When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Jury Duty: Involuntary Servitude, aka Slavery

Why is jury duty even called "duty"? It was a slave's "duty" to pick cotton for no pay too, but how often do you hear of slave labor being referred to as "duty"?
A duty is a task that you need to do, or more specifically, 'something that someone is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation'. Moral of course is a matter of opinion. Is it moral to judge someone you do not know? And in some cases even recommend a sentence? Who are you to judge someone else- are you a judge? If not, then what moral/legal right do you have to judge someone else? Matthew 7: JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED ( 1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. )...

Is it legal anyways? Of course it isn't. The government, especially on the state, city, and county levels, makes up shit all the time that is unconstitutional. This is why there is an entire system of appellate courts, state supreme courts, and the US Supreme Court. If everything the cities, counties, and states did was fair and legal, then appeals would be virtually non-existent and US supreme court cases would never be needed. One thing they do that is unconstitutional is order citizens, with threat of jail, to serve against their wills as jurors. This is easily, by any definition, involuntary servitude. Serving against your will: involuntary servitude. US CONSTITUTION, AMENDMENT 13, SECTION 1: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

But the states choose to conveniently ignore this pesky little maxim written into the US Constitution. This gross violation of American and Human rights is a convenience for states who fear they will not find enough voluntary jurors to try all of the criminals. Break a law to enforce a law: the government way. They would never dream that there are plenty of citizens out there that would be interested and willing to serve as jurors many times over. And it will never occur to them to pay citizens the equivalent of their normal wage to spend their time on it. If a trial takes one day and a person forced to sit on a jury would have made 10. an hour at their job which they had to take off of, then the state should pay them 80. compensation- at least. But they pay a "stipend", generally a few dollars. This stipend insulates them from the slavery lawsuits- at least in their minds. Paying less than minimum wage to someone who was threatened to provide a service under threat of jail is not slavery? If that is true, then the room and board the plantation owners paid slaves before emancipation also made their practices not slavery!

As if any of this results in justice to start with. Either look up your 'state code' online, or go to a library and head to the reference section. Find your state's law books. There is always a special volume for "the Rules of Evidence". Look through it. The evidence is examined, sorted, watered down, and frequently not admitted. The juries see little of it. How can they make up their minds fairly when they do not know the whole story? It may have been a good idea to start with: to protect the accused from warrantless searches and so on. But it is also used to prevent the defense from revealing key facts. (See my post "Justice Redefined", as well as the OJ post below, for several examples). Why can't all of the evidence be laid out to those judging the accused? The defense attorney could be free to say, "this was obtained by overzealous police without a warrant, so its validity is questionable." The prosecutor could say, "the defense hid this from us, so how honest are they?". I say just let it all out in court. But it is not that way. The juries are frequently told to disregard statements and sometimes even told to leave the room while the lawyers talk to the judge. How can they make a fair and balanced decision when they are not told the whole scenario??

No one cares, as justice is not the idea here. The charade that is the "justice system" is what they are interested in perpetuating, and to hell with the constitution. Violating Amendment 13, practicing slavery, costing people money and time...all in a day's work for the twisted minds of the state employees. While they preach about duties and such, they are sociopathically blocking out their own duties to the higher law of the land- the US Constitution- as well as the morals of an actual free society.

If they are so anxious to judge strangers based upon partial bits of evidence, then they can do it themselves.

I absolutely guarantee that if I am ever forced to "serve" on a jury, whoever is accused, for whatever crime, no matter what the supposed evidence, they WILL be found NOT guilty or there WILL be a hung jury. PERIOD. No one will be convicted of a fucking thing if I am on a jury- no one.

1) inform them you know about your Constitutional Rights as a juror. this includes refusal to convict based upon you feeling the law is unfair, unconstitutional, or improperly applied. they don't want people with legal knowledge or independent thinking to ruin their cases.
2) inform them you can tell if someone is guilty or not by looking at them. act biased and closed minded.
3) if you have any criminal record at all, be sure to inform them of it.

By sheer morbid coincidence, one day after posting this I received a postcard stating that I had been selected for jury duty. I sent back the questionnaire and received another card today saying I had been excused. Hallelujah

(c) james platt .


Who is Responsible for Unemployment?

Why are so many people unemployed? The economy, right? Or is it because of their lack of job skills, not enough degrees or training, poor resume writing perhaps- maybe even just laziness? All of these excuses make the rounds incessantly amongst the employed. The hand wringing excuses continually spew forth, as politicians pretend they are trying to solve this crisis.

I have a more logical explanation: the employers are entirely to blame for the unemployment rates. A quick look at what it takes to get a job these days, and what the companies put you through, will illustrate this well...

Of course there is still the separate issue of the 20 million employed illegals versus the 10 million unemployed Americans, but that is another matter. Besides competing with the illegals that American businesses hired and continue to hire (illegally), what are the other causes of unemployment?

In the old days (before my time, but people a generation older than me will attest to it) businesses put a "help wanted" sign in their front window when they were hiring. If someone wanted the job, they walked in and asked for it. Almost always, it was given. If the new employee was not doing well enough, he was fired and the sign put back out. Oh so simple...These days it is very rare to see a help wanted sign, and when you do, there is the process to go through- no exceptions.

In most movies, which are written by rich, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-their-mouth, clueless Hollywood scriptwriters, they make it look like a cinch to get a job. In a movie, and most tv shows, you just walk into a business, ask for a job, and you got it. Kind of like the old days really were. A good example is the 2004 movie Raising Helen, where a 20ish woman who was just fired from another job walks into a used car dealership- without an appointment- and hands a resume to the owner. He says, "I need a secretary. It pays 17.50 an hour, but there is one test you have to pass first." He hands her a paper. She then is shown reading from it: "Ralph to the shop. Jack to the front desk." That was the test, she passed, and she had the job. I know it is just a movie, but give me a break- what kind of fantasy world is the writer of that movie living in? 17.50 an hour to page people?!! No application, no appointment, no nothing? Are there really people that believe this kind of stuff happens?

Besides the obvious stuff such as dressing well and appearing clean, etc., you must also fill out an application to start with. The vast majority of applications are several pages long. They ask your contact info, your job history, your extracurricular activities in high school, who your friends are, and much more. Many also ask for your previous addresses as well, as far back as ten years, since they are going to check your credit. Some ask for 10 years of job history. I have seen a couple that ask for a fingerprint even. One has to wonder if it is really relevant that you quit a job without 2 weeks notice 9 or more years ago...I guess they think so or they wouldn't have asked.

This is if there even is an application. If not, then there will be an electronic form. These are worse- they ask for all the same info as a paper application, as well as an assessment test that is usually 20 pages long- sometimes much more. They ask questions such as "Have you ever used cocaine?" The answers are like, a.Yes, all the time./ b. only on weekends/ c. never/ d. I don't choose to answer this question. I am not kidding- I have seen this question more than once on applications. Of course they want to know if you use cocaine, but do they really believe that you are going to admit it if you do use it?? Maybe it is just in case the lab screws up the drug test- this question is their concept of a safety net. Other questions are just as ridiculous. They are frequently repeated as well, worded a little differently each time to try and trick you. (One temp service called  prologistix  has a doosy of a test- apply for them sometime for the sheer entertainment value.)

Then if you are chosen over the multitudes of other applicants, you must interview. Most companies have turned this process into a grilling session. They ask the same questions as the e-applications do. What would you do in this situation? What was your strongest moment? How do you deal with stress? What job did you like the least, and why? At a Home Depot interview once, the manager pretended to be an irate customer while I tried to console him. It was fucking ridiculous. At one factory I interviewed at, I was taken on a tour of the plant. When we returned to the interview room, there were eight other managers sitting around the table. I was interrogated for awhile with vague questions like those above. I did not get the job; who knows which answer wasn't good enough for them.

Many companies do second interviews, some even do three. Then you still may not get the job. This is all besides the credit checks, the drug tests, the criminal background checks, the job references, the personal references, the 'business' or 'professional' references, the tests, etc., etc.

I am not talking about high paying white collar jobs, or jobs that involve defense contracts or other high security positions. I am talking about retail stores, factories, even fast food places. Usually minimum wage jobs; nothing you could steal except maybe a hamburger in most cases. So why are they so scared they might hire someone who isn't perfect??? They are managers aren't they? They deal with the employees, they have excellent people skills, they keep the business running smoothly; they get things done (in theory at least). But they are all scared to death they may have to fire someone from time to time. This creates the nonsensical situation detailed above: weed 'em out, keep weeding until the only possible hire is a perfect one. Despite their absurd efforts, all is for naught: turnover rates remain high. Their solution: start the process again on a ludicrous quest for another perfect employee.

NEWS FLASH, MANAGERS: there is not a perfect employee in existence. Not perfect enough for you. Get over yourselves and cut people some slack. Stop being wimps and fire lazy employees. Keep hiring new ones at random as long as necessary. Most of you make thrice to ten times as much as the people who are jumping through hoops to get a job that is much harder than yours. Shouldn't that count for something?

It seems like every time I do get a job, I am made aware that they did me a huge favor and this could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Then I am treated like a pion and earn a wage I can't possibly live on. Raises, if any, are generally a dime per six months. At that rate, by the time I am nearing retirement, I just may be able to buy myself some new shoes...

If employers were not so damned picky, they could just hire people already. Unemployment problem: solved. Logic escapes the white collars. That's why they are in charge(?).

(c) james platt

Walmart: House of Pain

I started there as a 'cart-pusher', officially known as a Courtesy Associate. They pay cart-pushers the impressive salary of minimum wage. I had to return carts to the building from the parking lot, help with 'carry-outs' (usually swimming pools and trampolines), and other mundane tasks. The cart thing was the hardest. The job never ends, and can never be caught up. The store I worked at was big enough to warrant 3 of those electric cart pushing machines, and at least 4 people on duty at all times, but we had only one machine and one or two people on duty at most times. Then a customer backed into it and ruined it, so we had zero equipment. For 6 months, we pushed carts by hand up the steep parking lot, all day, every day, in the 100 degree heat, the pouring rain, the blizzards even. (By the way, you cannot stop and go inside because of rain. There must be lightning, and it has to be over the parking lot itself). I once had a job digging ditches by hand, and it wasn't as draining as this. The person in charge of the cart-pushers is any of the CSM's on duty (customer service managers). They are the ones who stand around up front and monitor the cashiers. Every hour, one or more of them comes outside to see if the lot looks good. It is never good enough of course. So we got yelled at hourly by the CSM's; sometimes by the higher managers also. The slackers were ignored and the workers were yelled at. This is an endemic problem to all depts. at Walmart actually.

Since they would not repair nor replace the machines, and they kept us seriously understaffed, we couldn't keep up. Every day around noon the cart corrals start filling up, and by 2-3 PM they were all running over. Then by 4 or 5 there were no carts inside the store, and customers complained profusely about having to exit the store and get one themselves from the lot. One day I was near a manager when he fielded a phone call from a customer about it. After hanging up he said, "I wish the customers would realize that we don't have to bring carts to them- it is just a courtesy!" When I was a door greeter later on, I had to listen to ongoing complaints from the customers about it. They didn't know that cart-pushers are treated like shit, have the hardest job in the store, had no equipment, and are understaffed.

Sometimes there would be no one at all scheduled to work all day, then 3 or more would come in later in the evening to a mess that would take 8 or more hours to clean up. No matter how hard we worked, it was futile. Sometimes we teamed up and pushed rows of 20, 30, 40, even 50 at once- just to get the job done- but sooner or later we got caught and they chewed us out for being 'unsafe', saying we might lose control and run the carts into a car. It is also against the rules there to utilize teamwork- you work alone or else! But pushing more than 5 at once is not steerable alone, and also not enough to keep up...All of our problems were directly traceable back to management's rules, harassment, and foot-dragging.

One day when it was literally 100 degrees out, a co-worker and I were working together to clear the lot faster. One of us would push a row of 40 carts while the other steered. We swapped off and after several trips had cleared a large area and stopped for a drink of water. They keep cooler jugs outdoors for us to 'stay hydrated'. So we were getting a drink of water. Then a manager comes out and chews our asses for standing around. When my coworker stated that we were 'hydrating', the manager got mad and told him to go to the office. He was surrounded by managers and CSM's, and yelled at like a bunch of adults ganging up on an unruly kid. He was so mad he put in his notice. I stayed longer though. In this time I witnessed many similar incidents of managers treating us like crap, as well as their ass kisser pawns the CSM's.

Besides the management harassment, we were in constant danger from crazy drivers in the lot. One of us was hit by an armored truck's mirror. We all had near-misses daily in the parking lot. Almost all people completely ignore the stop signs and the crosswalks. We became so aggravated we started yelling at these dangerous drivers, even flipping them off from time to time. We never got in trouble for it, and the store ignored our pleas for speed bumps. One day when I was crossing the crosswalk by the main entrance, someone stopped his car, and yelled at me, "You better watch it or I'll have you shot!". I blew up. I said, "What?!" He repeated, "I'll have you shot if you scratch my car, so watch where you're going!". To make a long story short, I got in his face and asked him to pull a gun so I could kick his ass. He didn't, but I found out later he is married to another employee there. I seen him almost daily after that waiting for his wife. I complained to management that he was bothering me. Security asked me all about it. They said that next time he looks at me, tell them so they can come observe his actions. Needless to say, (a term my English teachers said never to use, but it sure applies here), nothing was done and to this day he hangs out there a lot. This incident made us cart-pushers realize we were on our own, and one of them now packs a gun even. Managements' foot-dragging is bound to lead to a shooting there eventually.

After six months of pushing by hand, they finally got new machines. By this time I had developed tendonitis from all of the hand pushing of rows of heavy carts as well as the hand-turning of hundreds of them each morning. This was because of the night people placing the carts in the wrong area, and each morning hundreds of them had to be drug around to the rows they went in. Ongoing complaints about this problem netted no results. Walmart admitted to this causing my arm injury, and worker's comp covered it. I was receiving treatment for it from their approved doctors.

In the meantime I was placed on "restricted duties". I became the candy wall zoner, meaning I pulled up the candy on the racks there. Fun. Then I got to help the 'zone manager' with misc. tasks for awhile. I later helped a department manager mark down halloween clothes, luckily for her. I did not need a calculator to figure one-half and one-fourth like she did. Not exaggerating, by the way.

Later I was made into a 'people greeter'. I found that saying "Hi" to people was boring. I started pulling out carts and arranging them. I talked to customers that came in whenever I could. I washed the door glass. Before long I was informed that it is not my job to touch the carts, so I should stop messing with them. Soon after a drunk customer threw a fit because I did not pull out a cart for an old lady fast enough. He complained to the head manager of the store, and I was chewed for it, even though I was not supposed to touch the carts at all to begin with. I did get a cart out for her, but not fast enough to please the drunken redneck I guess. Can't win for losing.

Then one day I was informed by a CSM that I was wanted in the office. He watched the door while I went to this meeting. The previous summer I had called in one too many times, as the heat literally made me sick at times from the exhaustion and sunburn of working in a parking lot all day. I was written up for this in the fall by my manager. Now, the next summer, I am told that I am going to be written up for the same thing, for the same absences. Why? I inquired why I could be in trouble twice for the same thing. The manager- this time a different one- got mad and said, "So you think that I am doing something wrong here???!!" I replied, yes. She said to just enter my S.S. number on this screen. I said, "Will that be like signing my name to it?" "Yes". So I said, "I am not signing anything." Then we were going to discuss it with her manager, she told me. I was escorted to the store manager's office. He was busy- his door was closed. So I was told (not joking here) to clock out for lunch, come back from lunch in an hour, and then go sign the write up in front of the store manager, or, I was going to be fired. The store mgr. there never speaks to the lowly hourly employees unless it is to fire them- everyone in the store knows that. As any of the assistant or co-managers will tell you, "It's not his job to talk to the hourlies". So I was going to be fired for refusing to sign a write up- for something I had already been in trouble for months ago. Guess what- I did not return from lunch. Such was the end of my employment there. I learned later that the managers told everyone I had mysteriously walked out with no explanation in the middle of my shift. Liars.

Now the good part. While on worker's comp, I had an insurance agent calling me periodically to see how it was going. When I told him I no longer worked there, he said it didn't matter: the insurance company will pay for treatment until my arm is better. Next time I went to the doctor, the dr.'s office's "worker's comp. liaison" asked me if I still worked there. I told her no, but the other guy said it is alright. She left the room. Another woman came in, asked me where I worked. Same story to her, then she typed into a computer. Then the doctor came in, with the liaison woman. As he looked at it, he asked why I didn't work at Walmart any longer. I tried to succinctly explain. He then said he was releasing me from his care as he could do nothing else for me. These things never heal, he stated. The liaison bitch smiled, really. Doc walked out, then Liaison Bitch left, and that was that. The agent never called me again and I have no money for a lawyer. Handicapped by Walmart, screwed for life with no compensation. At least, I consider not being able to use my left arm a handicap. I can't write, do dishes, lift anything more than about 2 pounds, and it hurts off and on constantly. Every morning I wake up in pain.

That's Walmart for you- pain.

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(c) james platt


Overview of a Witch-Hunt: OJ Simpson's Frame-Up

When O.J. was first in trouble in the criminal case, I was living in Liberty, MO with my then-wife and our girlfriend, and was out of work. This afforded me a unique opportunity to lie in bed all day and watch the trial. I am one of the very few people who watched virtually the whole thing, and while every detail may not have been memorized, I sure got the gist of it, and remember the important things from it. There were so many things wrong with the prosecution's case, it was simply laughable. Please bear with me while I point them out here, in random order.

In a nutshell:

- A police videographer filmed the crime scene and OJ's home. it showed no socks on the floor in his bedroom. the police photographer who went in later photographed bloody socks on his bedroom floor, proving they were planted.

- The bloody socks had blood on both sides, which would be virtually impossible if they were being worn while the blood got on them, but easily explainable if the blood was dropped onto them while they were off of a person and the blood soaked through to the other side.

- The gloves did not fit. how did he wear them while committing a crime if they would not even go onto his hands?

- The gloves had his blood and both victims blood on them- suspiciously convenient.

- There was one glove at the crime scene and another at OJ's house. too convenient, and so ridiculous. if you killed two people, would you leave a glove you were wearing at the crime scene and another at your house?

- The glove on his property was in an alley of sorts behind his guest house. why would he leave it there instead of burning it or dropping it in the LA river/ the street sewer/ the garbage disposal/ the trash/ a car wash trash can, etc.??

- Whoever left it in that alleyway pounded on the wall of the guest house three times. is that hiding it or getting attention so someone will find it?

- The glove was found by search without a warrant via a cop climbing the property gate.

- The cop who found the glove by climbing the gate was alleged to be a card carrying member of the American Nazi Party. he also did apply for disability once because he claimed he could not stand to work with the non-white public. further, he bragged on tape to seriously abusing and mutilating citizens while on duty, and used 'the N word' numerous times. (he is now a well known crime writer)

- The blood samples taken from the scene were left in an unrefrigerated van for several hours in the California summer heat. their viability as valid biological samples were destroyed or at least seriously compromised.

- There was a bloody fingerprint found on the gate near the Rockingham place, and its analysis has never been revealed.

- The blood traces in the Bronco were not found until it had sat in a public impound lot for a couple weeks, which was completely unsecured. several reporters had gotten into it by then, and unknown others could have as well.

- The cut on OJ's finger was made in a motel room in Chicago, and two witnesses seen it happen, including a hotel employee. if the blood in his vehicle was his, it was from this.

- The cops took two vials of his blood after he was arrested. one disappeared, and this one vial was unaccounted for later. the samples from the blood trail at Rockingham, the gloves, and the socks all were taken after this. the samples that were collected from the field were re-analyzed by the FBI at the defense's behest, and were found by the feds to contain a chemical found mainly in labs. 'Mainly' means it is in the human body, but these levels were 100 times more than that. a lab had to have tested the blood before it was collected.

- Even though the blood was established as having been planted, the prosecution bored the jury out of their minds with a course in DNA science. they asserted that only one in a billion people could have the DNA signatures that were found, and they matched OJ. but they did not mention that there are 6 billion people on the earth, so one in a billion means that six people could have the same analysis results as they found...so someone that looked just like OJ was allegedly at the scene: a tall black man in LA, what are the odds?

- There were footprints of at least two attackers at the crime scene. it would be almost impossible to subdue two people at once without one getting away, by one person. and Goldman had a black belt in tae-kwon-do. there were also three 'ear-witnesses' that heard multiple footsteps running from the scene, as well as at least one eyewitness. technicalities kept their stories out of the trial.

- The murders were committed by two different knives. would anyone actually attack someone with a knife in each hand? possible, but so unusual it is highly unlikely.

- Brown's best friend was Faye Resnick- a heroin addict and low level drug dealer. how does this factor in? it was never looked into by the prosecution.

- It has been said, and quickly censored each time, that Goldman was in the mafia. was this investigated? not by the LA prosecutor's office.

- The prosecution's timeline was nonsensical and disproven at trial.

- Their timeline claimed that all of the following happened within a couple minutes: OJ gets home, changes, showers, hides his bloody clothes so good that no one ever finds them, puts the glove behind the guest house, pounds on the guest house wall, hides the knife/knives so good that no one ever finds them, packs a suitcase, and goes out to an awaiting limo. the limo driver testifies that he was not out of breath or abnormal in any way. they even go to McDonald's before the airport.

Now, at the civil trial, a few more weird things happened:

- Double jeopardy was bypassed with civil charges, although he was already acquitted of wrongdoing in the criminal trial.

- All evidence at the civil trial was circumstantial at best.

- At the last minute, the National Enquirer waltzed in with alleged pictures of OJ wearing shoes he claimed he did not own. the jury used this to convict him.

- The Bruno Magli brand expensive, rare, Italian shoes were being worn by him in the picture. the National Enquirer is a tabloid that defames celebrities and has been sued numerous times for libel and photo-doctoring.

- During the criminal trial, the defense had the FBI search the records of the Bruno Magli company. all pairs of shoes that were OJ's size were tracked down and accounted for. his statement "I wouldn't own a pair of those ugly ass shoes," turned out to be true.

- The jury was heavily biased by the media witch hunt of the criminal trial.

- The law of California allows a maximum fine for civil violations of 50% of a person's net worth. the judge sentenced him to 200% of his net worth, in blatant violation of law. despite his friends' public complaints, this was upheld.

After the Goldman family took his personal belongings and had his home bulldozed, the Brown family then tried to take his children by "emergency" writs. The judges said they were tired of it all, and so he got to keep his kids. Luckily, he had offshore trust funds for them that the Goldmans could not take. This is the money he raised his kids on after the trials.

Later on, his few remaining personal belongings were stolen from him when he was staying at a hotel in Las Vegas. They included his Heisman trophies. He and a couple of his friends found out who took them and demanded their return. Later, the thieves complained that his friends had flashed holstered guns. This led to felony charges against OJ. Now, he is actually in prison for this. Not only that, but he is prison for the rest of his life for it.

Talk about a witch hunt....

The most shocking thing to me about the whole trial was when the verdict was read. I knew he would have to be found not guilty, but what really got me was the way the media showed the reactions of the public. Groups of black people were all elated, and to my amazement, groups of white people were all shocked and acted horrified. I had no idea that it was such a racial issue and that so many white people could be so biased just because of race. Obviously, race was the only factor to them. Opinion and viewpoints are not the issue here: how could it be that only the white masses ignored all of the items I listed above? What a bunch of fucking closed minded bigots! ( I am white by the way).

Their view is pretty simplistic: There was DNA evidence (ignore the proof it was planted)! OJ abused Nicole in the past (which somehow proves intent to murder- therefore millions of women around the world are about to be killed too?)! And don't say it on tv, but he was a black guy with a white woman, which we don't approve of! And worst of all, he was rich and famous, and got to hire a team of lawyers!!!!(who cares if the prosecution spent ten times more money trying to convict him than he spent on his defense, right? rich people should only hire cheap, inexperienced lawyers I guess.)

...That's pretty much the whole case according to his detractors. Pathetic.

Due to their childish, pitiful, closed minded racism and stupidity, a great man rots in prison for things he did not even do.

--see Facebook page about this here--

(c) james platt


Let's Burn the Holy Bible on 9/11

I am SO SICK of the religious bigotry and hypocrisy in this country!

How telling that one crackpot excuse for a "reverend" from a tiny 'church' in Florida could get international attention by spewing lies and hatred toward another religion. The media went into one of its frenzies yet again- just like the time Britney Spears cut her hair, and the time Paris Hilton tried to hide cocaine in her orifice. Now, a crazy liar declares he is going to make a bonfire out of the holy books of another people's religion, because he is such a festering bigot that he is upset over their plan to build a new worship building. Boy, that makes sense! When the media gave him all that attention, they surely stroked his ego and made him feel justified somehow.

There are a few glaring problems with his idiotic scheme though. First, does he really think that the people who are about to build the mosque in New York are going to say, "Oh no, please don't burn our books! We will not build it, just let the books go!" Further, why does he think it is better for them to pray in the streets near the old WTC than inside a building near the old WTC? Do these morons who oppose the mosque in Manhattan not even know that there are so many Muslims living and working in that area that they literally fill the sidewalks and the police have to block the streets sometimes so they can pray in the streets too? They have no place to go in the area. So do you want them in the streets or in a building? That is the real issue.

It also escapes the moronic idiots that this is -at least supposedly- a FREE country, founded upon the premise of religious freedom. That was the whole idea of the Puritans coming here to start with. The Founding Fathers wrote it into their extensive writings including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So if the crazy, hypocritical pseudo-Christian rabble-rousers like it or not, the Muslims have as much right to be here and worship here just as much as they do. If the Muslims cannot build a mosque in Manhattan, then the Christians should also be banned from building a church in Manhattan. It's only fair.

I realize that the implied excuse everyone is trying to tag onto this trumped up issue is that since Muslims were allegedly responsible for the 9/11 attacks, then they should not disrespect the memories of the dead Christians who died that day. This argument is itself hypocritical, un-American, and patently absurd. Does this mean no mosques can be built in Washington D.C. either, nor Shanksville, PA??? By this reasoning, then let us ban all Christian churches where a Christian committed a murder. There goes 98% of this country's churches. But it would be disrespectful to let them murdering Christians worship near a place where a Christian killed someone! So come on, let's start closing down all of the churches in America within a few blocks of where a Christian killed someone. Why not? It is exactly the same thing.

Of course, all of this nonsense operates under the pretense that 1.all Muslims are exactly the same, and if a few will kill, then they are all vicious murderers, and 2.that Muslims committed the crime in the first place. If you believe the first statement, then you are simply an intolerant bigot that has no idea what a Muslim is or what their holy book says, and you most likely revere Hitler to boot. If you believe #2, then allow me to explain a few things to you.

As I laid out on my 911 page, tabbed at top, the government's fairy tale about 911 is laughably stupid and easily disproven. Just because 'they say so', it does not mean that the laws of physics are changeable at their whim. And if their tale is false, then who did commit those acts on that day? Someone sure did, and it wasn't likely to be any Muslims. Who had the means, motive, and opportunity? And what if you follow the money trail? Answering these simple questions decimates the govt.'s lies, and throws serious doubt onto the claim that 'Muslims did 911'.

If it is unlikely that the perpetrators were even Muslims to start with, and if a few radicals of any religion differ from their mainstream counterparts, then what is the problem? Like I said earlier, a few crazy rabble-rousers are the ones making all this stuff up. In order to oppose the mosque being built in Manhattan, you must believe several unprovable lies: a) that Muslims committed 911, b) that all Muslims are insane murderous villains who hate Christians and took delight in the events of 911, c) that America is not a free country despite what the Puritans intended and what the Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution, d) that only Christians have the right to worship in an area where a Christian was killed, e) that the actions of a murderer create a 'no-worship zone' around where he killed someone for the other people of his religion, f) that the previous concept does not apply to Christians, because there have been so many Christians that have killed in this country that it would be impossible to enforce, g) that Muslims in particular have no right to worship indoors- only in the streets. If you actually believe all of those statements, then you are not an American- you are not even a Christian: you are a hypocrite.

Maybe I should burn a pile of Christian bibles on 9/11 to protest the hypocrisy and lies that have taken a life of their own. It would also protest the religious bigotry in this country, which is at least as bad as the racial bigotry that everyone is always up in arms about. Demonizing the followers of a religion you know nothing about is despicable. While most Christians are good people, it seems like small groups of them are always the ones perpetuating strife, intolerance, and mayhem in this country.

Twisted, biased, and outright lying slander tirades on Youtube and right wing websites do not make you knowledgeable about a subject. If you are a real American with an open mind, then I challenge you to actually read their book. The Muslim bible is actually pretty short compared to the Christian one- about as long as a novel. Below is a link to it, and there are many others if you want to compare. You can also order it from Amazon or get one at any large bookstore.

Link to free online Koran here

Buy a Koran here

Before you nitpick ominous words from their bible...

Investigate 9/11 starting here

NOTE: I am not a Muslim, nor a Christian.

(c) james platt


How to (NOT) Sell a Jeep

I bought a Jeep Cherokee from someone once for 300. It had sat for two years, and just needed a starter and a battery- a good deal I thought. Later on I ended up with too many vehicles and decided to part with the old Jeep. By now I had put a brand new set of 400. tires on it, a new water pump, belt, and other misc. parts. It was worth at least the 550. I was asking for it. The four-wheel-drive worked, the engine ran well, the transmission was fine. It showed its age inside- not torn up too bad, but not too fancy either. The only thing wrong with it was a partially clogged radiator. New ones cost a hundred bucks, and are easy to change.

So I advertised it on Craigslist- 3 times- and put a sign on it. Numerous people inquired. Some wanted parts off of it, some acted like I was lying that it "only" needed a radiator. The few that ended up actually looking at it were equally annoying. The first person was a middle aged woman, who brought along another lady and a man who was allegedly a mechanic. They heard a rattle, and declared it to be a junker: it "needs a new engine" because "a rod is going out". The occasional rattle goes away with increased RPM so the rod claim is what is out. But they said I was wrong, and offered 150. for it. I told them the tires alone are worth more than twice that. Then the woman actually yelled at me, "Who cares about the tires! If it needs a new motor we gotta do all that work!". I said the price was firm, and they stomped off like I did something wrong. The mystery rod that is "going out" has not 'gone out' in the two years I have had it. And it does not behave like a bad rod nor bearing, but what do I know? I'm just a shadetree mechanic of 25 years real experience.

The next person to look at it was a lady who acted all impressed, saying it just needed a paint job. She wanted me to let her make payments. I said no. She drove off yelling some bible verse at me.

Next comes this person who wrote several emails acting like he would die if I didn't save it for him. He came up from a town about 200 miles away. It turned out to be a 16 year old kid. His dad drove him up. They test drove it for a half an hour. Then the kid asked his dad, 'how much trouble would it be to...' These questions went on for another half an hour. Then the guy says, "It's not what we're looking for." I am sure it wasn't: they were obviously looking for a Jeep to put in a classic car show, and drove 200 miles in a gas guzzling Suburban with a big car trailer in the hopes of finding a $550. vehicle in perfect condition. Hard to believe that didn't pan out for them...

Now enter the 20ish dude. He went on about how great it was, and how it was worth more than the asking price in parts alone. He told me how he makes so much money, etc., etc. Then, "Will you take payments?". No. "Then I'll come back next Friday." He never returned.

Another guy looked at it and claimed he was checking it 'for his son', who did not seem too interested. He drove it, returned, and said, 'it drives just like a Jeep!'. After telling me how much property he was about to inherit, he asked to buy it on payments.

The the young guy who wanders the neighborhood trying to sell stuff to people stopped in. He said he could fix it, and would be back for it tomorrow. Haven't seen him since either.

Now, after about 8 months of it being for sale, it is still here. If it is still here by the time it starts snowing again, I will get a radiator for it and use it again. All of those scammers who tried to tell me it was a piece to trick me into selling it for next to nothing- they can kiss my ass. As well as the people who thought I would be stupid enough to sell it 'on payments'. So they could tear it up, wreck it, disappear with it, part it out, or whatever- after one payment. They tell me they are single moms and so forth so they cannot afford it unless it is on payments. But after all this time, not one has returned with saved up money that would have been the payments.

I am beginning to think it is just not worth it to sell a vehicle. It is too much trouble/ too much time and bs to try and sell one to all these scammers and bullshitters out there. So many people who really do not have the money to buy it just assume you are stupid and drop in to test that theory. It is really a better idea to sell it to a junkyard for next to nothing than to let con artists rip you off. I have had several similar experiences trying to sell a motor home for my mom.Wow- this is the cheapest one I have found anywhere! Wow- this is so great! Be back next week with the cash- don't sell it to anyone else! (They never return)...

Maybe I should change the ads to say something like this...Good running Jeep Cherokee with a 6 cylinder and automatic transmission, working 4WD, brand new tires worth 300.+, and a lot of new parts. Needs radiator. For sale to anyone with a C-note.... NOT! ..Their loss- not mine.

UPDATE: 10/18/10--
Another person- my neighbor this time- said he was buying it, and gave me the runaround for three weeks. I finally decided to fix it and keep it. With a new radiator it is fine. It awaits winter. Now it is for sale for 750. and if no one buys it I don't care. That's the minimum value/ that's the price. Next spring I will sell it, to a junkyard for 100. if no one wants to pay what it's worth. I also fixed the rattle noise that some insisted was a rod: it was a loose flywheel bolt. Fifteen minutes and zero cost to fix.

People annoy me.

(c) james platt


What I Do

'What do you do?' has replaced the former universal greeting of 'how do you do?'. It reminds me of a jackboot cop saying 'Papers, Citizen!', but is really just a more polite way of saying 'How much respect should I pay you?'

The answer is crucial to what will be said next. If I were to reply "I am a cashier at that convenience store," they would treat me very differently than if I said "I write novels," or, "I am a prison guard". What really gets people is when you say "I can't say. Undercover today. What's your name?" Then write it down on a little notepad.

It would be a better society if people would stop worrying about the profession of whomever they are about to speak to. Is it that important who makes more money, or whose job is more prestigious? Only if the person asking hopes to come off as better than you. The arrogance seethes in some, and they find it hard to conceal. When is the last time a trash collector asked you what you 'do'? Perhaps because the trodden are a little more humble than the business owners and office managers and the lawyers. Those types of people- the hoity-toity white collar bigshots with their noses in the air- they are the ones who constantly ask people what they 'do'.

Next time one of these self-presumed pillars of society asks me what I 'do', I am going to tell them:

-What do you do?

--I do a lot of things.

-Like what? A jack of all trades?

--No, besides my source of income, I do a lot of writing, reading, and movie watching.

-Of course, but I meant what do you do for a living?

--Oh that's not interesting. I put in my time to pay the bills. But I do also exercise alot- gotta control that pesky diabetes you know. And I also play mahjong now and then. I can clear a board in 8 minutes!

-Oh. But to pay your bills, you work where? I didn't catch what you said.

--I work at a business. Nothing exciting really. But I also do all of my own car repairs, house upkeep, and alot of medical stuff too. Why pay someone to do everything for you? It's a waste of money. Do you know what a few stitches cost nowadays? About a grand! Or you can do it yourself for about a dollar. Incredible ain't it?!

-Yes, but a doctor has to numb it first-

--No, the pain of the cut is already there and overwhelms the needle sticks. Is a minute of pain relief worth a grand anyway? That's my philosophy: do everything yourself instead of wasting your money paying people to pander to laziness. It's the way to save money, that's for sure.

-To an extent, but some people don't know how to fix their own cars and stuff. And besides, if you can afford it, why not just for the convenience? You can afford it can't you??

--Of course. Because I have saved so much money over the years by doing things myself. How many times have you paid someone 20. to change your oil? Add that up. You could have bought another car by now by spending a few minutes removing a bolt and a filter, then replacing them and pouring in more oil. Too easy- anyone who can't figure that out probably can't understand street lights either.

-Well some people are too old to do that...

--Sure, but I am not talking about infirmed people. I mean able-bodied folks who work for their money and then give it away so they won't have to spend a few minutes doing their own chores. They are money wasters.

-Anyway, what is your profession?

--I am a money consultant, and I have sent many people from rags to riches in just 8 weeks!

-OH! I see! You are great, what do you charge?

--The advice I gave you would normally have cost 100. But it's okay this time.


--(looking at my watch..)

-Here, let me write you a check. Can I have your card?

--Sure! (I dig in my pockets)...I seem to be out. Can I mail you one, to that address on your check?

-Oh yes, we really need some advice on how to juggle our IRA's and bonds, with our CD's about to mature and all. Plus the capital gains tax went down and we don't know what to do with the extra liquid assets!

--I understand. It's complex. (I take the check). I will be calling you. Have a nice day. (I cash check and buy a pony keg, a tank of gas, and ten bags of Fritos.)

Now this person has learned a lot about what I do, but has not succeeded in learning what I do for a living. Score one for the brainiac!...

So, the next person who asks what I 'do', just might get an answer: I do hate rich snobs.

(c) james platt