When things are investigated, knowledge is extended. When knowledge is extended, the will becomes sincere. When the will is sincere, the mind is correct. When the mind is correct, the self is cultivated. -- Confucius
Politically correct ideals are garbage: true wisdom comes from decades of deep thought and neutral observation. Only a so-called sociopath could ascertain wisdom from this crazy world in a neutral way. Cool thoughts- uncorrupted by modern politics, social norms, or societal ideals- are required for wisdom. Questioning everything, and going against the grain on all universally accepted norms is the path to true intelligence. The Gods notice this.


Is the Paranormal Normal?

It seems the "paranormal" subculture is getting out of hand and going crazy with its theories of late.

This writer has had a lifelong interest in the unusual, and is a firm believer in UFOs, bigfoot, and many cryptids. Ghosts- to an extent; possession, time travel, poltergeists: no. It is sad that so many are so eager to believe the most ridiculous ideas, myths, rumors, and theories with no evidence nor common sense to back them up.

Most people into this stuff are gullible, argumentative, and downright rude if you proffer an alternative idea to them on their pages and videos. I personally despise the so-called skeptics, who delight in poo-pooing everything- even phenomenon with hard evidence. However, thinking outside the box is more my style, and logic often puts me at odds with the hardcore believe-everything-no-matter-what crowd.

Once there is a report of a strange looking creature somewhere, it sooner or later becomes a local legend and the paranormal subculture regurgitates it over and over again, as if it might be real if they can just repeat it enough. A great example is "batsquatch". One reported sighting of a man who seen a very large batlike creature fly over him is all there is. He took pictures, but no one has seen them and they have never been online. So now, there is a half bat, half bigfoot. Give me a break. If a large bat was really seen, then it was likely a very large bat. Sasquatch with bat wings though??? Now "batsquatch" is a part of cryptozoology nomenclature and listed on all cryptozoology sites. It will likely be repeated endlessly for all time. Similarly, there is the Bray Road Beast, Loveland Frog, Enfield Horror, Lizard Man, and so on and so on...The "Loveland frog", when the original witnesses were interviewed (the cops that seen it), turns out to be an escaped pet iguana. Nearly every "beast", "monster" or other alleged "cryptid" is a myth with no evidence at all, or a highly exaggerated story.

Consider the chupacabras. These 'goat suckers', as the name translates to[Portuguese], are some creature/s that really has been killing lots of goats, chickens, and other animals at night in Puerto Rico. The legend spread to all of Latin America. Now, movies are made about it and they always portray the creatures as dog-type critters for some reason. But the locals say they are bat-like. (One of the stupidest movies ever made is Chupacabras vs. the Alamo, with Erik Estrada shooting a bunch of feral dogs...). Has no one considered that the animal actually doing this may be a new oversized subspecies of vampire bat??? Bats can walk, using their 'elbows' on their wings like canes. Are they just large bats that migrated up to the Caribbean from the Amazon? Probably, but crazy dog-things make better movies I guess. Further, rabies is a big problem in Puerto Rico. Maybe the animals are being killed by rabid mongooses.

Speaking of dogs, let us talk about "dogman". In the bigfoot subculture, "dogman" is a very big deal. It is supposedly a werewolf type animal that is 6-9 feet tall, walks bipedally, and has a dog face and snout. It is not a bigfoot but a giant, bipedal, intelligent dog. People like to say that there is no evidence of bigfoot- ignoring the DNA samples, hair, scat, footprints including ones with dermal ridges, blood, skulls, numerous closeup and clear videos and pictures, numerous audio recordings, and tens of thousands of eyewitness sightings spanning several hundreds of years- including from the Native American populations. (See my other piece on bigfoots here).But dogman evidence- it is a big Zero. There is nothing but a few blurry pictures of trees with a spot somewhere and the poster exclaiming "see the female dogman and her babies watching me!", and similar nonsense. There is not one halfway decent picture or video, nor any DNA evidence to date, of a "dogman". It is a modern myth. There is a subspecies of bigfoot that lives in the Mississispi / Missouri river basin with a longer than standard snout, and this could possibly be considered to be doglike at a glance, but it is still- judging by its somatotype- a primate more than a canine in every other way. Wolves are much larger than most people realize, and if they are standing on their hind legs, say to sniff prey that ran up a tree, they can be over 6 feet tall. A snap of this could easily be misconstrued as a "dogman". (Just the same, numerous reports of "dyer wolves" are simply wolves, with the poster not realizing how big wolves really are.)

Other dogs that are currently considered cryptids are the Texas blue-eyed dogs. The Science Channel made a documentary on them for their show The Unexplained Files, which for free I have only been able to fnd a clip of- but it can be watched here for a few bucks... This site gives an overview as well. It seems to be a mix of coyote, full sized Mexican hairless dog, and a supposedly extinct subspecies of wolf. Plus, it has developed a few genetic adaptations of its own, including a humpback, marsupial-like pockets, incredible speed and stamina, and unusual eyes. What is most interesting is that the Texas authorities deny its existence, despite hundreds of citizens posting videos of it running around, a college professor having collected 4 roadkill bodies of it (and had them DNA tested), and even stuffing one which is currently in her home. While the state denies the obvious existence of a new creature, the populace that knows about it mostly considers it to be the "chupacabra", which is patently absurd. Between the official denials and the superstitious hicks, a brand new mammalian species running amok sure makes no news!

What of the "Jersey Devil" though? Always referring to an old newspaper article from the early 1900s, the alleged sightings were from a time when superstitions were high and people were simpler. So a bipedal horse with bat wings walked around. Yeah, right.
Jersey Devil - Wikipedia
But it is believed to this day by many, many crypto-types. What if it was all a bunch of bullshit spewed by a joker, liar, crazy man, or attention seeker of the time period? No one cares: the Pine Barrens of New Jersey are haunted by a possibly demonic creature now! Oh gees... While it got entangled with the Leeds devil folklore about an evil child, some have tried to explain it into reality as a pterosaur called a dimorphodon. Also amusing is the fact that many confuse and/or associate the "Jersey Devil" with the "mothman", as it allegedly lives in the same region. While the mothman may be a real being (though not an actual moth, more like a true flying cryptid), it is definitely not anything like the so-called Jersey Devil. So many just cannot grasp that. This one claimed sighting of a winged horse-headed critter has thereby become a demon child, a dinosaur, and/or the mothman, depending on who you ask.

[While the movie about the mothman made it look like someone was simply going crazy, the original book about the creature by John Keel is completely different and totally creepy/ fascinating. Do not watch the movie: read the book! Other documentaries abound that discuss subsequent sightings and incidents with this creature around the world and in the NE US. ]

A recent 'documentary' on Youtube has received wide acclaim and unending gushing reviews and comments. It is a 5 part series, about an hour apiece, about a group of young people investigating a paranormal subject. Funny though, the original subject- fascinating as it is- has nothing to do with EVPs, spirit boxes, the main narrator's love for his gf, alleged undergound military and/or ufo bases, the mothman, Indrid Cold, nor several other subjects that they spent 15 to 20 minutes apiece upon. Then, they found a tin can: freaked out! They discovered an email was sent to them from Canada: freaked out! A phone call they had ended at 48 minutes and 48 seconds: freak out! Then they wade through ten foot high weeds to get to an old railroad tunnel. At night. Why at night? Have they ever heard of daytime filming?? Can't see much, and then they hear a word in the dark. One of them tapes his eyes shut in the tunnel, then sees an alien head flash in his mind. And of course this is true. In the end, they are famous paranormal investigators that did not find proof of their original target- but no one cares! Geesh. (wont link to them, but if you really must check, look up the word hellier on youtube.)

Most people these days are obsessed with what is going on in the forests of North America. This especially refers to highly unusual disappearances of people in the wild, and their re-appearance (if at all) in very unusual places. The person who broke this phenomenon is a retired police investigator named David Paulides. He has written numerous books about it and has done the talk radio and convention circuits many times. Apparently, the US Dept. of the Interior, more specifically the US Forest Service, is covering up a decades long series of disappearances as well as highly unusual murders in the US national forests, and the same is happening in Canada as well- and possibly, other countries too. He is easy to look up on Youtube; just try "Missing 411". It has been heavily implied that bigfoots are responsible, but he would not say directly. Later, aliens were heavily implicated, but he still would not say directly. Now, he says no one knows and it just cannot be pegged...

My take on Mr. Paulides and his stories is this:

I believe him. But I do not know if he has actually done the research or is just making this stuff up. This is due to his site being a shambles and his books being expensive as hell. I sure cannot afford them, so no, I have not read his books and checked whatever references he may have listed. I find it odd that he lectures in his custom made shirts with his "Missing 411" logo embroidered upon them, while having a website that appears to have been made by a grade schooler. Nonetheless, assuming his reports are true, and I believe they are, it is maddening to many that he refuses to give his opinion of what is going on. He seems to want to draw in the bigfoot crowd, the ufo crowd, and whoever else. This is to sell more books, which are priced quite steeply if you ask me. Though I doubt it, if I am wrong, and he is making this stuff up, it will someday be considered the greatest flimflam of the era, perpetrated just to sell books. Who is verifying these fantastic reports he speaks on?? Regardless, if true, the incidents reported upon are apparently committed by bigfoots sometimes, by aliens sometimes, and even by other unknown entities at other times. Bigfoots cannot drop bodies from great heights, nor do they single out German intellectuals with physics majors. Aliens do not grab kids and leave behind their bones and clothes on cliffs (probably, I am guessing of course...). Some cases are so weird that only aliens could possibly have been involved, yet others are so brutal that only a very strong being with evil intent could have been in on it. The spectre of serial killers is easily ruled out by the fact that no human could possibly carry a corpse that far, that fast, and then dump the body without being seen to boot. A creature with superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and agility- perhaps. There are also numerous other, even weirder, possibilities that Mr. Paulides has not hinted upon yet. Numerous Reddit threads and other random sources have referred to some very scary alien traps for people in the deep woods, as well as insect-like and lizard-type creatures following and chasing people in the woods and deserts.

It is quite likely that there are creatures that have successfully hidden from humans so far that are very intelligent. If so, they may be scaring, harassing, or otherwise playing with humans that they come across in the wilderness for their own amusement, or, just to get us away from their homes.

Several old reports from the few who dare to hike K2, the highest or second highest mountain in the world (rivalling Mt. Everest, depending on whose measurements you take), say there is an entity on it that likes to chase you, scare people, and run you off. It could be the god of panic- Pan.

Perhaps many of the "gods" are simply corporeal beings that are more advanced than us, and in our view have supernatural abilities. At some times, they may have been noticed by regular humans and looked upon as demigods or even gods. So is Pan/Dionysus living on K2?  (No? Disprove it.)**

Even these speculative topics are more likely than the current fad of 'dogman' and other creatures.

The idea of pterodactyl or pteranodon creatures ("thunderbirds") living in the southwestern deserts of America is interesting as well. No pictures of course, but seemed intriguing. I used to believe they were real, lying on the desert floor with wings spread out in the sand on the ground while resting so no one could really see them. Made sense. Then I ended up moving there. I lived in southern Nevada for awhile and had a driving job that took me all over South Nevada, West Arizona, and parts of California- including the Death Valley area, the Sierra Nevadas, the Mojave Desert, and Red Rock Canyon. It became clear from the start that the desert there is chock full of plants that dot the landscape with foliage. There are mostly yucca trees; also lots of cacti and other plants. Where would an airplane sized bird land and lie flat with its wings spread out without the plants being in the way? The huge yucca trees and large cacti are not really bendable nor something any creature would want to lie upon. Now I wonder if they do live there, as they have nowhere to hide. Anyone who has never been there has no idea how full the deserts are of plants/trees/rocks, and does not get that there are few if any places for a Cessna sized critter to lay low, even if it folds its wings in.

An honorable mention must go to the people obsessed with the 'mystery' cats of Great Brtain. Someone let a pet black leopard loose once there, and it seems to have interbred with other cat species in the area. Whether it is one cat or several, it is just a non-domestic cat that is seen now and then. The cryptid sites are packed with these GB big cat sightings. Why? Who cares?? So a non-domestic cat or cats is/are loose in Britain; so what?! As long as they are not lions or tigers eating people, then SFW??? But the 'mystery' persists. Whatever.

Regarding aquatic cryptids...

The loch ness monster seems to have been disproven thoroughly. I once read a book on it, detailing every expedition and their results. It told how their sonar, probes, etc. found nothing over and over again. Plus, a creature that size had not enough fish to eat to survive there anyway. While all of this was surely true, it is all based upon the assumption that the creature is entirely a water based, fish eating creature which comes up for air sometimes. Now, what if it is actually an amphibian that lives in a nearby, land-based cave and eats land based animals as well?? Then- the caves, roads, hills, valleys, and other areas around this loch should be searched as well. But no, no one has yet. Nobody. I do not currently have the resources (dough) to go to Scotland and do this, or I would. Anyone game? My idea, but all I ask is you let me know what you find (or, perhaps consider taking me along???)... As far as "Champ" and other cutely named nessie-knock-offs, I doubt they exist at all. Mayhaps you should call up Jeremy Wade to catch your saltwater eels or whatever.

Many so-called cryptids are nothing more than ancient myths, regional folklore, or rumors. The few that may be real however, are exceedingly interesting. This writer has recently relocated to a high density bigfoot area and is planning an expedition, despite the risks. Bigfoots, as well as other unknown or barely known creatures, are very danerous to observe. It must be done though. I will report here what did or did not happen. There will be pictures, videos, and audio recordings. And if nothing else, there will be some wonderful wilderness scenery for everyone.

I will not post a brown spot and call it a bigfoot or dogman, nor an insect and call it 'eyeshine'. I will however use sound judgment and decide what is nonsensical rumors and what is honest and tried advice from others.

I know people all over the world read this blog, so I would really like for anyone to comment their bigfoot, ufo, or other strange experiences here.

I am considering making a blog on just paranormal subjects separately, but will see if anyone is interested first.

*if anyone has this book, let me know. purple or blue hardcover amalgamation book of ufo sightings and other weird things. will buy.

see also:


jersey devil: wikipedia
desert: joshuadesertretreats.com
nessie: hurricane florence, nc, 2018

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Silent Wars to Come

A Comparative Analysis of  Electronic Warfare Systems, Anti-Satellite Devices, and Long Distance Radars of Russia and America 

Americans are a society of people who insulate themselves from the rest of the world, watching mainstream news on their televisions, and choosing not to seek out what the rest of the world may be saying, thinking, or doing at any given time- as if they are living in an aquarium. Although they and their "allies" (suzeraine colonies) comprise only about 35 countries of the 200 or so nations on Earth, they think they are superior in every way: morally, economically, militarily, technologically..Morals and economics are subjects for another day, but are they really 'exceptional' militarily- especially technologically?
They by and large have no idea whatsoever that they are not the pinnacle of technology and military might in the world.

Electronic Warfare 


Russia has so many electronic warfare systems that it is almost surely the first type of weapon it would deploy in the event of a conflict. As spelled out in this little piece, ukraine has been claiming that Russia has been "invading" them for four years now. However, the operation would actually take about a week if it actually ocurred. Frying their electronics would paralyze the country before the actual invasion, and it would all be over oh-so-quickly.

They like to announce new weapons systems right before they are deployed, not years ahead of time. Their new Kinzhal hypersonic air launched missile, for example, was announced one day and the next they informed the world that it is now going into serial production. Western media claimed it was a hoax, until they started spotting fighter jets flying around with them mounted to their fuselages.
Kinzhal on Russian jet

So here are a few that are known at the moment to exist, with more surely on the way...

Air based-

The Vitebsk EW is an aircraft defensive system that disables incoming surface to air missiles by utilizing radar and thermal optic heads. It is mountable to most any aircraft and is sold to many countries.

The Rychag AV is a system designed for use on helicopters and can disable all enemy signals within several hundred miles. It creates a blanket dead zone which stops enemy missiles from being able to detect their targets. So far there are only 18 of these, which are fitted onto Mi8 helicopters and used by the Defense Ministry for VIP escorts. Plans for mass production are said to be in place.

The Khibiny EW is the most well known since it was once used on a US navy destroyer. It is designed to defend aircraft from enemy air defenses, create deceptive readings on their screens, and interrupt air defense rings via electronic jamming. Some people, obvious paid trolls, have been posting comments to the effect that the incident with the US navy never ocurred, but there are videos on Youtube that show otherwise. In any case when the USS Donald Cook locked onto a Su34 in the Black Sea, it turned on its Khibiny system, and the ship's electronics turned off en masse. Then a Russian chopper circled the ship, taking pictures. Whether the crew was scared or not is speculation; however, the ship did immediately steam to the nearest friendly port in Bulgaria. (Some even say that a couple dozen american sailors quit over the incident, feeling too vulnerable to go back out to sea.)

There is now a newer version called the Khibiny-U, designed just for the Su30s.

The Gimilai EW is a more advanced version of the Khibiny which is specially made for the T50 or "PAK FA" jets. Its components are spread throughout the aircraft, and some components of it are even parts of the skin of the jet. It is better at radar jamming and multi-tasking than other models.

The President-S is designed for helicopters but can be fitted onto other aircraft. It emits intense jamming signals to disable incoming antiaircraft missiles.

The Rosa-E is the oldest of the airborne EW platforms, and is still in use today as a standard. It emits a microwave beam capable of jamming enemy radars and disrupting guidance systems up to 310 miles away.

There is also one more that is so new it's name has not even been released yet. It is a "full scale electronics warfare system" that will be installed into their X-101 and X-102 ALCMs (air launched cruise missiles). These missiles are nuclear capable and have a range of 2800 miles. See this short piece.

Ground based-

The Krasukha S4 system defends important land targets such as military bases, industrial sites, and government buildings from incoming aircraft, drones, and missiles by jamming their sensors and radars. It has a special antenna called the SPN30 which makes this broadband jamming more efficient.

The Krasukha 20 is similar but is specially designed for very high powered emissions in order to jam the american AWACS spy planes. It can effectively shut down the operations of these and similar aircraft within a radius of several hundred miles.   [Several nice pictures here.]

The Moskva 1 is a passive radar unit which also acts as a command and control station for other EW and jamming units. It can intercept radio signals from 350 miles away.

Moskva 1 

The Infauna EW system is mass produced and most Russian army units have one. It suppresses homing signals of close in weapons such as anti-tank, grenade launchers, some mines, and other battlefield devices. It can even produce aerosol screens to confuse laser and video guided missiles.

Infauna EW 

The Borisoglebsk 2 system jams shortwave communications in aircraft, ground stations, cellular, and other means. Comprising 3 types of antennae and up to 9 vehicles, this complex can also emit friendly forces com links with secure lines.
Borisoglebsk 2
The Rtut-BM is a short range battlefield system, protecting a spherical area of about 50 acres. It can interfere with enemy communications, and more importantly cause incoming ordnance to explode prematurely.
В Бурятии начались военные учения с применением установки ...

The Ranets-E is the original system of Russian electronics warfare. It was tested and produced, but never used wide-scale, as it uses so much power to operate. Therefore units are believed to be parked at key locations in case of urgent need. It can be ground mounted or placed on a BUK chassis, emitting a 500 MW microwave beam that fries the circuit boards of anything airborne within 6 miles.
Ranets-E, by Russia - Romania Military

Naval based-

The TK25 E is for larger naval vessels. It can generate false signals and other interference for enemy ships.

TK25 E 

The MP 405 E is similar, but for smaller vessels.

The 5P-42 Filin is a new system that has already been installed onto two Russian frigates. It is a dazzler that causes disruption of enemy laser and homing devices, visual disruption of enemy troops, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and hallucinations even.

Russian Navy gets new weapon to induce ‘hallucinations’ and ‘blind’ the enemy
Eagle Owl 

As you can see, Russia integrates these systems into their armed forces everywhere they can.


Air based-

AN/ASQ-239 is a system designed specifically for the F35 lemons. It is supposed to be able to provide real time 360 degree views of the area, and tell the pilots when to evade or engage, as well as counter/jam enemy systems.

ALQ-239 DEWS is used only on F15s. The digital early warning system is a standard fighter aircraft radar/sensor suite with the additional features of jamming and a 'countermeasures dispenser'.

ACMC/130J RFCM (radio frequency countermeasures) is a system placed in spy planes mainly. Besides gathering info, they mainly penetrate enemy air defense systems.

ALQ99 is an antiquated system used on other USAF aircraft, including the larger spy planes. It is due to be replaced in 2021.

The Sky Buzzer towed radar decoy also acts as a jammer. It is pulled behind an aircraft with a cable. Produced by a German company, they are in limited use by US forces.

Land based-

AN/VLQ12 is a short range system designed to protect land vehicles against radio controlled IEDs and land mines, as shown in this brief video.

EWTV is a vehicle that is still in the testing phase. It is a Cougar with a bunch of antennae including a mast tower, and uses the AN/VLQ12 as its chief device.

EWTV Cougar 
Naval based- 

SEWIP Block III is the main American naval EW system. It detects, jams, and emits RF bursts toward incoming attack objects. It utilises a more powerful version of the land vehicle based AN/VLQ12, the sea based AN/SLQ32.
The AN/SLQ32 can also be mounted onto Seahawks and Ospreys for longer range detection. 
American Destroyer Packed New Electronic Warfare System ...
SEWIP Block 3 emitter

That seems to be it for American electronic warfare systems. Even on pro-American military oriented websites, it is universally bemoaned that they are decades behind Russia in this genre of modern warfare. 

Anti-Satellite Sytems


30P6 Complex is the oldest Russian anti-satellite weapon, consisting of a missile launched from a MiG 31 and guided by one of four Krona land based tracking facilities. 

The Naryad-V is a satellite that emits jamming signals for other satellites. It could also be considered an EW device. 

Another system that has been mentioned but not yet named is an EW satellite laser/jammer which will be mounted inside a special plane. 

The Kinzhal hypersonic air launched missiles, mentioned earlier, are presumed to be usable as anti-satellite missiles, though this is not yet confirmed. It is certain that they can be launched from MiG31s, which are the highest flying jets in the world- able to fly to the edges of the atmosphere at 15.5 miles up. Combine this with a range of over 1200 miles from this missile itself, and the fact that low-earth orbits rarely exceed 1200 miles, most satellites could indeed be in range. This is not to mention the recent sightings of this jet carrying a new, completely unknown missile, widely believed to be an anti-satellite missile due to its sheer size. See photo here

The massive Topol ICBMs and their launcher trucks may also be used for anti-satellite operations soon. They are being replaced by the newer Yars ICBMs, most of which will be placed in train-mounted launchers. The Topols can have their warheads removed and be used to launch satellites, and already have. If they can launch them, they can surely send up something to destroy them as well. Mere speculation, but a real possibility. 

S300, S400, and S500 all are capable of shooting down satellites. The S300 was modified for extended range for this purpose, and its newer models have the capability. The S400 was designed for this from the start, mainly LEO (low earth orbit) satellites. The S500 can hit even higher satellites, as it launches a much larger missile to begin with. 

The A235 Nudol is like the S500, in that was specifically designed to shoot down ballistic nukes at high alltitudes. It's capability to also shoot down satellites has resulted in a lot of complaining on pro-American military sites. Between the Nudol and the Prometheus (S500) it can be assumed that Western spy satellites will be dropping like flies if a conflict erupts...To see more photos and other information on the S300, S400, S500, and A235, see this post about air defenses.

The Persevet, a newly unveiled mobile laser system, has as yet unknown capabilities. It may be able to blind satellites, or merely shoot down aircraft. It is believed to be a drone buster mainly.


The SM-3 (standard missile 3), a naval missile used for flotilla defense from incoming cruise missiles, has been modified with an extra booster and used to shoot down a satellite. This test was done only twice though, and they knew its trajectory, speed, etc. both times. They keep a couple dozen on hand, at most. 

SM3 with mods

The THAAD missile defense system is supposed to be able to hit "exo-atmospheric" targets and it is claimed that they hit one in a test in 2007. There are only a handful of these systems, placed in 4 sites worlwide. 

The MIRACAL (mid-infrared advanced chemical laser) is an ongoing test laser designed to blind enemy satellites. Along with a list of pure scientific uses such as 'punching holes in clouds' and so on, it has been tested for military uses. It weighs over 6 tons and is ground mounted. They've developed a smaller version and mounted it onto naval vessels, which can destroy drones and small boats but not satellites. 

The X-37B, America's miniature, unmanned space shuttle that orbits for a couple years at a time before landing, has been the source of much speculation. Though some like to believe it is a satellite killer, or even somehow scooping up enemy sats, it is most likely a spy craft- nothing more. At 29 X 15 feet and with a cargo area (the 'experiment bay') about the size of a pickup bed, it is not going to scoop up much. Compare to Russia's new orbital drone here... 


Long Distance Radar Systems


Russia has eight main long distance radar systems, which all went into disarray in late Soviet times leaving huge unprotected gaps in their airspace. Putin's revamping of national security has rectified this in a big way in recent years, however. 

The Don-2N radar is situated near Moscow in a building similar in appearance to a massive pyramid. It has a range of 2,300 miles. Tests found that it could detect 5cm balls dropped out of a space shuttle from 932 miles away. It was modernized in late 2007 in response to american GLCM sites being placed in Poland and Romania. This unit is an ABM specific radar/ space monitoring system providing a large dome of protection around Moscow. 

Russian Don-2N early warning radar
Don-2 Radar

Another large array is the Daryal. With a range of over 3,700 miles, they were erected in the Koma republic and Azerbaijan. Twelve more were planned, but the Soviet collapse prevented that from coming to fruition. Later the plan was amended to 5 new ones. Since all Soviet era radars are slated to be mothballed by 2020, these will propbably be locked up and kept as a standby system. In war, the radar facilities are the primary targets, so keeping these available would be very wise. 

Daryal Radar 

Daryal Coverage
The Volga radar is very similar the Daryal. There is only one unit which is in Belarus, operated by Russian forces. 
Belarus–Russia relations - Wikipedia
Volga Radar

Dnepr class radars, referred to as "hen house" units, have three units left in operation and were recently modernized. They are located in the Kola peninsula, Kazakhstan (operated by Russia), and in southern Siberia. 

Балхаш-9 / Balkhash-9 Dnepr Early Warning Radar | The ...
Dnepr/Dnestr radar facility

Finally the newer Voronezh systems were developed. Their modular design made them cheap, and easy to assemble quickly. They also use much less power than the older systems. There are 3 versions: the M (standard), DM (VHF and UHF), and VP (EHF 'high potential'). With a range of 2800 - 3200 miles out and nearly 2500 miles high, they can track up to 500 objects at once, including satellites. Currently three are deployed in Leningrad (sees Morocco to US east coast), Irkutsk (watches India to the US west coast), and Kaliningrad (covering all of Europe). More units are planned for Krasnoyarsk, Altai, Orenburg, Komi, Amur, Crimea, and Murmansk regions. 
Forewarned is forearmed: Russia to set up new radar in ...
Voronezh Radar 
Another new system in called Container. It is a highly modernized version of the defunct "woodpecker" OTH arrays. Its placement in Mordovia allows Russia to detect all aircraft in Europe as far West as the Netherlands, even planes as small as Cessnas. Its range is 1,860 miles. 
Container radar 

They recently set up yet another system in South-Central Russia to cover any gaps there. It is mobile but can tie into larger networks and has a 500+ mile range. It can detect 'stealth' jets as well as ballistic targets at medium and high altitudes. This is called the Nebo-UM

Nebo-UM radar array

There is also a Volna system, a photonic over the horizon radar. It can detect objects up to 1900 miles away in the air or at sea. Currently, there is only one of these in operation in the Far East port city of Nakhodka. 
Volna over-the-horizon radar
Volna Radar area

A smaller version the Volna is known as the Sunflower or Podsolnukh, which can detect objects just over 300 miles out. Both of these can easily detect so-called stealth jets. These are being erected along more and more of Russia's coastlines. 

Missilito on Twitter: "Over-the-Horizon radar «Podsolnukh ...
Coastal Sunflower array

Podsolnukh-E over-the-horizon surface-wave radar
Diagram Podsolnukh array

The cellular phone network, known as GSM, is also utilized as a radar array. A program monitors any disruptions in the signals between the towers, analyzes it, and sends it to the national defense center. There are over 250,000 towers. The Doppler effect and triangulation are used to pinpoint any objects in the air. This makes an enormous nationwide low altitude radar capable of detecting any enemy aircraft, even the smallest drones and missiles. 
The GSM network will be included in the missile defense system
GSM station

One radar that is in disuse but has great potential is the massive array in Crimea. The Voronezh is considered 3rd generation, the Daryal 2nd, and the Dnepr, first. A massive Dnepr radar unit is located in Sevastopol. Though it may be made obsolete by the newer Voronezh units, its strategic placement, massive size, and ability to be repaired and upgraded are also major factors. Its refurbishment is a very real possibility. 

Sevastopol radar array 

Also worth a quick mention is the Dunay 3U radar located near Moscow. It used to be a part of a larger network nicknamed Cat House, Dog House, Hen House, Hen Roost, and so on. Now this is the last surviving unit. It is still used to track satellites and debris in low earth orbit like America's 'space fence', but this unit also feeds info to the Don-2 ABM system. Other Russian space monitoring systems include the Krona-N, Moment, and Okno-S. 
Russian early warning radar Dunay-3u
Dunay 3U


America has one long range radar system, which has been revamped a few times over the years. Originally the DEW line (Distant Early Warning), it was a string of 30 radars above the Arctic circle spanning 3,600 miles, mostly in Canada. A look at a map of it shows how strategically ludicrous it was to abandon it. Later remade into BMEWS (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System), it became a set of fewer, farther flung stations. This morphed into PAVE-PAWS (Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry-Phased Array Warning System). Now, that has been replaced by a modernized version called SSPARSS- the Solid State Phased Array Radar System.* This setup uses the PavePaws array and has added more stations, with newer technology. 

PavePaws/BMEWS/SSPARSS system 

Note there are only 5 stations, and there is a large gap in the south. The Fylingdale (yes that is how it is spelled..)
 unit is in England, due to a disagreement with Scotland and the UK politics. Thule is in Greenland, a colony of Denmark- which is a NATO country{american colony}. The other three are in America. 

The massive ground dish built into a natural crater in Puerto Rico- Arecibo- known for its use by SETI to search for alien signals- is mostly used by the military. However, all it does is EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) signalling, meaning it echoes radio waves off the moon's surface and back to Earth- for the purpose of trying to echo-locate Russian radar sites. It is not used for hostile interdiction.

They have a 'space fence' array as well, called SSA. Its main purpose is to monitor space objects, not to act as a defensive radar or ABM warning device. It does forward 'potential threats' to NORAD however, so labeling it a defensive system is 'on the fence' it would seem. The 9 piece system- AFSSS- is currently off and the new one, a single unit, will be opened on the Marshall Islands soon. 

America is also selling an AN/FPS radar system (bmews unit) to Qatar. There may be an American air force base there, but Qatar is not entirely one-sided. They also are trying to purchase the S400 from Russia. They are caught in between the rival states of Iran and Saudi Arabia and are very concerned about their own safety, more than blind alliances. Qatar already has Russian Pantsir air defense systems. If they buy an American radar, it will not be automatically forwarding its data to the West. 

As far as radars go, it is clear by looking at the coverage maps above which side is more secure. 

It is clear that Russia is decades ahead of America in the military technologies of electronic warfare, anti-satellite operations, and long range radar systems. Even if you have trouble stomaching the concept of not being technologically superior, one has to consider the logistics. Why not utilize multiple independent systems, overlapping and with intercompatibility? America does not do that like Russia does; it puts all its eggs in one basket and hopes for the best. One successful strike on one radar facility could expose the entire West or East coast of America. It would take multiple strikes to expose a border area of Russia with its overlapping radars... 

So the final tally of currently usable and nearly completed systems would be: 
Electronic warfare systems- Russia, 8 air based/7 land based/ 2 naval based; America, 5 air based/2 land based/2 naval based. 
Anti-satellite weapons- Russia, 10; America 2. 
Long distance radar systems- Russia, 11; America 1. 
Long distance radar stations- Russia, 26(plus unknown number of sunflower stations); America 5. 

All of this is to say nothing of the China factor. So much of their technology, systems, equipment, and bases are so secret that it was not practical to incorporate them into this article. With their Dong Feng missiles, underground railroads with nukes on trains in them, and other exotic/secret systems, they cannot be ignored. Now recall that they are close allies with Russia. This gives the term wildcard new meaning, as if it would not be difficult enough to just confront Russia militarily. China is known to be very interested in anti-satellite weapons, electronic warfare, and stealth submarines. So this can be a postscript to the subject at hand: Russia is very advanced, and their buddy China has their backs- with a few surprises of their own. (One example here...)

The next world war will surely be a silent conflagration, with satellites getting shot down and aircraft dropping like flies. It will not go well for one side. 

* Solid State. Really? Like when televisions with vacuum tubes were being supplanted by ones with circuit boards, and they made a big deal out of saying they were 'solid state'. Now, the newest American radars are solid state? About 30 years behind schedule, methinks...

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S300 simplified

A lot has been said lately of the Russian S300 system, since it has been deployed to Syria. (NOTE: Venezuela already has S300s). The S400 is simply a newer model of the last S300 version; they are very similar. However the newest 300 is ideal for intercepting cruise missiles, and the 400 is the penultimate catch-all for whatever comes up.

What irks me is that the majority of articles about it post pictures of other systems. Even on Russian news sites such as RT and Sputnik, the posts about the S300 are usually accompanied by pictures of S400 and S500 units. It is not too hard to figure out, and they should know better.

The S300 has been around for many decades, and there are numerous models/versions of it. Some S300s are track mounted, looking like tanks sort of. The rest though, are mounted onto big straight trucks. They are not semis.


S400s are always mounted onto trailers, like a semi. 


S500s are also on trailers (hard to see in this picture, but they swivel right behind the second axle), but are much larger. They only have 2 launchers per truck.


One well known site posted an article about the S400 with an accompanying picture of an A235 Nudol, which is something else entirely.

Unfortunately most sites on the net just repost from other random sites and are not backed by real research. Hence the A235s being portrayed as S400s...(BTW the A235s are going to replace the A135s, which are old ABM units in the Moscow Ring, but we won't go there right now..). 

It is past time for random talking heads and armchair bloggers to figure out what is what before they write about it, spewing nonsense all over the net. 

In chart above, the S300F series are naval variants. Russia is upgrading all of its S300s to S300VMD, S300PM2, or Fort-M, and are not building any new ones. The new ones being manufactured now are S400, and the current batch will be fulfilled but no new domestic orders will be taken of them. This is because the S500 is already in production and will complement the S400s. Recent talk of S600s, S700s, and S1000s are just hype drawn from a joke made by a politician on a talk show. These three models do not exist and are not planned.

It has finally come out what exact model was given to Syria and how many of them. They received the S300PM2, which is not an export model and has Russia's 'friend or foe' system installed. This will prevent them from accidentally shooting down any Russian aircraft. They received 3 batallion sets, with 8 launcher trucks each, and at least 100 refill rockets. This provides Syria with plenty of overlapping coverage of their territory. In map below, one can see that placement of one near Damascus, one near Homs, and one just West of Deir-ez-Zor not only overlaps coverage of most cities, but also covers most of israel, Al-Tanf, and the coast. It further creates a triple protected area around Tadmur, which can be utilized for air bases, safe houses, ammunition depots, or whatever. Of course where they are really placed is secret, and the map merely shows this blogger's best guesses.
Update, 02/06/2019: it is in the news that one site is in Masyaf, just a few miles East of Hamah as this blogger had guessed. Though the israeli based media is changing the term 'batallion' to launchers, making it seem there is only one site. Each site has eight launcher trucks, not four, at three separate locations.

A lot of people are asking why Syria has yet to use the S300 to defend itself from israeli attacks. SouthFront even made a video about it, claiming politics and diplomacy are the reasons. Interestingly, many, many obvious pro-Western trolls and propagandists commented on the video with all kinds of nonsense. The answer to this is actually obvious and very simple. The Russians did not give the Syrians these systems and train them how to use them for no reason. They are there for air defense and will surely be used for that purpose as the need arises. However, the need has not arisen yet. The popular blogger/analyst the Saker has written before about how the best air defense system for Syria is the Pantsir- not the S300. Syria has Pantsirs, and they use them frequently to repel israeli attacks successfully. They also use S125s, S200s, TORs, Iglas, Strelas, and BUKs regularly. The S300 has not been needed yet. This is not to mention the fact that the Syrians' training by the Russians to operate these systems was just recently completed in February of 2019.

S300: previewcf.turbosquid.com
S400: wikimedia.org
S500: military-today.com
Chart: wikipedia

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Bases Around Russia- surrounded or not?

It is unfortunate that so many nonsensical rumors incessantly make the rounds on the internet, while no one reposting them bothers to check if they are true or not. In recent years, many people, even some Russian politicians, have been repeating the statement that Russia is now 'surrounded' by 'hundreds of' american bases. How true is it though?

Any foreign bases beyond a friendly country with a common land border are simply malicious imperialistic ventures. America has no moral right to place military bases in any nation except Canada or Mexico, and that would be if they gave permission. However, they have 144 bases in 16 countries- none of which are Canada or Mexico either! Did they "surround" Russia? Let us take a look...

-The Gambia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, and Liberia all allow america to use their military facilities and have other close military ties.

-Germany, Greece, and Turkey allow america to store free-fall atomic bombs on their territories. Germany, Turkey, Belgium, and the Netherlands allow america to store both free-fall and guided nuclear bombs and missiles on their territories.

-Poland and Romania are housing ground launched cruise missiles, likely nuclear Tomahawks, in their so-called radar facilities that america operates.

-Georgia hosts an american bioweapons laboratory. {funny how america is frantically working on anthrax spores, and even shipped some to South Korea last year, and now there is an outbreak of it in Siberia...}[related]

-Australia is about to host a new long range bomber base designed specifically for B-52s, and they already have a joint military oriented space tracking and spying facility there as well.

-Israel has an american radar facility and two large military depots. This is besides the massive mystery buildings at the Chamish facility that are speculated to house an american version of the "deadman switch" nuke launching system, hidden nuclear silos, and/or a supercomputer complex complete with underground tunnels. All aside from their own arsenal of nuclear weapons, which may be under their control or american control- no one knows since they will not admit they exist. (The tunnels could also be hiding battalions of tanks for a regional invasion, just like the ones being warehoused in Poland.)

A few of the above nations are close to Russia, especially Georgia, Pakistan, and the European states, but the only ones that actually border Russia are Norway and Georgia- and we all know what happened to them last time they tangled with The Bear. All others have a buffer area of at least one other nation to cross if they wanted to attack Russia. But then, what about the actual bases?

The following 19 countries have actual american bases in them (this includes NATO bases): Afghanistan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Antigua, Denmark, Netherlands Antilles, Oman, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, France, and Norway. Only one country with an american base- Norway - borders Russia directly (196 km long).

Of course missiles and supersonic jets can close the gaps quickly and fly over other nations' airspaces if they so choose. If there would be resistance depends upon whose airspaces they cross. Keep in mind that Russia very wisely has set up common airspace defense zones with several of its neighbors.

How is Russia really surrounded then? Maps must be consulted.

This meme has been circulating on the net for a long time, though it is very inaccurate in many areas:
well meaning- correct in spirit at least...

This one is more accurate: 

The rest of the story drawn up by Der Spiegel:
sorry map is wrong- Crimea is Russia

Add to that the "aspirations" not on that map- Sweden and Finland want to join as well and have been acting like NATO states in every way except on paper, with joint military exercises and a large dose of russophobia to boot. Ireland allows NATO cargo planes to land and refuel there, as its govt. supports them. All three of these countries, along with "neutral" Switzerland and Austria have sent troops to Afghanistan at NATO's behest at various times. Also keep in mind that NATO has been actively pressuring Serbia and Cyprus to join up as well. How long they can hold out before they happen to have a (CIA) color revolution? Hard telling...

This blogger made up his own maps, edited from wikimedia commons templates:

Black- hostile / Yellow- friendly or neutral

situation grave...
As one can see, the holdout countries include at least 3 that would side with america in event of war, leaving 6 friends. Kosovo, too small for this map, would be considered an american ally. It is also a known daesh hotbed complete with several training camps.

Asian areas are not so grim:

The method used to color-code them is as follows: Russia is red; nations that are either friendly toward Russia or neutral are yellow; nations hostile to Russia are black.

A few such as Iraq, are not openly hostile to Russia, but allow america to use them as a base which is just as dangerous. They could set up an invasion point from their territory anytime. Pakistan has lots of trade including military sales with Russia, but allows america to run rampant there and is not overall trustworthy. The same goes for Malaysia and Indonesia- both hosting american naval vessels regularly a little beyond common port calls. As far as Turkey- they may be attempting to mend ties right now, but still are in NATO and hosting american nukes, AWACS planes, and fighter jets. Some yellow ones are of interest as well, including India- of dubious intent but highly unlikely to mount an invasion of Russia, nor allow america to use them as a base.

A number of countries try to be friends with both america and Russia, and should be watched carefully. These include Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Belarus may sound surprising, but consider that they would not allow the planned CSTO air force base to be built there, without explanation. They also have been selling lots of military vehicles and arms to ukraine.

No one can doubt the close ties between Russia and Serbia, Belarus, Armenia, or India- but their governments' actions sometimes give pause...

The only countries that would have a snowball's chance in hell of successfully invading Russia may be america, China, India, or Iran. China and Iran are too close of friends, and India tries to stay out of Russian-american discords (though they've been absurdly taking america's side against China in the Spratly dispute). The root cause of all of Russia's security issues are obvious- those countries that bow down to the imperialists become proxy states and are endangering themselves as future battlegrounds.

In the end, the 144 american bases are not spread around Russia evenly as imagined- in some giant ring, but mainly concentrated in Germany, Japan, and South Korea. If there is a global war, the South Korean bases will have their hands full with North Korea, and Japan based troops will have a lot of water to cross. Now that Russia is fortifying the Kamchatka Peninsula, Sakhalin Island, and the Kurils- and have also emplaced S400s in the far northeast to keep Alaska in check- the main concern is the European border.

Considering Russia's excellent multi-layered air defense systems, it seems highly unlikely anything will sneak in. Rest assured, Shoigu and Putin have you covered.

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Want Russian News? Go to the Source!

Am I the only one who can see that the pro-Russia crowd in america is being hoodwinked? 

Many americans and other Westerners are thoroughly disgusted with their governments' warmongering and lies, understandably so. They seek alternative news and views- which is good. All of these folks are drawn towards Russia and its polar opposite policies, myself included. I have been following Russian news for about 30 years, and can state that all these new sites are more of a fad than anything serious. Sure, the people who read them are serious, but they are still americans by and large. This means they are used to being lied to and tricked, and are easily fooled by false stories. The spooks at Langley are having a heyday with it. Virtually every comment thread on every one of these sites under every article has a dedicated troll sitting on it, spewing out anti-Russian propaganda, lies, and badgering. A lot of people take the bait and argue with them, pointlessly.

What is worse though is that the progenitors of this army of trolls have their own entire sites churning out disinfo and lies as well. They have become so persistent that most of the pro-Russian americans do not bother to check these sites' sources at all. This opens the door for disinfo pieces. They will write a very anti-american piece here and there, and then intersperse them with articles that are out and out lies. These fictional essays are then parroted amongst the pro-Russian sites and everyone buys the tales without checking any info or sources out themselves.

I have decided not to name names of other sites; it is not necessary. Almost all of them to some degree are doing the same things:

1. They have more and more ads all the time, and ask for donations more and more often. One of the earliest donation campaigns of these sites stated that they raised 70 grand in one month, while claiming it was needed since they have no ads. Very soon after this, they started posting ads anyway and continued the gofundme campaigns. It's become all about money for them, and the other sites are on a parallel track.

2. All of them repost other sites' articles, apparently without permission in most cases. Copying and pasting other peoples' writing is illegal and can be taken down by DMCA complaints. I have done it 14 times, including to one person who posted a long 'fair use' disclaimer. Disclaimers and the words 'fair use' do not negate the laws. It irks me that so many ignore this, because they are not only breaking the laws, they are also too lazy to write their own material. Plus they have no concern over posting other peoples' work while they make money off of their sites' ads and donation funds. It is wrong; stealing; lazy. And all these sites I am discussing do it.

3. Hype is always more important than fact. Very dubious sources are regularly cited on these pages and even copy/pasted with no regard to their verity. One site even admits it is owned by voice of america- a us govt. agency- and people still take their word for stuff. Another one's owner and main writer has admitted on record before that he makes up stuff when it will get more hits, and his fictional hysterics are regularly cited as truth. One Russian site exaggerates so much it is like the national enquirer of Russian news, regularly citing themselves as sources with links to their own articles- the whole site looking like a crazed op-ed section. They are more and more often being used as source info when it serves to embellish a story. Worst of all, certain obvious CIA operatives are planting stories under ridiculous usernames with no backing evidence whatsoever, and then Reuters reposts them, and everyone reposts Reuters, and it becomes “fact” in the Western media. The sites I am speaking of here buy into this as well, frequently parroting these same phony sources. Unfortunately, even the pro-Russian sites continue to cite these buffoons/stooges.

4. All of these sites have gone off on irrelevant and conspiratorical tangents. Some stupidly obsess over Obama being an alleged Kenyan and/or Muslim. Some make it sound like WW3 will happen tomorrow. Lately, most have been going on about Putin having Hillary's emails, and he will release them soon...Yeah, right. There is a quote from Putin going around, where he says how minorities have to basically suck it up. He never said it though. There is even a facebook group about the “Russia, China, North Korea military alliance”. There is no such alliance...Hype and hits are top priority for all of these groups- not truth.

5. They post a lot of junk. Many articles are obviously not edited by anybody, and written by people with a second grade education. Both spelling and grammatical errors are rife. One frequent contributor to these sites comes up with lots of run-on sentences, some even being as long as a lengthy paragraph. In one piece he wrote, I counted the word Russian 35 times, and the word Russian was written 13 times in one sentence even! Other articles are lengthy but have no conclusion, while some are as little as one small paragraph. Almost all have shocking titles that do not match the content of the pieces. It is tabloid quality filler...

6. They are authored by mystery people. Who are they? One or many is also unclear on most, and it never says specifically. One that does say is written by one person who is posting more and more copy/paste pieces as well as guest articles, and even the main person's articles are obviously in two very different writing styles. I could out a very popular site as government run, but am not that devoted to risking my safety. Trust me. All of the news and analysis sites should be suspect.

If you look for them, there are many interesting pages on Facebook and other websites about Russia. President Putin has his own website, as well as a fb page called “World”. P.M. Medvedev has a fb page as well. So does their Ministry of Defense, and their army. So does the country itself: Russia-Official Country Page: the Real Russia. It details mostly cultural items and tourism related subjects. There are also numerous excellent sites about Russian culture. Beware fake Russian sites such as the Moscow Times, Russia!, and others, which are funded and written by reuters, Voice of America, and other dubious sources (all funded by the american govt.). Some so called mainstream news sites are not only biased, they seem to be obsessed with rabid, blathering anti-Russian bias that is so obvious it is laughable. These include business insider, huffington post, n.p.r., and reuters, to name a few.

You do not need the tabloid style american 'news' sites about Russia to know about what that country is doing. Check their official sites first. Russia has a govt. news page called Tass. Sputnik is not govt. owned and has a little hype here and there, but is a pretty good source. Also see RT, they are a very good site for all kinds of info. For more information, it is best to learn Russian and peruse the Russian only sites.

Russian is not as hard to learn as people think. Once you learn the cyrillic alphabet, it is no more difficult than learning any other language. Of course, you can try Google translate but it is woefully inept, especially with grammatical phrasing. Learn Russian, and then use Yandex to find their sites. What is Yandex? Look it up! Just do not depend upon the tabloid sites to translate for you; a lot of it is pretty rough.

Everyone needs to see the other point of view, and in the West- america especially- that is very rare. When they do try, it usually involves these money grubbing tabloid style hype-fest sites. Look up your own info, and start with foreign sites. Please.

Americans have forgotten who they are, what america stands for, and why it was founded to begin with. Shifting back and forth into periods of professed patriotism, while forgetting their rights and values when convenient, their robotic actions reflect some sort of mass dissociative fugue. The government uses this to lead the citizens into a contrived war that will only serve the neocons' goals while they go along blindly, knowing nothing of the war's causes or dangers. Information is essential to those who want to survive the coming war.

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Crimea- the Way Home
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Why We Fight: the Battle of Russia
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