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Haunted Hospital

After years of perusing ghost sites off and on, I have been surprised to see nothing written about a haunted building I used to live in. I wrote an email about it to a ghost hunting group once and they just replied with a sort of 'that is interesting' note. I guess it is high time someone memorialized this haunted building on the net...

In December of 2001 my [now ex-]wife and I moved into an apartment building. I was going to buy it on contract, and live in the basement while managing and maintaining the place. I cleaned it up pretty good, even hosing it out to remove all the dust. There was a bathroom and kitchen sink down there, so it was adaptable to a living space. I ended up with a covered entryway, a large bathroom/boiler room, a large kitchen, 2 other very large rooms which I used for a LR and a BR, and a back room that was an access area to the old elevator. The elevator car was parked on the top (third) floor, and there was a pit below the shaft for springs, plus a large 3 phase motor that used to run it.

Upstairs, there was an entryway with a storage room on either side, plus the entrance to the largest apartment and the stairs up. The other two floors contained several apartments as well as the elevator car, which I used as a storage closet. There was also another small apartment with its own outside entrance on the first floor, near the basement entrance.

When I first moved in, the tenant of this apt. became a good friend of mine. He had lived there for about 15 years. He told me of a fascinating ghost sighting he had in his apt. one time. He said it was nighttime and he was sitting on his bed. He suddenly seen an apparition of a man, electric blue yet transparent with little brighter lights around it. The man turned his head and looked at him. This conscious acknowledgement is extremely rare, at least in ghost sighting literature that I have read.

This same tenant also informed me, which I later verified, that the building is one of the oldest in town (a Victorian-era town), and was the first hospital there. The apartments were a conversion job after the new one was built. (New means the second one- the Thos. D. Murphy Hospital, where I was born. That one is now a daycare center and a newer one is being used now. As a matter of fact, this friend of mine happens to work at the newest one now as a nurse). I was told that back in them days, after surgery patients were placed in the basement for the night as a recovery room. In the morning they were checked on, and if they were still alive, they were taken to a room upstairs; if not, they remained in the basement which doubled as the morgue. I began to wonder how many people had died in my apartment, but it didn't bother me for quite awhile.

That is until I started seeing what is known as "shadow people"- not typical ghosts, but shadows in the shape of people. I soon realized that while they were random, there was one constant one. If you looked at the kitchen doorway indirectly, out of the corner of your eye, you could usually see a dark apparition in it. I did what anyone else would do: pretended it wasn't there. One day though I decided to just stop in that doorway, and found it was a definite cold spot.

One day another one of my tenants, who knew of none of this nor the other tenant, told me she wanted to move to a different apt. She looked genuinely scared when she described to me how something invisible sat on her bed the night before, pressing it down. I let her move upstairs. When I told my other tenant about it, he told me a man had committed suicide in that exact room a few years back, while sitting on his bed. He heard the shot himself and went up and found him- this was no story he heard; he was there.

Other tenants off and on told me they kept hearing someone walking up the stairs and found no one there. This mainly occurred on the steps up to the third floor late at night.

I had heard of EVP's: electronic voice phenomena. You can use a standard tape recorder and record in areas where you suspect ghosts may be. Sometimes weird voices can be heard later upon playback. So I tried it. On halloween night, I placed a tape recorder in the bottom of the elevator shaft pit at about 11pm. The next day I retrieved it and played it back. The whole tape was blank except right before the end of the tape. Then a definite, loud, noise could be heard. It can only be described as a heartbeat sound. This weirded me out. I stopped going into the shaft room. (I still have the tape too.)

I also wonder at times if one other factor was related. In the movie the Amityville Horror, their family experienced increased anxiety to put it mildly.(That story is true by the way- I have thoroughly looked into this case. Watch the original movie- not the sequels or remake. Better yet read the original book on it by Jay Anson.) My wife and I also became more nervous, stressed, and of different/ more negative personalities than we ever had been before. As soon as we moved out on September '02, we felt completely normal again. Whether this was due to negative spirits or not, I can't say. I am just glad our last night there was not as eventful as the one at the Amityville house.

The building has changed hands several times since I sold the contract. It is now condemned due to no heating. It is at 401 W. Washington in Red Oak, Iowa.

east side of bldg.

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