When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Animals Need Rights

Reading daily of the cruelties perpetrated upon animals by humans, I am constantly exasperated by the complete ineffectiveness of the current anti-cruelty laws. A completely new Act is needed to cover everything. Years of thinking on this has led me to write one up. I have adapted it here by snipping some of the legalese and simplifying other parts.

Many will not like it: animal abusers will hate it and animal lovers will dislike certain parts of it. It encompasses all subjects though and compromises minimally. I wish, for example, fishing were banned altogether and permanently; however, it is not practical so a 3 year moratorium on commercial operations would allow stocks to recuperate. In the meantime, fishermen would be allowed to retrain for other careers and their boats could be sold for govt. uses. By the time the 3 years is up, the industry would have less fishermen, less boats, more fish, and less demand to boot. Every aspect of this act has been thought out like this: practicality and minimal compromise tied in with ending cruelty.

Minimal means not coddling an industry that less than one percent of the population engages in, such as hunting; practicality means putting public safety over the desires of people whining about rights they never had, such as the owners of exotic animals.

This may never become law unless I become president someday. Just write me in...


The Animal Welfare Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act will be enforced more strictly and extensively. It will also be revised to include agricultural animals, laboratory animals, birds, and rodents that are kept for any purpose. Wild rodents that are considered vermin are excepted from all parts of the entire animal rights act (as well as insects, arthropods, arachnids, and invertebrates). The Revised Animal Welfare Act and its provisions are applicable to all other sections of this expanded Animal Rights Act. The USDA is no longer in charge of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, nor the Animal Rights Act; now the EPA is responsible for their enforcement. 

Farm Animals will be specifically protected. The following will be banned: -confinement of an animal for more than 12 hours per 24 hour period in a space -smaller than 2 times its size; 
-tail docking; 
-injections or feedings of chemicals that are not necessary for an immediate      -medical veterinary need- including hormones/ antibiotics; 
-spraying of animals with pesticides that are considered hazardous to human health including DDT and agent orange; 
-buying or selling of animals that are sick or cannot stand on their own; -deliberately causing pain to live animals including striking with steel bars and sexual abuse; 
-grinding up live animals esp. chickens; 
-skinning, dismemberment, and/or evisceration of live animals; 
-killing of conscious livestock; 
-foie gras production; 
-deliberate causing of anemia or other illness in animals.
The govt. will subsidize 100%, electric fencing for livestock protection- as well as deer fencing for crop protection.

Wild Animals will be specifically protected in the following ways: 
-all fur trapping will be banned as well as foothold traps, 'conibear' traps, and snares; and their manufacture, sale, and import;
-fur farming will be banned as well, and no animals will be kept, bred, or killed for intended fur sales;
-killing animals by electrocution, drowning, strangulation, poisoning, and clubbing are specifically banned;
-canned hunting and private hunting clubs on private or public property are banned;
-hunting of any animals on public lands or within 5 miles of any community is banned;
-hunting of predatory mammals or birds is banned;
-hunting will not be allowed within two hours of darkness;
-use of dogs as main hunting weapon is banned;
-game meats and wild animal body parts may not be sold;
-wild animals not be kept, bred, sold, stuffed, sold as parts, sold alive, sold dead, used for human consumption or medicines, put on public display, used for entertainment, or transported;
-wild animals may not be kept except in licensed, accredited* zoos and animal sanctuaries- this includes wolves and wild cat breeds (aquatic pets are excepted), and will be banned from private ownership.This includes non-native species of wild animals, to include but not limited to: tigers, lions, 'ligers', 'tigons', ocelots, servals, ceracels, and other wild cat species incl. their cross breeds/ primates/ venomous reptiles and amphibians/ poisonous or dangerous aquatic creatures including lion fish, sea cobras, piranhas, sharks, etc./ native species such as pumas, lynx, and bears/ and others (see appendix).

Exotic animals 
-includes all wild animals listed above and any other non-domestic dog or cat;
-home breeding of wild animals does not make them classifiable as domestic;
-they may not be kept, bred, sold, stuffed, sold as parts, sold alive, sold dead, used for human consumption or medicines, put on public display, used for entertainment, or transported;
-accredited* zoos already in existence may breed (by special permit from the EPA), keep alive, and display them;
-accredited* non-profit sanctuaries may keep them alive and display them;
-people already owning exotic animals must relinquish them to the accredited* animal sanctuaries or the national sanctuary;
-a national exotic animal sanctuary for dangerous mammals will be built with federal funds immediately on the former Nellis Testing Range and Groom Lake areas (see appendix).
-birds and other non-dangerous species not previously listed are excepted, unless banned by state or local law;
-poisonous snakes, frogs, etc. will be destroyed. 

Marine and Arctic Mammals will be protected completely. This includes polar bears, arctic foxes, wolverines, fishers, martens, weasels/stoats/ermines, grizzly bears, cinnamon bears, brown bears, seals, sea lions, walruses, manatees, dugongs, narwhals, orcas, whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Protection is mandated against hunting, killing, buying, selling, harassing, or otherwise harming these animals, and this act also expands on the old version to include a ban on their confinement, incl. by zoos and theme parks, even if accredited. Sole exception is for temporary rehabilitation cases.

Puppy mills will be banned, as well as breeding, sale, purchase, import or export, of dangerous dog breeds (any of 30 species of dog considered a fighting breed). All dangerous breeds must be sterilized, microchipped, and licensed by the age of three months or they will be destroyed. They also must be muzzled and leashed when off of the owner's property, and must be caged or chained and fenced when on the property. Pit bulls and their variations may not be off their owners' properties at all. Also banned will be dog fighting; theft or bunching; sales to labs; and, crossbreeding with dangerous or wild breeds (wolves, coyotes, foxes, dingoes, hyenas). Sales of purebred dogs will be taxed 50. per animal to be collected by seller and given to nearest cat or dog shelter. Sale or import of items containing dog fur will be banned.Owners of dogs that attack humans will be legally liable for the damages.

Cats will not be sold to labs. Purebred sales will be taxed 50. per animal to be collected by seller and will be given to nearest cat or dog shelter. Sale or import of items containing domestic cat fur will be banned. Use of cats for laboratory aids in schools is also banned, as well as their import for that purpose. 'Rendered' cats, or dogs, will no longer be sold to manufacturers of human food. Possession of non-domestic or wild species of cats and their hybrids is also banned, except by accredited* sanctuaries.

Sheltered Cats and Dogs   
Every cat and dog brought into an animal shelter will be spayed if female, and then adopted out or sent to the nearest no-kill shelter. These shelters will be established in every major metro area of 50,000 or more population. Smaller towns will send their spayed animals to these shelters. Males will be sterilized and/or returned to feral colonies if a cat, and kept until adoption if a dog, after holding period. Dogs must be neutered and will not be returned to streets, but must be sent to nearest animal shelters after holding period. Cost of spaying or neutering will be paid by federal funds. Holding period will be changed from four days to seven days. Spay, neuter, and vaccination fees for an animal will be subsidized 100% by federal govt., and may not be charged to adopter of an animal.

Animal Fighting and Abusive Sports or Displays
All are hereby banned including dog fighting, cock fighting, and bull fighting. Anyone convicted of any affiliation with animal fighting- even viewing- will receive a minimum three year prison sentence. 
Also banned are the abusive sports of horse tripping; the roping of calves, horses, and steers; bull and wild horse riding; and all other rodeo events involving stress to animals. 
Animal acts at circuses are to be strictly monitored for violations of the animal welfare act including non-public treatment, and all elephants and large cats are to be relinquished to accredited* zoos or sanctuaries as their ownership is hereby specifically banned for circus use. 

This practice is banned. All animals currently in laboratories- both government and private- will be euthanized and disposed of properly. All government facilities built for this purpose will be disassembled and otherwise destroyed, as well as all equipment related thereto. Government mandated testing of prescription drugs on animals is rescinded.

Animal cruelty in general is banned and means any deliberate physical pain or mental anguish caused upon an animal.

Violations of this act are automatic felonies, with mandated prison time and mental treatment.


Natural predators will also be re-introduced on a large scale to all areas of the mainland and Alaska, especially forested and mountainous areas. This includes bears, wolves, pumas, lynx, and wolverines; but not coyotes or foxes. These animals will receive special protection just as endangered species do. 
Other animals will be bred and reintroduced into appropriate areas, especially any endangered or rare animals. 
Pet wolves that are purebreds will be set free in national forest areas, and wolf-hybrids will be considered a dangerous breed as above. 

*Accreditation must be by one or more of these three private organizations:
Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Sanctuary Standards, or the

Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


(c) james platt 2009

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