01 & 02 / Camp Jackson / Camp Stanley(closing 2016)
Seoul (K-16) Air Base
USAG Daegu / Camps Carrol, Walker, George, Henry / Brooklyn Hill / Dartboard Site / Pier 8
Command Post Tango

NAVY - 33
[16 countries]

North Cape- Area A-VLF ; Area C-HFR
Exmouth- NAVCOMMSTA H E Holt

Andros Island- Main Base, Salvador Point,
AUTECs Big Wood Cay ,Golding Cay ,Great Stirrup ,High Point Cay

Sheik Isa
Manama- Nsa-Ii; NSA Bahrain
Al Jufayr- NSA Bahrain - Aviation Unit , Muharraq , NSA Bahrain - Banz Wrhs
Compound , NSA Bahrain - Dependent School , NSA Bahrain - Mina Sulman Pier

Argentia Newfoundland

NS Guantanamo Bay

Camp Lemonier Djibouti

Csl El Salvador

NATO Ordnance Area
NSA Souda Bay , Marathi Pier Area , NAMFI Compound


Augusta Bay- NAS Sigonella, NAS Pensacola Transmitter Site , NATO Ordnance Facility
Naples- NAS 1 Support Area , NAVSUPPACT NAPLES IT

Sasebo- COMFLEACT, Maebata, Sakibe
Okinawa- Kadena Air Base, COMFLEACT
Yokosuka- COMFLEACT, Azuma
Iwo Jima 3181
Kami Seya
Yokohama- Negishi Dh Area, Yokohama No Dock
NAF Atsugi
Tengan Pier-6028
White Beach Naval Inst.

Mombassa- NSA Bahrain

Yechon- Camp Carrol
Chinhae- Fleet Activities Chinhae, ROK Navy Base
Yongsan- Yongsan Garrison

NS Rota

NSA Bahrain - Fujairah Aviation Unit
NSA Bahrain - Jebel Ali

Diego Garcia

[13 countries]

Antigua AS

Kleine Brogel AB
Chievre AB

Karup AB
Thule AB (Greenland)

Bann Communications Stations 1 & 2
Buechel AB
Geilenkirchen AB
Husterhoeh Communication Site
Ramstein AB
Spangdahlem AB

Aviano AB
Ghedi AB

Camp Zama Communications Station
Kadena AB
Misawa AB
Owada Communications Station
Tokorozawa Transmitter Site
Yokota AB

Davis-Monthan AFB (Curacao)


Lajes Field

Camp Red Cloud Communications Site
Kunsan AB
Kwang-Ju AB
Osan AFB
Suwon AB
Taegu AB
Wonju AS

Moron AB

Batman AB
Incirlik AB
Mus AB
Izmir- Izmir As, Cigli AB

(US leases existing UK bases and they are co-used, hence the US bases being designated RAF)
Blenheim Crescent
Cambridge- RAF Molesworth, RAF Alconbury
RAF Bicester
RAF Croughton
RAF Fairford
RAF Feltwell
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Menwith Hill
RAF Mildenhall
RAF Barford St John Transmitter Annex
Ascension Auxiliary Airfield (St. Helena)

[2 countries]

Tengan- Camp McTureous, Camp Courtney
Camp Foster
Camp Fuji
MCAS Iwakuni
MCB Camp S D Butler ASP
Okinawa- Camp Gonsalves , Camp Hansen , Camp Kinser , Camp Lester , Camp Schwab , Ie Jima Aux
Airfield , Kin Blue Beach – 6020 , MCAS Futenma

Camp Mu Juk

--excludes forward operating bases, firebases, combat outposts--
(note: recent govt. statements have referred to keeping troops in this country 'for decades'...)

KAIA- Kabul Intl. Airport
Camp Black Horse
Camp Phoenix
Camp Clark
Camp Blessing
Camp Wright
Bagram Airfield
Camp Marmal
Camp Pratt
Camp Spann
Kandahar Airfield
Camp Arena

currently all bases there have been closed and/or given to Iraq. There are a 'small number' of troops there now as 'advisors'. There are plans to increase troops there to at least 3,500 in the near future, and possibly a new network of small bases, despite Iraqi government (with sole exception of its president) and its army saying they do not want them there. 

Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Antigua, Denmark, Netherlands Antilles, Oman, Portugal, Turkey.
NATO- 18 :
Greece, France, Norway {these 3 are the only additional nations not in above list}, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom] 


US/Foreign Military Pacts:
--7 pacts with 27 nations, excl. OAS--
-Ogdensburg Agreement: Canada, USA
-NORAD (North American Defense treaty): Canada, USA
-NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization): Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, USA. (28 nations) 
-ANZUS: New Zealand, Australia, USA
-Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan: Japan, USA
-Mutual Defense Treaty between the Republic of South Korea and the United States of America: South Korea, USA
-Mutual Defense Treaty Between the Republic of the Philippines and the United States of America: Philippines, USA
-OAS (Organization of American States)- USA and 34 other nations of the Western Hemisphere (Non-functional, conflicting, and never implemented.)

Countries with other military ties, besides bases or treaties:
-Allows US use of their military facilities or otherwise has close military ties:
the Gambia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Liberia
-Plays both sides:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Serbia
-Stores stockpiles of US free-fall atomic bombs at their bases:
Germany, Greece, Turkey
-Stores stockpiles of US nuclear free-fall/guided bombs: 
Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey
Australia -joint US/Australian military space and spying facility, soon to base B-52's as well. 
Israel -radar facility; 2 military depots

American Colonies-  
Current non-sovereign outposts of the US military empire:

considered to be 'insular islands':
-Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico- {all inhabited}; 
considered to be 'outlying islands':
Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef,  Midway Atoll/islands, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Island, Seranilla  Bank(also claimed by Honduras), Baja Nuevo Bank(also claimed by Jamaica and Nicaragua)- {all uninhabited};

Associated states-
sovereign' but US has a 'high degree of control over':
   -Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau;
Quasi-States- former nations retained as military colonies:
   -Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq

Autonomous Vassal States- domestically independent with foreign and military policies controlled by USA:
   -European Union as a whole and its member states independently;

Questionably obtained territories
   -Hawaii- sovereign nation illegally seized, see this video or any of these books,
[the US govt. websites have removed the following document, though the Australian national online library has it here: "Acknowledging the 100th anniversary of the January 17, 1893 overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and to offer an apology to native Hawaiians on behalf ... S.J. Res. 19) (SuDoc Y 1.1/5:103-126)"...]
   -Guantanamo Bay- bay made into naval base in sovereign nation of Cuba without Cuba's consent. Illegally occupied territory.   


For Comparison:
Russian Foreign Military Bases:
Armenia- 1 army, 1 air force
Belarus- 1 radar/ air force
Abkhazia- 1 army
South Ossetia- 2 army
Kazakhstan- 1 radar
Kyrgyzstan- 1 air
Tajikistan- 1 army
Syria- 1 air force; 1 naval 
Vietnam and Cyprus- use of naval ports
(11 bases in 8 countries)
{noteworthy: many maps that try to make Russia look bad add on a "Russian military presence" in Transdniestra, which is merely a very small peacekeeping force that has been there since 1994}

Russian Military Pacts: One- CSTO, which is Russia and 5 of their border states
Other nations with foreign bases:
China- 1 (naval, in Djibouti- used only for anti-piracy operations)
France- 14
United Kingdom- 10
Italy- 3
Germany, India, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey- 1 apiece 

ImperialCrimes : detailed listing of all US military interventions
wikimediacommons : map of all US domestic military facilities/bases (483)
Nuclear proliferation- disturbing details of nukes everywhere

The end result of my research has given me the answers I sought to begin with and then some. The oft repeated claims of 250-1,500 bases in 150 or more countries turned out to be a load of bull. It is more like 126 bases in 16 countries (note: there are about 195 countries, plus several more with contested status). That leaves 169 countries (and several near-nations) without US bases, and 158 with no official military ties at all. There are arms sales and economic alliances, but these change frequently and are not military collusions or pacts by any means.

That is still a lot- too many if you ask me. I wish all the foreign bases would be closed and all the troops would be sent home and stationed on American borders. If North Korea wants to invade South Korea, or China wants to take back Taiwan, or the Iraqis want to shoot each other- I don't care. Their problem- let's worry about our country- only. Regardless, the info listed above is the closest to the truth you will find, probably with errors or a few omissions, but much closer than the other outdated, biased hype. 


---also numerous pages on wikipedia, wikimedia, and other sites, as well as numerous organic google searches- all painstakingly cross-referenced and verified.

© james platt 2015,2016. jamesplatt88@gmail.com  ask to repost all or part 

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