When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Rambo Redux

I  recently noticed that an old war movie is strikingly similar to today's current happenings. I suggest a rewrite- just change a few words here and there, and it will be modernized for today's headlines!

"Reporter IV": rewrite (2000) {key scenes}
(Rambo III -1988- original movie quotes placed in parentheses where they differ from remake)


"I don't know how much you know about Afghanistan, but almost 2 million civilians (peasants) have been slaughtered by invading American (Russian) armies. Every new weapon including low-yield nukes, daisy cutters, and phosphorous bombs (chemical warfare) have been used to eliminate these people. They've been successful on many levels..." Pictures of Afghan children with [a taped up foot] missing limbs and horrible burns [is shown to Rambo] have been seen.

{Many local men [the Colonel] are being held prisoner by the Americans (Russians). They are [he is] choked and otherwise tortured [-] before being interrogated. The world media- except American, [the Colonel], tells the world [the Russian General]:}

"The White House (Kremlin) has a hell of a sense of humor!"
"Please explain."
"You talk peace and disarmament to the world, and here you are wiping out a race of people!"
"We are wiping out no one. I think you are too intelligent to believe such propaganda," the American (Russian) General replies.....
"You expect sympathy?! You started this damned war, now you will have to deal with it!"
"And we will. It is just a matter of time before we achieve a complete victory."
"There won't be a victory! Every day you lose ground to a bunch of poorly armed, poorly equipped freedom fighters. The fact that is you underestimated your competition.If you'd studied history, you'd know that these people have never given up to anyone-they'd rather DIE than be slaves to an invading army. You can't defeat a people like that. We tried- you (we) already had your (our) Vietnam. Now you're gonna have another (yours)!"
"So you want to test me. Good, " the American (Russian) General replies. The guards drag the Afghan (Colonel) away by his neck.


{Majestic scenery accompanied by sad music:}

The native guide speaks to anyone who will listen (Rambo):
"This is Afghanistan. Alexander the Great tried to conquer this country.Then Ghengis Khan. Then the British. Then Russia. Now America. Afghan people fight hard. They never be defeated. Ancient enemy make prayer about these people. You wish to hear?"
Reporter (Rambo) : "Mm Hmm."
"Very good. It says: 'May God deliver us from the venom of the cobra, teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan.' Understand what this means?"
"That you guys don't take any shit."
"Yes, something like that." An American (Russian) military helicopter flies over.


"It's better to send 5 lions than 500 sheep into battle."


{speech by Afghan villager about how evil Americans (Russians) kill women and children, so this is about honor and God, as the widowed men are already dead otherwise.}


{Three American (Russian) military helicopters sneak up to a village and shoot up a wedding, then the rest of the village}

A local tells the reporter,"Now you see how it is here. Somewhere in war, there is supposed to be honor. Where is the honor here? ...Have you not seen enough death? Go, go while you can. This is not your war."
Reporter (Rambo) : "It is now."


Afghan kid tells reporter (Rambo) : "They have killed all of my family. I want to fight."


{Americans (Russians) beating (dragging around) a prisoner. They shock one, beat another (call one an animal, then shoot one) . Pack one in ice even. }


{after all hell breaks loose in the Russian (American) fort:}

American (Russian) yells "Charge!" Another yells, "To the Motherland!"
Then after lots of machine gun fire, one yells, "I heard a voice from that room- somebody's here!"


The American (Russian) General asks, referring to an Afghan peasant (Rambo), "Who is this terrorist?"


{at end of credits it proclaims:}

"This movie is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan."


This remake, Reporter IV, would partly be written by an Afghan civilian. It would be a very popular, patriotic movie anywhere except in America. Same country, same vile deeds, different invaders....

(The movie, Rambo III, was partly written by Sylvester Stallone himself. It was a very popular, patriotic movie at the time and all American patriots and the flag-waving redneck crowd made a big deal out of it.)

(c) james platt

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