When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.



My mom had cervical cancer, which was discovered at level 3, as it had already spread to her lymph nodes. She went through surgery, external radiation, internal radiation, and chemotherapy. She survived and did not have a recurrence for 17 years, when she died cancer free. My dad had a mild case of skin cancer and was 'cured' of it. A few years later, he got stomic cancer (in the small intestines). His doctors decided surgery was not worthwhile, for reasons never explained to us. They gave him chemotherapy 3 times. After it returned the last time, they told him it was pointless to go another round. He died a few months later.

During their bouts with it, I learned all I could about cancers and their treatments. The mainstream line of thought on it, combined with the alternative views, made for some differing ideas by this concerned observer.

The mainstream way of fixing cancer is not much of an improvement over the way it was done several decades ago. Also, the alternative methods not approved of by mainstream science sometimes have shockingly good results.

While earlier detection is improving, and some types are being cured, the 'aggressive' types are still aggressive and unfixable, and more and more people are getting it, especially children. There is no cure-all for it, and I will not promote any one certain idea here: this is not one of those disguised ads for some expensive medicine or clinic. But I have noticed that there are a few things that should be highlighted for people desperately seeking help.

Also be aware of, and research, the fact that there are numerous 'alternative' theories about what causes cancer- some well supported. One example is the concept of bacteria causing it, and sounds pretty feasible if you ask me. Since mainstream medicine has not approved this idea, doctors ignore the evidence for it. Whatever caused it, the question becomes: what can you do if you do get it?

First, the very best thing you can do is try very hard to prevent it in the first place. Make a daily, conscious effort towards this. Obviously, you want to be as healthy as possible in general. Exercise daily- at least an hour of walking, bicycling, or jogging. Eat right. Be as slim as you can be. More specifically for cancer prevention though, go to great lengths to do the following:

Avoid all known or 'suspected' carcinogens.
Just because some people like to joke that "everything causes cancer", that does not mean it's true. Those people indulge in knowingly unhealthy behaviors, and want an excuse to continue it. What causes cancer is actually a short list of things: certain chemicals and elements, electrical fields, and radiation. You cannot totally avoid electrical fields, but you can avoid especially strong ones such as high tension power lines, microwave transmitters, and electric stoves. Stay your distance from these and your likelihood of developing cancer will drop dramatically. (Find out where these fields are with a cheap device called a gauss meter.) The same goes for radiation and chemicals. Did you know that nearly all meat now, especially beef, is deliberately irradiated to kill salmonella and e. coli that might be in it? So if someone undercooks their meat, they will not get sick- but everyone will eat radioactive meat in the meantime. It is also little known that most flatware manufactured in the USA is made from recycled radioactive waste. Recycled from nuclear power plant cooling rods. Not kidding...These rods are nickel, which is an ingredient of the stainless steel that the flatware's made from. Always buy foreign made flatware! Of course it is "safe" according to some govt. standards, but it all adds up, and since when were govt. standards reliable???

Eat cancer fighting/preventing foods.
There are whole books on this. Instead of listing all of the particular foods here, I will summarize by advising you to eat as many vegetables as you can and in a great variety- at every meal, in large helpings. Some fruits are good too. At the same time, avoid cancer causing foods. Like it or not, the number two proven carcinogen right after tobacco is meat. Look up the studies yourself- don't get mad and upset because your meat habit is threatened. Don't bring up all of the propaganda you were taught in school by worksheets written by the meat industry. Look it up yourself if it disturbs you. Vegetarians have a much, much lower incidence of cancer than carnivores. This is proven fact. If it distresses you tremendously, at least cut down on it.

Stay hydrated with pure liquids. 
The vast majority of what people drink nowadays is a soup of unhealthy chemicals, carcinogenic compounds, and unhealthy flavorings. You need to cleanse your system, not add toxins to it. Start with pure water. Read this earlier piece about what is- and is not- pure water. Also consider that virtually all fruit juices are either loaded with sugars (remember, cancer tumors feed on sugar drawn from the bloodstream- why make it easy for them to grow?), concentrated so they are stronger and thereby too sweet anyway, or just "1% juice". If you want fruit juice, seek out 100% natural non-concentrated juices. It is easier to find vegetable juices that are healthy, such as sodium free V8 type blends. Sodas are never healthy, even diet versions. Artificial sweeteners still make you fat, and aspartame has been shown to cause brain tumors. Sticking with pure water is a good idea for starters.

Utilize holistic and other non-standard therapies.
Even just detoxifying your body will not hurt anything, and could help a lot. Use colloidal metals and chelation therapy. Fast at least once. See an acupuncture doctor. Take vitamin and mineral supplements that strengthen the immune system, such as vitamins C, A, and B; antioxidants such as grapeseed extract and green tea; and long term herbs such as nettle tea and astragalus pills. None of this can hurt, and it may help. After all, most doctors have little confidence in traditional therapies.

Stop using tobacco.
I once worked with a kid who was 20. He chewed tobacco constantly, and found out he had stomach cancer. He did not even try to stop. He thought he was cool, but how cool is he now, lying in a hospital?? (If he is even still alive..) Smoking is so unfashionable, uncool, and downright expensive these days, it is mind boggling how anyone could be so stupid as to start using it. If you do now, you better quit ASAP or you WILL get cancer. We all gotta go someday right? That's what smokers say, but do they really want to go like that?

Avoiding certain things and eating better will greatly decrease your odds of contracting this horrible disease. 

One thing to do as a preventative measure of sorts is to get the best insurance you can. Always take the buy-up plan and always take the optional cancer insurance if available. If not, buy it separately. My mom had blue cross insurance through her work and still had to pay bills for 5 years to cover the deductibles and co-pays. Every day she got at least one, sometimes 3 or more bills in the mail, and they consumed her life pretty much. My dad's bills were even worse. He had medicaid, and after he passed the hospital called my mom two months later to inform her that they had dug up over 900. of bills from the last twenty years that were not covered by medicaid. Then a few months after that, she got a bill for 48,000. It said that the last round of chemo was not covered by medicaid like the doctor said it would be, even though the doctor recommended it. (Yes, chemotherapy does cost that much: about 12,000. per dose and four doses per session.) This was finally resolved in our case, but may not work out for others. So get all the insurance you can, and do it now. People of all ages get cancer.

If you do get it, PANIC. Yes, do panic. Change your lifestyle immediately. Seek out alternative cures and try them all. Time is not on your side. At the same time, seek conventional / mainstream treatments. This covers all options. Some types are curable, some are not. Pursue every option and make it your new mission in life to defeat it, or you will lose.

If you do find you have it, and want to find alternative treatments to try, first and foremost change your diet! Then look up the word Rife on the internet. Go to their German site (ending in .de) and see if you can afford to buy one of their machines. It is an extremely promising treatment that was basically banned in America because it threatened the cancer industry. "Fighting" cancer is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and the "war on cancer" is largely a fraud. All of those donations get wasted to pay biologists to torture mice and rats, while very few new medicines are actually formulated, and no preventative measures are ever promoted.

Also extremely promising and well documented is Gerson Therapy. Based upon super-doses of nutrients and babying the liver, its record of cures cannot be disputed. Their site is here.  Two fascinating documentaries about it can be seen for free, here and another here.

Another interesting treatment is called antineoplaston treatment. It was invented by a doctor named Burzynski. The government was hell bent on harassing him for decades before finally giving his patents to someone else. Then the feds suddenly decided the treatment was a wonder cure. Big pharma just wanted to restrict its use so it would not put them out of business. Watch a documentary about it here. Here is his site. You can still receive the treatments at his Texas clinic, though it is said to be expensive. His detractors have posted lots of nonsense on wikipedia and other sites, but watch the film and decide for yourself.

Several potential cures are being researched right now, but the research process takes so many years- even decades- it is far from a ray of hope. The video below is one example:

There are actually numerous potential cures that were actively, openly, and shamelessly oppressed by the government at the behest of big pharma and the AMA- obviously for their financial gain. There is an excellent video here which gives an overview of several of them. If you do not have time to watch it, I have noted key phrases and names for you to look up when you can:
hoxide therapy (Hoxson), 
essiac therapy (Caisse), 
mistletoe with Iscador (Steiner), 
laetrile therapy (Krebs), 
vitamin C therapy (Linus Pauling), 
krebiozen method (Ivy);
also look up these doctors: Hamer, Coley, Naessens, Revici, and Oziacs.
All are worth checking, and at least a few seem very promising.

If you cannot use a rife machine, or for some reason do not want to try Gerson therapy, then at least concentrate on diet and exercise based approaches. I know a family who tried to cure someone of cancer with baths of hydrogen peroxide. It did not work. So be reasonable, placing common sense above the desperation you may feel. Also try to remember that this is a physical ailment. It will not magically disappear because you want it to. The same family I just mentioned tried to pray away their member's cancer- them and all their church members, and all of their family members- it did not work. As a matter of fact, a scientific study commissioned by a Christian college showed that prayer not only does not help someone heal, it actually makes them worse! If it makes you feel better, fine, but do not depend upon it to fix the physical problem at hand.

Which brings me to the problem of ignorance. So many people blindly follow their doctors, and have no idea what alternatives there are. Nor do many people even know what is really wrong with them. Find out the scientific name of your particular type of cancer, and write it down. Do research. Learn what cancer is, in general. Learn what the normal treatments are. Learn what the less common treatments are. Learn what the alternative methods are. Learn all about all medicines prescribed... When my dad was in his final month or so, his doctor harped on him to pray and so on, but would not explain why the medicines stopped working, or why complications were coming up. Questions were met with silence. My research is the only reason why my mom knows about the reasons he died of blood clots. That doctor was / is an incompetent uncaring imbecile. (If he is reading this, he knows who he is, and had best avoid me like the plague.)

Another thing that the docs will not tell you, or at least not detail to you, is about the final stages. If you are at level 4 (terminal), and you at some point are prescribed morphine for the pain that is sure to come, you have a right to know what this really entails. Morphine kills pain alright, and it also kills your brain- as in causing dementia. A person on a lot of morphine will become similar to an alzheimer's sufferer: floating in and out of lucidity. Is it worth it to continue like this? I would not care to myself. The morphine drip made my dad so weak he could barely speak above a whisper. We were not sure if he was lucid or not. Did he understand my last words to him? I will never know for sure. That was an intravenous, continuous dosage. When my mom was gravely ill, she got morphine drops orally as needed, and it seemed to work without the same effects.

If I am ever in that state, I hope I will be euthanized humanely like a pet would be. Unfortunately this is illegal, and the patients' wills (even those with 'living wills') as well as the wishes of the families- are irrelevant. A person must be allowed to suffer to death even when there is no medical hope whatsoever of their recovery. There are ways to facilitate the end painlessly and with no trace. I suppose I should not reveal them here. I do not advocate it, but will say that I have made arrangements with my loved ones to take action if it comes to the morphine state with me. I cannot advocate the conclusions made in this film at 38:15 on. Its subject is different, and even if it applied here, it wouldn't be recommended. Of course you can't trust that Kevorkian weirdo either, as he is a grinning creep that obviously delights in his actions. So do not consult this Australian group instead. Their laws are different. I must advise suffering to death and losing your mind to morphine before your body succumbs to the cancerous tumors that strangle your organs over a period of weeks. This is the accepted course of action, not feeling drunk or euphoric for 15 seconds before unconsciousness and then death less than a minute later. That is not legal.  

If I get cancer someday, what would I do? 

Personally, I would see about tumor removal through surgery first, to reduce pain and get a head start on anything else- can't hurt to remove most of it physically, I figure. Then, in lieu of chemo or radiation I would do Gerson therapy and Essiac, while saving up for a Rife machine. I would use the Rife machine as the triple-whammy to make sure it is all destroyed. If things were not improving very soon, I may return to standard medicine. But I doubt that would be necessary. That is just my plan. After consulting your doctor and also researching the info above, make a plan for yourself.

Do not forget the importance of diet for prevention as well as reducing tumor spread. As the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine states: "Antioxidants in plants may reduce the spread of tumors and help repair damaged DNA. Some components in soybeans, green tea, turmeric, grapes, tomatoes, and other plant foods have the ability to regulate apoptosis, an important pathway for cancer prevention."  Besides eating the proper plants, there are many over the counter supplemental pills that are loaded with antioxidants as well. The PCRM also has a clear chart here

Further, be aware that radiation treatment involves irradiating your tissues. This stays in your cells forever and slowly destroys them, causing eventual necrosis. I cannot advise you to refuse any particular treatment, however, I can inform you that this is what killed my mom 17 years after her radiation treatments. Carefully research every proposed medicine and treatment before approving its use on you.

Of course, the best thing to do, as I said earlier, is to take great pains to prevent cancer in the first place. And if you live in the USA, knowing this disease will wipe out your bank accounts, your properties, and everything else you own, I seriously recommend expatriation (see book called 'expert expat') to a country with free medical care. Preferably before, if necessary after, diagnosis. Most nations have it: Western nations, third world countries; almost all. The last statistic I read was that at least 1/2 of all men and 1/3 of all women will get cancer, with the incidence increasing yearly. By the year 2050 100% of people can expect to get cancer (if prions don't kill us off as a species, maybe cancer will). So instead of hoping that the farce that is labeled the "war on cancer" will solve the problem before you get it, move to where you can treat it without becoming homeless- if you can get treatment at all- while you still have a chance. Think very hard about this....

Good luck.

things that probably increase cancer risk that most people do not realize:
-artificial food colorings ("FD and C yellow #5" etc.)
-pointing a microwave transceiver to your brain for long periods (cell phone use)
-living within a half mile of a cell phone tower
-tap water, canned foods, most toothpastes (fluoride)
-bleach, chlorine (dioxins)
-fiberglass particles- the next asbestos? (insulation)
-aluminum particles being breathed in or ingested (beverage cans, cookware, other sources...)
-all petroleum products (what do you think baby oil/mineral oil and petroleum jelly are made of...)
-agent orange (still sprayed on cattle to kill bugs)
-leather (preserved with numerous toxic chemicals)
-any ailment causing a weak immune system, incl. diabetes

(c) james platt

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