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ANTIBIOTICS PRESCRIPTIONS: something fishy this way comes...

It is well known, to put it mildly, that America's health care system is a shambles and a joke. It is common to hear complaints of the cancer industry putting profitable "treatments" above potential cures, for example. One other problem you hear about once in a while- though not too often really- is about antibiotics.
The animal rights folks like to remind us that livestock are fed antibiotics so much that their meat is full of it. This is enough to make any meat eater build up an immunity to them, requiring more and stronger types of antibiotics when an infection occurs. This has led to tens of thousands dying per year of "super-infections" and 'superbugs'. All of this is true, and disturbing in itself. The govt. and its masters, the pharmaceutical industry, therefore make all antibiotics illegal without a prescription. Sounds sensible on the surface: overuse of these type of medicines will cause more immunity buildups, making them less effective when really needed. Because of course, the general public could never follow the instructions and take the pills accordingly like they do any other drugs.

So many allergy medicines, antacids, and other medicines used to be prescription only but now are not. I remember when Sam-e, Claritin, Zantac, Rogaine, nicotine patches, and so many others were. One day they were too dangerous to let the public take on their own, and the next day they were on store shelves. With all of the warnings, instructions, and numerous cautions to see your doctor if this or that happens on all over-the-counter labels, it seems the drug makers are insulating themselves quite well from potential lawsuits of idiots that take 10 times more than the bottles say. So one has to wonder, what is the difference if antibiotics were deregulated just the same? No one will become addicted to them. They do not cause drowsiness nor euphoria. They just kill infections.

It would seem the medical establishment is more interested in forcing you to go to a doctor to get them, so the docs can get their fee first. The two clinics in my small hometown charge $125. for an office call now. The federally funded low income clinic in my area charges $92. I have heard of higher prices in larger cities as well. This fee is just so you can wait an hour or more to see a doctor for one to two minutes usually (five if you are lucky). Then he or she can write you a prescription and then you get to go to a pharmacy and buy the pills. Obviously, these are dangerous pills and doctor authorization is an important safeguard to prevent unneeded use of them. I can understand that with some pain pills, addictive stuff, heart and other sensitive dose medications, etc. But antibiotics, well, they will cause diarrhea and stomach upset if taken too heavily and will lower your resistance to other stuff if taken too often. It has been estimated that doctors themselves over-prescribe antibiotics at least 80% of the time anyway.

What about the little known yet very real problem of liver shutdown and death caused by acetaminophen overdosage, especially when taken within 24 hours of alcohol consumption? Why isn't that stuff prescription too then? A doctor told me once to take naproxen only for awhile, as it will 'eat up your stomach'. Aspirins are known to cause stomach problems as well as thin the blood. I know someone who used to be addicted to Actifed. Almost any medicine could be deemed potentially dangerous and warrant prescription-only status.

It is a good thing us Americans are so well protected by prescription-for-antibiotics laws, unlike almost every other country in the world. Our pesky neighbor mexico- that third-world mega slum with its rampant poverty, disease, poor education, drug wars, etc.- did not ban antibiotics from the public like they are up here (until recently, and it is largely unenforced).  Down there, you can buy it off the shelf in any pharmacy without a prescription. And the mexicans are not involved in a mass-suffering event from this either, as far as I know. As a matter of fact, I suspect they are much happier and healthier. When they have an abscessed tooth, they can go to the store and buy pills to fix it. As much as I am incensed by the illegal alien problem, I must admit that their country is better than ours in at least one way: affordable access to medicine. Their lack of mortalities- except for the dimwits who took them for the flu- and widespread illnesses from unregulated use of antibiotics proves how absurd the laws are up here.

But this gets even stupider, much stupider than you will believe. I think many if not most Americans (as well as all foreigners) do not even know that antibiotics can be purchased without a prescription in this country. For your fish. That's right: if your pet fish get fin rot, dropsy, bladder disease, or any other disorder, you can buy these exact same antibiotics to put into the aquarium and cure them with. It will say on the pill bottles "Not for Human Use" but that is because they are being sold without a prescription. I don't care what anyone tells me: penicillin is penicillin, and amoxicillin is amoxicillin. They sell it in a bottle with a fish picture, and it is not for human consumption. When they sell it in a prescription bottle, however, it is okay for human use. It is still the same stuff. For fish, you can buy penicillin, amoxicillin, ampicillin, tetracycline, methaniazole [flagyl], cipro, and sulfa types. I have heard of more than one person who has used these "fish" antibiotics to cure tooth and other infections, with no ill effects. Actually, it fixed them for a hundred or more dollars cheaper. Not that I would advocate that. In America, it is highly dangerous and therefore illegal.

Besides, goldfish have more of a right to healthiness than you or I do....

(c) james platt

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