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FEMA Coffins

For once, I am not going to put any links into an article. This is because anyone that would bother to check any of them would be able to easily verify what I am saying a hundred different ways anyway. Use google.

I finally had to say something about the newest conspiracy theory. It bothers me because I witnessed its beginning. I tried, but was unable to get anyone to listen to reason. Trust me, I am not a big fan of the government. They screw up enough on their own without people adding on outrageous claims to make them sound even scarier than they already are.

Last July a video and article appeared on infowars.com. It was about a shaky video of a bunch of plastic coffins stacked in a field. The field was a couple miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport. Well, Atlanta is where the CDC is based, so anything in the Atlanta metro area must have something to do with the CDC! And anyone who has been there knows how enormous the Atlanta metro area is, and therefore how absurd that last sentence is.

But of course, Alex Jones and his run-for-the-hills style made it into a huge what-if scenario, pushing the buttons of his paranoid readers. They freaked. In the comments section for that first article, I offered to go check it out, because at the time I lived there. No one would say where it was exactly for awhile though. Then it was finally revealed to be next to a concrete company near the airport. After this everyone really let loose: 'they are using the airport to transport them all over the country after they kill the citizens!', and similar cries.

A few readers looked into it, contacting the company that makes these coffins and asking them about it. It seems they were storing them there, because people buy them before they die. They are personalized with a brass nameplate, and held until the time comes. These plastic 'coffins', actually burial vaults that a coffin would go into, are much cheaper and simpler than concrete vaults. The number of people dying yearly in this country, and the number buying and reserving these vaults, is enormous. So they stacked them. An expensive facility is not needed because they are weatherproof and it is unlikely anyone would steal such a thing. What is disturbing though, is that all this was posted into the comments section. Most readers ignored it.

I kept trying to make people think about how silly this all was. For example, I detailed how the CDC is actually in the suburb of Chamblee, on the opposite end of the metro from the airport. It has a huge walled in complex and is also barely a mile from another large airport- the Peachtree-Dekalb. So why in the world would they store these coffins across the city by another airport, when they could put them in their compound or at least by the closer airport? Maybe because the CDC does not own them!!! Because everything in Atlanta and its suburbs does not belong to one govt. agency that happens to be based there! And I posted these observations. No one listened.

But one day someone posted a paranoid rant and included a reference to 'these FEMA coffins...' . And so it began. Now, there is a huge conspiracy theory about the "FEMA coffins" 'in' Atlanta, and what the govt. is going to do with them. Estimates range from 10,000 to a million. Most people guess half a million. But then, a few claim it proves 'the CDC's plan to kill 90% of the population', after which they will place all the bodies in these "FEMA coffins"! At around 300 million people, 90% would be about 270 million coffins needed. So where are the other 269 fields with 'a million' coffins in them? Can you see an emergence of paranoia yet?

Now, there are 67 youtube videos with 'fema coffins' in the title, last I looked anyway. That is not including the related videos, or ones with different titles but same subject matter.

I ask the coffin-mongers: where are the rest of the coffins? where will they bury so many coffins? with what equipment? why not dump the bodies in a swamp (oh I forgot- FEMA already dumped 2,000 people in a swamp that they shot in the head, right after Katrina. but that's a different conspiracy...) ? And lastly, why don't you verify anything, or consider outside sources- like the 'coffin' company, or even your common sense?

It is worth pondering, in the spirit of open-mindedness: what if these burial vaults really did belong to FEMA or the CDC? You would think it would be easier and cheaper to stockpile body bags, and in a hidden spot such as inside the CDC compound, the huge army base (Ft. McPherson) right by the intl. airport, or somewhere besides an open field, but whatever. Supposing the vaults are govt. owned- so what? What if there was a disease outbreak and they wanted some on hand? Who knows. If the officials in charge of this were careless enough to stash them in an open field near a large international airport in a major metro area, then I doubt their plan to make use of them will be very well concealed either. So don't worry.

After all, there are Amtrak trains retrofitted with guillotines ordered from Japan, remember? (Who needs bullets when you can just behead people, and why make your our own guillotines when Japan sells them?) Oh yes, and the box cars with shackles welded into them (no need to lock the train car doors- just weld shackles in- it is simpler somehow). Worry about these older conspiracies first before taking on yet another completely nonsensical and unprovable hype-fest. And one more thing: if you really believe these horrific fantasies, then please click on this article's title.

UPDATE, 12/21/2010 :
Due to the cancerous spread of this lie on the net, I am now offering a challenge to the cretins who perpetuate this lie. If you prove to me that it is true, I will delete this post and repost the other view. Proving it to me will require the following:
1. proof that the vault replacement grave liners are really just coffins,
2. proof that the company who makes and owns them is either under contract with fema or is owned by the federal govt.,
3. proof that there is a plan to use them in a mass operation,
4. an explanation of why they are 'hidden' in an open field instead of in the nearby army base,
5. evidence of collusion between the CDC and FEMA to kill everyone,
6. an explanation of where so many bodies would be buried, and with what equipment,
7. the locations of the 500 or more other stockpiles that must exist to kill and bury the rest of the population,
8. a reason why mass cremations would not be easier, faster, and cheaper than burying everyone in an individual grave and coffin. just the same- why not mass graves with no coffins?
9. an explanation of why coffins would be stockpiled instead of body bags,
10. a reason why only paranoid right-wingers buy into the tale, and no one else believes a word of it;
11. an accompanying statement from a mental health professional that certifies your sanity.
All documents must be certified, signed affidavits from official sources. Get to work, nut-jobs...

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