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Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Overview of a Witch-Hunt: OJ Simpson's Frame-Up

When O.J. was first in trouble in the criminal case, I was living in Liberty, MO with my then-wife and our girlfriend, and was out of work. This afforded me a unique opportunity to lie in bed all day and watch the trial. I am one of the very few people who watched virtually the whole thing, and while every detail may not have been memorized, I sure got the gist of it, and remember the important things from it. There were so many things wrong with the prosecution's case, it was simply laughable. Please bear with me while I point them out here, in random order.

In a nutshell:

- A police videographer filmed the crime scene and OJ's home. it showed no socks on the floor in his bedroom. the police photographer who went in later photographed bloody socks on his bedroom floor, proving they were planted.

- The bloody socks had blood on both sides, which would be virtually impossible if they were being worn while the blood got on them, but easily explainable if the blood was dropped onto them while they were off of a person and the blood soaked through to the other side.

- The gloves did not fit. how did he wear them while committing a crime if they would not even go onto his hands?

- The gloves had his blood and both victims blood on them- suspiciously convenient.

- There was one glove at the crime scene and another at OJ's house. too convenient, and so ridiculous. if you killed two people, would you leave a glove you were wearing at the crime scene and another at your house?

- The glove on his property was in an alley of sorts behind his guest house. why would he leave it there instead of burning it or dropping it in the LA river/ the street sewer/ the garbage disposal/ the trash/ a car wash trash can, etc.??

- Whoever left it in that alleyway pounded on the wall of the guest house three times. is that hiding it or getting attention so someone will find it?

- The glove was found by search without a warrant via a cop climbing the property gate.

- The cop who found the glove by climbing the gate was alleged to be a card carrying member of the American Nazi Party. he also did apply for disability once because he claimed he could not stand to work with the non-white public. further, he bragged on tape to seriously abusing and mutilating citizens while on duty, and used 'the N word' numerous times. (he is now a well known crime writer)

- The blood samples taken from the scene were left in an unrefrigerated van for several hours in the California summer heat. their viability as valid biological samples were destroyed or at least seriously compromised.

- There was a bloody fingerprint found on the gate near the Rockingham place, and its analysis has never been revealed.

- The blood traces in the Bronco were not found until it had sat in a public impound lot for a couple weeks, which was completely unsecured. several reporters had gotten into it by then, and unknown others could have as well.

- The cut on OJ's finger was made in a motel room in Chicago, and two witnesses seen it happen, including a hotel employee. if the blood in his vehicle was his, it was from this.

- The cops took two vials of his blood after he was arrested. one disappeared, and this one vial was unaccounted for later. the samples from the blood trail at Rockingham, the gloves, and the socks all were taken after this. the samples that were collected from the field were re-analyzed by the FBI at the defense's behest, and were found by the feds to contain a chemical found mainly in labs. 'Mainly' means it is in the human body, but these levels were 100 times more than that. a lab had to have tested the blood before it was collected.

- Even though the blood was established as having been planted, the prosecution bored the jury out of their minds with a course in DNA science. they asserted that only one in a billion people could have the DNA signatures that were found, and they matched OJ. but they did not mention that there are 6 billion people on the earth, so one in a billion means that six people could have the same analysis results as they found...so someone that looked just like OJ was allegedly at the scene: a tall black man in LA, what are the odds?

- There were footprints of at least two attackers at the crime scene. it would be almost impossible to subdue two people at once without one getting away, by one person. and Goldman had a black belt in tae-kwon-do. there were also three 'ear-witnesses' that heard multiple footsteps running from the scene, as well as at least one eyewitness. technicalities kept their stories out of the trial.

- The murders were committed by two different knives. would anyone actually attack someone with a knife in each hand? possible, but so unusual it is highly unlikely.

- Brown's best friend was Faye Resnick- a heroin addict and low level drug dealer. how does this factor in? it was never looked into by the prosecution.

- It has been said, and quickly censored each time, that Goldman was in the mafia. was this investigated? not by the LA prosecutor's office.

- The prosecution's timeline was nonsensical and disproven at trial.

- Their timeline claimed that all of the following happened within a couple minutes: OJ gets home, changes, showers, hides his bloody clothes so good that no one ever finds them, puts the glove behind the guest house, pounds on the guest house wall, hides the knife/knives so good that no one ever finds them, packs a suitcase, and goes out to an awaiting limo. the limo driver testifies that he was not out of breath or abnormal in any way. they even go to McDonald's before the airport.

Now, at the civil trial, a few more weird things happened:

- Double jeopardy was bypassed with civil charges, although he was already acquitted of wrongdoing in the criminal trial.

- All evidence at the civil trial was circumstantial at best.

- At the last minute, the National Enquirer waltzed in with alleged pictures of OJ wearing shoes he claimed he did not own. the jury used this to convict him.

- The Bruno Magli brand expensive, rare, Italian shoes were being worn by him in the picture. the National Enquirer is a tabloid that defames celebrities and has been sued numerous times for libel and photo-doctoring.

- During the criminal trial, the defense had the FBI search the records of the Bruno Magli company. all pairs of shoes that were OJ's size were tracked down and accounted for. his statement "I wouldn't own a pair of those ugly ass shoes," turned out to be true.

- The jury was heavily biased by the media witch hunt of the criminal trial.

- The law of California allows a maximum fine for civil violations of 50% of a person's net worth. the judge sentenced him to 200% of his net worth, in blatant violation of law. despite his friends' public complaints, this was upheld.

After the Goldman family took his personal belongings and had his home bulldozed, the Brown family then tried to take his children by "emergency" writs. The judges said they were tired of it all, and so he got to keep his kids. Luckily, he had offshore trust funds for them that the Goldmans could not take. This is the money he raised his kids on after the trials.

Later on, his few remaining personal belongings were stolen from him when he was staying at a hotel in Las Vegas. They included his Heisman trophies. He and a couple of his friends found out who took them and demanded their return. Later, the thieves complained that his friends had flashed holstered guns. This led to felony charges against OJ. Now, he is actually in prison for this. Not only that, but he is prison for the rest of his life for it.

Talk about a witch hunt....

The most shocking thing to me about the whole trial was when the verdict was read. I knew he would have to be found not guilty, but what really got me was the way the media showed the reactions of the public. Groups of black people were all elated, and to my amazement, groups of white people were all shocked and acted horrified. I had no idea that it was such a racial issue and that so many white people could be so biased just because of race. Obviously, race was the only factor to them. Opinion and viewpoints are not the issue here: how could it be that only the white masses ignored all of the items I listed above? What a bunch of fucking closed minded bigots! ( I am white by the way).

Their view is pretty simplistic: There was DNA evidence (ignore the proof it was planted)! OJ abused Nicole in the past (which somehow proves intent to murder- therefore millions of women around the world are about to be killed too?)! And don't say it on tv, but he was a black guy with a white woman, which we don't approve of! And worst of all, he was rich and famous, and got to hire a team of lawyers!!!!(who cares if the prosecution spent ten times more money trying to convict him than he spent on his defense, right? rich people should only hire cheap, inexperienced lawyers I guess.)

...That's pretty much the whole case according to his detractors. Pathetic.

Due to their childish, pitiful, closed minded racism and stupidity, a great man rots in prison for things he did not even do.

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(c) james platt

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  1. Interesting comments and perspective. I agree with you, he is almost certainly not guilty.


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