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Parts Stores: Bonanzas of Idiocy

Has anyone noticed how stupid most parts store employees are?

It is interesting how you have to fill out ten years of job history plus take an online psych test just to get one of these jobs (autozone, advance auto, o'reilly's, pep boys {too many layers of pages to decide which one to link to...}, napa...they all have extensive applications.. ), however, knowledge of car repair is obviously not one of the criteria for hiring. Every once in awhile you will meet a real mechanic working at a parts store, but it is rare. Almost always, they are dumb kids and/or dainty women who work there.

If only I had a buck for every time I got mad at a parts store cashier....

Recently, when doing a brake job on my truck (see previous post), I ordered two brake screw adjusters- one for each wheel. They ordered two right ones. I had to return later in the day when another truck came in so I could swap it for a left one. But first, the manager said, "Wait, they may be the same on this vehicle," and then proceeded to look it up. I told her they turn in opposite directions and the right one has reverse threads, but of course, I , as the ignorant customer, was not believed.

A better one was just the other day. I needed a starter relay for my Jeep. This is a simple, common part that normally wears out. I went to a parts store. The attendant could not find it in his computer. He started clicking on every electrical part listed, so I could look at a picture of it and say if that was it or not. Slow and unprofessional, but he was trying. He finally got another employee. This guy also didn't know what it was. Then a third employee asked me what it was again. I explained what it was, what it does, and where it is on a car. He said he never heard of it so I should ask a dealership what it is. So I went to a different chain's parts store. Then I got the same b.s. as from the other store. A second employee walks up, and I think, good- this guy looks like a mechanic: he can help me! He asks what it is, what it does, what hooks to it, etc. Then he says: "We don't sell anything like that. It sounds like a junction box to me, and you will have to go to a salvage lot to get one of those. Why do you think it is bad?" Fuming by now, I try to stay cool, so I tell him: "Sometimes it won't start until you tap on it." "Oh," he spouts,"it's just a loose connection then. You don't need one anyway!". I stomped out, contemplating strangulation of this retard. I ended up finding someone with a junk parts-jeep to get one off of. It was free, but I had to drive 90 miles each way to get it.

These are typical examples of what happens at parts stores all the time, everywhere. I wish I had been keeping a list of these incidents over the years...what a volume it would be by now! All the parts stores do it, but of course some are worse than others. Will they sue me if I name them here? I doubt they can, but let's just say you should avoid wearers of green uniforms- they are the very worst at looking up parts, giving you the wrong parts, and selling junk generic and Chinese parts that don't last very long. (And the Jeep thing was not at their stores, BTW.)

I also had trouble once getting sparkplug wires for my C-30 truck. Two chains in town told me they don't sell parts for 'grain trucks'. Then a third one said that was ridiculous, and had them in stock even. They said any store with parts for Silverado 3500 pickups will have parts for my C-30 truck. So what was the problem with the first two companies getting the wire set? They seemed completely confused by the truck's name and did not bother to consider the fact that it has a very common engine type- a 454 Chevy big block. Sparkplugs for these are rare?? Don't think so...

my "grain truck"

I could give so many examples like this...One has to wonder:

Why don't these companies hire mechanics, or at least 'shadetree' mechanics? Why is it they all use the same parts catalogs but look up completely different things in different stores? Why do they always treat their customers like idiots?
Why are so many of them so stupid and annoying?

Maybe they can look up answers to these questions.

(c) james platt

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