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How to (NOT) Sell a Jeep

I bought a Jeep Cherokee from someone once for 300. It had sat for two years, and just needed a starter and a battery- a good deal I thought. Later on I ended up with too many vehicles and decided to part with the old Jeep. By now I had put a brand new set of 400. tires on it, a new water pump, belt, and other misc. parts. It was worth at least the 550. I was asking for it. The four-wheel-drive worked, the engine ran well, the transmission was fine. It showed its age inside- not torn up too bad, but not too fancy either. The only thing wrong with it was a partially clogged radiator. New ones cost a hundred bucks, and are easy to change.

So I advertised it on Craigslist- 3 times- and put a sign on it. Numerous people inquired. Some wanted parts off of it, some acted like I was lying that it "only" needed a radiator. The few that ended up actually looking at it were equally annoying. The first person was a middle aged woman, who brought along another lady and a man who was allegedly a mechanic. They heard a rattle, and declared it to be a junker: it "needs a new engine" because "a rod is going out". The occasional rattle goes away with increased RPM so the rod claim is what is out. But they said I was wrong, and offered 150. for it. I told them the tires alone are worth more than twice that. Then the woman actually yelled at me, "Who cares about the tires! If it needs a new motor we gotta do all that work!". I said the price was firm, and they stomped off like I did something wrong. The mystery rod that is "going out" has not 'gone out' in the two years I have had it. And it does not behave like a bad rod nor bearing, but what do I know? I'm just a shadetree mechanic of 25 years real experience.

The next person to look at it was a lady who acted all impressed, saying it just needed a paint job. She wanted me to let her make payments. I said no. She drove off yelling some bible verse at me.

Next comes this person who wrote several emails acting like he would die if I didn't save it for him. He came up from a town about 200 miles away. It turned out to be a 16 year old kid. His dad drove him up. They test drove it for a half an hour. Then the kid asked his dad, 'how much trouble would it be to...' These questions went on for another half an hour. Then the guy says, "It's not what we're looking for." I am sure it wasn't: they were obviously looking for a Jeep to put in a classic car show, and drove 200 miles in a gas guzzling Suburban with a big car trailer in the hopes of finding a $550. vehicle in perfect condition. Hard to believe that didn't pan out for them...

Now enter the 20ish dude. He went on about how great it was, and how it was worth more than the asking price in parts alone. He told me how he makes so much money, etc., etc. Then, "Will you take payments?". No. "Then I'll come back next Friday." He never returned.

Another guy looked at it and claimed he was checking it 'for his son', who did not seem too interested. He drove it, returned, and said, 'it drives just like a Jeep!'. After telling me how much property he was about to inherit, he asked to buy it on payments.

The the young guy who wanders the neighborhood trying to sell stuff to people stopped in. He said he could fix it, and would be back for it tomorrow. Haven't seen him since either.

Now, after about 8 months of it being for sale, it is still here. If it is still here by the time it starts snowing again, I will get a radiator for it and use it again. All of those scammers who tried to tell me it was a piece to trick me into selling it for next to nothing- they can kiss my ass. As well as the people who thought I would be stupid enough to sell it 'on payments'. So they could tear it up, wreck it, disappear with it, part it out, or whatever- after one payment. They tell me they are single moms and so forth so they cannot afford it unless it is on payments. But after all this time, not one has returned with saved up money that would have been the payments.

I am beginning to think it is just not worth it to sell a vehicle. It is too much trouble/ too much time and bs to try and sell one to all these scammers and bullshitters out there. So many people who really do not have the money to buy it just assume you are stupid and drop in to test that theory. It is really a better idea to sell it to a junkyard for next to nothing than to let con artists rip you off. I have had several similar experiences trying to sell a motor home for my mom.Wow- this is the cheapest one I have found anywhere! Wow- this is so great! Be back next week with the cash- don't sell it to anyone else! (They never return)...

Maybe I should change the ads to say something like this...Good running Jeep Cherokee with a 6 cylinder and automatic transmission, working 4WD, brand new tires worth 300.+, and a lot of new parts. Needs radiator. For sale to anyone with a C-note.... NOT! ..Their loss- not mine.

UPDATE: 10/18/10--
Another person- my neighbor this time- said he was buying it, and gave me the runaround for three weeks. I finally decided to fix it and keep it. With a new radiator it is fine. It awaits winter. Now it is for sale for 750. and if no one buys it I don't care. That's the minimum value/ that's the price. Next spring I will sell it, to a junkyard for 100. if no one wants to pay what it's worth. I also fixed the rattle noise that some insisted was a rod: it was a loose flywheel bolt. Fifteen minutes and zero cost to fix.

People annoy me.

(c) james platt

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