When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Got Air?

We may not have air for long.

While the environmentalists clamor about energy production (see post below, 2 down), a much more important problem is bearing down upon us. We are running out of air.

I guess it is at once simple enough to not notice, and too scary to want to think about- but it isn't hard to figure out.

Plants breathe carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Animals do the opposite. Without plants we will suffocate.

Most of the world's plants are in the rainforests. Currently covering only 14% of what they used to, us stupid humans just keep chopping them down- mostly to raise animals so we can kill them for meat. A fruit loop in my book: destroying one of our main sources of oxygen to create food that causes cancer...There are varied statistics on how much oxygen the rainforests provide, from 20% to 75%. The answer here is an oft quoted reply to this query, though I have yet to trace it to its original source.

The main source of our oxygen comes from phytoplankton, tiny algae that live in the oceans. They are the foundation of the sealife food chain, and also create 50-85% of the oxygen we need. The plankton are being destroyed at an alarming rate though, as the oceans are being polluted and acidified. The plastic problem alone is killing lots of plankton. The two Texas-sized islands of plastic garbage (one in the Pacific, one in the Atlantic), are considered so big that no one knows if or how they could be cleaned up. No plans are in the works to do so. Plankton are also in grave danger from the impending extinction of sharks. See the embedded video at the bottom of this blog. It explains how killing sharks off will disturb the balance of the oceans' ecosystems so greatly that plankton populations will decrease drastically.

So add up the most conservative estimate of us getting only 20% of our air from the rainforests, which are expected to be gone within forty years, and the generally agreed upon estimate of 75% from the plankton. Sharks could be gone within ten years, so it wouldn't be long after that. So 95% of our air could really be gone, in 40 years or less!

What would it be like to have that thin of an oxygen level? Ask someone who has climbed Mt. Everest. Up there, air is at 23% of what it is at sea level. See this page to see what 23% air is like. It is hard to imagine being able to live at all on only 5%.

So what can we do? First, tell the environmentalists how misguided they are- put them on the right track of most pressing matters first! Next, work to stop rainforest destruction- caused by consumption of meat and palm oil. Then, work to save sharks. Lastly, make more oxygen by 1. reforestation of any areas possible large and small, and 2. rehydration of peat bogs.

Working to spread the word on the values of vegetarianism is the easiest thing anyone can do, as the demand for meat directly correlates to the destruction of the Amazon.

The alternative is extinction.

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Environmentalists-- Way Off Base

All my life I have loved Nature and had a deep appreciation and respect for the environment. I want people to stop polluting it, reverse global warming, reverse urban sprawl, reforest the entire northern hemisphere, stop fishing and hunting, and live at one with the planet.

So you may presume me to be an "environmentalist". Maybe a True Environmentalist in spirit, but as far as an Official Environmentalist- hell no. They like to spout off what is politically correct with no thought about what reality is. Their actions rarely if ever help the environment, and they are too busy wasting their time harassing innocent victims of their campaigns to pursue much more important things.

What baffles me the most is their opposition to energy- all energy. They oppose virtually every form of energy production there is. Do they want us to camp out on volcano calderas to keep warm, or what?

They oppose offshore oil drilling. They say oil rigs might leak and then kill fish or make them inedible. Oil rigs also look ugly and will potentially hurt tourism. These are really all the reasons I could find. Of the eleven oil rig accidents I could find, there were just 3 incidents ever (Montara, Brazil, and Louisiana) of an oil rig leaking- it is the tanker ships that wreck and leak all the time (at least 90 since 1940). See this list, and this. And if the fish became inedible, then that is a good thing, as it will help solve the overfishing problem. I like the tourism excuse the most: A tourist vacations to a coastal city, and then sees an oil rig in the distance. So he packs up his bags and goes to another coastal city without the ugly rigs in the distance. Yeah, right- I can see that happening. It's about as likely as environmentalists trying to ban oil tankers.

One of the same arguments is used to stop giant windmill generators from being placed in the ocean- people might see them from the shore. Coastal communities have actually taken power companies to court for this reason. Of course the mills can be put on the land, in farmers fields or other desolate places. No one in rural America complains about their appearance (I personally think they are fascinating and could sit and watch one all day). Some detractors scream that these fields of turbines take up thousands of acres. Of course they neglect to mention that farmers can easily work around them, and get huge land use commissions too.  But the environmentalists have a problem with them anyway: a bird might get killed. They make it sound like these mills are gargantuan fans that rotate their blades at fantastic speeds- chopping up any passing birds like so much confetti. Perhaps they have never seen one operate. A bird can run into a blade, but it is rare, very rare. It certainly does not decimate flocks of birds as they can easily fly around/through the blades, or above them. A 500' white object with red flashing lights on it is quite visible to birds. Scary estimates of X-amount of birds being killed by them are unproven suppositions. I live near two large wind farms and have never heard of farmers complaining about thousands, or hundreds, or tens even- of dead birds in their fields.

Hydroelectric dams also get a bad rap. They supposedly wreak destruction on the plants and animals that live in the canyon/valley walls. So why, I wonder, can't the animals move? Migration, survival, relocation...I have a feeling they do move. Other than this I have never heard of a real cause of harm by dams, except for this yarn. It claims the trees killed by the dam flooding release more harmful gases than coal burning. Even if true, how can this one time event possibly equate with the smoke of continuous coal burning? And, how is it worse than the cutting down of that many trees for other purposes anyway? Lastly, it would depend entirely upon how many trees were in a particular dam-valley to start with, so each dam would be very different.

At least 'environmentalists' support solar power. For some reason though, their concept of 'energy independence' doesn't trickle down to them. A rare few people have a solar panel on their house, but at least 99% don't. Considering the fact that solar panels- at least the type that heat water- are cheap and easy to make yourself, then why aren't there environmentalists all over the country putting them atop their roofs, or in their yards? I guess it's too much trouble to get free hot water for the rest of your life for under 50 bucks in parts to make the panel. No, they want it piped in like they are used to- over the grid of electric wires. You can get (more expensive) photovoltaic panels as well, which convert sunlight directly into electricity. But what is with all these people who want large mega-arrays of solar panels sitting outside every city? They keep saying it is not feasible; they can't make enough for the whole city with these panels. Well, then put them on your own houses and businesses, ding-dongs! That would take the load off the main source of power big time. Just remove yourself from the grid as much as possible; don't wait for a sci-fi looking array as big as your city to be built outside your city for you.

They also oppose nuclear power, and that seems obvious. Nuclear power is expensive, and dangerous. But there are two problems with their opposition to it. One, it can be made safe, and two, the alternative is coal. It is dangerous because the plants have antiquated control equipment and neither the govt. nor the power companies feel a need to keep them modernized. It is also dangerous because the toxic waste is presumably hazardous for millions of years. If it is so hazardous, then why not press for hurling it into space? Seriously, the technology exists and has been tested. It can be jettisoned into space via magnetic rails made up a mountainside (kind of like in the movie When Worlds Collide). So instead of all the other b.s., why not pressure the right people to modernize the plants and send the waste to space? It can even be aimed to fall into the sun. One other reason it is dangerous is because a saboteur could cause a meltdown. After 911, people realized pretty quickly that if the pilots of the hijacked planes had half a brain, they would have instead crashed into the Indian Point nuclear power plant, killing many of the 20 million people living next to it, and irradiating the east coast for a few million years or so. But luckily they did not have even half-brains... A reporter later broke into one plant to show how easy it was. France placed anti-aircraft guns around all of their nuclear facilities, permanently. This was several years ago, and the U.S. military has yet to follow suit. So I will add, if the military ever decides to protect them from planes and reporters, then it will be a good energy source if the waste is disposed of properly and the equipment is modernized. So environmentalists- why not concentrate on those key factors instead of bemoaning the same old stuff?

Further, all of the above about nuclear safety is moot anyway if you choose to use thorium reactors. This source of nuclear power is plentiful, cheaper, and produces non-toxic waste. But you can't make nuclear bombs out of it either, so no countries are interested in it. A fascinating documentary about this can be seen here.  Why aren't the environmentalists making noise about this option?

They do support sea wave generators, though these devices are still experimental and in very limited use. Hopefully no one will think of the fact that octopi may attach themselves to them and become dizzy...

So what forms of energy really are bad then? Geothermal tops my list. It is supported by some/opposed by others. It involves drilling into the crust of the earth, and that is risky. This can cause new fault lines and even earthquakes. Then you need electricity to pump the warmth up to your house.  It is also noisy and expensive to set up. In the end it isn't much cheaper and only lasts 5-10 years per location anyway.

I also oppose use of coal. It is dirty, and those giant smokestacks you see on power plants have huge filters in them. The filters cost money, so power companies don't like to replace them as often as they should. Coal pollutes the air very badly, not to mention the CO2 emissions which contribute greatly to global warming. If only we could get them to buy the damned filters/scrubbers, but it's been an ongoing battle...

Charcoal heat and cooking is even worse, as it releases the same pollutants- yet does not have filters at all. Millions of people in third world countries use this, and they desperately need a cleaner form of heat and cooking energy. See this doc. at :52 min.

Extracting oil from tar sands in Canada also seems to be genuinely dirty, through the entire process. A lot of people do not realize that the Chinese are buying up much of it and it is doubtful they bought it to swim in. With their cheaper labor and state-owned equipment, they can extract it much cheaper than other countries can. They surely will when oil prices rise again someday. This will exacerbate the numerous pollution issues.

I am not one to criticize without offering solutions of my own. The answers are fairly simple- if only the bureaucracy and the oil cartel would allow it.

This country needs to install a sea of wind generators in a large swath across the midwest, from Texas to Canada, and also in a line from Wyoming to Indiana, as well as in the oceans off the Southwest coast and the Northeast coast. This alone would create all the energy we need. But we should also have at least two solar panels on every home in the country- one for water heating and one for electricity generation. All rural homes should also have a small windmill. All industrial facilities and large businesses, including office towers, should also have a medium to large sized windmill to make up for the extra energy they use. These new types are ideal for city use.

Instead of the govt. subsidizing oil and coal companies, they should subsidize free bicycles, and large rebates on mopeds and motorcycles.

Patents on energy efficient devices that the oil companies have bought up need to be confiscated by a federal court and released to the public. Mass transport systems need to be built that are more efficient, cheaper, and safer. Incandescent bulbs should be banned with a phase-out law and replaced with fluorescent and LED. The ban on Tesla technology should also be lifted. The question is, why was a scientist's proof of free energy from the skies banned? It can't hurt to look.

These are the things environmentalists need to be concerning themselves with, not their misguided, pointless, and inaccurate efforts to shut down everything that may help people.

(c) james platt 


Cinco de Mayo: Day of Bullshit

On the eve of the mexican holiday 'cinco de mayo', I wanted to post a few facts about it.

First, this is the day that mexicans deterred a French invasion in 1862. It is a mexican holiday. It has nothing to do with America.

Second, it is not really a solemn holiday in the normal sense- honoring something or someone great. It has just become an excuse to drink a lot of beer. Which mexicans are pretty good at anyways.

Third, why is this country's citizenry not only putting up with, but openly promoting this holiday of another country? Obviously, to increase beer sales. There are a lot of people from other countries here too, and we never promote their holidays. Why not? I guess they just don't drink enough beer to make it worth the trouble.

Fourth, what are we celebrating, or at least condoning, anyway? A Mexican holiday. While a small minority of them were born here and are also decent citizens, the vast majority are not. They are illegal.

So let's take a look at what illegal mexicans really are: They are scofflaws.
They violate federal law when they sneak over the border. They violate federal laws when they get jobs, apply for welfare, and drive cars here. And whenever they have run-ins with the cops, they almost always get away with it, and they know they will, so they do whatever they want. They also go by their own cultural norms and ignore the rules here.Then they usually get away with it by using the 'no hablo ingles' line.

Mexicans are also known for liking little girls, abusing animals, and being drunks.

Worst of all, they are trying to literally take over the western half of this country and annex it to mexico. Don't believe it? Look up the word "AZTLAN" on the net. ( start here...). Their entire rabid, violent movement is based upon the lie that the US West is part of some mexican homeland, when in actuality it is not. The mexican peoples, except a few roving cowboy-types, never lived there when it was mexican territory. They sold it to America under the Treaty of Hidalgo (see link below, article 11) because they could not control that large area and all its 'savages'. But the troublemakers never mention that.

They also openly support a group called 'la raza'. It is a blatantly racist organization from mexico. The sierra club, aclu, and even the U.S. federal government has openly supported this group, despite their thinly veiled links to the mexican mafia and the aztlan movement.

By the way, did you know the mexican army has made hundreds of documented, armed incursions into our territory? Usually, they are escorting drug runners.

What they cost us is unreal.

How many of them are here (up to 20,000,000 with about 14,000,000 kids)? And how many americans don't have jobs (about 10,000,000)? But we won't do those jobs anyway, right? So the millionaire politicians say, strutting around in their suits. An unemployed American will take any job he or she can get, believe me. But there are no jobs right now, are there? Just think, if all of those twenty million mexicans were deported, how many unemployed americans could find jobs to support themselves? Answer: ALL. With nearly 10,000,000 jobs to spare.

During cinco de mayo, the mexicans here have a blast whooping it up while they wreck this country's economy, take our jobs, and flout our sovereignty.
But let's celebrate their holiday anyway? Not me.

links to peruse
treaty of hidalgo


Republicans: One Rotten Brood of Bastards...

For a very long time, I have wanted to write about my feelings for the repugnantcan, oops- I meant the republican, party. Such a large, encompassing subject is no small task though. How can I keep it under 100 pages? Well, I will try....

Republicans were Originally Communists.
Yes, it is true children- the scary commies, those evil infidels that the GOP pretends to hate so much: they are the progenitors of all that is republican.
The communists tried, futilely, to take over Europe in 1848 with the Communist Manifesto in hand. The failed revolutionaries, police on their heels, escaped to America. In 1860 their first member ran for president as a Republican, and won: Abraham Lincoln. See this article for more detail, or read this book on it for all the proof you can stomach. One communist blogger sums it up thusly: "Marxists organized support for Abraham Lincoln and the newly established Republican Party in the critical 1860 election."

Republicans Drifted Into Nazism Before WWII, and Stuck With It.
Starting in the late 1920's and early 1930's, the Nazi Party became heavily involved in American politics, always supporting the Republican Party. Starting with their support of Hoover(R) in 1928 and moving on to support numerous Republican senators and other politicians, the Nazis thoroughly infiltrated them by the end of the war. See this damning historical article.

The nazis fleeing Europe after the war mostly came to America, and found a comfortable home in the republican party. After all, Prescott Bush (grandpa to bush jr. and dad to 1st pres. bush), was indeed convicted of violating the Trading With the Enemy Act during the war. His deeds directly aided the Nazi war machine. Old Prescott--- respectable businessman, nazi sympathizer, and oh yes- grave robber to boot! Maybe he wanted to see if the Apaches were part Aryan...Perhaps more relevant is Prescott's attempt at a Nazi coup d'etat in 1933. Funny how American memories- and history books- are so selective. How many Americans know about the Republicans trying to overthrow the federal government and make it into an openly fascist state?? Thank goodness for the BBC. The audio link on this is well worth a listen (here is the link again). A little detail on it- here. Yes here it is, don't want you to miss this link to the story about the GOP trying to overthrow the govt. so America could be the 4th Reich.

Not only did they not apologize, not get arrested nor executed for treason and insurrection, and not get run out of the country, but one of their ringleaders seen his son and grandson become future American presidents. Republican presidents. (You know how UFO debunkers always say 'if they were real, then why don't they just land on the white house lawn so everyone could see them?'...This gop-nazi overthrow attempt makes me think it wouldn't matter if the aliens did land in the Rose Garden- everyone would forget about it in a year or so anyway.) [quick aside: the aliens did strafe the white house for four nights in 1952. does that count? it does if you've never heard of it either].

Remember I said I was going to have to struggle to keep this from becoming too lengthy? There are so many ties between the Republican Party and the Nazis, it boggles the mind. The Israelis as well as the media in general have even complained about how the GOP keeps citing peoples' fear of nazis to push their agendas- true hypocrisy! More on hypocrisy later. So to summarize a little:

This article details many facts on this GOP-NSP marriage.  This article describes a disturbing list of similarities as well. Accusations of this evil collusion are common to this day, such as this one. One astute blogger described very well how their tactics still are eerily similar to nazism.

Republicans are Extreme Hypocrites.
While the republicans went ape-shit trying to prove that Bill Clinton got a blow job from someone other than his wife,  they conveniently failed to mention that they had done much, much worse. Eighty million dollars was thrown down the toilet of media hype to blare the news that the president got a blow job. They decided to televise Pres. Clinton's questioning about it even, and got an answer only a lawyer like Bill Clinton could answer. They went through the roof.

Hilarious, to put it mildly.

During the nonsense of the impeachment proceedings, Pres. Clinton decided to work. He went to Pakistan against Secret Service advice, to try to prevent an impending war with India. Pakistan may not exist today if it weren't for this brave act. Numerous other trips were had as he decided to concentrate on his work as a world leader, instead of a childish panderer to irrelevant accusations.

The law prevailed as it was essentially no one's business but his wife's, and had nothing to do with his job performance. But the GOP hooped it up- oh yeah- a democrat got a blow job, jump up and down, oh yeah- (but please ignore the republican sexcapades...see also this and this..) Spare me.

So what is wrong with this picture? Nothing shocking really- the republicans err on the side of perversion and corruption all the time, at least as much as the democrats do. Holier-than-thou attitude should always be scrutinized oh-so-carefully. What if a democratic senator got caught trying to solicit a jigolo in an airport? What if a democratic president had little boys going in and out of the white house nightly and it was put on the front page of the DC paper (06/29/1989, Thursday. call 202-636-4870 to order hard copy. if different than stated, scan and email to me.)? Or perhaps a male prostitute? [keywords for further nauseation: victor ashe, skolnick's report, gosch]. The heavens would fall, republicans would make sure of that!

But luckily these events were not the end of the world, as it was just the Holy Republicans who committed them, not Evil Dems. Yawn- next story please?

Bush Jr.'s Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld ordered the children of prisoners in Iraq to be raped in front of them right outside their jail cells. Female soldiers filmed while male US soldiers defended freedom by ramming Iraqi kids' asses. Oops- Rumsfeld is a Republican, let's not delve into that one...

Their sexcapades and phony morality aside, they also act the hypocrite on important political issues. Prime example: health care reform. Obama wanted all Americans to have access to health care. So the Republicans declared him to be a socialist, since socialist countries have free health care. If all Americans get health care, this country would become commie-central overnight! They launched a huge campaign of outrageous lies to confuse and scare people, so much that the president had to counter it. He launched a tour of town-hall meetings to tell people the truth. The GOP sent in plants to disrupt the meetings, on a very large scale- quite conspiratorical indeed:

So now that the reform bill has passed and is law, the stars and stripes have not been replaced with a red and yellow flag, the country didn't collapse; no- none of the doomsday prophecies of conservative mouthpieces came true. But one interesting thing was learned. It was a republican idea to start with! Great idea if they think of it and try to pass it, but if a democrat wants to pursue the same idea- then look out it's commie time! (See also: this little piece about Palin).

Another grand hypocrisy is their contrived disinfo-op, the "birther" movement.  They actually have a lunatic fringe of people believing that Obama was born in Kenya, and so he is 'ineligible' to be the president. It does say in the US Constitution that you must be a natural born citizen, not an immigrant, in order to be president. And since Obama's dad is from Kenya, a lie was easily born. The lie has been disproven, big time. At the same time, John McCain's similar, yet real legal issue about place of birth is not spoken of. (McCain- the true flip-flopper...).


Republicans are racists, liars, warmongers, and environment destroyers.
To sum this up briefly, they are the true troublemakers in politics. They hate everyone and everything that interferes with their money hoarding. They actually believe that the word "Liberal" is a profane word; an insult. It is to them because Liberal means "favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties." This offends them as they want to control everyone else's lives. When confronted with facts, they almost always resort to name calling instead of intelligent debating. I illustrated this on Yahoo Answers once- they fell right into the trap.

While they worship their undeserving heroes Ronald Reagan and Bush2 (the one so many christians claim is so holy), they are also mesmerized by their current infatuation with the worst politician of modern times, Sarah Palin. Yes, she is pretty. And she is also an animal hater, an environment wrecker, a quitter, and even a palm reader. Not to mention a hypocrite.

She, like virtually all notable republicans, panders to the republican-contrived phony-ass "tea party". They are just republicans that wanted to come out of the closet as true racists, and didn't want to hurt the GOP's reputation (such as it is). So they conjured up a new name and cut loose with their racist insults, threats, spitting, vandalism, and lies.

Now, they let slip a document that says black people were better off when slaves...They openly attempt election fraud and tampering in State elections to stall for time...They consistently blow billions as gifts to oil companies while bending over backwards to stop medical care for the old... What next.

The party itself looks upon its flock of sheep as dolts to be managed disrespectfully, while using fear-mongering to further its ends. This RNC document makes that pretty clear. And they spew their crap day in and day out on their contrived disinfo op, more commonly known as Fox "news". See this for Fox's creation, and this for their procedures.

So if you are a republican, then go ahead, fascists-- call us names, change the subject, bring up Clinton's b.j....then look in the mirror, think, and seek mental help.

(c) james platt