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The Felix-Liliger Cemetery - Haunted or Hyped?

I was recently shown a supposedly haunted graveyard, which turned out to be near my part of town. It did not seem haunted, but I looked it up on the net later anyway and found at least one site, missourighosts.net, is spewing out numerous wild stories about it. I went back to investigate and take some pictures.

I do absolutely believe in ghosts, and took a good picture of an orb in the woods a couple miles from this cemetery last summer. Spreading teenage bonfire tales and urban myths, however,  just seems so immature and stupid to me. I did no real research, as in consulting county death records, but did examine the information on the headstones and learned several things: all of which disprove the crazy stories in this town about the cemetery.

First of all, there is no one there named Felix- be it first, last, or middle name. Just because there is a major street in this town called Felix St. it does not mean a mass murderer named Felix is buried nearby. If so, then where is the murderer named Messanie, or one named Ashland?

Another persistent lie is that the inhabitants of this cemetery were all killed in a car crash or that they were the victims of a mass murder. This is highly unlikely, unless there was a lengthy time warp going on. The death dates of the 12 or so people interred here range from 1858 to 1928.

The most egregious lie about this place is the tale of the "witches" grave. The site mentioned above blatantly claims that there is a headstone of a witch at the base of an oak tree, which has a poetic warning inscribed on it. The poem states that you will die if you walk on her grave or something like that, and that this witch's twin sister is buried in another cemetery in the south end of town, with an identical inscription. It is funny that the person posting that took a picture of the oak tree but not the headstone. This is actually because no such stone is there, and there is no stone at all nor an empty base of one anywhere near that tree, nor the other oak tree in this cemetery. There are two empty bases on the grounds, but neither is near the oak trees. One is near a pine and the other is in the central area. Even if someone stole it, then let us see the other one that supposedly exists. Or maybe it is a childish lie to make it sound spooky.

oak tree base

the only oak tree

I also noticed that the place has probably not been vandalized as people claim. Although four large stones are off of their bases and two small ones are missing, there are two reasons why it was not likely to be from human idiots disrespecting the passed. One is that one of these stones is not only pushed off its base but also moved over a few feet, and it would be too heavy for even 5 people to lift. The smallest one is concrete and two of us could not budge it; the others are about 4 times larger and marble. Another clue is that there is a very large tree (about 8' circumference) down the trail a ways which has been twisted like a rope about six feet up from the ground. Only a tornado could have done that. Obviously, a tornado went along that ridge at one time, which could possibly have moved them enormous headstones like that.

the smallest of 4 toppled stones

It is odd how this particular town- St. Joseph, MO - seems to take so much delight in urban myths and ridiculous, unproven ghost stories. The tall tales about this abandoned cemetery are a very good example of that. I also noticed- or should say did not notice- that this cemetery does not glow at night, and heard no voices nor baby cries when in the area.

I commingled the information on the headstones there, and organized them. The chart below shows this, and the notes in parentheses are my offhand guesses about how they relate to one another:


"Elizabeth -42 d. 09/10/1869
wife of Joseph Liliger" (immigrant below)
(died during childbirth-see baby stone below)

wife of John Lynch b. 1858" (no death date)
(daughter of Elizabeth above)

"Philip Worthwine - 45 d. 08/15/1860" (?)

"John Liliger 1869-1869"
(son of Elizabeth above)

"Joseph Liliger - 77 d. 01/01/1910"
(German immigrant, same approx. birthyear as main stone folks)
(Joseph immigrated from Germany, people on main stone were already here)

"Mary L. Liliger - 83 d. 01/07/1928"
(sister of above)

"James Liliger - 34 d. 06/21/1909"

"Joseph Liliger - 07 d. 06/21/ 1909"
(son/grandson of Mary or Joseph above)

"Ethel Liliger - 12 d. 12/12/1918
(daughter of James above?)


"Louisa Worthwine Lynch"
(same person as one on main stone above?)


Missing stone #1

Missing stone #2

Also, since I believe in respecting the passed, I would like to hear from anyone willing to assist me in resetting the stones. An engine hoist may be needed- write me with ideas. See my photobucket page for all pictures of the headstones, bases, fence, and general area.

all pics and article,  (c) james platt 2010, do not repost without asking

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